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					  Parent Press
  A Newsletter for Northwest Catholic’s Parent Community

                 Minutes from the September Parents’ Club Meeting
After a potluck dinner featuring a smorgasbord of delicious appetizers, salads, casseroles, and desserts, Mrs.
Williamson began the first meeting of the year at 8:05pm with a prayer: the words of the hymn “Lead Me,
Lord,” which is the school’s theme for the year. The meeting took place in the newly renovated cafeteria,
complete with very welcome new ceiling fans!

In her principal’s report, Mrs. Williamson shared the news that Northwest Catholic teachers will be
involved this year in the Professional Learning Community model, a program directed toward increasing
teacher collaboration with the goal of improving student learning and outcomes.

Academically, the year has started very well, and NWC recently learned that there are four National Merit
Semifinalists in the class of 2008! The first schoolwide Mass of the year was celebrated on September 10; in
addition, both the “tuna in oil” collection and the children’s book collection were very successful. The
annual Magazine Drive is under way and is expected, once again, to meet its goal of $50,000 (earning a day
off for the students).

The fall sports teams are in full swing and, although NWC lost its game last Friday against New London, the
evening was a memorable one with the team playing under the lights, accompanied by the cheerleaders and
the pep band, and cheered on by a large crowd that included many alums (including several from the Class
of ’07!).

Carol Ciotto and Gail Riley, co-chairs of Saturday Night Live, reported on the planning for this very
important event. Jane Leary, the new Director of Constituent Relations in the Advancement Office, shared
details about the fall Phonathon.

Anne Pidano, Parents’ Club co-president, then invited parents to brainstorm ideas for future meeting topics.
Judging by the results, it will be a very interesting year (or two!) for attendees.

                                          Mark Your Calendars!

       Next Parents’ Club meeting: Monday, Oct. 15, 7:30pm. Come and hear a trainer from
        HealthSouth address the very timely issues of conditioning, nutrition, and hydration -- for
        varsity athletes and weekend warriors alike. See you there!
       Fall Phonathon: Nov. 4, 5 and 6; contact Jane Leary (jleary@nwcath.org) to volunteer.
       Saturday Night Live: Saturday, Nov. 17! Everyone’s help is needed for the biggest and most
        important fundraiser of the year. Volunteer, attend, bring friends, contribute a dessert or an
        item for the silent auction. Contact co-chairs Gail Riley (riley137@comcast.net) or Carol Ciotto
        (8carol@comcast.net) to help.
       Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2008: Best-selling author Anthony Wolf, Ph.D. (Get Out of My Life, But First
        Could You Drive Me and Cheryl to the Mall) will be the very special guest speaker at our January
        Parents’ Club meeting. If you have trouble understanding how teenagers think and act, you
        won’t want to miss this meeting! (Business portion @7pm; speaker at 7:30pm.)

                                  Volume XI – Number Two – October 2007
                               Michelle M. Murphy, Director of Communications
The Northwest Catholic Community Welcomes…
Mrs. Jane Leary as Director of Constituent Relations in the Advancement Office. Jane is well-known to many in the
Northwest Catholic community: She is an alumni parent (Jay ’05 and Sean ’07); the wife of an alum (Jim ’65); and has
volunteered at NWC in countless ways, notably as the co-chair with Noreen Knortz of Saturday Night Live for the past
three years. She earned her BA from Regis College and her MA from St. Joseph College, and worked most recently as a
parent liaison in the New Britain public school system. Jane will be responsible for reunions, phonathons, and special
events like the Golf Tournament, Athletic Hall of Fame, and Grandparents’ Day – along with assisting parent volunteers
with Saturday Night Live!

                                                  Pep Shop News
  When it comes to Northwest Catholic, do you wear your heart on your sleeve? Check out all the great new
  paraphernalia for sale this year at the NWC Pep Shop, which is located in the school cafeteria. The Pep Shop,
  managed by the parent-run Tomahawk Club, is generally open on the second and fourth Friday of every month,
  from 10:30am-12:30pm; these are the actual dates: Oct. 12 & 26; Nov. 9 & 30; Dec. 7 & 21; Jan. 11 & 25; Feb. 8 & 29;
  Mar. 28; Apr. 11 & 25; May 9 & 23. (Note: Some of these dates vary from the stated rotation due to a school holiday.)

  Pep Shop items will also be available at the Concession Stand at the Varsity home football games on Oct. 6, Oct. 20
  Oct. 27, and Nov. 3. And, look for the Pep Shop display at Saturday Night Live on Nov. 17 – a great chance to pick
  up some Christmas gifts! (For those really last-minute shoppers, the Pep Shop will also be open on Dec. 21 from

  If you can’t get to a game or into school, you may also check out the NWC merchandise through a link on Edline,
  and buy it on-line by contacting Susan Pelton (rjpelton@cox.net).

  Varsity jackets may be ordered by contacting Diane McAndrews at 521-1140. Students must provide their Varsity
  Letter and a check ($155.00 for sizes S, M, and L; $163.00 for XXL; and $10.00 for each sport). Please contact Carol
  Ciotto at 8carol@comcast.net with any Pep Shop or Tomahawk Club questions.

                                        More Great News for NWC Fans

  Can’t make it in person to every game or meet? You can still follow Northwest Catholic sports! The Hartford Courant has
  introduced “myteam.com,” a web site designed for people who follow high school sports in the Greater Hartford area. To access
  the Northwest Catholic site (which will be maintained by NWC’s Athletic Director Josh Reese and Assistant Sports Information
  Director, Dan Martinez), go to www.courant.com/sports/highschool/, and follow the prompts to Northwest Catholic.

  The Homecoming Weekend varsity football game (against Berlin High School, Oct. 20, 2pm) will be broadcast live! Fans may
  tune in to 102.3 FM or go to www.teamline.cc (punch in team code 9956). Or, listen to the game by phone by dialing 216-502-
  3200, then 9956 (there is a $5 fee to call in).

                        (Still) under construction: a new and improved NWC web site

     We are putting the final touches on a beautiful (and reliable) new web site for Northwest Catholic, and we are as
     eager as you must be to have it up and running. We will be ready to launch later this fall – but until then, we ask
     your patience (and suggest you use Edline for up-to-date information), as we update only minimal information on
     the existing site.

                                                                                                                Page 2
         Help Wanted: Parents’ Nights at the NWC Phonathon

    We know: No one loves a phonathon … but they are critically important to our
    fundraising. The contributions pledged during our annual Northwest Catholic Fund
    phonathon represent a significant portion of the total raised each year by the
    Advancement Office. Won’t you help? No experience needed; we’ll train you (and feed
    you dinner). Please consider volunteering (and meeting other parents) during our
    special calling nights for current parents, Nov. 4, 5 & 6. Contact Jane Leary in
    Advancement (jleary@nwcath.org) to volunteer.

                    Debit Cards Coming to NWC Cafeteria!

    Navin Bros. Food Service is preparing to introduce NB Express Lunch in the cafeteria this year.
    No more scrambling for money; soon, students will be able to buy food by swiping a debit card.
    You will be notified when the system is up and running; here’s how it will work:
        * From Edline, click on the NB Express icon
         Click on “New Customer Registration”
         Select school name
         Complete items with asterisks – parents set 8-digit password
         After entering student Unique ID number (from student ID card), click “get child name”
         Submit
         You will receive an e-mail confirmation of the student registration.
    To deposit funds into the account, log on using your e-mail address from which you registered
    your student(s) and your password. The prompts will guide you from there. This system will be
    functional in early November. Questions? Contact Navin Bros. at 866-47NAVIN (866-476-2846).

               National Merit Scholarship Program Honors Seven Seniors
Seven outstanding seniors have been honored by the National Merit Scholarship Program for exceptional
performance on the PSAT/NMSQTs taken in October of junior year.

Four students were named National Merit Semifinalists: Jessica C. Gioia, daughter of Ms. Alisa Conte of Rocky
Hill; Hannah L. Pelton, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Russell Pelton of Enfield; Kenneth G. Rousseau, son of Mrs.
Yvonne Ellis-Rousseau of Collinsville and Mr. Henry Rousseau of Burlington; and Carolyn G. Spalluto, daughter
of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Spalluto of West Hartford.

Three students were named Commended Students: Rachel Godbout, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Louis Godbout of
Wethersfield; Taylor Knortz, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. David Knortz of East Granby; and Keating McKeon, son of
Mr. & Mrs. Michael McKeon of West Hartford.

“These students have worked very hard to excel not only in their studies, but also in numerous activities,” said
Principal Margaret Williamson. “They continue to enhance the community of Northwest Catholic with their gifts.”

The four Semifinalists will now continue in the competition for possible designation as National Merit Finalists
and for Merit Scholarships that will be awarded next spring.

                                                                                                  Page 3
                                And now presenting …
… the Northwest Catholic Dramateurs, who are hard at work preparing their fall productions.

The first show, a one-act play called “Bert’s Golf Pants,” was written by Douglas Craven and is
being directed by Grace Andruszkiewicz ’08. The cast of this hilarious comedy includes Sacha
Brooks ’10, Nathan Hunter ’09, Abbie Sands ’09, and Brianna Tomazic ’09.

It will be performed on Oct. 12 and 13 at 7:30pm in the Mortensen Theater. Tickets are $3
(students and prospective students of Northwest Catholic are not charged admission).

The other show this fall will be the Arthur Miller classic, “The Crucible.” The performances will
be Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 at 7:30pm and Dec. 2 at 2pm. Again, students and prospective students are
admitted free, but adult tickets are $7, while tickets for senior citizens or other students are $5.

                                      The Crucible
       Betty Parris                                      Kristin Sullivan
       Reverend Samuel Parris                            Michael Koury
       Tituba                                            Jasmine Clayton
       Abigail Williams                                  Kate Wagner
       Susanna Wallcott                                  Kristin Tomaiuolo
       Mrs. Ann Putnam                                   Jessica Gioia
       Thomas Putnam                                     Nathan Hunter
       Mercy Lewis                                       Angelica Badillo
       Mary Warren                                       Emma Gonsalves
       John Proctor                                      Chris Brown
       Rebecca Nurse                                     Abbie Sands
       Giles Corey                                       Stephen Lenczewski
       Reverend John Hale                                Brian Flanagan
       Elizabeth Proctor                                 Jessica DiFrancesco
       Francis Nurse                                     Andrew Hull
       Ezekiel Cheever                                   Ryan Wagner
       J. Willard                                        Natalie Bell
       Judge Hathorne                                    Drew Pelletier
       Deputy-Governor Danforth                          Sacha Brooks
       Sarah Good                                        Nicole Boucher
       Spectators at Court
       Shannon Allen                                     Caroline Garger
       Jordan Figueroa                                   Katie Giblin
       Simone Foster-Bey                                 Rosa Park

                                                                                           Page 4
     Health Notes from Marilyn Adamo, RN
Now that fall has arrived and we are back in the routine of the school, please take a moment to review some
policies from the Health Office. State of Connecticut Laws or standing orders from the West Hartford Non-
Public School Director, Dr. Neil Stein, dictate most of these policies.

A licensed practitioner must prescribe all medications that a child takes at school, including over-the-
counter medications such as cough syrups, allergy pills, etc. The school nurse is not allowed to accept a
medication from a parent alone, with the exception of the pink Tylenol/Ibuprofen form that the parent may
sign as it is a standing order from Dr. Stein. Tylenol and Ibuprofen are stocked in the Health Office and can be
given as long as there is a signed pink form on file from the child’s parent. All prescription medication should
be brought to the nurse’s office in the original pharmacy container with a permission form signed by the
parent and the practitioner before it can be administered. It will save you time and insure that this regulation
is met if you obtain an authorization form from the nurse (one was mailed this summer) and take it with you
to the doctor. Your pharmacy will give you an extra container if the medication needs to be taken at school. If
a medication is to be given twice a day, please give the first dose before your child leaves for school and the
second dose in the evening at home. Likewise if a medication is to be given three times a day, please
administer the first dose at home before school; the second dose can be administered when a child arrives
home from school, and the third dose administered at home before bedtime.

To ensure the good health of all of our students, please keep students at home for at least 24 hours after
illnesses that include vomiting or fever. Students who become ill at school need to be picked up within an
hour of when you are notified.

A note from your child’s practitioner is required to excuse or re-admit a student to physical education
programs when an injury is involved.

Please advise the nurse of any change in your child’s health, including new diagnoses, medication taken both
at home and school, surgeries, fractures, communicable disease or any social or emotional issues. Students
can be very sensitive to many life events that occur in families, and, while they are generally pretty resilient,
these life events can affect a child’s health and well-being. Confidentiality is always respected but there are
times when, with the parents’ permission, it is important to let a few key people know that there is a problem
so we can make accommodations for the student.

Marilyn Adamo, the school nurse, is always happy to speak with parents and can be reached at x123. Please
do not hesitate to call if you have any questions.

                                                                                            Please note:
                         Weather or Not                                                Northwest Catholic
                                                                                      usually follows what
If the weather is severe, listen for a separate announcement for                        West Hartford does
Northwest Catholic on WTIC-AM 1080; WTIC-FM 96.5; WZMX-FM                               in terms of schools
93.7; WDRC-AM 1360 or WRCH-FM 100.5; or watch Channel 3 or                             closings for weather;
Channel 30 for information on closings and delays. Additionally,                       however, sometimes
notices will be available on the following websites: www.wtic.com;                      decisions are made
www.965tic.com; www.wrch.com; www.drcfm.com;                                               just for NWC
www.nbc30.com; and www.wfsb.com. Announcements will be
                                                                                      depending on weather
updated on our phone system and under the “News” heading on
                                                                                         conditions in the
                                                                                      greater Hartford area.
Buses will run on early dismissal.

Early dismissal time is usually around noon.
                                                                                                          Page 5
            Mark Your Calendars
            for the 24th Annual
           Saturday Night Live!
        Saturday, November 17, 2007

 Please join us for an entertaining evening
   that celebrates the community that is
 Northwest Catholic families and friends.

Comedy Cabaret:              No need to head to the big city -- the
Comedy Cabaret comes to NWC! These shows continue to be one of
the biggest highlights of the evening.
Gospel Choir: An annual favorite, the Gospel Choir is back with
new voices to enliven your spirits.
Karaoke:       The Karaoke Room is always a hot spot, and this year
will be no exception. Who needs “American Idol?” This is your chance
to sing out!
Irish Pub: Back for its 24th year!        Order up some Irish brews
while listening to the best of traditional Celtic music.

                                                                      Page 6
International Food Court: You’ll have a hard time
choosing among all the delicious foods -- Italian, Chinese,
BBQ, and Caribbean, to name just a few. And don’t forget to
check out the selection of international beers to
complement your meal.
Starlight Café: Everyone finds his or her way to the
Starlight Café at least once during the evening. Choose
from a tantalizing selection of cakes, pies and pastries.
Come relax and enjoy!
Silent Auction: You won’t want to miss the opportunity
to take home some of the treasures that are always the
hallmark of the SNL Silent Auction. Holiday items, tickets
to sporting events, theme baskets, gift certificates,
weekends away… get your bids in!
Pep Shop: An all-new selection of NWC merchandise!
Check out these great new ways to show your school spirit –
something for everyone in the family. How about Christmas
gifts? It’s awesome to cross some names off your list while
supporting NWC in the process.
Sports Bar: Here’s you chance to check out some of the
latest and greatest moments in Northwest Catholic sports.
Relive the excitement of key plays and major contests as
some of our most memorable highlights are played on the
big screen!
Casa de Vino: Come to our own NWC House of Wine
and let our hosts introduce you to this year’s selection of
fine wines.
Margarita & Martini Bar: Whether you are in the
mood for a taste from South of the Border or a
sophisticated martini, we’ve got you covered.

                                                              Page 7
                                  Northwest Catholic High School
                                         Silent Auction Donation Form

                            Help us keep track of our donations, and help us to thank our
                            benefactors quickly and appropriately! Please fill out one form
                            for each item you donate, and turn in the form and
                            contribution to the Admissions (formerly Advancement) Office
                            by Nov. 2. If you can’t have your item in by that date, please
                            email a photo (if at all possible) to jleary@nwcath.org -- that way,
                            we can promote it on the SNL web site, describe it correctly in
                            our program, and price it accurately on the bid sheets at the
                            auction itself. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Donor’s Name (as you wish it to appear in program): ________________________________

Acknowledgment should be sent to: ____________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________

City, ST Zip: ____________________________________________________________

Phone/E-Mail: ____________________________________________________________

Class Year (If Alum):___ Student Name/Grade (if Current Parent) ____________________
            Of course we want you all to come share in the fun of
            Saturday Night Live, but we could also use your help.
Yes or No: Photo of Donation Attached? ________     E-Mailed? ___________           Page 8

Description of Donation ____________________________________________________



Value _______________________________

                                                                                 Page 8
             Volunteering to work an hour or two
                  is part of the fun of SNL!!

    It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the Northwest Catholic family or have never
    been to Saturday Night Live before – we’re happy to show you the ropes!
    Volunteering is an easy and fun way to get involved and meet new friends. To
    sign up, contact Carol Ciotto (216-6028, 8carol@comcast.net) or Gail Riley
    (242-1120, riley137@comcast.net).

     The Silent Auction could use your help! Last year's auction was very
      exciting, thanks to the generosity of many. Please help to ensure that this
      year's is even better. We are looking for donations of goods and services
      to be dropped off at the Admissions Office formerly Advancement) by
      Friday, Nov. 2. Tickets to a ballgame or show, time at a vacation home,
      pieces of art, and handcrafted items have all been popular in the past.
      Gifts of time and talent are equally enjoyed -- what service can you
      provide? Homemade pies for Thanksgiving, Christmas gift wrapping, a
      brunch or dinner that you “cater,” a private lesson in cooking, sewing, sailing
      or fishing -- any of these would be so appealing. It can be a lot of fun to
      give of yourself to benefit the school. Please fill out the Donation
      Commitment Form and send it back to the school office; the sooner we know
      what’s being donated, the sooner we can whet your appetite by getting it on
      the SNL web site! For more information or to volunteer to help, contact
      Maribeth Mortillaro (658-7577 or MortillaroJ@comcast.net).

     Become an advertising partner! Parents, alumni and business friends are
      invited to become a Room Sponsor or to place an ad in the SNL Program
      (which will be given out to at least 600 people). Room sponsors have a
      banner displayed in their room with their name or company logo, plus their
      name appears on the room’s page in the program. Check Edline for an
      advertising commitment form.

     One last way to help out is to donate a dessert to the Starlight Café.
      Do you know of a bakery that makes beautiful desserts? Is your cheesecake
      the family favorite? We are looking for specialty desserts: cakes, pies,
      cheesecakes, or pastries. If you can help, please contact Julie Dodds (668-
      9030 or jdodds@cox.net).

Thank you for your support!!!!

                                                                               Page 9
Next Parents’ Club Meetings: Monday, October 15 @ 7:30pm
                             Tuesday, January 22, 2008 @ 7:00pm (business
             portion), 7:30pm to hear best-selling author Anthony Wolf

NO SCHOOL (Columbus Day) ………………………………Oct. 8
One-Act Play…….……………………………………………….Oct. 12 & 13, 7:30pm
Catholic Youth Spectacular ……………………………………Oct. 14
NO SCHOOL (Archdiocesan In-Service Day)………………Oct. 16
PSAT/PLAN tests administered (No school for seniors) … Oct. 17
Homecoming Football Game…………………………… ……Oct. 20, 2:00pm
Homecoming Dance…………………………………………… Oct. 20, 8–11pm

           Please visit Edline for full calendar and sports schedules.

       Northwest Catholic High School                                Non-profit Org.
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