We are on the receiving end of Senators’ and Representatives’ endless fund-raising calls. And trust us: we hate getting those calls every bit as much as they hate making them. Each hour in 2008, campaigners for federal office got on the horn and raised $600,000. That’s $14 million each day, $100 million each week, $5 billion for the year! Elected officials spend so much time dialing for dollars it’s as if they’re moonlighting a second job. With the economy, health care, energy and so many other issues at stake, who has time for that? So let’s terminate this mutually wasteful, degrading process. Let’s pass the Fair Elections Now Act. Fair Elections candidates agree not to take contributions of more than $100 from anyone. Not lobbyists, not special interests, not their PACs. In return for swearing off high-dollar fundraising, they receive ample public funding to run a vigorous campaign. The American people wholeheartedly support Fair Elections. So do we. Let’s get it done.

Alan Patricof, Managing Partner, Greycroft Arnold Hiatt, former CEO, Stride Rite Inc. Alan G. Hassenfeld, Chairman, Executive Committee, Hasbro, Inc. Chang K. Park, Chairman of the Board, Universal Remote Control, Inc. Gerald Grinstein, Strategic Director, Madrona Venture Group, former CEO Delta Airlines William Ruckelshaus, Strategic Director, Madrona Venture Group Christie Hefner, former Chairman & Chief Executive, Playboy Enterprises Gordon Segal, Chairman, Crate & Barrel Peter A. Benoliel, Chairman Emeritus, Quaker Chemical Corp. Charles Couric, Founder & Past President, Brita Products Co. Vincent J. Ryan, Chairman, Schooner Capital Robert Arnow, Chairman, Swig, Weiler & Arnow Management Co. Alan E. Kligerman, CEO, AkPharma Inc. Walt Freese, CEO, Ben & Jerry’s William N. Hubbard III, President, Center Development Corporation Paul Sack, Founder, The RREEF Funds Steven Kirsch, CEO, Propel Accelerator Danny Goldberg, President, Gold Village Entertainment, Inc. Dick Senn, Founder & CEO, Tanamar, Inc. Michael “Mick” Fleming, Partner, Lane Powell PC Gregory Gretsch, Managing Director, Sigma Partners Thomas Layton, CEO, Metaweb Stanley Eisenberg, former CEO, Sunnydale Farms John H. Elliott, President, South Carolina Elastic Co. Mike Kappus, President, Rosebud Agency Arnold Miller, Co-Founder, Isaacson Miller Robert Sibarium, President, Midnite Enterprises LLC John Watts III, Chairman Emeritus, Fischer Francis Trees & Watts, Inc. Michael J. Johnston, Exec. Vice President (ret.), Capital Group Companies Berkley Bedell, Founder & Former President, Pure Fishing Peter Workman, President & Publisher, Workman Publishing Company Allan Brown, Chairman, Vance Brown Builders Dennis Mehiel, Chairman & CEO, U.S. Corrugated Inc. Frederick S. Hubbell. Corporate affiliations listed for identification purposes only

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