Moravian Hall BBQ Cook Off

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					    Moravian Hall BBQ Cook-off

        Turn In Times
    Cooks Meeting 9:00 am

      BEANS 11:00 am

    OPEN CLASS 12:00 pm

     PORK RIBS 1:00 pm

      CHICKEN 2:00 pm

      BRISKET 3:00 pm

     DESSERTS 3:30 am

                                    2011 Moravian Hall BBQ Cook Off

When:         Saturday, July 23rd, 2011.

Where:        Moravian Hall Corn Hill, Texas
              P.O. Box 380
              Jarrell, TX 76537
              @the corner of FM1105 and CR 316

Check in: Friday, July 22nd - Noon to 10:00 PM

Entry Fee: To Reserve your space from last year Pre Pay by July 9th, 2011.
             All others due upon arrival Friday

                                             Official Entry Form

Team Name:

Chief Cook:                                   Assistants: 1.

Address:                                                   2.

City:                                                      3.

Zip Code: _________________________                        4. __________________

Phone: (Home) (          )      -        (Cell) (   )      -       .

Entry Fee- $80.00 for all (excluding Beans and Desserts)
Categories Entered: (Please Check All that Apply)

Brisket       Chicken         Pork Ribs         Open Class

Beans         (Entry fee $10.00) Desserts           (Entry fee $10.00)

For Additional Entry Forms visit our website:

Moravian Hall is located at the corner of FM 1105 & CR 316 Corn Hill, Texas.

Please contact the following people:

Donald Tschoerner @ 512/746-2591 (home) or 512/930-8555 (cell)
                                          Moravian Hall BBQ Cook Off
                                            Rules and Regulations

1. There will be limited access to the cooking area. No more than one vehicle will
   be allowed within the assigned cooking area space.

2. Contestants must supply all needed equipment and supplies.

3. No gas or electric BBQ cookers allowed.

4. All fires must be contained, NO Ground fires.

5. Some electricity will be supplied, if needed plan to bring your own generator.

6. Amplification should be used in moderation during the cook off and must be turned off from midnight Friday
   until 8:00 AM Saturday.

7. No pets allowed to roam free on cooking grounds.

8. Absolutely no firearms or explosives allowed.

9. No pre-seasoning or precooking allowed.

10. Marinating and cooking to be done only after meat inspection has been completed.

11. No sauce or garnishes may be added to tray or meat at turn in, at judging time. Sauce may be used as a
    “Sop” during cooking, but not poured on for presentation.

12. Each team will be responsible for clean up of their space. The chief cook will be responsible for the conduct
    for his/her team and guests.

13. Excessive use of alcoholic beverages will be grounds for disqualification.

14. Pork Ribs will be baby back or spare ribs, no country style.

15. Open Class will be any meat or seafood you want to enter, and must be cooked on your pit.

16. Only One Entry per tray.

17. Trays supplied must be used for turn in.

18. Each category will require a showpiece and 20-25 bite size pieces.

19. Pinto Beans, nothing bigger than a bean – no garnishes. You must be entered in the cook off and the beans
    must be cooked on premises. If you cook beans you must provide a judge.

20. Dessert must be cooked on premises and must be cooked the pit.

21. No Ice Chest will be allowed to be brought in on Saturday.

22. The Moravian Hall BBQ Committee reserves the right to make any additional regulations as situations
    warrant. Decisions of the committee and judges will be final.

  NO LEWDNESS on the hall grounds. This is a family affair, poor taste in this area will be grounds for
                             disqualification and immediate eviction.

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