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How many calories you think I burned?

I did my bike exercise on resistance of 7-8 for 15 minutes pedaling forward and backward.

Asked by Baileyy York at Aug 12,2011 01:17

Best answer

it depends on your speed also but i say maybe 200 i burn 100 in about 6 minutes on resistance 4 sooo

Answer from Em at Aug 12,2011 01:19

maybe 120 calories

Answer from Melsy at Aug 12,2011 01:19

You can use an online calculator to figure this out since we don't have enough info. Assuming you weigh 150 pounds, a resistance of 7 is a 'moderate' effort then
I used the calculator below and got 135 calories.

Answer from c c at Aug 12,2011 01:20

No idea,what speed?what sort of bike?etc.Of course you do know that you burn calories while you sleep as well and that the more a person weighs then the more
calories they burn in a day anyway.

Answer from Howard Edwards at Aug 12,2011 01:28

A few months ago I got into an argument with someone who's far smarter than I am. I should have known better, but you know how these things go. Needless to
say, I lost the argument. Still, I learned something important in the process. David Swain is a bicyclist who likes to ride across the country every couple of years.
Since I spend most of my time on my feet, I figured I could teach him something about walking and running. Perhaps I should have paid more attention to Swain's
Ph.D. in exercise physiology, his position as director of the Wellness Institute and Research Center at Old Dominion University, and his work on the "Metabolic
Calculations" appendix to the American College of Sports Medicine's Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription. Both Swain and I are interested in the
fitness-health connection, which makes walking and running great subjects for discussion. To put it simply, they are far and away the leading forms of human
movement. Every able-bodied human learns how to walk and run without any particular instruction. The same cannot be said of activities such as swimming,
bicycling, skateboarding, and hitting a 3-iron. This is why walking and running are the best ways to get in shape, burn extra calories, and improve your health. Our
argument began when I told Swain that both walking and running burn the same number of calories per mile. I was absolutely certain of this fact for two
unassailable reasons: (1) I had read it a billion times; and (2) I had repeated it a billion times. Most runners have heard that running burns about 100 calories a
mile. And since walking a mile requires you to move the same body weight over the same distance, walking should also burn about 100 calories a mile. Sir Isaac
Newton said so. Swain was unimpressed by my junior-high physics. "When you perform a continuous exercise, you burn five calories for every liter of oxygen you
consume," he said. "And running in general consumes a lot more oxygen than walking."

Answer from shy at Aug 15,2011 13:54

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