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CBHC 2009 Brochure.cdr


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									       Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council
         Annual Training Conference


October 2 - 6, 2009 ? Resort & Conference Center ? CO
                    Beaver Run                   Breckenridge,

     Broadening Our Horizons

                               Register today at
          Colorado Behavioral                                       Schedule at a Glance
          Healthcare Council

                                                                 Thursday, October 1, 2009
    COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH CENTERS               7:30am-4:00pm
                                                  Colorado Community Mental Health Associates
    Arapahoe/Douglas Mental Health Network        Educational Program
                                                  (Separate registration fee)
    Aurora Mental Health Center

    Centennial Mental Health Center

    Colorado West Regional Mental Health Center
                                                                   Friday, October 2, 2009
    Community Reach Center
    Jefferson Center for Mental Health            Colorado Community Mental Health Associates
                                                  Educational Program
    Larimer Center for Mental Health
    Mental Health Center of Denver                CBHC Registration Open

    Mental Health Center Serving Boulder and      1:00pm-5:00pm
     Broomfield Counties                          Business Practice Pre-Conference
                                                  Costing Update - Accounting & Auditing Guidelines Revision,
    Midwestern Colorado Mental Health Center      RVU Model, Common Coding

    North Range Behavioral Health                 6:00pm-9:00pm
                                                  Networking Dinner Party for Board & Upper Management
    Pikes Peak Mental Health Center

    San Luis Valley Comprehensive Community
      Mental Health Center
                                                                 Saturday, October 3, 2009
    Southeast Mental Health Services

    Southwest Colorado Mental Health Center
                                                  CBHC Registration Open
    Spanish Peaks Mental Health Center
    West Central Mental Health Center
                                                  Exhibits Open
     Serving Fremont, Custer, Chaffee, and Lake
                                                  Continental Breakfast     Visit the Exhibits

    SPECIALTY CLINICS                             8:00am-8:30am
                                                  Conference Welcome
    Asian Pacific Development Center
    Servicios de la Raza                          General Session    Dan Cain
                                                  Surviving and Thriving in a Rapidly Changing Nonprofit

    BEHAVIORAL HEALTH ORGANIZATIONS               9:30am-10:00am
                                                  Refreshment Break       Visit the Exhibits
    Access Behavioral Care
                                                  Board, Upper Management, Business Practice Sessions
    Behavioral Healthcare, Inc.                   (Sessions #101-#105)

    Colorado Health Partnerships, LLC
      dba Colorado Health Networks, LLC
                                                  11:30am-1:00pm         ä
                                                  CBHC Board of Directors Annual Meeting & Luncheon
    Foothills Behavioral Health Partners, LLC
                                                  Deputy Directors’ Luncheon
    Northeast Behavioral Health Partners, LLC
                                                  Buffet Luncheon for all Attendees
                                                Schedule at a Glance

Board, Upper Management, Business Practice Sessions
(Sessions #201-#205)

2:30pm-2:45pm                                                               Monday, October 5, 2009
Refreshment Break        Visit the Exhibits
2:45pm-4:15pm                                               CBHC Registration Open
Board, Upper Management Sessions
(Sessions #301-#305)                                        7:30am-1:00pm
                                                            Exhibits Open
CBHC Awards Banquet                                         7:30am-8:30am
                                                            Continental Breakfast      Visit the Exhibits

                                                            General Session Amy Long
                                                            After Recovery - Then What?
                 Sunday, October 4, 2009
                                                            Refreshment Break        Visit the Exhibits
CBHC Registration Open                                      10:30am-12:00nn
                                                            Clinician Sessions
7:30am-12:00nn & 1:45pm-4:00pm                              (Sessions #3001-#3005)
Exhibits Open
7:30am-8:30am                                               Networking Luncheon         Visit the Exhibits
Continental Breakfast      Visit the Exhibits
8:30am-10:00am                                              Clinician Sessions
Board, Upper Management Sessions                            (Sessions #4001-#4005)
(Sessions #401-#405)
10:00am-10:30am                                             Refreshment Break
Refreshment Break        Visit the Exhibits
10:30am-12:00nn                                             Clinician Sessions
Board, Upper Management Sessions                            (Sessions #5001-#5005)
(Sessions #501-#504)
12:00nn-1:45pm                                              Clinician Networking Reception & Entertainment
Luncheon & Keynote Speaker Craig Zablocki
Lighten Up and Laugh - For the Health of It

Visit the Exhibits                                                          Tuesday, October 6, 2009
Clinician Sessions
(Sessions #1001-#1005)
                                                            CBHC Registration Open

3:45pm-4:00pm                                               8:00am-9:00am
Refreshment Break        Visit the Exhibits                 Continental Breakfast

4:00pm-5:30pm                                               9:00am-11:00am: Concurrent Sessions
Clinician Sessions
(Sessions #2001-#2005)                                      #6001
                                                            Chocolate & Therapy...a Winning Combination for Health,
                                                            Happiness and Hope Julie Pech
Open evening for events hosted by individual Centers for
                                                            Understanding the Combat Veteran         Alison Lighthall, RN, MS
their staff members.
                                                            Assessment and Intervention for the Impact of Psychosocial
                                                            Trama in Early Childhood Populations   Richard L. Gaskill, EdD

                                                                                            Broadening Our Horizons | 2
            Colorado Community Mental Health Associates Program
          Colorado Community Mental HealthAssociates Program
                         Colorado Community Mental Health Associates
                                   Annual Fall Conference
                                  September 30, October 1, and October 2, 2009

  The CCMHA Board has sought out excellent speakers and topics for the upcoming 2009 Annual Fall Conference at
Beaver Run. We look forward to seeing YOU and the Support Staff from each of the Mental Health Centers and BHOs in

                                           Wednesday, September 30 , 2009
Early Workshop Registration                                                                 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

                                               Thursday, October 1, 2009
Continental Breakfast & Registration                                                        7:30 am - 8:45 am

    Defensive vs. Collaborative Communication – Kelly Wyngarden                             9:00 am - 11:30 am

LUNCH                                                                                       11:45 am – 12:15 pm

     Customer Service – Vicki Mac, and Kim Mongrain                                         12:00 nn – 1:30 pm

       Cultural Competency – Lydia Prado                                                    1:45 pm– 4:00 pm

                                                Friday, October 2, 2009
Hot Breakfast Buffet                                                                        7:30 am – 8:15am

    Identity Theft – Dawna Teal                                                             8:30 am – 10:30 am
    Conflict Resolution - Robert Melvin                                                     10:45 am – 12:00 pm

                                                   Registration Fee
$125.00 - Full Conference per person (includes cost for both breakfasts and the Keynote Luncheon)
                                    $50.00 - Additional fee per guest for guest meals

Registration form, workshop details, and biographical speaker information will be provided in the CCMHA 2009 Annual
Fall Conference registration packet, which will be E-mailed to the Mental Health Centers and BHOs in Colorado.

                                             For More Information Contact

       Arlene Kingsley                                Maggie Tilley
       Board President                                Board Vice President
       Phone: (303) 257-9976                          Phone: (719) 538-1435
       Email: arlenekingsley@aumhc.org                Email: maggietilley@valueoptions.com

                                            CCMHA Mission Statement

     To enhance communication for non-clinical/administrative staff in the Colorado Mental Health system through
                                  education, training, and leadership development.
3 | CBHC Annual Conference
                                           Partners in Education

Thank You!
                                                              State of Colorado, Department of
                                                                Human Services, Division of
The Colorado Behavioral Healthcare                              Behavioral Health Services.
Council is pleased to acknowledge
and express its sincere appreciation
for the unrestricted educational                              ?
                                                              The Colorado Trust
grants provided by our partners in
education. This meeting is made                               Exhibitors         (as of July 1, 2009)

possible by their generous                                    ?
                                                              CFERT Project
                                                              Ortho McNeil
participation and support.                                    ?
                                                              QoL meds
                                                              Rickitt Benckiser
                                                              Rocky Mountain Health Prevention
                                                                Information Center Library
                                                              ? Assistance Services
                                                              SBIRT Peer
                                                              Secure TeleHealth
                                                              ? for Health
                                                              Time Sheet

                           Conference Planning Committee
Barb Becker - Arapahoe/Douglas MH Network, Littleton     Judy Moor - Division of Behavioral Health
                                                          Colorado Dept. of Human Services, Denver
Cindy Bohl - Aurora MHC, Aurora
                                                         Carmelita Muniz - Colorado Providers Association
Steven Cordova - Southeast MHC, La Junta                 (COPA), Denver

Louise Delgado, CHAIR - West Central MHC, Canon City     Linda Olsen - Centennial Mental Health, Sterling

George DelGrosso - CBHC, Denver                          Melanie Parker - Mental Health Center of Denver,
Kitty deKieffe - Boulder County MH Foundation, Boulder
                                                         Dorothy Perry - SyCare, LLC, Pueblo
Pat Dillon - Mental Health Corp. of Denver, Denver
                                                         Helen Royal - Colorado West Regional MHC, Frisco
Diana Graves - Midwestern Colorado MHC, Montrose
                                                         Ann Seanor - Division of Behavioral Health
Darla Gurry - Jefferson Center for MH, Arvada             Colorado Dept. of Human Services, Denver

Gwen Johnson - West Central MHC, Canon City              Mike Smith - Community Reach Center, Thornton

Jeannie Larsen - Southeast MHS, La Junta                 Cheryl Stine - Pikes Peak MHC, Colorado Springs

Bennie Lombard - Division of Behavioral Health           Liza Tupa - Colorado Mental Health Institute, Ft. Logan
 Colorado Dept. of Human Services, Denver
                                                         Anthony Young - Division of Behavioral Health
Hugh Keating - West Central MHC, Canon City               Colorado Dept. of Human Services, Denver

Judy McNeilsmith - San Luis Valley CCMHC, Alamosa
                                                                                Broadening Our Horizons | 4

                                         Pre - Conference Program

                    New this year!                                 Sean Huse, CHFP

     All sessions are identified with tracks.                                 Sean Huse, CHFP, a Associate Manager at PCG, is an
                                                                              experienced cost accountant within the health care
                                                                              and human service industry. He has an intricate
                                                                              understanding of both federal and state regulations
                                                                              governing cost accounting and third-party compliance
                                                                              reporting. Mr. Huse has been a key member of various
: Practice
Business                                                           financial, operational and compliance audits where he has had
Board Track                                                        the opportunity to assist private and public clients in the areas
                                                                   of cost reporting, strategic planning and management reporting.
Upper Management                                                   Most recently, Mr. Huse has managed the review and update of
                                                                   the Mental Health Accounting and Auditing Guidelines for the
Prevention/Recovery/Wellness                                       Colorado Department of Human Services – Division of Behavioral
R Transition
Community                                                          Health and the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing.
                                                                   Mr. Huse has worked on similar projects in MA, WV, MO, FL, OR,
Co-Occurring                                                       and ME. Mr. Huse received his Bachelor of Arts in Economics and
&& Professional Growth
Education                                                          Neuroscience & Behavior from Wesleyan University and
                                                                   completed a Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA)
                                                                   with a concentration in health care management from Clark
                                                                   University. Mr. Huse is also a Certified Healthcare Financial
                                                                   Professional (CHFP) with the Healthcare Financial Management
                                                                   Association (HFMA).

                                                                   Wendy K. Kidd, MA, LPC
               Friday, October 2, 2009                                      Wendy K. Kidd, MA, LPC, Senior Consultant, OPEN
                                                                            MINDS, brings twenty years of experience in
12:00nn-6:00pm CBHC REGISTRATION OPEN                                       behavioral health, including management, utilization
                                                                            management, training, and direct clinical work to
                                                                            OPEN MINDS. Prior to joining the staff of OPEN
                      Pre-Conference                                        MINDS, Ms. Kidd served as Director of Utilization
                                                                   Management at Foothills Behavioral Health.
                     1:00pm - 5:00pm
Costing Update: Accounting & Auditing Guidelines Revision, RVU
Schedule, & Uniform Service Coding Standards                           Networking Dinner with Dancing
Business Practice :
                                                                    For Board and Upper Management
This is a three part co-presentation by PCG and OPEN MINDS:
                                                                    Welcome event for all of our Saturday/Sunday
Part 1 – PCG will present the Accounting & Auditing Guidelines      and Full Conference Registrants, especially our
revisions that update reporting of costs by the Community Mental    Board Members. Enjoy a dinner buffet while
Health Centers. These revisions allow HCPF to move from a unit      visiting with old friends and making new ones.
pricing methodology to a Relative Value Unit (RVU) pricing          Stretch out those dancing legs and maybe even
schedule.                                                           win a door prize. This special evening promises
                                                                    to be a great start to the CBHC Annual Training
Part 2 – OPEN MINDS will present a review of the development of
the RVU Schedule, the methodology for using the RVU Schedule to
calculate base unit costs, and the methodology for maintaining
                                                                    Sponsored by Access Behavioral Care, Behavioral
and improving the RVU Schedule in the future.
                                                                    Healthcare, Inc., Colorado Health Partnerships,
Part 3 – OPEN MINDS will present a review of the best practices     LLC (dba Colorado Health Networks, LLC),
and standards for developing uniform service coding, the Uniform    Foothills Behavioral Health Partners, LLC,
Service Coding Standards Manual, and the application of uniform     Northeast Behavioral Health Partners, LLC.
service coding.

5 | CBHC Annual Conference

            Upper Management ? Practice Sessions
      Board ?                Business

                                                                                        10:00am - 11:30am

              Saturday, October 3, 2009                               #101
                                                                    What is Happening With Your Board?
7:00am-4:30pm CBHC REGISTRATION OPEN                                Board Track   À
7:00am-3:00pm Exhibits Open
                                                                    Share your experience and your concerns with other Board
                                                                    members from MHCs around the state. This is an open discussion
7:00am-8:00am Continental Breakfast in Exhibit Hall
                                                                    between session attendees. Topics to be covered include; Budget
                                                                    Cuts?, Integration, Board Conflict of Interest; Health Concerns at the
8:00am-8:30am Conference Welcome                                    Legislature This Year, Consumers as Board Members and more!
                                                                    Add questions or subject areas to this list by e-mailing
                      8:30am - 9:30am                               diana@thinairweb.com. Or bring them with you to the session.
                                                                    Let's learn from each other.

General Session      Board & Upper Management                       Diana Graves
Surviving and Thriving in a Rapidly Changing Nonprofit
Environment                                                                       Diana Graves, Board Member, The Center for Mental
                                                                                  Health (formerly Midwestern MHC), Montrose,
There's no question that dramatic changes over the last few                       Colorado.
years have already seriously impacted behavioral health
organizations, and more changes are on the way. In this session
for board members and executive directors, Dan Cain will
explore the changes ahead for the nonprofit world, and how you
can survive and thrive with those changes.                          Michele Christenson, CCC

Dan Cain                                                                           Michele Christenson, CCC, Board Member, The Center
                                                                                   for Mental Health (formerly Midwestern MHC),
                Dan Cain's specialty is boards, board admin-                       Montrose, Colorado.
                istrator relationships and board structure.
                From 1984 to 1990, Dan wrote and edited "Board
                and Administrator" newsletter, a publication
                designed especially for boards and executives of
                nonprofit organizations. As editor of a               #102
publication circulated to over 120,000 nonprofit board members      New Trends in Healthcare: From EHR to PHR and in-Between
and executives across the US and Canada, Dan was in daily           Upper Management 
contact with those nonprofit leaders, studying their problems
and successes. In 1990, Dan formed his own company, The Cain        This session will describe the challenges and possibilities offered by
Consulting Group, Inc, to better utilize his vast experience with   new trends in implementation of electronic health record systems -
nonprofit boards and executives and his contacts with other         use of web services for fostering improved communication and
experts in the management of nonprofit organizations. He            services between providers and their clients, providers and
provides on-site consulting, on-site training programs and          providers, providers and revenue sources...as well as e-prescribing,
training publications for boards and executives of nonprofit        personal health records and how insurance companies are
associations, human service agencies, schools and government        positioning themselves to reimburse for these services.
                                                                    May Ahdab, PhD
Experienced in adult education and public speaking, Dan has
made keynote presentations and conducted workshops for                            Dr. May Ahdab is the founder and owner of UNI/CARE
hundreds of nonprofit organizations. His workshops include                        Systems, Inc. She has acted in the role of President,
numerous handouts, small group and large group discussion and                     CEO since 1981 and has participated actively in
question/answer periods. The focus of Dan's workshops is                          ensuring that the company operates as a leader in
always on real problems that boards and executives face every                     providing information systems to the Human Services
day. The goal is always practical solutions based on his contact    marketplace. Dr. Ahdab has more than 28 years of experience in the
with thousands of other board members and executives. Dan           field of health care management, reimbursement and information
does not make "canned" presentations. Each seminar or               systems.
presentation, whether for board members, executives or both,
is tailored to the needs of that particular group. In addition to
his work with nonprofit boards and executives, Dan has served
as a member of numerous nonprofit boards and speaks from
practical experience in the trenches. He currently serves on
one nonprofit board.
                                                                                                      Broadening Our Horizons | 6
                                                    Saturday continued

            Upper Management ? Practice Sessions
      Board ?                Business

How to Implement and Evaluate a Telephonic Depression Care                                1:00pm - 2:30pm
Management Program
Upper Management                                                      #201
                                                                    Confessions of a Health Reform Junkie
ProCare's Depression Care Management is a clinically proven way     Board Track   À
to provide quality, effective healthcare for depression. Using
telephonic care management, the program has achieved                Health care reform has been the topic of every political campaign
positive outcomes through educating and supporting patients to      for the last 10 years. Economic discussions point out that we must
adhere to their treatment regimen, self-manage their                fix our health care system if we are to control the cost of producing
depression, and prevent progression of their condition. We'll       goods in the United States. Yet not much has changed. The
show you how.                                                       presenter discuses the failure of health reform in Colorado and
                                                                    proposes a new paradigm for reforming the health care system and
Michael Allen, LCSW, CACIII                                         how the BHOs have been and can continue to be at the forefront of
                                                                    that reform.
             Michael Allen, LCSW, CACIII, Vice President, Connect
             Care and ProCare, Pikes Peak Behavioral Health         Arnold Salazar
             Group, Colorado Springs, Colorado.
                                                                              Mr. Salazar has a long and extensive experience in
                                                                              Colorado in the field of community mental health. He
                                                                              began his career at the San Luis Valley Mental Health
                                                                              Center after completing his graduate work at the
Rhonda Dale Terry, PhD                                                        University of Michigan. He directed the center for 10
                                                                              years prior to organizing SyCare LLC a managed care
Rhonda Dale Terry, PhD, Research Director, Pikes Peak Behavioral    company offering mental health services. In 2005 he became CEO of
Health Group, Colorado Springs, Colorado.                           Colorado Health Partnerships.

   #104                                                                #202
Know Your Job—Do Your Job                                           Wage and Hour Enforcement in 2009: A Back to Basics Approach
Board Track À                                                       to Reducing Your Legal Exposure
                                                                    Upper Management 
Board members come to the job with the best of intentions, but
that's not enough. You have to know the job well to do the job      Wage and hour laws are some of the most difficult, time consuming
well. In this session for board members, Dan Cain will review       and complex laws for employers to navigate on a daily basis.
the board's basic responsibilities—planning, monitoring,            President Obama's new administration has reaffirmed the need for
evaluating, setting policy, delegating, advocating and offer        increased enforcement of these laws in order to better protect all
dozens of ideas about how to do the job better.                     employees. This presentation will discuss the importance of
Dan Cain see Bio on page 6                                          correctly classifying employees as exempt/nonexempt, the legal
                                                                    implications employers must consider when they deal with
                                                                    volunteers, and the recent Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009.
Update From DBH - Contract Language Administration &                Michael Johnson
                                                                                Michael D. Johnson is an employment lawyer with
Business Practice :                                                             Mountain States Employers Council. Before joining
                                                                                Mountain States Employers Council, Michael worked in
This session provides an overview of the current state contract                 San Diego, California as a medical staff litigation
for mental health services. Contract language changes will be                   attorney. Michael received his BS in Business
highlighted. A discussion of data reporting and contract            Administration from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2002.
administration should provide an understanding of the               Michael is a native of Colorado and grew up in Colorado Springs.
requirements of the Statement of Work and contract Exhibits.        Michael currently serves as a member of the Red Cross Youth
                                                                    Committee of the Pikes Peak Region in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Andrew Martinez                                                     He is an avid Denver Broncos football fan, he loves history, and
                                                                    enjoys staying current with national/local politics.
Associate Director of Finance, Division of Behavioral Health -
Mental Health Chief Financial Officer
David Menefee, PhD
Director, Data and Evaluation, Division of Behavioral Health
Lisa Finch
Contracts Administrator, Division of Behavioral Health
7 | CBHC Annual Conference
                                                     Saturday continued

             Upper Management ? Practice Sessions
       Board ?                Business

   #203                                                              During this session participants will explore:
This is a Business—Govern in a Businesslike Manner                       ·    The relevant quality and payment reform efforts
Board Track   À                                                               currently taking place in the general healthcare
Serving on a board of directors is much more than a nice                 ·    The payment and accountability system that has been
volunteer activity. Board members govern a business and have                  used by the Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC)
to do it in the most businesslike manner possible. In this                    system and its relevance to future funding models for
session, you'll learn how to meet your mission better by applying             behavioral health;
proven business practices such as accountability standards,
better delegation, productive meetings, communication                    ·    How these efforts and designs might translate into a
techniques, and team building.                                                new model for funding Community Behavioral
                                                                              Healthcare in the United States;
Dan Cain   see bio on page 6                                             ·    How states, regional authorities, and individual centers
                                                                              can proactively prepare for life in a reformed
                                                                              healthcare environment.
After the Mercer Audit: What's Next In Medicaid Rate Setting         Dale Jarvis, CPA
Business Practice   :
                                                                                 Dale Jarvis, CPA, Managing Consultant, Financial and
                                                                                 Information Systems, brings a diverse background as
We will discuss recent work by CBHC members, the Colorado                        administrator, author and educator to healthcare
Division of Behavioral Health, and the Colorado Department of                    organizations throughout the western United States.
Health Care Policy and Financing to reform financial and data                    Prior to forming MCPP Healthcare Consulting, Dale
reporting. Jed will also discuss possible and potential uses for     was a principal and head of the Consulting Services Department
this financial and data reporting in setting rates for Colorado's    for Jacobson Jarvis & Co., PC, a Seattle-based CPA firm. He has
Behavioral Health Organizations.                                     served as the financial director for healthcare organizations in
                                                                     Washington and Michigan. He also taught Health Care Financial
Jed Ziegenhagen                                                      Management at the University of Washington School of Public
                                                                     Health. Dale is a co-author of How to Thrive in Managed
            Jed is the Rates Manager at the Colorado Department      Behavioral Healthcare: A workbook guide to organizational and
            of Health Care Policy and Financing, where he has        clinical quality and The Primary Care Performance Management
            worked for the previous 10 years. Jed attended           System: A Team Approach to Winning in the New Healthcare
            graduate school at the University of Colorado's School   Market.
            of Public Affairs and previously worked as direct care
staff with serving individuals with developmental disabilities.

   # 205
Healthcare Payment Reform and Behavioral Health Safety Net
- What’s on the Horizon for the Community Behavioral
Healthcare System (PART ONE continued in #305)
Board Track À

As the United States is moving towards major healthcare reform
to address the access, cost and quality problems facing
Americans, there has been limited healthcare reform design
work focused on the needs of Americans with serious mental
health and substance use disorders and the challenges faced by
Community Behavioral Healthcare Organizations.
To help address this gap, Mr. Jarvis has been working to
integrate payment reform efforts in general healthcare, funding
structures from Federally Qualified Health Centers, emerging
trends in healthcare innovation, and a deep understanding of
public behavioral health financing to develop a conceptual
design of how public behavioral health ought to be funded and
describe what steps are needed to achieve this vision.

                                                                                                   Broadening Our Horizons | 8
                                                    Saturday continued

            Upper Management ? Practice Sessions
      Board ?                Business

                     2:45pm - 4:15pm                               Model Programs: Increasing the Life Span - Wellness programs
                                                                   that work
Foundation Boards: The Prudent Fiduciary
                                                                   Prevention/Recovery/Wellness      C
Board Track À                                                      Addressing Complex Needs through Wellness PART ONE
                                                                   Almost half of tobacco related deaths in the U.S. each year are
                                                                   persons with behavioral health disorders. High prevalence of
This presentation reviews the importance of developing a
                                                                   obesity is also driving incidence of chronic conditions such as
prudent fiduciary process for endowment and foundation
                                                                   diabetes and coronary heart disease. This presentation discusses
trustees and directors. An overview of how to develop and
                                                                   wellness programming addressing the complex chronic issues which
maintain an Investment Policy Statement will also be provided.
                                                                   behavioral health clients face.
Matthew Marsh, CFP, CIMA
                                                                   Chad Morris, PhD
            Matthew Marsh, CFP, CIMA, is currently a Vice
                                                                               Dr. Chad Morris is an Associate Professor at the
            President and Regional Director of Investment
                                                                               University of Colorado Denver, Department of
            Advisory Services for Smith Barney's Mountain States
                                                                               Psychiatry, and Director of the Behavioral Health and
            Region. His responsibilities include assisting
                                                                               Wellness Program. He is the principal investigator of
            Financial Advisor's in consulting to high-net-worth
                                                                               multiple studies exploring wellness and the
private clients and institutional relationships. Matt currently
                                                                   effectiveness of psycho-social and pharmacologic tobacco
maintains the CFP and CIMA designations.
                                                                   cessation strategies.
Victor Di Leo
                                                                   Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral to Treatment PART TWO
                                                                   Substance abuse is a leading public health problem with significant
           Victor Di Leo, Vice President of Wealth Management.
                                                                   medical, social, legal, and financial consequences. Evidence
           Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.
                                                                   supports the practice of Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral to
           Victor has 25 years experience as a financial advisor
                                                                   Treatment (SBIRT) as a public health model to identify risky
           in Colorado. Victor sits on several non-profit boards
                                                                   substance use, provide education, and prevent the onset of
           and is active in fundraising for many Colorado
                                                                   addiction among youth and adults.
charities. He is currently the Board President for the Tennyson
Center at the Colorado Christian Home. He is a second-
                                                                   Brie Reimann, BA
generation Denverite and lives with his wife Marlene and their
two dogs in central Denver.
                                                                   Brie Reimann, BA, Program Director, Peer Assistance Services, Inc.,
                                                                   SBIRT Colorado.
                                                                   Leigh Fischer, MPH
Supervision Database: Leading Accountable Care
Upper Management                                                  Leigh Fischer, MPH, Program Manager, Peer Assistance Services,
                                                                   Inc., SBIRT Colorado.
Utilization of a basic database, in conjunction with a defined
supervision structure, can provide managers and supervisors
with the means to monitor and meet the requirements as                #304
they apply to productivity, clinical accountability, HR            Colorado Division of Behavioral Health Annual Report
compliance and other components of the supervision process.
                                                                   Board Track   ¾
Sonia Jackson
                                                                   This session will review the Division of Behavioral Health's
           Sonia Jackson, Deputy Director, Pikes Peak Mental       activities, initiatives and future directions in public behavioral
           Health Center, Colorado Springs, Colorado.              health care for the State of Colorado.

                                                                   Charles Smith, PhD

                                                                   Dr. Smith is the Deputy Director of the Division of Behavioral
Tamera L. Parkins                                                  Health Services for the Colorado Department of Human Services.
                                                                   Dr. Smith is an appointed member of the Colorado Governor's
           Tamera L. Parkins, Project Coordinator, Pikes Peak      Community Corrections Advisory Council and the Justice Assistance
           Mental Health Center, Colorado Springs, Colorado.       Grant Board. Prior to this position, Dr. Smith directed the
                                                                   Community Mental Health Services Office for the Colorado
                                                                   Department of Corrections, as well as managed mental health,
                                                                   substance abuse services, and sex offender treatment services for
                                                                   three State prison facilities. Dr. Smith is a Licensed Psychologist
                                                                   with over 20 years of clinical and administrative experience in the
                                                                   fields of mental health and substance abuse, forensic/correctional
9 | CBHC Annual Conference
                                                                   psychology, program development, consultation, and supervision.
                                                    Saturday continued

            Upper Management ? Practice Sessions
      Board ?                Business

Dr. Smith received his Doctoral Degree in Counseling Psychology          #305
from the University of Denver, Masters Degree in Rehabilitation      Healthcare Payment Reform and Behavioral Health Safety Net
Counseling from New York University, and Bachelors of Arts           - Implications for Colorado (PART TWO from session #205)
Degree in Psychology from Allegheny College. Dr. Smith is a
Clinical Instructor in the Department of Psychiatry, University of   This workshop, which is a companion to the “What’s on the
Colorado Health Sciences Center.                                     Horizon for the Community Behavioral Healthcare System”
                                                                     session, will be an interactive discussion that explores the
Janet Wood, MBA, MEd                                                 implications of the four proposed behavioral healthcare
Ms. Wood, MBA, Med, Director of the Division of Behavioral               ·    Healthcare Homes: Which of the three methods will
Health, Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS), is both                 most likely take root in Colorado – full integration,
the Single State Agency (SSA) Director for Substance Abuse and                partnerships, or linkage models?
the Mental Health Commissioner for the State of Colorado. Ms.
                                                                         ·    Federally Qualified Behavioral Health Centers: How
Wood is responsible for a combined budget of approximately
                                                                              prepared are the Colorado Community Behavioral
$100 million and overall leadership including planning, policy
                                                                              Healthcare Organizations for federal designation?
development, and oversight of contract management,
monitoring and evaluation for the public behavioral health               ·    Addressing Funding Gaps: Based on the latest
system in Colorado. From 1997 to February 2006 Ms. Wood                       research, what are the funding gaps in Colorado and
served as the Director (SSA) for the Alcohol and Drug Abuse                   the financial implications of a reformed system where
Division. Prior to that position, she served as Director of                   most Coloradans have insurance with a behavioral
Program Services for the Office of Health and Rehabilitation                  health benefit?
Services within the CDHS. From 1990-1994, Ms. Wood was                   ·    Revising Payment Methods: How will changes in
Deputy Director of the Division for Developmental Disabilities                general healthcare funding mechanisms affect the
for the Program Development and Program Evaluation and                        Colorado centers and what are the implications of
Information Services Sections. She has thirty years of                        changing the ways in which Colorado Community
experience in human services management, eighteen of those                    Behavioral Healthcare Organizations are paid to align
years in state government. Ms. Wood received a Bachelor of                    with reforms in the broader system?
Science Degree from the University of Pittsburgh, a Master's
Degree in Business Administration from the University of
Colorado, Boulder, and a Master's Degree in Education from
Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon. She served as a                            6:30pm - 10:00pm
Presidential Appointee to the White House's Advisory Commission
on Drug Free Communities, is an appointed member to the                                      CBHC
National Advisory Council on Drug Abuse, and is Vice-Chairperson
for Treatment on the Attorney General's Statewide
Methamphetamine Task Force.
George DelGrosso
                                                                                    Awards Banquet
              George is the Executive Director of Colorado            Join your collegues for this special dinner
              Behavioral Healthcare Council (CBHC), which is the
              membership organization for all the 17 Community              and opportunity to recognize
              Mental Health Centers, 5 Behavioral Health
              Organizations and two specialty clinics in Colorado.
                                                                             Board Member of the Year
Prior to this position he was the Executive Director of Mental
Health Centers in the San Luis Valley of Colorado and Cody,
                                                                                       and the
Wyoming. George has been in the mental health field for                          Golden Abacus and
almost 30 years. The progression of his career started out as a
psychotherapist, then a marriage and family therapist, to                        Golden Light Bulb
clinical supervisor and program developer before moving into
upper level and senior management. George's expertise ranges
from creating and implementing effective public policy for
behavioral health, training and development of people who
aspire to be leaders, expanding organizational effectiveness,
solving system of care issues for children and adults who have
mental health treatment needs, and providing integrated high
quality mental health treatment in rural settings. In addition to
his duties at CBHC, George serves on the Executive Committee
of the National Council for Behavioral Healthcare, and is chair
of the Council's Association Executives Committee. George
combines his years of experience at different levels of
community mental health, the information he has assimilated
on a broad range of mental health issues, and his familiarity
with mental health service delivery across the state of Colorado
and nationally to educate policy makers and the public about                                        Broadening Our Horizons | 10
successful service delivery.

            Upper Management ? Practice Sessions
      Board ?                Business

                                                                    A View from the Board Room: A Financial Primer and Other
                                                                    Considerations as a Board Member
               Sunday, October 4, 2009                              Board Track     ¾
7:30am-4:30pm CBHC REGISTRATION OPEN                                Overview of internal processes in conjunction with an audit
                                                                    including risk assessment and internal controls. Financial
7:30am-12:00nn & 2:00pm-3:00pm Exhibits Open                        statement presentation including comparability with other
7:30am-8:30am Continental Breakfast in Exhibit Hall                 organizations and internal financial trends, public perception
                                                                    and fund raising. Board and committee oversight of financial
                                                                    data and organization mission.
                   8:30am - 10:00am
                                                                    Tom Swart
Integration: What Are We Talking About?                                         Audit Partner of Bradley, Allen & Associates, Tom’s
                                                                                responsibilities include planning and supervision of
Board Track   ¾                                                                 the firm's auditing engagements, and technical
                                                                                compliance review for all types of accounting
This popular concept is being used in many environments and         engagements. Tom is also involved in both business and
has multiple meanings. The workshop will give an overview of        individual tax preparation and planning. Industry experience
the many definitions of “integration,” how this term is being       includes retail, professional services, construction, automobile
used in our current business and clinical environment and           dealerships, distribution, not-for-profit organizations, and real
implications it has for boards and management. A couple of          estate.
guests may show up to share their experience with different
integration experiences.                                            Traci Allison

George DelGrosso   see Bio on page 10                                           Senior Accountant of Bradley, Allen & Associates.
                                                                                Traci has several years experience in not-for profit
                                                                                accounting and tax engagements. In addition to
    #402                                                                        not-for-profit work, Traci is developing her expertise
National Trends and Issues - Behavioral Health Policy in            in abroad range of tax and accounting areas.
Healthcare Reform
                                                                    Greg Livin
Board Track   ¾
                                                                                Principal of Bradley, Allen & Associates, Greg’s
National Council staff provides the latest information on key                   responsibilities include planning and reviewing
issues affecting behavioral and public healthcare, including                    various types of accounting engagements including
legislative and policy issues, National Council Practice and                    compilations, reviews and audits, Greg's broader
Policy initiatives, and the political landscape. Learn about the    expertise is in consulting services. Industry experience includes
status of the regulations and suggestions for protecting your       professional service organizations, construction, manufacturing,
organization and about legislative proposals under consideration    commercial real estate, mortgage and commercial banking, and
in the 111th Congress.                                              not-for-profits.
Christopher Loftis, PhD
           Christopher Loftis, PhD, is Director of State Policy     Systems of Care Work
           and Practice Improvement for the National Council's
           more than 1,600 member organizations that provide        Upper Management 
           treatment and rehabilitation to individuals with
           mental illnesses and addiction disorders. He has         A look at the infrastructure, guiding principles, components and
extensive policy experience, having served as a healthcare          elements of System of Care, which is a well organized
analyst at the state and federal levels, and as a legislative       comprehensive spectrum of services and supports coordinating
assistant for Senator Ted Kennedy. Dr. Loftis has a doctorate in    into a network to meet the multiple and changing needs of the
clinical psychology with a specialization in neuropsychology        mentally ill, their families and caregivers. As well as the
from the University of Florida and advanced specialty training in   exploration of how to develop a shared vision for a system of
pediatric neuropsychology from the Johns Hopkins' Kennedy           care in your community.
Krieger Institute in Baltimore, Maryland.
                                                                    Jason DeaBueno, LCSW

                                                                    Director of Business Development and Outreach at Pikes Peak
                                                                    Behavioral Health Group, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

11 | CBHC Annual Conference
                                                       Sunday continued

                                 Board ?
                                       Upper Management Sessions
                                                      Clinician Sessions
   # 405                                                              Doyle Forrestal
Leading From Within - Five Keys to Authentic Leadership
(PART ONE continued in #505)                                                      Doyle Forrestal is the Director of Public Policy
Upper Management                                                                 with the Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council
                                                                                  (CBHC). CBHC is a non-profit 501(c)3 membership
In order to be an effective leader in the workplace, we must                      organization that represents Colorado's statewide
first be an effective leader in our own lives . . . and that begins               network of community mental health providers.
by truly knowing ourselves. In this powerful presentation, Greg                   Through her role with CBHC over the past three
Giesen reveals the key concepts from his award-winning                years, Doyle has worked with policy makers and community
workshop, Leading From Within.                                        leaders to enhance the community mental health system by
                                                                      seeking options to enhance integrated service delivery, assist
Greg Giesen                                                           communities with the necessary supports to provide returning
                                                                      veterans and their families with mental health and substance
            Greg Gieson is a professional speaker, management         abuse treatment, and increasing opportunities to provide
            trainer, conflict mediator, team builder and radio talk   necessary services to individuals involved in the criminal justice
            show host. He has been a graduate school professor        system. Prior to joining the team at CBHC, she was the
            at the University of Denver for the past twelve years     Associate Director of the Colorado Forum, and worked at the
            and is the author of six management books, including      Colorado State Legislature for almost a decade. She may be
            his latest, Ask Dr. Mac.                                  reached at 303-832-7594 or at dforrestal@cbhc.org.

                      10:30am - 12:00nn                               Welcome to Colorado Telehealth Network (CTN)
                                                                      Upper Management 
Warrior Mindset: Implications and Considerations in
Treatment and Support                                                 This workshop will give an overview of the broadband telehealth
Community Transition R                                                network that is being developed as a joint collaborative
                                                                      between CBHC and the Colorado Hospital Association. This
                                                                      network will be a key component in integrating the healthcare
Understand Warrior Mindset and how it plays a role in providing       delivery system in Colorado and is one of the largest networks
behavioral health services to the Combat TBI/PTSD Survivor, and       of its type in the nation. CTN will connect health care providers
what happens to family structure, dynamics and why.                   across Colorado. Providers will be able to share voice, video,
                                                                      data, and health information to virtually every geographic area
Amber Nicodemus, BA                                                   of the State. Workshop participants will learn about the basic
                                                                      concepts of the network and the potential it has for the future
Executive Director, Cognogenesis BRRAIN Center, Colorado              of their organization.
Springs, Colorado. Spouse of a Combat Incurred Severe TBI,
Severe PTSD Veteran, TBI/PTSD Survivor and Family Member
Advocate, Co-Author Ft. Carson TBI Educational Series Law                #505
Enforcement Combat TBI/PTSD CIT Trainer, Mental Health                Leading From Within - Five Keys to Authentic Leadership
Provider Educator/Trainer on Combat Incurred TBI/PTSD                 (PART TWO continued from session #405)

Public Policy and Legislation
Board Track À

A Colorado Perspective on Public Policy and Legislation for
Behavioral Health.

CBHC Staff will discuss current public policy and issues that will
be impacting behavioral healthcare in the coming year.

George DelGrosso     see Bio on page 10

                                                                                                      Broadening Our Horizons | 12
                                                 Sunday continued
                                               CBHC Program Schedule
                               Board ?
                                     Upper Management Sessions
                                                      Clinician Sessions
                     12:00nn-1:45pm                                    Engaging Families in Treatment   (PART ONE continued in #2002)

                                                                       Prevention/Recovery/Wellness     C
        Luncheon & Keynote
                                                                       This workshop will address the therapist's reluctance to believe
      For Board, Upper Management and Clinicians                       in family therapy and the family's reluctance to participate in
                                                                       family therapy. We will then focus on principles, techniques,
                      Craig Zablocki                                   and assumptions of family therapy. This workshop will remind
                                                                       us of the importance and fun of practicing family therapy.
  Lighten Up and Laugh - For the Health of It
                                                                       Pat Tuning, PsyD
 Are you burned out? Is your LPD (Laughs per Day)
 average running low? Is it getting tougher and                        Pat Tuning, PsyD, is a psychologist with a specialization in
 tougher to find humor in a world that is not                          marriage and family therapy. She has had the privilege of being
                                                                       trained under one of the original pioneers of family therapy.
 always humorous? When was the last time you                           She has a private practice in Colorado Springs and has been
 laughed a lot, gave 100% to everything you did?                       providing services for twenty-two years.
 This keynote is guaranteed to leave you laughing
 while providing ways to use positive
 humor to promote a healthier, richer
                                                                       Culturally Responsive Practices in the Treatment of Offenders
 life while increasing morale and                                      with Co-Occurring MI & SA (PART ONE continued in #2003)
 retention. A nationally known                                         Co-Occurring ª
 speaker and consultant, Craig has
 spoken to over 600,000 people                                         This workshop will explore co-occurring disorders as it pertains
 internationally and in all 50 states.                                 to the treatment of offenders. It will consist of a general
                                                                       overview of Co-Occurring disorders, specific substance abuse
                                                                       and mental health disorders, critical factors, treament issues,
                                                                       strategies for treatment professionals, incidence and
                                                                       prevalence, and implications for program design and
                     2:15pm - 3:45pm                                   development.

   #1001                                                               Larry Richardson, PhD
Are You Supervising or Inspiring?: Finding Humor in
Supervision                                                                        Dr. Richardson has over 22 years of experience in
                                                                                   the fields of mental health and addictions
Education & Professional Growth &
                                                                                   treatment. He currently operates a full time private
                                                                                   practice behavioral health care business. Dr.
Working together can be both rewarding and productive. Are
                                                                                   Richardson has a Bachelor of Science Degree in
you just supervising or inspiring others to utilize their creativity
                                                                       Psychology and Biology from Florida A & M University, a Master
and strengths? It's not about learning. But unlearning and
                                                                       of Arts Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of
teaching others to see their inherent greatness. Effective
                                                                       North Florida, and a Ph.D. in Psychology from LaSalle University.
communication is more than the words we speak. A greater part
is what we hear. Learn how positive reinforcement is 3 times
                                                                       Dr. Richardson currently serves as Director of the Imani
more effective than criticism. Experience how control will
                                                                       Behavioral Healthcare Center. Additionally, he serves as
never be as effective as true empowerment. In this interactive
                                                                       Chairman of the Jacksonville Chapter, Association of Black
workshop, you'll learn about the four types of listening and how
                                                                       Psychologists and as an Advisory Board member of one
we get stuck in ineffective patterns. Learn how it's not so much
                                                                       organization and has membership in five professional
what you say as how you say it that gets results. Be ready for
                                                                       organizations. He has conducted workshops, seminars, and
an action packed event that is as fun as it is informative. Be
                                                                       training at numerous conferences all over the United States,
ready to talk, listen, and laugh!
                                                                       Canada, and the Caribbean. He has served as an adjunct faculty
                                                                       member at the University of North Florida, and is currently a
Craig Zablocki                                                         part time Adjunct Professor in Psychology and Gerontology at
                                                                       Edward Waters College, Jacksonville, Florida.
Craig's unscripted style has been compared to a hybrid of Robin
Williams and Wayne Dyer. One participant wrote, “We should
harness his energy - it could power a small city. His passion and
commitment to making a difference is contagious!” As a
participant you will be on an adventure. You will be inspired to
see life in a different way and be moved to take action that will
bring positive results both to your work and personal life.

13| CBHC Annual Conference
                                                   Sunday continued
                                                 CBHC Program Schedule

                                                     Clinician Sessions

   #1004                                                              Jennine Hall, PhD
Aging Families and Care Giving     (PART ONE continued in #2004)

Prevention/Recovery/Wellness       C                                  Jennine Hall, PhD, has been employed with the Division of
                                                                      Youth Corrections over the last twelve years as a Juvenile
                                                                      Parole Officer and more recently as the Program Manager for
Families are critical members of the care network of older            Parole and Transition Services. She acquired her PhD in
adults, and contribute to the mental health care of many older        psychology from the University of Northern Colorado and has
persons. This presentation provides frameworks for engaging           conducted research in the areas of youth resiliency, adaptive
families usefully in assessment and interventions. Practical          technologies and clinical supervision strategies. In addition,
strategies for working with families will be the focus of the         she has taught in the criminal justice programs at Colorado
workshop. Clinical cases are used to illustrate various               University, Front Range Community College and University of
challenges and opportunities for working with family members.         Northern Colorado.

Sara Honn Qualls, PhD
            Sara Honn Qualls, PhD, is the Kraemer Family              Engaging Families in Treatment    (PART TWO continued from session
            Professor of Aging Studies Professor and Director of      #1002)
            the Gerontology Center at the University of Colorado
            at Colorado Springs. She led the development of the
            new doctoral program in Geropsychology at UCCS,              #2003
            and the establishment of the CU Aging Center which        Culturally Responsive Practices in the Treatment of
provides mental health and family support services for older          Offenders with Co-Occuring MI & SA (PART TWO continued from
                                                                      session #1003)
adults in the Pikes Peak region. Dr. Qualls coordinates efforts of
UCCS faculty and students on behalf of the community in
collaborative projects, such as a senior housing project under
development, Palisades at Broadmoor Park.                                #2004
                                                                      Aging Families and Care Giving (PART TWO continued from session

Ask Dr. Mac - Answers to Today's Top Employee and                        #2005
Management Concerns (PART ONE continued in #2005)                     Ask Dr. Mac - Answers to Today's Top Employee and
Education & Professional Growth &                                     Management Concerns (PART TWO continued from session #1005)

Ask Dr. Mac: Answers to Today's Top Employee and Management
Concerns, is an interactive workshop using a question & answer
format where author and management consultant, Greg Giesen,
as Dr. Mac, responds to commonly asked management and                                     Sunday
employee relations issues challenging today's organizations.

Greg Giesen   see Bio on page 12
                                                                                       Evening Open
                                                                        Evening open for events hosted by individual
                      4:00pm - 5:30pm                                         Centers for their staff members.

Criminogenic Risk: Assessment, Identified Need and
Transition Planning
Community Transition R

This session will discuss the Division of Youth Corrections' use of
the Colorado Juvenile Risk Assessment to identify criminogenic
risk and need throughout the continuum of care. Discussion will
include how the results are utilized to develop an effective
case/transition/parole plan designed to meet the individualized
needs of the youth and family as well as how community
providers can help.

Tammy Schneiderman, LPC

Tammy Schneiderman, LPC, is the Client Services Coordinator
for the Division of Youth Corrections. She is licensed as a
Professional Counselor (LPC) in the state of Colorado and holds a
Masters and Specialist degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.
                                                                                                    Broadening Our Horizons | 14
                                             CBHC Program Schedule

                                                 Clinician Sessions

                                                                    April O'Dell, LCSW

                                                                               April O'Dell, LCSW, earned a BA in Psychology
               Monday, October 5, 2009                                         (1990) and a Masters in Social Work from the
                                                                               University of Southern California, interning at The
                                                                               Village ISA in Long Beach, CA, a nationally renowned
7:30am-4:30pm CBHC REGISTRATION OPEN                                recovery program. She worked in forensics before moving to CO
                                                                    in 1999. She is a leader in the Recovery Program efforts at The
7:30am-12:00nn Exhibits Open                                        CMHI-Fort Logan.
7:30am-8:30am Continental Breakfast in Exhibit Hall
                                                                    Sophie Gross, BS, MSM, CPRP
                    8:30am - 10:00am
                                                                    Sophie Gross, BS, MSM, CPRP, lives and works in Denver,
                                                                    Colorado. Sophie works at CMHI-Ft. Logan with 28 years of
General Session     Clinician                                       experience in the mental health field. She is a Community
After Recovery - Then What?                                         Readiness Skills Trainer, established the hospital's patient/family
                                                                    education program and is a change agent for the newly adopted
This keynote will address the issue of what we are transforming     hospital recovery model.
from and to. It will challenge us together to explore what a
“culture of recovery” involves. It will speak to the need for
more than relationships that are “program and service” related,        #3002
as key to community integration. Amy will challenge us, humor       Grandparents Raising Children
us and speak openly as to the challenges we face in making          Education & Professional Growth     &
recovery an “active” not “static” endeavor.
                                                                    This presentation will explore the growing trend and unique
Amy K. Long                                                         family culture of “grand-families.” A focus on preexisting
                                                                    problems that led to parents relinquishing their role, risk
           Although Amy received several different diagnoses        factors, managing multiple roles, parenting skills, and
            while in the mental health system years ago, she has    identifying resources will be discussed.
            refused to be seen through those labels and has
            fought to regain her voice and take charge of her       Miranda Moyer, LPC, CACIII
            healing journey. As Amy has navigated her journey,
her belief that the “healer lies within” each of us has                         Miranda Moyer, LPC, CACIII, received her Masters in
helped her to hold onto and not lose her spirit!                                Counseling Psychology from the University of Denver.
                                                                                She has worked for Colorado West Mental Health
Amy has worked as a Psychiatric Nurse for the past 17 years, in                 since 2005 as a mental health & substance abuse
both community mental health settings and on inpatient units.       therapist working with a wide variety of clients. She is also a
Today she is an Educator/Trainer with the National                  trainer at West Slope Casa and Odyssey Training Center.
Empowerment Center, and she works part-time for a supported
employment program. She is one of the founders of Bridges of
Hope, a supportive network for Consumers working as Providers.         #3003
More recently, Amy has been trained by Pat Deegan to conduct        Effective Multi-Agency Interdisciplinary Treatment Team
workshops in CommonGround: Recovery Oriented Practice.              Development
                                                                    Community Transition R
Amy is a sought after speaker at conferences, both nationally
and internationally. She has touched the lives of many, both        The presentation will cover the planning and implementation of
survivors/consumers and professionals, as she speaks with           mental health programming for consumers recovering from
passion and humor and challenges us to provide environments         mental illness who are also involved with the criminal justice
where healing can and will happen.                                  system with a focus on the Denver Criminal Justice Initiative
                                                                    and it's collaborative efforts with multiple agencies.
                   10:30am - 12:00nn
                                                                    Panel discussion of programs around the state of Colorado that
                                                                    have developed successful community, multi-agency
  #3001                                                             collaborations and treatment teams. We will be discussing the
Recovery Across the Continuum of Care                               Treatment Alternatives Collaboration (TAC) Program in Pueblo.
Prevention/Recovery/Wellness     C                                  This is a community collaboration between Spanish Peaks Mental
                                                                    Health Center and seven area criminal justice and law
                                                                    enforcement agencies. Our goal is to offer treatment and jail
Inpatient hospitalization is often the first contact that clients
                                                                    diversion for offenders who have mental health and co-occurring
have with the mental health system and their first step toward
recovery. This session describes the recovery model used by
CMHI-Fort Logan and provides tools for assessing recovery goals,
using a focused model to guide treatment, and education clients

15| CBHC Annual Conference
                                               Monday continued
                                             CBHC Program Schedule

                                                  Clinician Sessions

Lisa Rea, MA, LPC                                                      #3005
                                                                    Reactive Attachment Disorder - How to Assess, Understand,
           Lisa Rea, MA, LPC, is the Director of Special Services   and Repair the Broken Relationship (PART ONE continued in #4005)
           at Spanish Peaks Mental Health Center in Pueblo,
           Colorado. She is the Director of the Treatment
                                                                    Prevention/Recovery/Wellness     C
           Alternatives Collaboration (TAC) Program, which is a
program that provides mental health and co-occurring                Beginning with a foundation of Bowlby's Attachment Theory, Dr.
treatment for offenders in the criminal justice system. She is      Goldsmith will guide clinicians through the development of
also the Director of the Co-Occurring Disorders Program.            attachment problems in early childhood and provide a systematic
                                                                    method of assessing attachment problems in practice and discuss
Candace Mattos, MSW, LCSW                                           proven strategies for healing the broken relationship.

Candace Mattos, MSW, LCSW, Assistant Chief Operations Officer,      Douglas Goldsmith, PhD
Larimer Center for Mental Health. Ms. Mattos graduated with a
B.A. in Psychology from the University of Nevada, Reno and                    Dr. Douglas Goldsmith is the Executive Director of
completed her Masters of Social Work at Walla Walla College in                The Children's Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. For
Washington State. She joined LCMH in 1999 and for the past                    over 25 years he has specialized in clinical work with
several years, she has assisted in the development of programs                toddlers and preschool aged children with attachment
at LCMH that coordinate treatment for people with severe and        problems. Dr. Goldsmith is the co-editor of the best selling,
persistent mental illnesses, who also have involvement in the       “Attachment Theory in Clinical Work with Children.”
criminal justice system.

Jay Flynn, JD

           Jay Flynn, JD, is the Deputy Director of Adult
           Recovery Services and has been with MHCD for
           over 20 years. He has served as the Deputy Director
           for the past seven years. In this capacity, Mr.
           Flynn helps manage services provided to Adult
consumers by 10 Assertive Community Treatment Teams, 2                                  12:00nn - 1:00pm
outpatient teams, 9 grant programs (including 5 criminal
justice/mental health programs),18 residential facilities and 300
Staff.                                                                    Networking Luncheon ä
                                                                                              Exhibit Hall

Effective Treatment for Mentally Ill Offenders in Transition
Community Transition R

Approximately 15% of offenders transitioning from jail into the
community require mental health services. Effective treatment
dramatically reduces recidivism. Effective treatment requires
integration of services to address mental health and substance
abuse but must also overcome programmatic barriers,
individual, family, and community values that impede
participation in treatment.

Robert L. Atwell, PsyD

           Robert L. Atwell, PsyD, is a clinical and forensic
           psychologist who practices in Denver and Boulder.
           He has conducted therapy and evaluations with both
           juvenile and adult offenders in institutional,
           residential and non-residential community settings
for the past thirty-five years. He can reached at
rlatwell@msn.com or (303) 698-0446.

                                                                                                 Broadening Our Horizons | 16
                                                      Monday continued

                                                  Clinician Sessions

                                                                    Kay M. Johnson, LICSW
                       1:00pm - 2:30pm
                                                                                Kay M. Johnson, LICSW, has 20 years experience as a
  #4001                                                                         director, supervisor, clinician and consultant/trainer
CommonGround - Support Client Choice       (PART ONE continued in               in outpatient and residential substance abuse and
#5001)                                                                          mental health programs. She specializes in treating
Community Transition       R                                                    people with trauma and addiction. She currently
                                                                                works at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Crime Victims
Choice is the cornerstone of the recovery and empowerment           Treatment Center in New York City and is a senior associate for
process. But how should staff respond when a client is making a     Lisa M. Najavits, PhD of Harvard Medical School/McLean
choice that appears to be self-defeating or dangerous?              Hospital. For the past twelve years she has used Seeking Safety
Participants will learn skills associated with supporting client    Therapy for PTSD and Substance Abuse in both outpatient and
choice in ways that are respectful and that maximize client         residential treatment settings. She has presented workshops
autonomy and self efficacy.                                         and staff training in the United States and Canada, on PTSD,
                                                                    addiction, and Seeking Safety for the past seven years. She is
Learning Goals and Objectives:                                      based in New York, NY.
1. To understand why supporting client choice is important.
2. To learn how to assess an intervention for the presence of
   toxic help or help that works against recovery.                     #4003
3. To learn practical skills about how to engage with client        Psychological & Social Needs of Drug Endangered Children:
   choice to create win/win outcomes.                               Risks (PART ONE continued in #5003)
4. To learn how to navigate through the Comfort Zone, the           Co-Occurring ª
   Conflicted Zone and the Non-Negotiable Zone and to learn
   the skill sets related supporting client choice in each.         This presentation provides current information regarding the
5. To learn how to shift agency culture toward a recovery           risks factors of the drug environment on infant and child neuro
   orientation through more creative engagement with clients in     and psychosocial development. The needs of the drug
   the Conflicted Zone.                                             endangered child and the impact of ecology are discussed. The
                                                                    importance of the present while addressing both the child's
Who Should attend this Training?                                    history and future is highlighted. This presentation is solution
This training has been developed for inpatient/outpatient,          focused, emphasizes that it is never too early or too late to
psychiatric nurses, social workers and psychologists; direct care   intervene on behalf of the drug endangered child. The
workers in residential, day treatment and psychosocial              relationship of risk and resiliency is discussed in context of
rehabilitation programs, ACT team members; family members,          current scientific evidence and in relation to the power that
students, academic interns and consumers.                           each participant has as a potential agent of change for the drug
Amy K. Long see Bio page 15                                         endangered child.

                                                                    Kiti Fraser Randall, PhD
Seeking Safety Therapy for PTSD and Substance Abuse                             Dr. Kiti, is a Pediatric Neurodevelopmental
(PART ONE continued in #5002)                                                   Psychologist with 20 years experience working with
Co-Occurring    ª                                                               high-risk infant and youth populations with a
                                                                                specialized expertise in the area of drug affected
The goal of this presentation is to describe current state-of-the               children. Dr. Kiti is a consultant who has dedicated
art knowledge about the treatment of patients with the dual         her career to providing direct service/training to children,
diagnosis of posttraumatic stress disorder and substance abuse,     families, professionals, organizations and communities to
a population that is typically considered “difficult to treat.”     enhance the lives of children in order to promote optimal and
We will cover background on PTSD and substance abuse                healthy living.
(including rates, the typical client, models and stages of
treatment, clinical dilemmas, and gender issues) and clinical
Interventions for PTSD and substance abuse (including                  #4004
demonstration of specific treatment strategies, assessment          Criminal Justice 101 for Behavioral Health Professionals
tools, and community resources). In-depth description of the        Community Transition R
Seeking Safety psychotherapy for PTSD and substance abuse will
be a major focus.
                                                                    Panel presentation/discussion accompanied by professionals
Learning Goals and Objectives:                                      from the criminal justice and behavioral health fields discussing
1. To review scientific literature on rates and presentation of     topics related to the needs of the mentally ill, substance
   PTSD/substance abuse.                                            abusers, and co-occurring consumers involved in the criminal
2. To increase empathy and understanding of PTSD/substance          justice system. Topics to be discussed include re-entry
   abuse.                                                           initiatives, continuity of care, comprehensive community
3. To describe specific therapeutic strategies for this dual        programming, links (or gaps) in services, and opportunities for
   diagnosis.                                                       systemic improvement through engagement and collaboration.
4. To provide assessment and treatment resources.
17| CBHC Annual Conference
                                               Monday continued
                                             CBHC Program Schedule

                                                  Clinician Sessions

Glenn Tapia will present the Colorado Criminal Justice system
specifically as it relates to the behavioral health system. Glenn
                                                                                            2:45pm - 4:15pm
will present information regarding correctional systems in
Colorado and the various agencies that supervise and treat             #5001
offenders in correctional settings. Glenn will provide               CommonGround - Respectful Communication (PART TWO
                                                                     continued from session #4001)
information both on institutional and community-based
corrections.                                                         Learning objectives:
                                                                     1. To understand how our words and actions convey respect and
Glenn Tapia                                                          disrespect.
                                                                     2. To learn the skills to stand up for respectful communication in
           Glenn Tapia is an Interagency Criminal Justice            mental health workplaces.
           Specialist with the State of Colorado Department of       3. To understand the concept of micro-aggression and agency-
           Public Safety in the Division of Criminal Justice.        wide practices and policies that promote respect.
           Glenn works for the Office of Community Corrections
           and is responsible for developing and implementing
           programs and training regarding the assessment and           #5002
treatment of offenders in community corrections. Glenn is a          Seeking Safety Therapy for PTSD and Substance Abuse
graduate of the University of Colorado at Denver Graduate            (PART TWO continued from session #4001)
School of Public Affairs with a Masters Degree in Public
Administration with an emphasis in Criminal Justice. Glenn also
has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice from                  #5003
Metropolitan State College of Denver.                                Psychological & Social Needs of Drug Endangered Children:
                                                                     Resiliency (PART TWO continued from session #4003)
Dana M. Bustos, MA, LPC

             Dana M. Bustos, MA, LPC, is currently the Program          #5004
             Administrator for Alcohol and Drug Services for the     Co-Occurring MI/SA in the Criminal Justice System-Addressing
             Department of Corrections. She has over 20 years of     Systemic Issues
             experience working in Behavioral Health and has         Co-Occurring ª
             served in a variety of capacities working with an
             incarcerated population.                                Panel presentation on experience working with Co-Occurring
                                                                     offender population in a community/community mental health
Todd Helvig, PhD                                                     setting. Members will give tips on what presently is working and
                                                                     what is needed by the community-based agencies from referring
Todd Helvig, PhD, has specific knowledge and experience              criminal justice agency in order to increase success. Will
related to the needs of offenders paroling or discharging from       explore barriers/challenges in the community-based treatment
the CDOC. Colorado Department of Corrections / Division of           approach and what is needed for continued success/treatment
Adult Parole, Community Corrections, and YOS, Clinical               for this population.
Psychologist; Manager of Community Behavioral Health Services;
Chairman of CDOC's. Approved Treatment Provider Board;               Lori Swanson-Lamm, MSW, LCSW
Member of ADMHN's Board of Directors, Lakewood, Colorado.
                                                                     Lori Swanson-Lamm, MSW, LCSW, is the Director of Intensive
Eric Philp                                                           Services at Jefferson Center for Mental Health; Experience with
                                                                     the Co-Occurring Offender Population includes implementation
Eric Philp is the Supervisor of the Program Support Unit in the      of the John Eachon Re-Entry Program and the Criminal Justice-
Division of Probation Services. He has worked for the Judicial       Mental Health Case Management Program; current co-chair of
Department for 17 years; 3 years as a probation officer in the 8th   Jefferson County CIT Steering Committee and member of JERP
Judicial District and 14 years in the Division of Probation          Steering Committee.
Services. His prior experience includes work with Vietnam
veterans and post-traumatic stress, seriously mentally ill adults    Mark W. Olson MS, CACIII, LPC
and adult and juvenile substance abusing populations. He is a
graduate of Colorado State University with a Bachelors Degree                   Mark W. Olson, MS, CACIII, LPC, Program Director,
in Social Work.                                                                 Community Transitions Program (CTP), Arapahoe
                                                                                County Aftercare Program (ACAP), Arapahoe Diverts
                                                                                Mentally Ill to Treatment (ADMIT) Female Offender
   #4005                                                                        Re-Entry Skills Training (FOREST), Approved
Reactive Attachment Disorder - How to Assess, Understand,            Treatment Provider (ATP) program, Not Guilty by Reason of
and Repair the Broken Relationship (PART TWO continued from          Insanity (NGRI) program, Adult Intensive Services Division,
session #3005)
                                                                     Aurora Mental Health Center, Aurora, Colorado.

                                                                                                     Broadening Our Horizons | 18
                                                 Monday continued
                                               CBHC Program Schedule

                                                 Clinician Sessions

                     2:45pm -4:15pm                                  Reactive Attachment Disorder - How to Assess, Understand,
                                                                     and Repair the Broken Relationship (PART THREE continued from
Charlotte Wollesen (Session #5004 continued)                         session #3005 & #4005)

             Charlotte Wollesen, Director of Community
             Integration and Rehabilitation and Compliance
             Officer at the Mental Health Center Serving
Boulder      and Broomfield Counties. Over 40 years
             experience in Colorado mental health programs                            Base Nine Lounge
and current executive level supervisor of two collaborative
offender programs, one working with probation and one with
parole. As part of a panel that addresses how to collaborate on              Networking Reception
programs that serve offenders with co-occurring mental and
substance use disorders, I plan to outline the most important
aspects of working together with other agencies to provide the
                                                                                 for Clinicians
best opportunities for clients to be successful.

Dana Wellman, Mdiv                                                         Beaver Run Resort & Conference Center
            Dana Wellman, Mdiv, Colorado director of BASIC,
                                                                                 Base Nine Lounge Reception
            Behavioral Alternative Services in Community. At
            North Range Behavioral Health. Masters of Divinity
            and 37 years of experience in community mental              Enjoy a special evening with door prizes,
health at NRBH. Forensic Coordinator, CMHI-P.
                                                                           appetizers, entertainment and fun!
Jenny Remack, BS

             Jenny Remack, BS, has a Bachelors of Science
             Degree in Social Work from University of the
             Cumberland's (Formally known as Cumberland
             College). She received her degree in May of 2002.
She became a Certified Addictions Counselor Level III in May of
2007. She received certification to teach Strategies for Self-
improvement and Change classes in September of 2004, and is
also an Approved Treatment Provider for the Department of
Corrections. She was a Clinical Supervisor for Advantage
Treatment Center in Sterling Colorado from May of 2007 through
April of 2008, and has been working with offenders with serious
mental illness and substance abuse dependency since February
of 2003. Laurie Lucero LCSW, CACIII is her Clinical Supervisor.

Michael Ruttenberg

            Michael Ruttenberg is the current Assistant
            Director/Clinical Director of Larimer County
            Community Corrections. Michael's role in the
            organization is overseeing and directing all
            treatment aspects of the agency. He is a licensed
            Marriage and Family Therapist and credentialed
clinical supervisor. He has also holds certifications as parenting
educator. Michael has been employed by Larimer County
Community Corrections for 4 years. For the past 13 years he has
been involved in residential and outpatient treatment, program
development, and collaboratively designing effective and
appropriate criminal justice supervision and treatment for those
that suffer from chronic and persistent mental illness, and co-
occurring substance use disorders. Prior to entering the world
of adult corrections, Michael was a mental health/substance
abuse / family therapist and program director in residential
treatment programs for youth and families involved in the
juvenile justice, child protection, and developmental disability
19| CBHC Annual Conference
                                               CBHC Program Schedule

                                                    Clinician Sessions

                                                                      She joined the US Army Reserves Nurse Corps at 46 years old,
                                                                      where her work focused on training soldiers in mental resiliency,
                                                                      post-traumatic stress disorder, combat stress, and psychological
               Tuesday, October 6, 2009                               first aid. In 2008, she served as the Clinical Coordinator for
                                                                      Easter Seals Veterans Traumatic Brain Injury Pilot Project. She
                                                                      currently serves as the Combat Stress Specialist for the Soldier
                                                                      Readiness Center, Fort Carson, Colorado.
8:00am-9:0am Continental Breakfast
                     9:00am -11:00am                                  Assessment and Intervention for the Impact of Psychosocial
                                                                      Trauma in Early Childhood Populations
   #6001                                                              Education & Professional Growth &
Chocolate & Therapy…a Winning Combination for Health,
Happiness and Hope                                                    Twenty years of research has clearly established that healthy
Education & Professional Growth &                                     early childhood development is critical to later social,
                                                                      emotional, and cognitive success. Yet, historically few
                                                                      clinicians have been trained to work with this population. The
The presentation will include a discussion of the health benefits
                                                                      emergent science of the impact of social and emotional trauma
of chocolate, how to read labels, which products to eat for
                                                                      on early brain development has further emphasized the need for
health and which to stay away from as well as why certain
                                                                      assessment and treatment of early childhood populations. This
products can trigger psychological issues. The discussion will
                                                                      presentation will focus on the developmental impact of such
also include specific ways chocolate can be used effectively to
                                                                      trauma; as well, as assessment strategies, and intervention
help combat various psychological conditions.
                                                                      techniques for 0 to 5 populations.
Julie Pech
                                                                      Richard L. Gaskill, EdD
          Julie Pech graduated from the CU Denver with a
                                                                                 Dr. Gaskill is the Clinical Director at Sumner Mental
          degree in psychology. After 13 years managing a
                                                                                 Health Center in Wellington, KS. He is also the
          department in the wholesale sporting good industry,
                                                                                 Children's Services Coordinator for the mental health
          she started her own corporate apparel company.
                                                                                 center. Dr. Gaskill has worked in community mental
          Five successful years later, she sold the company to
                                                                                 health for nearly 30 years. In his work with children,
pursue her dream of becoming an author.
                                                                      Dr. Gaskill has developed numerous programs for children and
                                                                      their parents; including child development classes, parenting
                                                                      classes, child-parent relationship training, attachment
Understanding the Combat Veteran: Ten Things Everyone                 enhancement treatment groups, therapeutic alternative
Should Know About the Returning Combat Veteran & Suicide              schools, therapeutic preschools, after school programs,
in the Military                                                       therapeutic preschools, and juvenile offender programs.
Community Transition R                                                In 1994 a grant from the Methodist Health Ministry Fund helped
                                                                      establish Sumner Mental Health Center as a regional training
Whether it was a 15-month tour in Iraq or three year-long tours in    center for play therapy and Child-Parent Relationship Training.
Afghanistan, the returning combat veteran has gone through            This training has focused on birth to age five populations
some significant emotional changes and is no longer the same          through Early Head Start and Head Start programs, as well as
person that he/she was before combat. The first half of this          older populations of children through community mental health.
presentation will cover the ten things combat veterans wish every     Since 2000, Dr. Gaskill has been working with Dr. Perry
civilian knew about them. The second half of the presentation will    and the CTA to develop a version of the Neurosequential Model
address suicide by military personnel which has increased at an       of Therapeutics (NMT) in a therapeutic preschool.
alarming rate in the last 5 years. Knowing what to do when faced
with the situation of a suicidal service member is only half the      Dr. Gaskill is on adjunct faculty at Wichita State University
battle. The other half is knowing how to prevent the situation in     where he teaches play therapy classes, child psychopathology,
the first place. Ms. Lighthall will summarize the scope of the
                                                                      and supervises play therapy practicums. He has also presented
problem, introduce the triad of events that often leads to suicide,
                                                                      numerous workshops on play therapy and attachment
view this triad through the military lens, and then discuss how to
                                                                      enhancement for various agencies and association
effect change.
                                                                      conventions. Dr. Gaskill was the first Registered Play Therapist-
Alison Lighthall, RN, MS                                              Supervisor in Kansas. He has been a member of
                                                                      the Kansas Play Therapy Association Board since its inception
          Alison Lighthall, RN, MS, has been a registered nurse       and served on the national APT nominations committee. He also
          for 25 years, having received her Bachelors in              serves on a number of national, state, and local advisory
          Nursing in 1983 from Eastern Michigan University.           committees regarding the delivery of educational and mental
          After working in cardiology and geriatrics, she earned      health issues for children.
          a Masters in Psychiatric Nursing in 1993 from the
          University of Illinois-Chicago, with a specialization in
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
                                                                                                    Broadening Our Horizons | 20
21| CBHC Annual Conference
                                              Sponsors & Exhibitors
                                             CBHC Program Schedule
Colorado Family Education, Resources                   Table #6      SBIRT Peer Assistance Services, Inc.                     Table #3
& Training (CFERT) Project, CSU Extension                            2170 S. Parker Road, Suite 229
1311 S. College Avenue, 4040 Campus Delivery                         Denver, CO 80231
Fort Collins, CO 80523-4040                                          Phone: 303-369-0039
Phone: 970-491-2101                                                  www.peerassist.org
www.cfert.colostate.edu                                              EXHIBITOR
EXHIBITOR                                                            Peer Assistance Services, Inc. is a Colorado 501(c)(3) non profit
CFERT Project is dedicated to being a partner and resource to        agency dedicated to quality, accessible prevention and
anyone concerned with strengthening and supporting today's           intervention services in workplaces and communities, focusing
families, through leadership, education, information, resources,     on substance abuse and related issues.
support and advocacy.

                                                                     Secure TeleHealth                                       Table #10
Ortho-McNeil Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                Table #2   9150 Harmony Drive
6835 S. Robertsdale Way                                              Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Aurora, CO 80016                                                     Phone: 412-318-3913
Phone: 303-766-4283                                                  www.securetelehealth.com
www.ortho-mcneil.com/ortho-mcneil                                    EXHIBITOR
EXHIBITOR                                                            Secure TeleHealth provides a PC-based video conferencing
Ortho-McNeil®, Division of Ortho-McNeil-Janssen                      service to behavioral health providers using normal Internet
Pharmaceuticals, Inc, is a healthcare company that draws on          connections. This helps providers deliver recovery-focused care
the rich patient care heritage of its 2 sister companies, Ortho-     to their clients in the community. Secure Telehealth is a more
McNeil Pharmaceutical and Janssen Pharmaceutica. Ortho-              sustainable alternative to the traditional video conferencing
McNeil® strives to provide innovative, high quality, safe and        services which require expensive hardware and communication
effective treatments to advance patient care.                        networks.

QoL meds                                              Table #9       The Colorado Trust                                     Table #8
4900 Perry Highway, Bldg. 2                                          1600 Sherman Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15229                                                 Denver, Colorado 80203
Phone: 412-721-2171                                                  Phone: 303-837-1200
www.qolmeds.com                                                      www.coloradotrust.org
EXHIBITOR                                                            SILVER SPONSOR
QoL meds is the only full service pharmacy company that has a        The Colorado Trust is a private foundation dedicated to
focus on Community Mental Health Centers and their affiliates.       achieving access to health for all Coloradans by 2018. The
The programs and services that QoL meds offers not only benefit      Trust's strategic grant making supports the development of a
the consumer but they also directly help the CMHC's consumers.       coordinated system of policies, programs and services that
QoL meds can also help reduce administrative costs.                  expand health coverage, and improve and expand health care.

Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals                         Table #4   Time Sheet For Health                                  Table #5
10710 Midlothian Turnpike, Suite 430                                 4141 E. Dickenson Place
Richmond, VA 23235                                                   Denver, CO 80222
Phone: 877-782-6966                                                  Phone: 303-504-6570
www.suboxone.com                                                     www.TimeSheetForHealth.com
EXHIBITOR                                                            EXHIBITOR
Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals is at the forefront                Time Sheet for Health is an electronic time card developed
providing educational resources and treatment options to             specifically for community mental health centers. This system:
physicians and patients dealing with the chronic relapsing           ? and money.
                                                                        Saves time
disease of opioid dependence. Please visit their exhibit             ? understand and simple to use.
                                                                        Is easy to
where Reckitt Benckiser clinical liaisons will be available to       ?leave and supervisor approval.
discuss the indications and provide scientific information,          ?configuration for your policies and Just Right
and answer your questions about a unique treatment option.                Reporting.
                                                                     ? compliance with labor laws and provides good
                                                                          data for clean audits.
RMC Health, Prevention Information                        Table #7
Center Library
7525 W 10th Ave.                                                     UNI/CARE Systems, Inc.                                  Table #1
Lakewood, CO 80214                                                   540 North Tamiami Trail
Phone: 888-251-4772                                                  Sarasota, FL 34236
www.preventioncolorado.org                                           Phone: 941-954-3403 Ext. 232
EXHIBITOR                                                            www.unicaresys.com
RMC Health's Prevention Information Center Library is a free         BRONZE SPONSOR
lending library and information clearinghouse providing access       For more than 25 years, under the consistent leadership of its
to a broad spectrum of professional and client-based resources       Founder/CEO, UNI/CARE has provided integrated clinical /
related to substance abuse and health education. Funded by           financial software solutions to an impressive array of Behavioral
the Division of Behavioral Health, all services are free and items   Healthcare Organizations. In an industry marked by uncertainty
are loaned anywhere in Colorado.                                     and quickly shifting technology trends, our success has
                                                                     enhanced our mission to continuously provide quality value to
                                                                     our customers.

                                                                                                  Broadening Our Horizons | 22
                                    CBHC & General Information
                                 RegistrationProgram Schedule

                                                           Cancellation/Refund Policy
               Registration                                Conference Registration fees, less a $50.00 administration fee,
                                                           will be refunded upon written notice of cancellation received no
                                                           later than September 15, 2009. After that date, no refunds will
                                                           be provided. Cancellations for separate event tickets must be
           On Line Registration                            received in writing by September 27, 2009, in order to receive a
                                                           full refund. There will be no provision for partial registration
All registrations will be processed on line this year.     fees or refunds for activities not attended.

                                                           Cancellations should be sent to:
Please visit the registration website on line at
www.cbhc.org.                                              Attention: Carol Wilke
                                                           CBHC Conference
                                                           9249 S. Broadway Blvd., #200-446
Go to www.cbhc.org and click on the                        Highlands Ranch, CO 80129
“Conference” link. Group registrations for
entire centers are accepted on line and are
                                                           Continuing Education
encouraged. E-mail registration confirmations
will be provided to all attendees.                         The National Association of Social Workers (NASW), Colorado
                                                           Chapter and the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC),
                                                           as well as the NAADAC have approved the Colorado Behavioral
Payment can be made with either credit card or             Healthcare Council to offer continuing education credits. For
check! If you have any registration questions              individuals attending the 2009 conference, CBHC will provide
please e-mail TracyGMP@aol.com or call Tracy at            certificates of completion that include the contact hours for all
                                                           conference attendees who request a certificate.
CBHC Registration at 303-525-2811.

Registration Fees                                          Special Needs

                                                           If you have physical or communication needs that may affect
Saturday through Sunday $350.00                            your active participation in the conference, please contact
(Board/Upper Management/Business Practices)                Carol Wilke, CBHC Meeting Planner at clwilke@aol.com or
                                                           720-344-2300, prior to your arrival. If you require special hotel
Registration fee includes admittance to Sessions, Friday
                                                           accommodations, please advise Beaver Run when you make your
Dinner, Two Continental Breakfasts, Refreshment Breaks,    room reservation.
Saturday Luncheon, Saturday Awards Banquet, and the
Keynote Speaker and Luncheon on Sunday.

Sunday through Tuesday $300.00
Registration fee includes admittance to Sessions, Two
Continental Breakfasts, Sunday Keynote Speaker and                Handouts/Syllabus Book
Luncheon, Monday Luncheon, Monday Reception and
Refreshment Breaks.
                                                                  Going ‘Green’ this year!
Full conference $500.00
(Saturday - Tuesday)
Registration fee includes admittance to Sessions, Friday
Dinner, Four Continental Breakfasts, Saturday Luncheon,
Saturday Awards Banquet, Sunday Keynote Speaker and
Luncheon, Monday Luncheon, Monday Reception and                 Handouts for this years conference
Refreshment Breaks.
                                                               will be available at CBHC registration
One Day Only $200.00                                                       on a USB drive
(Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue)                                                   for your convenience.
Registration fee includes Continental Breakfast,
Refreshment Breaks and Lunch (does not include evening       CBHC will not be providing a hard copy of
                                                                   the “Syllabus Book” this year.
                                                              Should you want to have handout copies
                                                             before the conference you can download
                                                                   them from the CBHC web site
                                                                ‘Conference’ link at www.cbhc.org
23| CBHC Annual Conference                                          after September 15, 2009.
                 Social Activities CBHC Program Schedule
                                                      Hotel Reservations

                                                                   Hotel Reservations
         Planned Social Activities
                                                                   Call Beaver Run Resort at 800-525-2253 and identify
                                                                   yourself with the CBHC Conference to receive the group rate(s)
                                                                   or visit www.cbhc.org to make your hotel reservations online.
                                                                   Beaver Run Resort & Conference Center, Colorado
                                                                   620 Village Road
                                                                   Breckenridge, Colorado 80424
Networking Dinner and Dancing
Friday, October 2, 2009     6:00pm-9:00pm (no charge)                           Conference Room Rates
Welcome event for all of our Saturday/Sunday and Full
                                                                     Hotel Room    $103.00
Conference Registrants, especially our Board members! Enjoy a
dinner buffet while visiting with old friends and making new
                                                                     features two beds, full bath, small sitting area
acquaintances. This special evening promises to be a great start
to the CBHC Annual Training Conference!                              Deluxe Studio    $113.00
                                                                     features queen bed, sleeper sofa, mini kitchen, spa
No additional fee for Saturday/Sunday or Full Conference             tub
                                                                     Colorado Suite $123.00
Sponsored by Access Behavioral Care, Behavioral Healthcare,          features queen bed, sleeper sofa, mini-kitchen, spa
Inc., Colorado Healthcare Partnerships, LLC, (dba Colorado
                                                                     tub, fireplace, private balcony
Health Networks, LLC), Foothills Behavioral Health Partners,
LLC, Northeast Behavioral Health Partners, LLC.
                                                                     One Bedroom Suite $123.00
                                                                     features queen bed, sleeper sofa, full kitchen,
                                                                     fireplace, private balcony
CBHC Awards Banquet
                                                                     Premium One Bedroom Suite $143.00
Saturday, October 3, 2009       6:30pm-10:00pm $65.00
                                                                     features queen bed, sleeper sofa, full kitchen, spa
Join colleges for this special dinner and opportunity to             tub, fireplace, private balcony
recognize the Board Member of the Year and the Golden Abacus
and Golden Light Bulb Awards Winners.                                Two Bedroom Suite $176.00
                                                                     features three queen beds, sleeper sofa, full
No additional fee for Saturday/Sunday or Full Conference             kitchen, fireplace, private balcony
Registrants; tickets required for all other guests.
                                                                      Visit www.beaverrun.com for detailed information.
Keynote Session & Luncheon                                         Note: These rates do not include taxes, currently 14% (which
                                                                   include a 3% resort fee). If tax exempt, just the 3% resort fee
Sunday, October 4, 2009       12:00nn-1:45pm $30.00
                                                                   applies. Rates are for single to quad occupancy and are per
                                                                   room per night.
For Board, Upper Management and Clinicians. Craig Zablocki
Lighten Up and Laugh - For the Health of it.
                                                                   A deposit of one night’s room, in the form of a credit card or
                                                                   check will be required within ten days of making the
No additional fee for Saturday/Sunday or Sunday through
                                                                   reservation. Neither CBHC or Beaver Run will be coordinating
Tuesday or Full Conference Registrants; tickets required for
                                                                   roommate situations. Coordination of roommates and payment
all other guests.
                                                                   for rooms are the responsibility of the individual making the
                                                                   reservation. The standard Beaver Run cancellation policy will
                                                                   apply. Please inquire when making your reservation.
Clinician Networking Reception                                     All reservations must be received by September 8, 2009 to
                                                                   receive the CBHC group rates. Reservations received after
Monday, October 5, 2009       5:30pm-7:00pm $20.00
                                                                   September 8, 2009 will be accepted at the group rate on a
                                                                   space available basis only. If your center has special hotel
The Base Nine Lounge at Beaver Run will be the site for this fun
                                                                   billing requirements, please e-mail Tracy at TracyGMP@aol.com
event to include music, an appetizer buffet, and lots of
                                                                   or call 303-525-2811 for assistance in coordinating your group
socializing and lively discussions!
                                                                   hotel reservations.
No additional fee for Sunday through Tuesday or Full
                                                                   Tax Exemption: To receive tax exemption for lodging, a tax
Conference Registrants; tickets required for all other guests.
                                                                   exempt certificate and agency check or credit card must be
                                                                   presented to the hotel upon arrival. Individuals will not receive
                                                                   tax exemptions if they pay with personal checks, personal credit
                                                                   cards or cash.

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   Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council

                              2010 & 2011
             Future Conference Dates:
           October 2-5, 2010 Beaver Run Resort, Breckenridge, CO
           October 1-4, 2011 Beaver Run Resort, Breckenridge, CO

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