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is it normal to get this sweaty at gym?

im not particularly overweight (10stone at 5foot5, female. 20yrs old). im not that unft either . but whenever i go to the gym i sweat so much that when i use the sit
down machines near the end of my workout eg, rowing machine, bike i get a wet patch on my bum its so embarrasing ! and i havent seen anyone else get that . is
it really just me?
thanks . might be because my trousers are grey only started going last week so hadnt thought of that happenning! need to get some new ones soon but ill be less
embarrassed in the meantime now :)

Asked by Belly Boo at Aug 10,2011 23:01

I dont think its just you. You sweat to cool your body down. If you sweat a lot it just means your body heats up faster than everyone elses. I dont think you should

Answer from ariadna d at Aug 10,2011 23:04

Best answer

Hah I know what you're talking about, and it's nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone gets it, but it shouldn't show on your pants, only the machine. It probably
depends on the type of shorts, you'll want a non cloth like kind. No matter what, don't be embarrassed, you're working hard and that's all people will think of it.
Good luck!

Answer from Jake at Aug 10,2011 23:09

no, that is normal. you may be sweating more because you not used to working out. it may get less noticeable as you get into better shape. i find when i'm in
good shape i sweat less all together, probably because my body isn't being push as hard to do the same workout. but if someone is making fun of you for
sweating at the gym they are stupid. and if anyone makes fun of you because of your weight while your at the gym they are just assholes. stick with it

Answer from Gwiz at Aug 10,2011 23:11

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