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If i didn't eat for a week.?

Ok so I weigh 120 right now. If I didn't eat for a week and walked 45 minutes every day, how much weight would I lose?

Asked by Allison at Aug 15,2011 15:48

U have to eat. If u don't ur body could shut down would u rather live or be a lil fat huh?!

Answer from Ur Freak at Aug 15,2011 15:49

Well if you didn't eat for a week you wouldn't have the energy to walk for 45 minutes. So it doesn't matter.

Answer from Jake Long at Aug 15,2011 15:49

120 lbs. You will die

Answer from HoboJones at Aug 15,2011 15:50

120 most likely is never a really bad weight unless you're on the short side. Don't. Build muscle and look fit while losing fat. Dont look sick. I did that. not the best
way to lose weight.

Answer from I'm attracted to gay men?-wo at Aug 15,2011 15:51

Starving yourself is NEVER the answer! Do not do that. it can cause serious SERIOUS damage to your body! stay strong! dont hurt your body by doing that, even
to lose weight YOU have to eat! Just eat healthy but DO eat & exercise!

Answer from Gaven Kaur at Aug 15,2011 15:52

geez i wish i was 120. and dont do it.

starving yourself is never a good idea.

you could seriously hurt yourself

Answer from aly13960 at Aug 15,2011 15:54

serious damage to your body, and death is also a possible factor.

Answer from BACON at Aug 15,2011 15:54

Not eating for a week will cause you to faint

Answer from PuddingMonster at Aug 15,2011 15:54

Don't do it! you need food or else you'll die, try eating in moderation and have healthier food options, but don't starve yourself.

Answer from wishes. at Aug 15,2011 15:56

Best answer

Bad choices hun. When you don't eat your body goes into starvation mode. This means that the next time you eat the body will break it down and immediately
store it as fat. Instead. Eat 5 times a day. but cut the portions into thirds. So eat one third of a normal meal 5 times a day. But eat healthy foods. This will help
speed up your metabolism and easier to lose weight.

Answer from Movie lover at Aug 15,2011 16:00

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