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My double ear piercing is bleeding, what do I do?

It's only on one ear so I know I'm not allergic to the metal. I got the piercing about 7 weeks ago, and I am worried the hole will scab over and/or close up if I leave
the earring out for too long. The cartilage around the hole is hard and is painful to the touch. I've tried cleaning it with a cotton ball and the antiseptic the lady gave
me. What do I do?

Asked by Cassin at Aug 14,2011 15:15

Cut your ear off like Van Gough

Answer from Joseph Smith at Aug 14,2011 15:16

I have had the same problum. i started taking mine out a few weeks after i got mine done. so you can take it out and clean both ear and ear ring. and the hard
lump will soon eavin out just take out ear ring and clean it often :)

Answer from Aly Cakes xD at Aug 14,2011 15:21

Best answer

Nothing cept put peroxide/rubbing alcohol on it & air dry/heal~Yes-it's that simple~ ADD~I 4-GOT 2 tell ya that I find that neosiprorin?[spelling] works & heals the
bestest & fastest 4 open wounds [small 1s]

Answer from Continue at Aug 14,2011 15:24

How do you know you're not allergic? It sounds as though some infection has set in. If you have a gold or silver earring then cleanse it with the antiseptic and
replace the other one with it after cleansing your hands and the infected area!. Always keep your hands clean and swab the hole once and throw the cotton ball
away. Use a clean one each time!

Answer from xbkw46 at Aug 14,2011 15:51

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