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					Hendricks County EAA Chapter 1311
Monthly Newsletter — November, 2004
November’s meeting                                                    48% participation rate; last year the chapter had a 68% turnout.
                                                                      Although there were no announced candidates for president
   November’s meeting was held on Wednesday, November 3,
                                                                      when the ballot was printed and distributed, Bob Vondersaar vol-
2004, at Boone County Airport in Lebanon IN. At about 6:45 p.m.
                                                                      unteered to run as president. The following write-in candidates
brought the meeting to order, opening with the Pledge of
                                                                      for president received one vote each: Dale Gustafson, Mike
Allegiance. Michael Mossman, chapter secretary, presided over
                                                                      Laurenzano, Glen Matejcek, Dirk Melchior, Gary Reynolds, Larry
the meeting.
                                                                      Rush, Kenny Shull and Paul Vogel; Larry Rush received six
   IN ATTENDANCE: Noted as in were Dennis Crawley, Gus
                                                                      write-in ballots. He has declined the nomination.
Gustafson, Dirk Melchior, Michael Mossman, Gary Reynolds and
                                                                         Although there were no announced candidates for vice presi-
Arvel Turner. If you were there but we didn’t record it, let us
                                                                      dent when the ballot was printed and distributed, Dennis Crawley
                                                                      and Gus Gustafson offered to run and serve and vice president.
   GUESTS: Recorded as in Roy Dawes, Senator David Ford,
                                                                      The write-in results are: Dave Clark, 1; Doug Roever, 1; Kenny
Dean Ford, Don Deckard, Wayne Deckard, Gene Hollingsworth,
                                                                      Shull, 4; Dennis Crawley, 3; Glen Matejcek, 1; Troy Grover, 2 and
Katie Mossman and Don Stark. We welcome all guests and
                                                                      Dale Gustafson, 2.
encourage them to attend a meeting, and especially to join the
                                                                         Michael Mossman received 17 votes for secretary; there were
                                                                      no write-in ballots.
   TREASURER’S REPORT: Vern Sullenger reported via email
                                                                         Vern Sullenger received 17 votes for treasurer; there were no
that the chapter has more than $2,000 in the bank and no debts
                                                                      write-in ballots.
                                                                         The results of the balloting for the Board of Directors are: Glen
   PROJECT UPDATES: Dirk Melchior and Arvel Turner reported
                                                                      Matejcek, 16; Dirk Melchior, 11; Doug Roever, 8; Larry Rush, 10;
the status of their current projects, which are an F-1 Rocket and
                                                                      Kenny Shull, 4.
Van’s RV-9A, respectively. Dennis Crawley spoke briefly about
                                                                         The Board of Directors will be meeting to draft a candidate for
his Grumman Tiger.
                                                                      president, and if that candidate accepts, the board will name the
   OLD BUSINESS: Mike Laurenzano called a Board of
Directors meeting that was held on Friday, October 8. The main
topic of discussion was the future continuity of the chapter. As      Building Tip
you probably read in his newsletter article, our chapter is in risk      Now that cold weather is approaching, many aircraft owners
of going inactive with the EAA if we are unable to elect a presi-     are becoming concerned about the advanced wear on their
dent and vice president.                                              engines as they try starting them. We all know that the most
   NEW BUSINESS: Since the chapter has very little on-going           wear an engine experiences is while it is cold and the oil isn’t
expenses the BOD voted to reduce next year’s dues to $10 per          flowing very well. How about a pre-heat? These machines can be
year per family.                                                      expensive, and not all airports allow owners to store or use their
   The December meeting and Chapter Christmas Party will be           own preheater; they require you to use their pre-heat services,
held at Vern and Lou Sullenger’s home in Plainfield on Saturday       which are often expensive and not as punctual as you would
evening, December 4, from 6 to 9 p.m. I have invitations for all of   expect for the price.
you, plus you will be getting them by email. The Sullengers                                                      Chuck Long ran across
request that you RSVP by Saturday, November 20th, so that they                                                 a great idea at the Jabiru
will know how much food to prepare.                                                                            website. It relates to cold
   Gus Gustafson will be bringing some EAA calendars back                                                      start preparation. They
from Oshkosh; they will be available for sale to the chapter mem-                                              showed some pictures of
bers.                                                                                                          a nifty little pre-heater for
   CHAPTER ELECTIONS: Chapter 1311 conducted its annual                                                        use in cold weather.
election of officers and board of directors at the meeting. Since                                              Basically you just place
the chapter was unable to elect a president the responsibility for                                             this thing under your
selecting the president will fall on the board of directors at an                                              cowl exit opening and
upcoming meeting. See story below for details.                                                                 pump warm air in for 15
   50/50: No 50/50 was conducted.                                                                              minutes before flight.
   PROGRAM: Michael Mossman showed his recently complet-              Chuck built one his Zenith 601HDS in three-to-four hours for
ed Zenair CH 601 HDS project. See story at end of newsletter.         about $40. The milkhouse heaters are available this time of year
                       ——————————                                     at most of the farm implement and larger hardware stores; same
Welcome New Members                                                   goes for the stove pipe hardware. Parts count is as follows:
   We have had many guests over the past few months and
                                                                      • Milkhouse Heater, 1500 Watt Electric
many people have expressed an interest in our organization.
                                                                      • Pie plate adapter with stovepipe hole in the middle
Look around and see if you have any friends, family members or
                                                                      • Round-to-oval stovepipe adapter
acquaintance that are interested in aviation. Take the time to
                                                                      • Adjustable elbow adapter which provides a range of angles
invite them as a guest to the next meeting. If you see somebody
                                                                      from 0 to 90 degrees
new, introduce yourself, welcome him or her, and invite them to
                                                                      • 12-inch straight piece of stove pipe cut to length.
sign up. Also current members, please consider volunteering for
the Membership Committee.
                                                               As can be seen in the picture, the pie plate rivets nicely to the
Chapter Elections Results                                   heater with only minor modifications. The elbow rivets directly to
                                                            the pie plate with eight rivets set at a 45 degree angle. The
  With a return of 17 ballots from our 35 members, we had a
                                                            straight piece of stove pipe connects the elbow to the oval
                                                                     EAA Chapter 1311 Newsletter • November 2004 • Page 1
adapter using 4 rivets each. Cut this to the appropriate length so       means and how it helps reduce the traditional time and cost bar-
everything fits nicely together. Note that the oval shaped adapter       riers associated with training and aircraft ownership. We have a
is cut to clear the nosewheel strut and the U-shaped doubler that        special brochure series that answers many of the questions
runs along the bottom of the fuselage. This gives a custom fit           members have on this topic. If you’d like to receive this informa-
appearance and ensures that all the heated air makes it into the         tion or have a question on Sport Pilot, please don’t hesitate to
cowling.                                                                 give us a call or visit the website at
   Chuck concludes “I’ll breath a little easier breaking in my new          Another new benefit of EAA membership this year is unlimited
Jab engine this winter with the use of a pre-heater. That straight       admission to the EAA AirVenture Museum in Oshkosh. That’s
50w mineral oil is thick as honey when cold. Happy building,             right, all members can visit the museum as often as they like at
everyone, and be sure and check out Jabiru’s website at:                 no additional charge.” Their pre-heater installation can be              The EAA membership umbrella includes the wonderful ability
found under: Technical Tips, Pre-heating.                                to join a local chapter and participate in all of its activities. Plus,
                                                                         EAA members also have the opportunity to join one or all of
RV Builders Have New Web Forum                                           EAA’s affiliate organizations: EAA Warbirds of America, EAA’s
From EAA e-Hotline                                                       Vintage Aircraft Association, and the International Aerobatic Club
    A new web forum/information exchange is available for Van’s          division of EAA. Plus, an affiliate of EAA is the National
RV builders at Created and operat-          Association of Flight Instructors. The EAA Homebuilt Aircraft
ed by EAA member and RV aircraft enthusiast John Spicer, the             Council reaffirms EAA’s commitment to its homebuilding roots.
message board includes discussion threads on the various RV              There’s something for everyone!
models, engines, avionics, and flying. The site aims to allow the           With the EAA Flight Planner, EAA members can easily plan a
RV community to congregate and exchange information in one               VFR flight, view a route on current maps (including Sectional,
friendly, centralized location. “Though our site is still very new, we   WACs and other) check NOTAMs and weather, file with DUATs
have already seen participation from RV builders from other con-         and many other functions. This $50 value is free for EAA mem-
tinents and with positive results,” Spicer writes. The site does not     bers, just check out the website at for more infor-
require any type of membership for participation, there are no           mation.
user fees, and there are no (nor shall there be in the future) any          For individual services, EAA provides a wealth of educational
advertisements or space for sale.”                                       and technical benefits. Access to pilot programs such as EAA
                                                                         Technical Counselors, Flight Advisors, Aeromedical Advisors, and
Your EAA Membership Benefits: What                                       Aviation Information Services representatives are ready to
They Are and How They’ve Changed                                         answer your aviation questions at 888/322-4636. EAA’s educa-
By Brenda Anderson                                                       tion opportunities include SportAir workshops held around the
EAA Chapter Administrator                                                country - the perfect place to learn about aircraft building and
    We’re often asked “what are the benefits of belonging to             restoration. Call 800/967-5746 for all the details.
EAA?” The answer can be a long one depending on what that                   Working with kids via the EAA Young Eagles program gives
individual’s interests are as EAA has a vast offering of benefits        the next generation of aviation enthusiasts the chance to take to
and services. And they are evolving and improving all the time.          the sky. EAA members provide an introductory flight experience
But let’s just start with the basics and explore what’s new in a         for kids aged 8-17 - members have flown more than 1,100,000
$40 EAA membership.                                                      Young Eagles since the program’s inception. Call 877/806-8902
    Every member receives his/her choice of a monthly magazine.          for more information. EAA’s Air Academy aviation camps provide
EAA Sport Aviation is the flagship monthly publication for mem-          a resident camp at Oshkosh headquarters for youth who are
bers interested in the broad scope of recreational aviation with         aged 12-18 interested in aviation. Reach the Air Academy at
editorial geared to the flying, buying, building, restoring and          888/322-3229.
maintaining of all types of aircraft. We are currently in the               Finally, the discounts! Great deals and discounts for EAA
process of expanding our coverage of production aircraft news            members abound: you can save on everything from member dis-
and hands-on topics. EAA Sport Pilot & Light Aviation magazine           counts on Ford vehicles, John Deere equipment, Hertz car
is new just this year and its editorial is aimed at those who’ll fly     rentals, travel services, and even a preferred rate on the EAA
the newest special light-sport aircraft, including fixed wings,          VISA(r) credit card.
trikes, powered parachutes, gyrocopters, gliders, and Part 103              For more information on any of your EAA membership benefits
ultralights. Your membership includes a choice of either member-         we’re at your assistance on-line at or in person at
ship or you can add on the additional magazine.                          800/JOIN EAA (800/564-6322.)
    EAA member benefits at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh each year          Do You Want to Win a KitFox?
have also increased. Now members not only have greatly
                                                                                                                   EAA Chapter 517, Inc.
reduced admission fees, but you’ll receive discounts on specially
                                                                                                              in Missoula, Montana is
priced meals from several food vendors, have access to the
                                                                                                              conducting a sweepstakes
members-only internet café, and enjoy member events in the
                                                                                                              with a KitFox Model V that
new EAA Member Village near AeroShell Square. And the list will
                                                                                                              was completed in 1997 as
be sure to evolve over the next few months as we set plans for
                                                                                                              the Grand Prize. Built by a
the 2005 event happening July 25-31. Watch this space for more
                                                                                                              retired airline captain, this
details on “The World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration.”
                                                                                                              beautifully completed air-
    EAA’s Insurance Program has expanded with the addition of
                                                                                                              craft is powered by a
insurance for students and renters. This non-owner insurance
                                                                                                              Teledyne Continental IO-
plan is Sport Pilot-ready. In addition EAA, and Falcon Insurance
                                                                                                              240 engine. This beautiful
have developed an outstanding insurance plan for all types of air-
                                                                     airplane, painted in a patriotic red, white, and blue scheme, has
craft including expanded coverage, service and great pricing for
                                                                     approximately 110 hours total time and is a 9+ inside and out.
members. Call today for a free quote at 866-647-4322 or visit
                                                                     Pictures and full details about this airplane are available on the EAA membership also includes preferred rates on
                                                                     EAA Chapter 517, Inc. website In addition
other lines of personal insurance.
                                                                     to the grand prize KitFox, first prize will be a Garmin GPS, and
    With the new Sport Pilot movement, EAA’s technical team is
                                                                     the second prize will be a Lightspeed ANR headset.
the leader in helping all aviators understand what the new ruling
                                                                              EAA Chapter 1311 Newsletter • November 2004 • Page 2
   This sweepstakes is unique because Chapter 517 will offer a       MOA’s versus a straight through flight as we now have.
maximum of only 4,000 tickets. The odds of winning will be           Suggested revisions to the proposal might for example recom-
based on how many tickets are actually issued. The Chapter           mend raising the floors from 500’ AGL to 3500’ AGL, which would
hopes to receive donations for a minimum of 3,000 tickets to see     allow safe flight underneath the MOAs.
an appropriate return on the generous donation made by one of           WRITTEN comments should be sent to the following individu-
their Chapter members. A donation of $25.00 is requested for         als/offices:
each ticket. The drawing for this sweepstakes will be held on
March 5, 2005.                                                       The state military responsible for the request:
   Entry forms and rules are available on the EAA Chapter 517,       Indiana National Guard
Inc. website at: Rules          Adjutant General’s Office
                                                                     Attn: General Umbarger
and entry forms may also be obtained by calling 406 542-5177,        Military Department of Indiana
mail request at P.O. Box 16446, Missoula, MT 59808, or by e-         2002 South Holt Rd
mail at:                                                             Indianapolis, IN 46241-4839
   The drawing will be Saturday, April 2, 2005, or when the
4,000th ticket is sold.                                              Brigadier General Tooley
                                                                     Direct Number: (317) 247-3276
                                                                     South Field - Indianapolis
                                                                     (317) 247-3300 - Air National Guard x3271

                                                                     These Senate offices:
                                                                     Senator Evan Bayh
                                                                     1650 Market Tower
                                                                     10 West Market Street
                                                                     Indianapolis, IN 46204
                                                                     (317) 554-0750 and (317) 554-0760

                                                                     Senator Richard Lugar
                                                                     Attn: Mr. Lane Ralph
                                                                     1180 Market Tower
                                                                     10 West Market Street
                                                                     Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
                                                                     (317) 226-5555

                                                                     The FAA Great Lakes Office:
                                                                     Mr. J. Mark Reeves
                                                                     Manager, Airspace Branch AGL-520
Narrow Runways                                                       Federal Aviation Administration
                                                                     Central Terminal Operations - Room 274
   If you’ve ever landed on a narrow runway, say 50 feet across,
                                                                     2300 East Devon Avenue
you might be able to empathize with these pilots. The plane was      Des Plaines, IL 60018
being delivered to a museum at the Rand Airport in South Africa.     (847) 294-7477
With our thanks to Mark Monse, the original email states the
claim, “(elevation 5568 feet with 4898 long x 50 feet wide run-         You should also send copies of any comments to your local
way!) The 747-200 outer-to-outer main gear tire width is 41.33 ft.   newspaper, mayor, airport manager or other interested parties in
Empty aircraft Vref (landing speed) was 115 kts!” The aircraft       your area.
was delivered in March. Have a nice day ... drenched in humility.       For a PDF reprint of this article with sectional chart of the pro-
                                                                     posed MOAs and an excellent article appearing in the Columbus
Thanks to Larry Bothe, Editor of Freeman Flash, Seymour              (IN) Republic, see
                                                            This is a
New MOAs Proposed for Southern                                       184 KB file.
Indiana                                                              Delta and Pilots Union Agree on
Contributed by Mike Foushee
Newsletter Editor, EAA Chapter 729, Columbus IN                    Concessions
   The Indiana National Guard has proposed two Military            From the Associated Press
Operation Areas (MOA) known as “RACER D” and “JPG D”                   Delta Air Lines dodged bankruptcy with a $1 billion tentative
which when combined with the existing Atterbury Restricted         contract concessions agreement; the pilots are taking a 32.5 per-
Areas will surround Columbus from the Northwest around south       cent wage cut December 1 and have agreed to no raises for the
to the East of BAK.                                                remainder of the five-year pact.
   As you can imagine, these MOAs will dramatically affect avia-       The proposal, being reviewed by the pilots’ union, came after
tion in the Columbus, Seymour and North Vernon areas not to        15 months of negotiations.
mention cross country flights from elsewhere using the airways         Atlanta-based Delta, the nation’s third-largest airline, was
such as Victor 51.                                                 expected to decide whether to seek Chapter 11 protection from
   It is unlikely that we will be able to make these proposals go  creditors. It said that could be delayed if an agreement was
away entirely, but we should make every effort to get the MOAs     reached with ALPA. While there are no guarantees the airline will
revised to minimize the local impact. The period for Public        not file bankruptcy at some point, the airline hopes the agree-
Comment ends December 6th, so we need to get our input sub-        ment will “buy Delta additional time” to continue out-of-court
mitted quickly. An information meeting was held at the Columbus    restructuring efforts.
Municipal Airport last week with representatives of the local air-     The company had offered to exchange $680 million of its debt
ports, and city officials as well as others.                       with new notes secured by $1.2 billion worth of debt-free aircraft,
   During that meeting, it was recommended that all comments       flight simulators and flight training equipment. The offer was
be based on FACTUAL issues; not emotional reactions. For           made to holders of $2.6 billion in various forms of Delta debt.
example, how does this proposal affect us? What are the addi-          Delta has warned that its debt could force it into bankruptcy,
tional flying costs incurred as a result of circumnavigating the
                                                                             EAA Chapter 1311 Newsletter • November 2004 • Page 3
even if its unions agree to sizable concessions.                       talent and materials to Chapter 1311’s various activities, the
   Before the deal was reached, the pilots had publicly offered up     board asked that members be able to advertise their normal busi-
to $705 million in savings and had not released details of subse-      ness services on the website. We would like to post a list for your
quent offers. In a regulatory filing earlier this month, Delta had     business, which can include business name, your name, phone
said that to date the union’s “counterproposals have been for          number, what you do, etc. We won’t be able to host a full-blown
substantially less than $1 billion.” The company also had said in      web site for you but we can link to your site if you already have
the filing that the union was seeking a stock option program that      one. We invite all members to see the business services page
involves “substantially more equity” than management’s proposal.       and patronize your fellow members’ enterprises. Listing is free
   Delta has lost more than $6 billion since 2001, during which        and limited to those who have been a member in good standing
time it has also cut 16,000 jobs. Delta plans to cut up to another     for at least one year. Contact Michael Mossman for more infor-
7,000 jobs in the next 18 months. Last week, the struggling air-       mation.
line reported a $651 million loss in the third-quarter.                   Visit the business services page at
   The contract with the pilots was adopted just a few months
before the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The contract put
Delta pilot pay roughly on par with that of pilots at United, who      Oshkosh Chronicles
have since agreed to steep cuts as that carrier reorganizes under         Mention the word “Oshkosh” to anyone and the first thing they
bankruptcy court protection.                                           think of is the annual fly-in and incredible GA show, AirVenture.
   Delta had roughly 7,100 active pilots and 809 more on fur-          Oshkosh has become a tradition in many people’s lives, and has
lough earlier this month, Miller said. There were 10,000 pilots at     also been a major source of feature stories in the aviation press.
Delta at the time of the terrorist attacks.                            Chapter 1311’s newsletter started its own Oshkosh tradition with
   The company staved off a bankruptcy filing at the end of            Bob Vondersaar’s report in the July 2002 edition of the newslet-
September when it reached a deal to allow the company to recall        ter. This year we plan on relaying to you any information offered
early retired pilots on a limited basis to help ease staffing short-   by our chapter members who attended Oshkosh this year.
ages. Since Jan. 1, 625 pilots have retired, 505 of them before           Did you attend AirVenture this year? Share your experiences
the normal retirement age of 60, according to the union.               with the rest of the chapter. Download a PDF form at
Private Spaceflight Legislation Dies                                   the requested information or write your own Oshkosh story and
From MSNBC                                                             forward it to the newsletter editor at
   A last minute attempt to pass legislation allowing paying pas-
sengers to take suborbital space trips has fizzled, congressional      Boone County Airport News
aides and lawmakers said. H.R. 3752 will die out when this                Membership in the recently formed Boone County Airport
week’s lame-duck session is adjourned. Its backers would then          Association continues to grow, with more people expressing
have to start fresh next year with the new Congress.                   interest in basing their aircraft at the airport.
   The bill would have given private-sector suborbital spaceflights       Recently the association installed a rotating beacon salvaged
a regulatory footing. The House overwhelmingly approved the bill       from Aretz Airport when it closed a few years ago.
in March but the Senate stonewalled for months during a series            There are still a few hangar vacancies available. Anyone desir-
of negotiations that involved first the suborbital space industry,     ing to base an aircraft at the airport or use the maintenance
then Senate Commerce Committee staff members. House and                hangar will be required to join the association. For more informa-
Senate negotiators hammered out one compromise version in              tion contact Michael Mossman, association secretary, or see the
October, only to have it put on hold after industry players raised     website
   Members of the Transportation Committee were uncomfortable          Young Eagles
with the way the bill handled issues relating to crew and passen-         Let’s continue to introduce kids to the experience of flight and
ger safety, and wanted more time to review the legislation in its      share our passion for aviation. Hopefully we’ll inspire more kids
entirety, said Steve Hansen, the panel’s director of communica-        to seek careers in aviation or maybe to just study hard, get good
tions.                                                                 jobs and follow in our footsteps.
   Meanwhile, the Senate gave final congressional approval                EAA Young Eagles Update: By newsletter publication date
Tuesday night to H.R. 5245, another bill that would extend             more than 1,102,706 Young Eagles have taken their first airplane
indemnification protection for unmanned satellite launches.            ride.
Those provisions originally were part of H.R. 3752 but were sep-
arated out when the fate of the more ambitious bill became ques-
                                                                       Editorial Comments Sought
tionable.                                                                 If you have an opinion on any story that appears in the
                                                                       newsletter, or any other aviation-related issue, we want to read
Support Our Servicemen                                                 about it. We will make editorial space available for your responsi-
   Be sure let the newsletter editor know if any of our members        ble comment. Please contact the newsletter editor at michaeland-
or their families has someone in the service, especially if they
have been called up for active duty. We’d like to recognize them
and thank them for representing us so honorably.
                                                                       Upcoming Newsletter Features
   SERVICEMAN UPDATE NEEDED: In December of 2002 Jim                       Project Reports — We have many active aircraft construction
Griffin joined Chapter 1311. Shortly before the war with Iraq start-   or restoration projects right now; our members would like to know
ed Jim signed back up as a Major with the Marines and has been         how your project is progressing. The newsletter editor will be
serving in Iraq. He had been receiving the newsletter via email        contacting you in the coming month or two to find out about the
but this past couple of months the emails to him have come back        status of your project.
as undeliverable. If anyone knows how to contact Jim, or knows             Mystery Solo — A good friend and former member of the Civil
of his whereabouts or of any way to track him down, please con-        Air Patrol suggested a feature that was popular many years ago
tact the newsletter editor at                 in several California chapters: Mystery Solo. What they would do
                                                                       is feature a monthly description of a member’s first aircraft solo.
Support Our Member Businesses                                          The identity of the pilot would be kept secret, and the other mem-
  As a gesture of thanks to the members who donate their time,         bers would try to guess who they thought it was. They would

                                                     EAA Chapter 1311 Newsletter • November 2004 • Page 4
then reveal the name at the next meeting or newsletter. If you          (this corner has ABC Distributor, the Mormon Church, lit sign
would like to volunteer your first solo just email a short descrip-     for Baptist Church on NW corner, and no signal. At the second
tion of the event to the newsletter editor at                           south street (Ramsey Lane) turn south (left). We’ll keep it confidential until the          1763 Ramsey Lane is on the back of the horseshoe street.
meeting.                                                               The number is on the post of the mailbox.
   Building on a Budget — Although some of us are able to
build our projects with every conceivable or desired piece of          On the Radar:
equipment or feature, many of us are far more limited resources.       December 4 — Annual Christmas party at Vern and Lou
We’d like to investigate the opportunities of building on a budget      Sullenger’s (Saturday evening)
with on-going ideas and guest stories.                                 January — TBA by incoming board and officers
   We need members to participate in one or two of the planned
features above, and no previous writing experience is necessary.       Chapter 1311 Board of Directors for
The newsletter editor will help out with spelling and grammar.         2004
Feel free to offer as much information as you are comfortable          President: Tim LeBaron
with sharing. Just type out some notes and email them to the           Vice President: Mike Laurenzano
newsletter editor. Note: we may contact you by phone or email          Secretary: Michael Mossman
for more information on your project.                                  Treasurer: Vern Sullenger
   To download a “printer-friendly PDF copy of the Project Report      Director: Glen Matejcek
questionnaire see                                                      Director: Dirk Melchior                    Director: Paul Vogel
   To download a “printer-friendly” PDF copy of the Oshkosh
questionnaire see                                                      Newsletter editor: Michael Mossman
                                                                       Classified Ads
Calendar of Events                                                     HANGAR AVAILABLE: Anyone interested in a hangar at 2R2, please call Mike
November 13-14 — Las Vegas Air Show, Nellis AFB. USAF                   Laurenzano at 201-5889 or
 Thunderbirds, Las Vegas air racing. For more information see          FOR SALE: Custom composite panel flush-mount for Garmin GPS 196 $75                                           Contact Larry Rush k9hxt@msn.
January 20-22 — Great Lakes International Aviation Conference,         FOR SALE: O-470 engine. Contact Bob Vondersaar
 Lansing, MI. Joe Norris, EAA Senior Aviation Information      for details.
 Specialist, will be doing 3 presentations: “Inspection of Amateur     FOR SALE: Inflatable life jackets for over-water flight, only $5 each! Contact
 Built Experimental Aircraft for A&P Mechanics”, “Flight                Bob Vondersaar or Tim LeBaron
 Instruction and FBO Opportunities” and “General Sport Pilot   Proceeds benefit Chapter 1311.
 Presentation for Pilots and Perspective Pilots”. For more infor-      FOR SALE: Four sets of very nice Koss headphones. Contact Bob Vondersaar
 mation see: or Michael Mossman                                               for details or to make offer. Proceeds benefit Chapter 1311.
May 12-15 — Mid-Atlantic Fly-In & Sport Aviation Convention,           FOR SALE: Three lighted and adjustable “flight desks” for aircraft installation.                                        Contact Bob Vondersaar or Michael Mossman
Next Meeting                                                   for details or to make offer. Proceeds benefit
                                                                        Chapter 1311.
   The next meeting will be the Chapter Christmas party at Vern
                                                                       FOR SALE: Stinson L-5 Landing gear Struts. Contact Kenny Shull 317-539-
and Lou Sullenger’s on Saturday, December 4, from 6 to 9 p.m.
A buffet dinner will be provided. RSVP with no later than
Saturday, November 20 a 1-317-839-8728 or email at sul-                2004 Membership Roster                                                     Last updated November 19, 2004
                                                                       NAME                  EMAIL ADDRESS                  PROJECT(S)
Directions to Sullenger home:                                          BEETHAM, John        Fokker D VII, Piper Dakota
                                                                       BYRUM, Jon       RV-7A
1763 Ramsey Lane, 1-317-839-8728                                       CHAPMAN, Jeff                Piper Tri-Pacer
                                                                       CLARK, David             1946 Aeronca Chief
From west Hwy 40, go south on Center Street.                           CRAWLEY, Dennis          Grumman Tiger
At the south edge of Hummell Park, turn east (left) on Reeves          CUTHBERT, Steve               RV-8
  Road.                                                                DAVID, Glen  Sonerai
At the top of the hill, turn south (right) on the first south street   DAVIDSON, Ginger           RV3
  (Rachel Dr.)                                                         GRIFFIN, Jim             Questar Venture
Or the second south street (Ramsey Ln.).                               GROVER, Troy          RV10
1736 Ramsey Lane is on the back of the horseshoe street.               GUSTAFSON, Dale               Piper J-4
The number is on the post of the mailbox.                              HARRINGTON, Bill      bhis60@yahoo.                  Cessna 182
                                   or                                  HELMINGER, Mark        helping others
                                                                       HELTON, Dave              Piper Tri-Pacer
From east hwy 40, go south on Quaker Blvd. (St. Rd. 267)
                                                                       LATHROP, Steve    BearHawk
Turn west onto Reeves Road (this corner has ABC Distributor,
                                                                       LAURENZANO, Mike       Bushby Mustang II
  the Mormon Church, lit sign for Baptist Church on NW corner,
                                                                       LeBARON, Tim               RV8, Breezy, 1946 Ercoupe
  and no signal)                                                       LONG, Chuck             Zenair 601 HDS
At the second south street (Ramsey Lane) turn south (left).            MATEJCEK, Glen        RV8
1763 Ramsey Lane is on the back of the horseshoe street.               MATEJCEK, Robin        RV8
The number is on the post of the mailbox.                              MELCHIOR, Dirk           F1 Rocket
                                   or                                  MOSSMAN, Michael Zenair 601 HDS
From Hwy 70, north on St. Rd. 267 (Quaker Blvd.) toward                NG, Bart                 RV-7A
  Plainfield, about 1/2 mi. And turn west (left) on Reeves Road        REYNOLDS, Gary                  RV6A
                                                       EAA Chapter 1311 Newsletter • November 2004 • Page 5
RINEHART, Mark         Kolb Mark III Classic   more than a half gallon of red. There is a small bit of black letter-
ROEVER, Doug          RV-7 Tail kit           ing under the N-numbers, which probably took less than an
RUSH, Larry                RV6A, RV-8              ounce of paint.
SHUMAKER, Kim         —                           We couldn’t use vinyl numbers or stripes on this airplane
SHULL, Kenny         PHONE 317-539-5542           Helping Others          because the rivets are not flush; there would be too many raised
SULLENGER, Vern         Cherokee 140, RV-7A     bumps in the vinyl. The N-numbers and lettering were drawn to
TURNER, Arvel          RV-9A                   size on computer, then the file was used by a sign-making shop
VITTETOW, J.C.           PA22
                                                                          to cut the masks with a vinyl-cutting machine. Wayne sprayed the
VOGEL, Paul           Helping others
                                                                          letter color, let it dry, then applied the vinyl masks. From there he
VONDERSAAR, Bob   Steen Skybolt
                                                                          sprayed the background color, then peeled off the vinyl masks.
VONDERSAAR, Teresa   Steen Skybolt
ZELLER, Gary     Brantly helicopter
                                                                          The result is the nice, sharp lettering,
                                                                              I originally designed a red-and-yellow paint scheme with scal-
   See our chapter roster online at           loped leading edges, much like what would have been in style in
berroster.html                                                            the 1930s. I wanted red and yellow for maximum in-flight visibility
   Did we miss anybody? Please let us know; we’ll get it updated          but the design didn’t look right on short, tapered wings. I went to
right away.                                                               the Zenair web site, sifted through hundreds of photos of com-
                                                                          pleted airplanes, and adapted the design from a few that I liked.
Quote of the Month                                                        It looks like an aerobatic aircraft’s paint job.
“After a lifetime of flying I am convinced that it is a simple art,           We masked the fans on the wings with tape strictly by eye; it
and nature meant it that way.” Robert N. Buck, from The Art of            took many tries to get the pattern to look fairly even. We had to
Flying                                                                    make many adjustments to miss as many rivets and vortex gen-
                                                                          erators as possible. It’s not perfect, but then again, the rest of the
                                                                          plane isn’t perfect, either. But at five feet away it looks really
November’s Program                                                        sharp and is extremely visible in all kinds of conditions.
Michael Mossman’s Zenair 601 project                                          Because the room temperature dropped rather quickly when
    I started my Zenair CH601HDS project in January 1998 and              we were applying the clear coat to the fuselage we started get-
finished it just this past week. I passed my FAA certification            ting some runs. We will be sanding some of that off and recoat-
inspection on October 14, 2004, and completed the painting the            ing during favorable weather conditions.
following weekend. It hadn’t been ready to fly as some of the                 I didn’t have any idea of what to do with the cowling other than
systems still needed some debugging.                                      continue the stripe pattern from the fuselage. Wayne, who used
    Dennis Crawley stopped in on Saturday, October 30, and com-           to paint race cars, hot rods and custom vans, really wanted to
mented that the Chapter visited my project just a few months              paint flames coming from the air vents. At first I thought that
ago. That got me thinking, so I checked the records and found             flames might be a bit gimmicky but didn’t protest at all. While tak-
out that “a few months ago” was really on December 4, 2002. I             ing a break he laid out a few sample flames with fine masking
made some rather bold statements during that meeting, so here’s           tape. I saw what could be done and let him go for it. So far
what I said and the reality that followed:                                everyone who has seen them gets a kick out of them; it’s certain-
    1. I claimed that the parts fabrication was 99% finished; all I       ly different. I just hope that they aren’t an omen.
had to do was stick the remaining parts together.                             I used my share of off-the-shelf spray paints for some other
    2. I said that I had six to eight weeks’ work to get it ready to      components in the airplane. The interior surfaces are painted
fly. That was two years ago. I’ve also made some other out-               with an automotive trunk paint that I found at Wal-Mart. It’s a bit
landish claims about when it would be ready to fly; none of them          rubbery and is easily repaired with a few quick shots. It’s cheap
came to fruition.                                                         and much lighter than an upholstered interior. The floor surfaces
    3. As of the meeting I had accumulated 825 of construction            of the cabin and baggage compartments are painted with a pick-
time. From that date to now I added 1,200 more hours, bringing            up truck bedliner paint, also available as spray, but it comes in
the total to more than 2,000 building hours to date.                      brush-on, too. I don’t want carpet in the airplane as it is too hard
    4. The designer said that the plane should weigh about 600            to clean. The instrument panel and wheel forks are painted with
lbs; the prototype came about the 595 or so. I claimed that I             Rustoleum Hammertone paint. It dries hard and looks sharp.
would come in around 625 to 650 lbs. I certificated it at 682 lbs,        There is a rubber spray paint coating that is used on tool han-
and that was before it was painted.                                       dles; I used it for a few removable parts that are likely to scratch
    5. I claimed that I wouldn’t be painting the airplane in the          the rest of the plane. I also sprayed some of it on the rudder ped-
maintenance hangar here. Actually, in October we did paint it             als, but I don’t recommend that. Some of the unseen interior sur-
right where it stands in the maintenance hangar.                          faces were painted with zinc chromate, but later I switched to a
    6. As of December 4, 2002, I had spent less than $10,000,             self-etching primer in spray cans that I found at NAPA.
and thought that I had only $15,000 to go to get it in the air. My
cash outlay has been about $32,000 total, so I was only off by            PROJECT UPDATE: N905KM Flies!
about $7,000. It could still use about $4,000 worth of instruments                            Outlandish Claim Number 7: I told my wife that
and gizmos, but I can live without them.                                                    I wasn’t going to fly it that day. With warm, dry
                                                                                            weather projected for Sunday, November 14,
PAINT JOB                                                                                   and the availability of my painter, I planned on
   Wayne Deckard, the painter, was around during the program                                spending the day doing the touch-up work on the
part of the meeting and answered questions about the paint job,           paint job. I got out to the airport early with a can of kerosene for
and how an amateur painter could do an acceptable paint job in            heat and got myself prepared for a long day of paint fumes. Roy
less than desirable conditions.                                           Dawes came in and said that Wayne Deckard was going to be
   Wayne applied a self-etching epoxy primer paint, which was             pretty late but that it was the perfect day for a test flight. The light
dried and hard within minutes. We sprayed the first layer base            wind was coming right down the runway, the visibility was great
coat immediately after cleaning the paint gun. The paint system           and there was no traffic. Even better, there wasn’t anyone hang-
is a base coat/clear coat polyurethane process, which Wayne               ing around to put the pressure on me.
claims weighs less than a single process paint system. We used               We pushed the plane outside and did a couple of high-speed
about one and a half gallons of yellow for the plane, and a bit           runs, one of which the plane lifted off more than I wanted. I was
                                                                EAA Chapter 1311 Newsletter • November 2004 • Page 6
able to get it back on the runway in time for a safe stop. I brought       Williams, who popped this shot and a few more. Chuck Leucht
it back to the hangar and asked for another ride in his Colt, which        also made a video of the second, third and fourth flights, plus
he agreed. I made three more flights in it and felt very good              combined in some footage of me building the project.
about staying on top of everything. I pulled the ballast from the
Zenair’s passenger seat, ran though my checklist, then took a              A FEW WORDS OF THANKS
walk to think it over and clear my head. Everything truly came                Although I built the main portion of this airplane by myself,
together in the best way so I decided to fly it.                           when I got to the systems I was lost and had to rely heavily on
    In its present configuration it was off of the ground in 200-300       many people to get the plane to completion. Glen David, my tech
feet and flew away from ground effect in just a second or two              counselor, did quite a bit of research in helping me to get the
more. I climbed out at a low attitude and higher speed (80 kts)            radio and intercom system to work properly. Larry Poe spent
just to stay well above the unknown stall speed. At cruise the             many hours adjusting the propeller to get the recommended stat-
engine was running overspeed (6200 rpm; 5800 is redline) so it             ic RPM. Gene Hollingsworth cut and rewelded part of the
was tough to juggle everything that was happening and keep it in           exhaust system that didn’t fit very well, and helped shape and
control. I brought it in for an immediate landing.                         form some of the compound curve parts that the plans artfully
    We added about 1 degree more pitch to the propeller. I ate             avoided. My brother, Matt, welded the torque tube and control
some lunch, cleared my head then departed again. The EGT                   column and some of the landing gear parts. Tim LeBaron welded
problems are all cured but now I am experiencing some elevated             the steps and brake pedals. John Thompson welded the alu-
oil temperatures. We improvised a shroud with scrap sheet metal            minum frame of the canopy. Wayne Deckard did the magic paint
and duct tape and that helped a bit, but the problem came back,            job, and also worked on the engine plumbing and wiring. Roy
this time a few minutes later into the flight. All-in-all I flew it four   Dawes probably did more than anyone with systems work, as he
times, accumulating less than one hour of flight time. Total time          made the brake lines and worked on engine plumbing and wiring,
on the engine is now 2.8 hours.                                            trouble shooting many of my electrical problems and helping to
    On the ground the ailerons are nearly worthless but once out           rig the aircraft. He also loaned me his aircraft so that I could get
of ground effect the aileron control becomes extremely effective.          current before my first flight.
Aileron and elevator control seems very balanced, with only light             There are quite a few other people that I didn’t mention but
pressures needed. No rudder was needed in the air. The airplane            they are mostly the Boone County Airport “regulars” who hang
felt so stable that I was perfectly confident banking up to 45             out and lend a tool or hand whenever needed. For example, one
degrees within the second flight. It will bank left-to-right very          day when painting we were fighting the clock, trying to get fin-
quickly, although it is not exactly aerobatic. I haven’t performed         ished before the temperature dropped too much. I looked around
stall tests yet. I flew it to the near end of the runway for a landing     and there were six guys helping to mask my airplane! When I’ve
and let it float in ground effect until it finally touched down. Lightly   pushed it out for tests there has never been a lack of people to
loaded (me but no passenger or ballast, and nearly full fuel) it           help open the hangar doors, move it on the ground, position
finally touched down after the ASI stopped indicating at 40 kts.           chocks or spin wrenches.
Even with no experience in this make and model I was able to                  Although my wife, Katie, didn’t do any of the work on the
land and come to a full stop with moderate braking in the first            plane, she gets her share of thanks and acknowledgment. If she
third of the 3,600-foot runway.                                            weren’t willing to share the garage, do without while I spent
    I didn’t experience any transition difficulties moving from wheel      money on the airplane, and put up with a lot of long, lonely hours
to stick; it’s an automatic process. Zenair’s throttle design it           at home while I was at the airport, or hadn’t given me constant
cheap and easy to build but I don’t like it. On the Rotax engine           encouragement, this project would never have happened. Not to
the carb springs pull it to full throttle, and there is no mechanism       mention the hundreds of airplane magazines all over the house,
to lock it in a setting. That’s bad; in cruise it will go overspeed        tons of books, and the constant stream of catalogs that seem to
unless you pull back hard. Therefore I had to fly hands-on throttle        appear from nowhere. Oh, and the forgiveness for being late for
the entire time. The trim (in it’s current configuration and balance)      dinner too many times to count. For her reward she is looking
was to nose forward and roll left. I wanted to adjust the electric         forward to fly-in breakfasts and some of the many near-by aerial
trim but couldn’t take my hand off of the throttle or the stick so I       eateries I’ve been talking about for years.
flew both hands-on the entire time. We will ground-adjust the trim
on subsequent flights. Once it is close we will reset the indicators
and adjust the control arms to center them up a bit closer. And
do something with that dang throttle so I can take notes in flight.
    One more weakness in the design is the wheel forks, which
are bent from aluminum plate and doubled with more of the same
material. They appear plenty strong, but when assembled onto
the gear legs they have enough flex that the wheels and tires can
actually rub on the sides. I have been investigating several ways
of making some legs of substantially stronger material, and will
replace the existing wheel forks when I get new ones made.
    I tried doing some GPS speed checks but was unable to con-
clude anything because of the oil temperature problems. Before
we re-adjusted the propeller I was seeing 100 kts indicated with
the engine around 5800 rpm. I was unable to run both directions
with the wind so for now I will just say that it flew at least 90 kts
(or more) indicated, so it is currently faster than a Cessna 150. I
didn’t have the landing light covers on, and I don’t have the
canopy seals in place, so there is a lot of interference drag that
can easily be cleaned up. I also don’t have wheel pants yet,
which are necessary to get some real speed out of this design.
And yes, the propeller still needs more pitch.
    The photo above is me leaving ground effect on the first real
flight. Just before departing I handed my camera to Chad
                                                       EAA Chapter 1311 Newsletter • November 2004 • Page 7

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