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Your Open Question: Lower back pain. Doctor? Thanks?

Hi. I'm 13 and I bumped my on a pointy rock surface. I think I hit it on a muscle like on the right side of my lower back. It has been hurting for a couple if weeks
now. My mom said that she may take me to the doctor my peditrican. Can you tell me what they would or. Would they tell me to go to a kid chiropractor or
something. So let me know what they would do to me. Thanks

Asked by Ravyn at Aug 11,2011 00:41

Best answer

They would physically examine the location -- and perhaps palpate (touch/press) on the area if they felt the need to. They won't hurt you. If deemed necessary
they would take an XRAY to ensure there were no shifts or other abnormalities from the fall/bump. Then if everything looked normal,. they would recommend you
take it easy, maybe give some NSAID based pain medication and send you on your way. If you needed adjustment the doctor would refer you to a regular
chiropractor. A chiropractor can just as easily treat a child as an adult. There isn't a big need for pediatric chiropractors. Though most Family doctors don't readily
refer children to chiropractors, so if yours does . follow him up on it. Chiropractors don't hurt, and aren't 'scary' -- it actually feels quite good to be adjusted. If you
aren't recommended and sent on your way. and the pain persists -- look into a physical therapist, kinesiologist. or a chiropractor instead of seeing your general
family doctor again. Take care,

Answer from Jared at Aug 11,2011 00:49

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Answer from Jacob Brook at Aug 11,2011 01:03

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Answer from tod m at Aug 11,2011 01:41

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