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Secrets To Google Plus One by AlexBlaken


As expected, Google has just released his plan to compete with Facebook. Even if the internet giant does not actually admit, this project will allow you to share with friends!

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                 “The Secret To Google Plus One”

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Table of Contents

     Introduction                                  6

     What is Google Plus one                       7

     Is Google Plus 1 a game changer               9

     How To Add Google Plus 1                      10

     Google Plus Download                          13

     Google Plus 1                                 16

     Google Plus 1 vs Facebook                     18

     Google Plus 1 Button                          20

     Google Firefox Plus                           22

     Google Chrome Plus                            24

     Recommended Resources                         28

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     As expected, Google has just released his plan to compete with
     Facebook. Even if the internet giant does not actually admit,
     this project will allow you to share with friends! I’m not going to
     present the project as currently I do not have access to the
     service … In fact very few people have access!

     Why now? That’s the question we can ask … Anyway Google
     wants to strike a blow on the Web! After presenting “What Do
     You Love? “A few hours earlier, and also the transition to a new
     home page, Google has just introduced its Google + project to
     the public.

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     What Is Google Plus One

     Google plus one is slowly, but surely, taking the world by storm.
     However some individuals may be wondering; what exactly is
     Google plus one?

     What is Google plus one?

     Google plus one is Google’s latest experiment that allows you
     to like (as in +1) a link. It’s similar to the likes in Facebook, and
     in a way, the Tweets in Twitter. As soon as you log into your
     Google account, you have the option to plus one every web
     page you find fascinating. Everything you plus one will be
     shown to your friends, family, and contacts that are connected
     to your Google profile page. And in turn, every web page that
     you plus one will rank higher in Google’s directory. It’s like as if
     your announcing to the world that the web page you plus one’d
     is in fact “pretty cool” and deserves the chance to be viewed.

     The Google plus one button can be found here; And every time you click a
     Google plus one button, you are giving your own sign of
     approval. The more plus one’s a web page has, the more
     popular and interesting it usually is.

     How can this help me?

     Unlike Google’s other failed projects such as Google buzz and
     Google wave, Google plus one is simplistic and very easy to
     use and operate. You also have the option of running plus one
     ad’s (this is particularly helpful to marketers), this will help
     Google discover and learn more about you, and it will also help
     target their advertisements. It’s like a survey hidden craftily
     beneath Google’s surfaces, and whilst it may seem like a
     hassle to contribute, if you do decide to run an ad on Google at
     a later date it will be beneficial to you in a long run.

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     And while on the subject of benefits, Google plus one helps you
     filter through rubbish web pages by allowing you to view what
     your friends and acquaintances have plus one’d. However, do
     be careful of who you befriend and make sure those particular
     individuals aren’t spammers or illegitimate people. Aside from
     this, the only other thing users need to be careful of is running
     two experiments at once, as only one experiment is able to be
     run at a time.

     How do I join?

     But how do you sign up for this brand new, exciting
     experiment? To join this experiment, click on the link to
     Google’s experiment page and click on “Join this experiment”.
     You can find this beside the header saying Google+1. So what
     are you waiting for? Go ahead, join, and receive all the benefits
     Google plus one has to offer!

     I’m not completely sure I want to join though…
     That’s fine too; you can do whatever you want with your own
     website. However, it only takes a bit of your time to install it,
     and there are virtually no negatives to installing the system. It
     will inevitable benefit you in the long run so I encourage you to
     use the system.

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     Is Google Plus 1 A Game Changer

     It’s only one, tiny, insignificant button. So how come it’s
     changed so much in such little time? Google plus 1 has recently
     come out of nowhere and it’s slowly changing the fabric of the
     marketing world. So let’s start from the beginning, what
     specifically is Google plus 1, and what are the reasons for it
     being so significant? Well, Google plus one is Google’s newest
     revolutionary experiment. They’ve been working on it for quite
     some time now. It’s a fairly new aspect to global marketing that
     was only released a few months ago.

     To put it simply, Google plus 1 assists users in differentiating
     the crap web pages from the non-crap web pages. Whether you
     are a marketer, or an average user wanting to learn more about
     how to market their own website, you should have viewed the
     plus 1 button at some stage or another. In essence, the plus 1
     button functions similarly to that of a Facebook like or a tweet;
     however there is a slight difference as the plus 1 button has the
     ability to influence the hierarchy of search results and rank.

     So is Google plus 1 a game changer? Well, have you taken a
     look at all the marketing websites lately? They’ve been
     practically littered with users offering their Google plus 1
     services. And whether you like it or not, Google plus 1 is going
     to influence one’s rank and in turn, the internet marketing world.

     So how does one manipulate Google plus 1 to one’s
     advantage? Well, Google is determined to meet and improve a
     user’s internet experience. Before, Google plus 1 was just
     Google’s newest experiment to compete with other influential
     websites such as Twitter and Facebook. However with how
     things are currently functioning, it’s very hard to establish
     yourself with Google plus 1. Why? Unfortunately there are
     many marketing sites that automatically link build or “plus 1”
     sites for a fee. They fool Google by their automated systems,

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     and in turn other users into thinking that that particular website
     with dozens of plus 1’s is popular because its rocks or is
     fascinating. Whilst in reality, it might stink or suck horribly.

     Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to stop this and
     whatever we do there will always be people who are willing to
     exploit the system. Google and various other websites have
     been dealing with these exploiters for years and have made
     little progress. So we have no choice but to accept this and
     move on. Regardless of this, Google plus 1 will still help rank
     your website; just be aware that you are probably not
     competing with the others on fair ground.

     Google plus 1 is definitely a game changer. How much it will
     influence your websites overall ranking, I can’t be totally certain.
     However, I can guarantee that it will influence the rank of your
     website. And besides, you can never succeed if you never try.

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     How To Add Google Plus 1

     As of June, Google plus 1 has provided the option of adding a
     plus 1 to every website! By adding Google plus 1 on your page,
     it allows other users to show their appreciation of your web
     page or website by plus 1-ing it. You may be interested in
     adding the plus 1 button, and wondering how to add it exactly.
     Fortunately, adding the plus 1 button is a fairly simple process.

     How to add plus 1 button to website:

     It’s quite easy, really. Click this <a
     +1/button/index.html”> link. </a> It will provide you with codes
     that you need to add onto your web page, it also has the option
     of altering the size of the buttons to suit your tastes.

     This is the code that is used for the header: <script

     This code makes the plus 1 button to materialise on your web
     page: <g:plusone size=”tall”></g:plusone>

     What do I do now?

     And that’s basically all there is to it. You can now view the
     Google’s plus 1 button on your web page or website! By adding
     this to your web page or website you are allowing other users to
     plus 1 it (similar to that of a Tweet or a Facebook like). This
     directly affects your rank on Google’s directory. However
     please remember that you are to be signed into your Google
     account to use Google plus 1. If you still can’t view the Google
     plus 1 icon, then go and visit the experimental search on
     Google’s page to activate the plus 1. Then you should be able
     to see it on your search results.

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     Anything I should know?

     A setback of the Google plus 1 system is that you must be
     logged into your Google account, otherwise Google plus 1 will
     not work. If you are not logged into your Google account, then
     everything you plus 1’d will not be shown to your Google
     contacts and friends.

     Will this button help me in terms of search results and
     Absolutely! Once your Google plus 1 button is incorporated, it
     allows other users to plus 1 your website or web page. It
     doesn’t, however, guarantee that users will plus 1 it. How much
     it will affect your website’s algorithm once it has been plus 1’d
     once or numerous times, I cannot be entirely certain. But I do
     know for a fact that it will help.

     However, whilst this will help, do take into account that
     everything needs a foundation. Make sure that your particular
     website is both content efficient and visually appealing. Google
     is constantly thinking of new ways to improve its interface; the
     only thing that is inconsistent about this new system is that
     blogs, websites, and web pages will constant rise and fall due
     to the Google plus 1 system.

     However; that is a small price to pay for the benefits. Imagine
     searching for content- and acquiring it easily. By plus 1-ing
     websites, you are helping Google Plus 1, and in turn, and other
     users.    By using this system more frequently, you are
     encouraging other users to do the same. Whilst this may seem
     like a hassle, it’s worth it in the long run as it improves the
     whole interface.

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     Google Plus Download

     Google’s newest innovation, Google plus, allows users to share
     and promote their websites, webpages and blogs with this new
     platform. It allows users to share content to each other that they
     have liked or enjoyed (similar to that of a like on Facebook).
     Numerous people have been using this new interface for
     promoting their blog, web page or website. It’s particularly
     useful to marketers as every web page that is plus’d will be
     shown to that user’s Google contacts and friends through their
     Google’s profile web page.

     By using this system,
     Below, I have provided the links to where you can download
     Google Plus icons.

     You can download more icons <a
     psd/”> here </a>

     You can also download Google plus as a theme if you so
     desire. You can download it here <a
     for-windows-7.html”> here</a>

     And if you are interested in other ways you can stay updated
     with Google plus, you can now download the official Google
     plus app for iPhone’s! Google plus has been growing at an
     alarming rate and it’s safe to say that its abnormally popular.
     Mobile users should be happy to know that it’s now available
     and they can adownload it from iTunes.

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     Features of the Google Plus iPhone App Include

     -Circles; you can create a group to share the web pages you
     find interesting. Its functions similar to that of Facebook,
     however it is much easier to use.
     -Stream; The updates and posts that you friends make are
     streamed directly to you.
     -Huddle; It’s basically just a chat application that lets you
     communicate with all your contacts quite quickly.

     Why are People downloading Facebook Plus?

     People from all over the nation are downloading Facebook plus.
     And it already seems that various Facebook fans are starting to
     question this interface. Why? What’s so special about Google
     plus? Although Google plus is a second hand idea inspired by
     Facebook; the fact remains that it is a lot less annoying to use.
     It was designed to be simpler and clearer to that of its
     counterpart, and surprisingly, it achieved that affect. Everything
     is simple, but effective from its colour combination to its
     functioning ability.

     One other plus that users seem to enjoy is the lack of bugs and
     glitches. Facebook is known for losing its data and getting
     glitch’s constantly. To this point, there have been a lack of
     glitches, and I assume that it will stay that way if you look at
     Google’s history. Google plus also ensures that a user’s privacy
     is protected- unlike Facebook. God knows how many lives have
     been ruined due to its privacy leaks. I know a person who
     recently got laid off due to a Facebook incident.

     Google Plus is also superior in terms of its platform and
     interface. To put it simply; that is why people are downloading
     Google Plus. And you should too, to increase your internet
     experience. If you don’t want to, that’s fine. However, reflect on

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     all the benefit’s you will achieve by downloading this platform.
     Now reflect on all the con’s. Now compare the two together. So
     have you made your decision yet?

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     Google Plus 1

     Google is launching a brand new innovative project; this project
     is called Google plus 1. But what is Google plus 1 exactly?
     It’s quite simple, really. Google plus 1 allows you to like Google
     searches. Once you have logged into your Google account, you
     have to ability to +1 every search you find interesting or useful.
     By plus 1-ing a result, it’s as if you are marking your own sign of
     approval. It’s as though you’re proclaiming to others that the
     website is innovating, interesting, and that others should visit
     that particular website. The more plus one’s a website has, the
     more popular it usually is.

     So by clicking the plus 1 button;
     +1/button/, it’s almost as if your endorsing the project, declaring
     “hey guys you should check this out, it’s pretty awesome.”

     Pressing the plus 1 button will publicly give your sign of
     appreciation for the website as it will be seen by any person
     linked to your Google profile page. This includes your friends,
     family, contacts, and various other people using the internet
     (who are of course, using google). It will benefit all of these
     individuals achieve the greatest results they can possibly get
     whilst at the same time, searching, or being interested in the
     same things you are seeking.

     And you can also benefit from Google’s newest experiment as
     you can also view what your contacts and friends are plus 1’ing.
     This will help give credit to a certain website or search result
     and will help you distinguish the lousy ones from the brilliant
     ones. Because imagine if an acquaintance you who added plus
     1’d a result. You would most likely check it out, wouldn’t you?

     Still interested? Then why not sign up! To join this experiment
     follow the link to Google’s experiment page and click on the
     button saying “Join this experiment”. You should be able to find

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     it beside Google+1. You are only able to have one experiment
     participating at once, so be careful and check that you don’t
     have another experiment running at the same time.

     This experiment is expanding rapidly. The system of plus 1-ing
     functions are similar to liking in Facebook, or perhaps digging in
     Digg. Google became successful because of its simplicity; and
     this new innovative design represents just that.
     For internet users, it will alter how results will be seen in the
     future. Take for instance; if you view an article about cats, you
     have the option of plus 1-ing it. Because of this, if your family
     and friends want to learn about cats and type that result into
     Google, the article that you plus 1’d will have a higher chance
     of ranking in Google’s results.

     So what are you waiting for? You’ve now read all about the
     benefits of joining Google plus one, so go sign up now! To join,
     find the link that directs you to the Google experimental page.
     Ctrl+ f and type in “Join this experiment”. Once you have found
     it, click it. It should be beside Google+ 1’s header.

     Google Plus 1 vs Facebook
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     Social communication is massive and Google has been
     relentlessly trying to rival Facebook. The launching of Google
     plus one allows users the option of sharing content at a click of
     a button. This new system is called Google plus 1. Google has
     been working on this particular project for quite some while
     now, and with this influential new button we now have the
     power to influence how a web link will fall or rise.

     With Facebook being so dominant due to its intergraded system
     of social networking, it’s no wonder that Google followed suit in
     the pursuit of catching up to its fellow competitor. The like
     button that Facebook implemented was genius. Hundreds of
     millions of likes have since followed suit, along with the
     integration of that particular button to millions of websites and
     web pages. In today’s internet society, it’s very unlikely that a
     site your viewing will not have that brilliant blue button.

     In order to not fall behind Facebook, Google plus 1 was
     invented. Users can now plus 1 a web page or website and it
     will immediately be shown to that users contacts, friends, and
     family. By pressing the plus 1 button, you are giving your own
     sign of approval, similar to that of a Facebook like.

     However despite the similarities, Google plus 1 and Facebook
     liking are still quite different in terms of how long a generated
     buzz will last- that is perhaps the most important different.
     Whilst Facebook liking, that page of website that you have liked
     will be visible to all your contacts via your wall or their news
     feed. Because of this, that particular post will been seen by a lot
     of people in a short period of time. The odds of that certain post
     going viral is quite high. However, this is not sustainable and is
     not good for the long run as it has an equally high chance of
     being forgotten as it gets buried under other posts. Soon
     enough the results of the like become non-existent.

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     Google plus 1, however, functions differently. Web pages that
     are plus 1’d appear not only on an individual’s Google profile
     page, but they can also be seen when a contact or friend is
     searching for a related subject whilst on Google. Once you
     have plus 1’d a web page or website, and your friends or
     contacts happen to stumble upon that page in Google’s search
     result, it will be instantly evident that you have liked that web
     page and because of that he or she has a higher chance of
     clicking that particular entry. What’s beautiful about Google plus
     1 is that the effects of plus 1-ing something will last longer than
     that of a Facebook like. This specific difference is integral, and
     it’s much more useful to online marketers and promoters in a
     long run.

     So between Google plus 1 and Facebook, it’s quite clear who
     the winner is. Google plus 1 generates buzzes that last longer,
     doesn’t glitch quite as often, and is generally more visually
     appealing and easier to use. It’s inevitable that Google plus 1’s
     system will eventually dominate Facebook.

     Google Plus 1 Button
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     Google has once again come up with another brilliant idea;
     Google plus 1. Google plus 1 is Google’s latest experimental
     project. Google plus 1 basically integrates a button similar to
     that of the Facebook like button. Every time you click that
     particular button, it’s implied that you think that web page is
     “pretty cool” and it’s “worth checking out”. Once you click that
     button, you are signifying your appreciation, and it is seen
     worldwide by your Google contacts, friends, and various other
     people who happen to stumble upon the website. You see, that
     button wields a certain kind of power as the more times it is
     plus 1’d, the higher that web page will rank on Google’s
     directory. This system helps others from around the globe find
     the quality content they need more easily and quickly.

     How is the plus 1 button useful?

     Well, there is an abundance of information found on the web,
     and the most frustrating thing is surfing through web pages,
     trying to find a web page that has relevant, non-crap, content.
     It’s almost hell trying to differentiate the good content from the
     lousy ones. But with Google plus 1, this all changes as every
     time we plus 1 something, we are supplying Google with
     information to help filter its own content. Google gathers this
     data supplied by the plus 1 button, and integrates it into the
     Google search engine. The number of plus 1’s a web page
     amasses, the more popular it will be and the higher it will rank.
     As the plus 1 data is collected and merged into Google’s
     system, Google’s quality should improve and this will make it
     easier for us to browse and find relevant information!

     Where can I find the plus 1 button?

     You can find this button when you search on Google’s listing
     and when you browse different web pages on Google. When
     you search on Google you will be able to spot a plus one button

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     beside each individual result. If you click this button, you can
     recommend web pages that you have found informative or
     useful to other users. You also have the option of adding the
     button to your own web page or website if you provide content.
     Once added, it allows other users to plus 1 your webpage if
     they so desire to.

     How can I add the plus 1 button?

     If you want to add the plus 1 button to your website or
     webpage, you must already have a Google account. If you do
     not have one, but wish to use Google plus 1, go ahead and
     register now by clicking on the following link:

     Then proceed to click this <a
     link. </a> and viola! The button has been added.

     What do I do now?

     Well, just wait for the results. This button won’t guarantee you
     instant traffic- however it does guarantee you gradual traffic that
     will benefit you in the long run. I have already installed this
     particular button to one of my websites and hits have been up
     30-50% with only a few plus 1’s. It may seem a bit of a hassle,
     and you may be wondering; but how can I compete with all the
     other websites that have dozens of plus 1’s? The thing is, yes,
     it may be hard. But doing nothing will not help you. Doing
     nothing will only keep you at the bottom.

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     Google Firefox Plus

     Firefox is arguable safer, faster, and visually more appealing
     that other browser applications. And a new plugin has recently
     become available for Firefox users! Firefox users now have the
     option of adding the browser extension for Mozilla’s Firefox.
     Through this you are able to manage your Facebook and
     Twitter accounts through your Google Plus stream system. The
     system also integrates the ability to be able to post to all three
     at once.
     This is especially helpful to those who are tired of constantly
     navigating throughout their Twitter, Google Plus and Gave book
     accounts. The new extension that allows you to combine all
     three is called Start Google Plus. When you open up your
     Google stream, Start Google Plus conveniently puts your
     Facebook and Twitter feeds inside that stream. Whilst using the
     system you can still use the functions that you normally do.
     Such as Tweeting, replying and viewing profiles in the case of
     Twitter, and commenting and liking in the case of Facebook.
     The integration of Google Plus to Firefox is just one of the many
     benefits that Firefox has to offer.

     Other benefits of Firefox include its:

     -Popup blocking capability; Users have the option of turning off
     those annoying popup windows. The browser can automatically
     take care of them. An alternative pop-up blocker system is not
     -It’s virus protection network despite being free; Firefox, despite
     being free, provides you with a high level of security. Virus
     programs and various other spyware can’t attach themselves
     onto your laptop or computer automatically.
     -It’s an open source browser; numerous users have stated that
     with this, Firefox is more secure as it is safer.
     -Clears your provide data

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     -Spell check facility
     -Ad block plus; this is perhaps one of Firefox’s most important
     feature. Ad block Plus has been downloaded over 100 million
     times. It blocks online ads. That may seem like a simple
     feature; but trust me, it’s a lifesaver.

     Anyway…you get the idea. Another great thing about the
     combined integration of Google plus into the Firefox system is
     that Firefox users that use Google Plus are able to see all the
     activity from one’s Google plus page, this call all be viewed in
     your Firefox sidebar. There are still a couple of glitches that
     need to be fixed- however if you’re willing to put up with all of
     that, while surfing the web you can see all the latest updates
     from Google plus!

     So why not give Firefox Plus a go? If however you are hesitant
     because you are not a Firefox user and this article is about the
     integration of Google plus into Firefox, then do not worry!
     Google plus is a lovely application to use, whether it’d be on
     Firefox, Chrome, or plain old internet explorer- Google plus is
     still a joy to use! However I do enjoy the benefits of Firefox, and
     I’d others to experience it as well. It’s a simple application,
     however it is visually appealing and its simplicity is something I
     would recommend to user’s who are seeking ways into making
     the internet a safer, faster, and easier place to use.

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     Google Chrome Plus

     Many users chose Google Chrome over internet explorer due to
     its superior connection speed and simplicity. Google Chrome is
     a visually attractive application that is both elegant and stylish.
     You have the option of taking the browsing phenomenon with
     you as it can be packaged as a portable app. Many users fell in
     love with Google chrome, and I am certain that many more
     users will fall in love with Google Chrome Plus.

     Google Chrome plus is an updated version of Google Chrome.
     It has been upgraded to have several characteristics that its
     predecessor did not have. At the moment, five major additions
     have been added to Google Chrome Plus. Future upgrades
     have also been promised to Chome users. But the best news of
     all? It’s free! Also, unwanted Chrome background
     communications can also be disabled if I user desires it so!

     Its 5 new additional features include:
     - A double click tab; that users can use to close pages. If you
     decide you want to exit a tab, you just double click on that
     certain tab to close it.
     - Gestures with the mouse
     - A “super drag” feature; you now have the option of just
     dragging a link onto anywhere on the screen and it the link will
     be viewed on a new tab.
     - Users can also view Google Chrome Plus whilst having an
     internet explorer tab open; you are able to open internet
     explorer links onto Chrome (the links will have to be compatible
     though). To do this, click the internet explorer button that is
     placed towards the end of the location bar.
     - Whilst in the context menu, users can download tools support;
     You now have the option of downloading files situated in your
     download manager. To download, right click the link that you
     are interested in and select the download manager.

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     Pastime users of Google Chrome will be positively delighted
     with this new upgraded version. Although it is to be noted that
     Google Chrome is renowned for its simplicity and speed, the
     addition of several other features will definition add to the
     consumption that is needed to run this application. However, I
     highly doubt that this will affect most users. Google Chrome
     Plus still retains its previous features, and the additions of these
     applications are interesting. Current chrome users should
     definitely give Google Chrome Plus a shot.

     If you are interested in downloading Google Chrome Plus, you
     can find this free application <a
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     But I’m still hesitant about downloading the application…
     Just try it out! You have nothing to lose with Google Chrome
     Plus, and if you are not satisfied with the application you have
     the option of uninstalling the applications. However, if you do
     test it out and end up liking the feel for it, then that’s great! You
     have nothing to lose with using Google Chrome Plus, and I
     personally recommend just trying it out. I installed this
     application about a month or two ago, and I love how unique
     and easy to use it is. I personally love the fact that I can disable
     ads and pop-ups.

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     Alexis Kenne

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