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					Capital Grant Workshop

     Hilton Hotel, Leeds
         6 July 2007

   10.30 Welcome and introduction

   10.40 Outcome Measures
    Matt Crossman (Flood Management Division, Defra)

   11.00 Medium Term Plan process
    Paul Deane (National Capital Programme Manager, Environment Agency)

   11.40 Completion of the Medium Term Plan form (FRM1)
    David Wilson (Environment Agency, LA/IDB Liaison Unit)

   12.00 Question and answer session

   13.00 Lunch
Agenda (continued)

   13.30 Financial Processes
    Bob Taylor (FRM Chief Accountant, Environment Agency)

   14.00 Environment Agency relationship / support for Operating
    Jim Hutchison (Project Manager, Environment Agency)

   14.30 Question and answer session

   Close by 15.00
Capital Programmes for Flood
    and Coastal Erosion

           P Deane

      Environment Agency
National Capital Programme Group

 To create 2 nationally prioritised programmes
 for Flood Defence Grant in Aid (FDGiA )

National Summary - Flood                   2007/     2008/     2009/         2010/        2011/
                                            08        09        10            11           12

Plan/Strategy/Project Name                                                                             Total
 All figures in £k
Upper Avon Pumping Station                              250         300       1500 2000
Washbury Weir                                   70      150         870            1090
Puddle Town Flood Alleviation Scheme                                  150 2000
                                                                    100            4500
Seamerton sea wall refurbishment 4600                  1800                        9500
Washlands strategy                 25                    502007/ 50                 125
                                                                 2008/ 2009/ 2010/ 2011/
                   National Summary -
                     Coastal Erosion                          08        09           10           11      12

                     Plan/Strategy/Project Name                                                                Total
                      All figures in £k
                     High Cliff to Seaword cliff protection               250         755 1500                  2505
                     Sandbanks to West End                         70     150        1550 1025                  2795
                     Singing Hill to Hurst Point scheme                               100 250 1000              1350
Operating Authority Information Request

   Key points:
   Medium Term Plan request is similar to last year with
    the significant addition of Outcome Measures
   Scheme funding profiles should be based on
    „deliverable need‟
   Aim for completeness
   Cases for urgency
   Returns by 31 August 2007
   Role of EA Area Flood Risk Managers
Outcome Measures for MTP
           OUTCOME MEASURES - Delivery Profile of Benefits

     2007/08    2008/09     2009/10         2010/11   Total

                                  100%                        100%

                      10%             10%                     20%

     Relevant OMs:
     • Risk
     • Probability
     • Deprived Communities
National Funding Scenarios
 How the national Flood & Coastal Erosion
 programmes are constructed

 IDB Flood
     LA Flood
                                               National Prioritised List
            EA Flood                             of Flood Defence

Erosion                  IDB Flood
                               LA Flood

                                    EA Flood
                                                                           National Prioritised
                                                                             List of Coastal
 Region X              Coastal
                                                                           Erosion Schemes

                         Region Y
Timescale of Allocation Decisions

   Return date for MTPs: 31 Aug 2007
   Compilation of national Flood & CE Programmes by
    30 Sept 07
   Preparation of prioritised 5 year programmes
   Moderation
   Preparation of Low & high funding scenarios for EA
    Directors meetings in October & November
   Defra FDGiA allocation decision – December
   Communication of allocation decisions to Operating
    Authorities– January 2008
Thank   you

Any   Questions?
Medium Term Plan
David Wilson
Environment Agency LAIDB Liaison Unit
New Form

    Changes to five and twenty year planning
    Includes Outcome Measures
    Includes Moderation column
Project Details

                                                                             Moderation Evidence Y/N

                                                                                                       Delivery Risk (H/M/L)
                                                           Approval Status
                         Coastal               Contrib-
               LDW/     Erosion               utions or
    LDW/                           Funding
             CPW/ IDB    (CE) or             Third Party
  CPW/ IDB                          Code
              Number    Flooding              Funding?
                          (FL)?                  Y/N

    IDB                   CE        SMP         YES         A                NO
Funding Codes
Expenditure Details

Previous                                                               2013/14 -     2018/19 -
           2007/08   2008/09   2009/10   2010/11   2011/12   2012/13
 Years                                                                  2017/18       2027/28

Spend to                                                                             Year 11 -
            Year 0    Year 1    Year 2    Year 3    Year 4    Year 5   Year 6 - 10             Total Cost
   Date                                                                                 20
           (£000s)   (£000s)   (£000s)   (£000s)   (£000s)   (£000s)    (£000s)                 (£000s)
 (£000s)                                                                              (£000s)
Priority Score Details
Planned Dates
Descriptive Details
of all projects

                                                  DESCRIPTIVE DETAILS (All Projects)

Scheme         National    If Part of a Defra   Problem to be   Environmental     Brief Description of    Post Codes
Location       Grid Ref.   or EA Agreed         Addressed       Considerations    Proposed Scheme
(Town, River               Strategy, please                                       including Significant   (If more than
etc)                       give Reference                                         Factors Influencing     one,
                           and Name             (Maximum         (Maximum         Costs and how           separate by
                                                length = 400     length = 400     Benefits have been      commas)
                                                characters,      characters,      Derived
                                                approx. 7 lines) approx. 7 lines) (Maximum length = 400
                                                                                  characters, approx. 7
Exempt Schemes
Outcome Measures
Delivery Profile of Benefits
Outcome Measures
Cost / Benefit
Outcome Measures
Flood Risk
Outcome Measures
Coastal Erosion
Outcome Measures
Wards, SOAs, SSSIs, BAP
Question and Answer session
Capital Grants
Bob Taylor
Flood Risk Management Chief Accountant
Grant Memoranda
   Former MAFF memoranda updated
   Most provisions in the memoranda unchanged
   95% rule removed for current schemes (CP April 08)
   Consultation with Defra/Coastal Groups/LGA
   MTP Dispatch &       Flood Risk Mgt. Finance
   MTP Collation        Area Flood Risk Manager
   Sanctioned List      Area Flood Risk Manager
   Approvals            Area Flood Risk Manager
   Interim Claims       Flood Risk Mgt. Finance
   Variations           Area Flood Risk Manager
   Final Accounts       Flood Risk Mgt. Finance
MTP Processes
   MTP submissions - basis of need
   Sanctioned MTP list - Minister endorsed schemes
   Only schemes on the sanctioned list can be
   Sanctioned list has grant earmarked subject to the
    project being approved.
Grant Claims
   First claim on commencement of the scheme/study.
   Once commenced can claim preliminaries
   Not all expenditure is grant eligible
   95% rule removed - ensure compliance with
   Aim to process interim claims within 30 days of
   New FRM3 forms - better clarity
   Eligible Expenditure to date plus 3 months (in year)
   Forecast Controls - Monthly/Quarterly
   Drawdown of funds for payments - accurate profiling
   Variations to Area Flood Risk Manager - Funding
   Final accounts submission - Two stage
   Compensation.
   Audit Commission Audits
   Year end Adjustments
   Loans
           Capital Grant Workshop

            Friday 29 June 2007

Approval Process Coast Protection Act, 1949

               Jim Hutchison
              Project Manager
             Approval Processes

   Recap on arrangements for dealing with Land
    Drainage Act approvals and Grant Aid
   Explain role of the LA/EA/Defra Delivery Group
   Update on the transfer of Coast Protection approvals
    from Defra to EA, including transitional
    arrangements and operation from April 2008

   Update on EA Strategic Overview
                 Key documents
   Key documents already in your possession:

     IDB/Local Authority Guidance Note 1 [GN1]
     Dave Rooke‟s letter of 23 April 2007
     Information Sheets [Nr 1 dated June 2007]
     Still to come: MTP letter with Guidance
                   :a further Guidance Note to cover
      Coast Protection issues [similar to GN1]
                   : Revised Grant Memorandum
      [including new suite of Forms]
           Land Drainage Approvals
   LA / IDB  Problem identification with Area Flood Risk
   Area Flood Risk Managers  use NCPMS/NEAS as
   LA/IDB  present to PAB/NRG [supported by AFRM]
   PAB/NRG positive recommendation to EA Finance  If
    Project on MTP then FM Finance will make offer of Grant Aid
    to LA/IDB [single letter sent from AFRM]
   LA/IDB assist EA Finance in monitoring
    progress/costs/completion, etc.
Key Work strands for the Delivery Group
Delivery Group is made up of LA/EA/Defra officers and
  are charged with some key work areas:
 07/08 Programme Approval
 Processing of Approvals/VOs/FSAs
 Procedures, e.g. Grant Memoranda & other advice
 Future Mentoring/Training
 Processes for forward plans/approvals, i.e. from April
  2008 & onwards
       Transitional arrangements
Team of Defra secondees working with Agency to:
 Process 07/08 approvals under the CPA
 Updating Grant Memorandum for CPA
 Assist with this year‟s MTP exercise
 Setting up the necessary processes for EA to
  approve Projects under the CPA
 Training/mentoring for dealing with CPA
 Passing over any residual knowledge of
  strategies/approvals to EA Area Flood Risk
  Managers/NCPMS/NEAS, etc.
        Projects from 2008 onwards
   Transitional arrangements finish 1 October 2007, when all
    discussions between LA/IDB with Defra on project/scheme
    work ceases
   LA/IDB to work with AFRMs to ensure all future studies,
    projects are put onto MTP returns
   List all studies you may need to prepare strategies as
    separate entries if LA/IDB not able to carry costs
   Liaise with AFRMs on getting a good programme agreed
    using SMP2 where you have them, or SMP1 or strategies
    where not.
   Identify if Project on MTP is Coast Protection Act [i.e.
    erosion] or sea flooding, i.e. Land Drainage Act
   If strategy more than £50m/£100m wlc, LA/IDB to work with
    EA to forward to Defra/Treasury for consideration, noting
    ongoing discussions on levels of delegation.
    Funding of Coast Protection Projects
   Maritime Council  Area Flood Risk Manager
   Area Flood Risk Manager  NCPMS/NEAS
   Area Flood Risk Manager/LA  NRG/PAB
    [Note: NRG to invite Council as an observer before
    submitting project to get a feel for how it operates]
   NRG/PAB makes recommendation for grant aid
   EA Finance – offer of grant under the Coast
    Protection Act [process covered by Phil Winrow]
         Future Training/Mentoring

   Today is primarily about MTP/OMs
   There is a need for mentoring on CPA, 1949
   Considerable expertise exists in LAs/IDBs and EA
    would like to know how to make best use of this
   Plans for future seminars/workshops later in year –
    what would you like included, and how would you
    like this presented?
   Please let the DG reps know ASAP.
Making Space for Water
    Puts people and the environment at the centre of
     flood risk management as together we face the
     challenge of climate change.

     Foresight Future Flooding “business as usual” is
     not an option
     Integrated portfolio of approaches - reflect national
     and local priorities
     Understanding and managing risk, applying
     resources in a strategic way
Strategic overview on the coast
   Strategic overview will:
     increase accountability and clarity for the public
     ensure investment is well planned, prioritised,
       delivered and maintained
     encourage collaboration with partners to seek multiple
       benefits and gain maximum outputs for every pound
       that we invest.
EA Strategic Overview on the coast
   Take the lead in managing all sea flooding risk in
    England, fund and oversee coastal erosion works
    undertaken by local authorities
   Ensure that proper and sustainable long term
    Shoreline Management Plans are in place for the
    English coastline
   Work with local authorities to ensure that the
    resulting flood and coast erosion works are properly
    planned, prioritised, procured, delivered and
    maintained to get maximum value for money
EA Strategic Role on the Coast
   Ensure that proper and sustainable long-term
    Shoreline Management Plans are in place for the
    English Coastline
   Work with local authorities to ensure that the resulting
    flood and coast protection works are properly
    planned, prioritised, procured, delivered and
    maintained to get the maximum value for the tax
    payer‟s money
   Ensure that third party defences are sustainable and
    meet the necessary standards of the Water
    Framework Directive.
Thank you.
Thank You
      Question and answer session

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