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Over tired? need more sleep?

I can't sleep I try but it takes so long, what can not getting enough sleep do to you, I have taken iron tablets for a few weeks and I still feel tired. What can not
getting enough sleep do? I do sleep enough like from 10pm-11am

Asked by Tegan Harvey at Aug 14,2011 10:12

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If you sleep too much every night, you won't go into REM and you'll remain tired. It sounds backwards, but you need to sleep a lot less at night. During the day,
stay active. Caffeine in the morning is fine, but none in the afternoon or evening. I know that the "average" amount of sleep is 8 hours, but that's an average.
Some people sleep more and some less. It depends on the person. Now, if you're still unable to fall asleep, there are other ways around it. I've been on every
sleeping medicine that doctors could throw at me, and I'm immune to them all. As strange as it sounds, I actually located something over the counter that works
amazingly well. A combination of benadryl, unisom and dramamine will knock me out quickly and last all night. The first few nights, I ended up hallucinating, but
after that, it skipped that part and I was fine. You may want to have someone over the first night to see how you'll react. Feel free to take the generic medicines on
the sleep aisle. They're cheaper but they work just fine. Just look for the active ingredient.

Benadryl - diphenhydramine HCl

Dramamine - dimenhydrinate

Unisom - doxylamine succinate If the over the counter ones don't work, go ahead and get a script from a doctor. But no matter what, stay away from ambien. That
one is dangerous. I've seen horrible things happen to people on it. It often results in 8 hours of memory loss while the person is awake, but completely insane.

Answer from Mieren at Aug 15,2011 06:35

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