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T-Mobile Credit & Fees Department or Cancellation Department
Fax Number – (813) 348-5763

T-Mobile Customer Relations
P.O. Box 37380, Albuquerque, NM 87176

T-Mobile USA, Inc. Corporate Headquarters
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Jonathan Spring
T-Mobile Account Number: XXXXXXXX
Mobile Numbers, Formally Serviced By T-Mobile: Number1, Number2

Dispute of early termination charges and fees on the above lines and account number, report of
inadequate customer service to resolve continued service issues

Over the last two and a half months, I have been working with T-Mobile technical and billing support
to fix an ongoing issue with the line ending in XXXX. After hours of time spent on the phone and
numerous attempts to resolve non-registration of phone calls on that line, I had to finally end my
service with T-Mobile in order to use another carrier which could accept incoming calls. Due to the
lack of services provided on this line and amount of time spent (along with money lost due to lack of
service) I am disputing the early termination charges and asking for all associated fees to be waived.

After using T-Mobile over the last six and a half years, I had up to this point been very happy with the
cell phone services provided. At the end of January, I took advantage of a three day only deal for free
upgrade of phones to the new G2 on both of my lines.

The phones arrived around last week of January, the XXXX line started having issues after the first day
or day and a half of use. The main issue is the phone not registering incoming calls, the caller will hear
three rings and go straight to voicemail. The call never shows up on the handset, nor gives any
indication that call has been missed. Other issues include delays in hours of receipt of text messages
and the same for voicemail indication after the said call is missed and very fast usage of battery (less
than 12 hours). No energy hungry apps were installed to cause the fast usage of battery, meaning the
phone was not registering properly with cell phone towers in the area. The XXXX line does not have
any of the issues described, and works as advertised.

I started by calling technical support, again the last week of January and we tried swapping out SIM
cards and also tried a reset on the line – which I was told would take up to two hours. This did not
solve the issue, so technical support authorized a replacement G2 handset. However they would not
send the phone to my physical address (I have a different address on file as my billing address) so the
phone delayed was delayed in the mail over 10 days.

The replacement phone arrived, but again had the same symptoms so I called technical support on
2/11/11 and spoke with Nathan who and an engineering ticket was opened to verify there wasn't an
issue with the tower in my area. I was told I would get a call back when the ticket was resolved. I did
not get a call back and had to call technical support a few days later (2/17) in order to get the status of
the ticket and was told no issue was found with the tower. Rosario with technical support then
authorized a handset replacement for yet another new G2.

The new phone arrived and started having the same problems after a day of use. The phone will not
register incoming calls and text/voicemails are delayed. With this second phone, I tried taking into the
local T-Mobile store for further troubleshooting. A SIM card was changed, but did not ultimately fix
the issue. Please note that I took it upon myself to drive back and forth from my home to the T-Mobile
store (about 20 miles away) in order to troubleshoot the issue.

After not fixing the issue with the local store (I was told from the store reps that they are not allowed to
work on phones that they don't sell from within the store, so I would need to complete the
troubleshooting process on the phone) I spoke with Justin on 2/27/11 and he opened a trouble ticket
with engineering to fix this specific handset instead of the towers or network. Justin told me he was
confident to hear back from engineering the next day, or by evening of the 28th at the latest. After not
hearing back from Justin on the night of the 28th I called and spoke with Kyle who took some notes and
said engineering was still working on the issue. I gave it a couple of days and after not hearing back I
called and spoke to Charles (on 3/2/11) who told me Justin didn't properly submit the trouble ticket to
engineering and the whole ticket process would have to be started over.

By this point I was ready to part ways with T-Mobile, so I asked Charles to be transfer to the contract
specialists. Charles's demeanor and tone of voice changed, but he told me he would transfer me – I was
transferred to the Spanish speaking line and had to call back in order to get an English speaking
customer service rep. I was then speaking with Wendy, who offered me a free month of service for my
problems – I politely asked to speak with a supervisor as a non-working phone with a free month of
service doesn't do me any good.

I was escalated to Seth (who later told me he was acting manager of customer loyalty in the Redmond
Oregon call center). Seth was very polite on the phone and listened to me try to explain the entire
ordeal. I asked Seth if I could have my early termination charges waived since I wasn't getting voice
services working on the XXXX line. I went on to tell Seth that my wife is dependent on her phone
working as she is frequently on call with her job and can earn $1,000/night if called in. On two
separate occasions due to these voice issues she didn't get notified of the shifts being available – so at
least $2,000 is lost due to the phone not working properly. I also told Seth that the amount of times I've
called and time I've spent on the phone also should add into the equation. Seth told me that he
understood my frustration and he gave me the fax number for the credit and fees department so I can
dispute the early termination charges. Seth told me that normally he does not give out the fax number
and correspondence needs to be made through the mail, but due to my issues he could speed up the
process by giving me the fax number. Seth also told me I should have an actionable case due to the
amount of time we attempted to give T-Mobile to fix the issue. The last thing Seth told me we could
try to do to fix the issue would be to delete the XXXX line and recreate it in the system. After
conferring with my wife (XXXX is her line) we decided to give T-Mobile one last chance.
Seth transferred me to Karry with activations who removed and re-enabled a line for my wife (with a
temporary number), in the course of this process he had me again change the SIM card out of her phone
and replace it with the SIM card that came in the box with this newest handset. He then transferred me
back to customer service to put a ticket in to have my wife's number re-enabled. I spoke with Holly
with customer service who told me the process should take up to 24 hours and submitted the request.

During this time, the XXXX line (now with a temporary number) was working properly and was
registering all calls. However, after not hearing back within 24 hours I called again (03/03/11) and
spoke with Patrick who told me the process may take up to 48 hours. Since the phone (with temp
number) was working I asked to take Wendy up on the month of credit due to the issues – Patrick
placed me on hold and I had to go through the over the phone contract agreement process again.

On 03/04/11, the XXXX line had still not been ported back so I called and spoke with Stephen who
checked the request. Stephen told me that the request was not submitted properly (the request asked
that the temp number be ported over itself instead of over the XXXX line). Stephen also said that the
department that recommissions number should have caught this instead of just delaying the request – so
he resubmitted the request. Stephen told me that the process should only take 24 hours since the
recommissioning department was no longer 'backed up'.

I called on 3/05/11 since 24 hours lapsed and the number had not been ported yet. I spoke with Josh
who told me the recommissioning department does not work on the weekends and the number should
be ported the following business day.

Finally, on 3/07/11 the number was successfully ported. The phone was also accepting all calls and
text messages without delay.

On 3/12/11 the phone was reporting that it no longer had a data plan setup, so I called and spoke with
Roxanna who told me the phone was setup with a 30 day trial data plan and she would change it back
to the proper data plan for the G2 phones.

On 3/13/11 the phone is again not registering incoming calls and delaying text messages. I called and
spoke with Kim who bound the phone number to the SIM card, this appeared to fix the issue.
However, after 10 minutes the phone again didn't show calls.

I called back and spoke with Latisha who opened a service ticket (not a trouble ticket) because she was
able to get the phone to accept calls and texts when forcing the phone on the 2G network. However,
five minutes after hanging up with her the phone again stopped getting calls and texts.

I called back and spoke with Meleah who told me she would follow up on the service ticket and would
call me back on 3/15/11 to re-open the trouble ticket with new notes that was opened by Justin on
2/27/11. I made it very clear with Meleah, Latisha and Kim that my wife and I are going on vacation
from 3/18-3/28 and would be out of the country (with phones off) – so we would not be able to advise
if the issues had been fixed until we got back and lack of calls on our part did NOT mean that service
had been restored.

I returned home on 03/29/11 and have have not had a call back from Meleah regarding my technical
support ticket. I am also unable to login to my T-Mobile account online as it says I have been locked
out. I have tested the second line to no avail as it is still not receiving calls.
Due to the lack of any response by the technical support team and the issue still not being resolved, I
started the process to port both of our numbers to another phone carrier on 03/31/2011.

On 04/29/11 I received my final bill with the total charge of $XXX. This includes a $400 early
contract termination charge, but due to other credits that I was already owed the total bill was reduced.
Because I am setup on the EasyPay system, this amount due will automatically be charged to my credit
card on file.

To date, I've spent hours on the phone with contract and technical support. Each and every time I was
told I would receive a follow up call from either a contract support specialist or a technical support
representative, none came. Probably the most disappointing and frustrating thing that has happened all
throughout this process has been the lack of follow up on T-Mobile's part, the ability to work with the
same person on a problem as it is being troubleshooted is very important in the customer service
business. It would not have been such an issue with me if I would have at least been called back on
just one occasion instead of having to call and speak with a different person each time. I have verified
that the computer system used by support has a record of each time I've called and who I spoke with
each time for your own internal investigative purposes. I have given T-Mobile every opportunity to fix
this issue and although one phone line is working – as a family (on the family plan) we are dependent
on both phone lines working. We do not own land lines, so these cell phones are our only avenue of
telephonic contact. I find it completely unacceptable to put the burden of continual follow up on the
customer who has taken the time to go through all of the phone trees to report a problem. It is
aggravating having to repeat the symptoms of an issue over and over to multiple layers of the customer
support tree in order to speak with someone who actually has the ability to work on an issue. For a
company that advertises in every conceivable place that they are the “#1 rated company in customer
service/care/performance by JD Power & Associates”, I am left with a distinctive differing opinion.

After the amount of time invested, money lost, and inconsistent support received I'm asking that all
final charges ($XXX) be credited. This amount has already been deduced from my credit card, so I'm
asking for either a refund to my credit card or a check for $XXX be sent to the mailing address I have
provided below. I stated on many occasions with support, and still will honor sending back both G2
phones to T-Mobile as service issues have not been resolved if this will assist in the reimbursement of
the $XXX. It was a last resort on my part to get working phone lines which forced me to change
carriers and I do not think I should be penalized for finding a carrier that will provide services as
advertised. I have been very happy with T-Mobile service in the past and want to make this break of
consumer services as amicable as possible. I believe I am in my full right and merit requesting that any
and all early termination fees be waived due to the reasons outlined in detail above.

I can be reached for follow up at via the following methods:

Jonathan Spring
phone numbers

Please be aware this letter has been faxed and mailed to the fax number and addresses provided above.
I expect to have a response no later than fourteen (14) business days from the date listed at the top of
this letter. Traceable verification of mail and fax transmissions are being kept as a permanent record of
the date in which this letter was sent. If no response is received by the end of the fourteenth (14)
business day or no amicable resolution can be reached, I will be submitting this issue to the following
consumer protection agencies:

Better Business Bureau
Federal Communications Commission, Complaint Division
Oregon Department of Justice, Consumer Complaint Division

I again hope we can come to an understanding after all of the time, money and effort I have spent
assisting T-Mobile staff in attempting to solve the problems associated with my account.


Jonathan Spring

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