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Rope burn on my ankle is leaking orange liquid?

The dog's rope wrapped around my ankle and he took off running. I fell and got really bad rope burn on my ankle. It hurt at first, but now it just feels sore. The
burn did not cause me to bleed, but it did wipe off some top skin. Anyway, now there is liquid coming out of the area that is orange. I keep cleaning it with soap
and water, but it still keeps leaking. Is neosporin and a band aid ok to put on it?

Asked by Rorydee at Aug 10,2011 20:12

no idea

Answer from ? at Aug 10,2011 20:14

I suggest you go to a doctor, that sounds like an infection.

Answer from Spiriteh at Aug 10,2011 20:40

Best answer

Wash wound well with soap and water use a little neosporin on the wound (Note: a little will go a long ways do not gab/cake it on) then cover with a bandage.
Keep area clean and dry change bandage as needed. At night if bed is good and clean you may remove bandage so air will get to the wound and help it heel just
remember to re-bandage it when you get up for the day and I'd not swim for a few days let the wound get better first.

Answer from John at Aug 10,2011 21:28

take a bath with water and soak with milk it will heal ignore those idiots above me there just stupid god i hate people like that that are stupid like that.

Answer from imss at Aug 10,2011 22:52

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