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How can I avoid chocolate and crisps?

They are so addictive but they make me fat.

Asked by Julian at Aug 16,2011 04:29

Best answer

well you eat chocolate because you have a sweet tooth, so you can eat a giant apple or plenty of berries to satisfy your sweet tooth, or maybe a lit of peanut
butter. if you still crave chocolate, you should eat a little bit of dark chocolate and if you STILL crave it, you should try chewing some gum or eating a mint, or
brushing your teeth because afterwards you might not want it. same with the crisps. you should try not to buy any chocolate or crisps so it's not around the house
to tempt you. remember-- everything in moderation. you can still eat them, just in small amounts good luck!

Answer from Dreana Brime at Aug 16,2011 04:40

This helped me; whenever your about to eat either, look at it and think "You're making me fat and if I eat you I'm only gonna gain more weight, your no help to me
at all, I kind find so many more options, plus you give me spots!" (I sound crazy) And that should do it =) Don't know if this'll help, but make sure you fight the
temptation! Good luck =)

Answer from Maria Flores at Aug 16,2011 04:42

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