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how to make your boobs smaller?

i'm 14 years old and my boobs are a 30F and people say i wish i had your boobs but i do a lot of sport and it slows me down and i'v tried sports bras and stuff like
that but they don't work and its annoying thanks x

Asked by Tara Teymoori at Aug 16,2011 04:24

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30 F boobs? At 14? I find that hard to believe, but then again, I had a friend who had boobs that big at your age. You can try dieting, and eating more fruits and
veggies and fish and less meat. Also, eating less packaged foods, fast food, and junk food. The best and fastest way though is to get breast reduction.

Answer from Jenna Fedora at Aug 16,2011 04:27

Run. That's guarenteed to make your boobs smaller. Trust me

Answer from CoverGirl at Aug 16,2011 04:35

Depending in which country you live, an F is either a 5 or 6 inches difference between the band size (under the breast) and the bust/chest/breast size. If you’re a
30, then you haven’t developed your lungs yet and your boobs have no support from your rib cage.

You don’t “make your boobs smaller”. You grow up and develop your rib cage to catch up with your boobs.

14 is an awkward age when some parts of your body develop earlier than other parts.

In the next 7 years, when you’ll gain a few inches of band size (the measurement under the breast), you’ll go down to a D (3 inches difference) or a C (2 inches
difference) or even maybe a B if your boobs are done growing. In the meantime, find the right sports bra (you cannot order it online, you have to try them out, for
hours, some more painfully than others!).

I took me all afternoon, several stores and countless trying of countless sport bras (that was more exhausting than exercising) to find the one that was easy to put
on and take off, flatten my boobs like pancake and was comfortable enough so I could still breathe. It’s an Under Armour brand, made in Israel. Each time I’m
surprised to find good quality exercise clothes and products.they’re made in countries like Finland or Israel.when it’s cheap crap, it’s made in China.

When you find the right sport bra, you wash it by hand, gently (like using Woolite), in cold water and let it air dry. You can buy several but at your age, I would only
buy one or two as you’ll change size and need a bigger band size (the Armour brand has 3 half an inch adjustments but they’re usually used to fit in the biggest
clip when you buy it, then you have to go down half an inch clip as the fabric Lycra starts to wear with use, so it’s still tight.but if you get a bigger rib cage, then
you can stay in the same clip as your sport bra get looser. When the fabric gets too loose, even if it still fit, you need to buy a new bra for more support. There is a
common misconception that cup sizes are the same across all bra sizes, meaning that a D cup on a 34 is the same size as on a 36, but in fact they are relative to
the size of the band, so the same cup size is bigger on a bigger band size so the cup volume is the same for 30F, 32DD, 34D, 36C, 38B.Keep doing a lot of
sports that will develop your lungs and rib cage.

Answer from Betty B at Aug 16,2011 05:27

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