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Does the muscle program "P90X" work?

I want to get buff. If you have experience using it, tell me please. I appreciate it, thanks

Asked by Leonardo Da Roushy at Aug 15,2011 19:39

I myself have not used it but my sister and my friend both currently use it and they say it hurts and is a tough workout and they stay pretty fit. So judging by the
fact that they stay fit and are getting bigger muscle mass, I would say that yes, it does work.

Answer from Big Cat at Aug 15,2011 19:43

What i do is I got one of those pull up bars that you can place in your doorway. THEIR AMAZING! they work out the entire core and my shoulders are now way
bigger, easier too

Answer from jerrod lay at Aug 15,2011 19:45

Best answer

I've heard that it does, along with the "insanity beach body work out" (I tried Insanity, pussed out :) they both will, but you have to stick to the program to get the
results, and you have to push your self past your limits. either way, it's going to beat the heck out of you and you'll be sore and tired, but if you really want the
results, it will be well worth it. you can go on you tube and watch people as they do the work outs and you can see the results. hope this helps, good luck!

Answer from Heyzues at Aug 15,2011 19:47

yeah it works but you need motivation to do it everyday for 90 days (3 months) there is also insanity where it only takes about 60 days (2 months) But the most
important thing is motivation and pushing yourself to your limit, if you cant do that then you will not see results, or you will see your results unsatisfying. if you
want motivation you can ask your self who your doing this for or try to impress every chick in school or work, just find excuses so you can motivate your self in to
doing it every day and giving every day your limit and you will see your results satisfying(a great and excellent feeling maybe even pleasurable.)

Answer from peter p at Aug 15,2011 19:48

P90X is not a "muscle program" it's and extreme fitness starter! Extreme fitness differs from muscle in that you are looking to get fit, fast, and flexible, as opposed
to just just big. A large number of amateur body builders may carry a great deal of muscle, but they are not fit, not fast, and they can be quite unhealthy - to the
extent that bodybuilding can dramatically REDUCE life expectancy! P90X and similar programs give you not just the workouts, but the motivation and mind set
you'll need too. It's this motivation and mind-set that sets them apart from other fitness programs for men (women targeted workouts have seemed to manage this
far better for years). Have I completed P90X; Yes, I also have P90X+, and I'm waiting for the soon to be released P90X2. It's something that I now dip into along
with a great many other things, just to keep the variety up! BIggest issues with P90X: In the original P90X Tony Horton uses too much eye-liner(!), and the meal
plan if you get the whole kit it totally unrealistic. Honestly those are the only criticisms I can come up with. Sorry If I sound like used car salesman there, but in the
P90X videos Tony is far worse!

Answer from Crim Liar at Aug 15,2011 20:08

look p90x is great for lossing fat and staying tin but if you wanna gain muscle i suggest you going to the gym :) or just train at home :) you can also check out
scooby dude on youtube he has great videos :)

Answer from Dusan Stanojevic at Aug 18,2011 07:47

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