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The unofficial
guide to ESCP-EAP
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Table of Contents
Welcome to London                          4

Finance                                    5

Accommodation                              6

Tenancy Deposit Protection                 7

Accommodation and Prices                   8

Hampstead and West Hampstead               9

Kilburn, Brondesbury and Golders Green     10

Cricklewood, Childs Hill and Dollis Hill   11

Council Tax                                12

Estate agents                              13

Getting started                            14

Working                                    15

Temporary NI number                        16

Permanent NI number                        17

London Nightlife                           19

Restaurants                                22

Health                                     23

Getting around London                      25

Transport Prices                           26

Train Stations                             28

VISAS                                      29

Safety                                     30

Counselling                                33

Lost Property                              37

Finally                                    38

Useful numbers                             39
PAGE 4                                                               ESCP-EAP LONDON


First of all…CONGRATULATIONS! If you’re reading this
then you’ve already achieved something special by be-
ing accepted into ESCP-EAP – it’s not in the top three of
French Business Schools for
nothing (even if we say so ourselves!). Whether you’re
studying the Masters in Management or in European
Business, we hope you’re happy with your choice and
that you take full advantage of it.
However, being accepted onto your course is only one
step of several that you need to take – namely figuring
out how to survive in, and above all enjoy, London life -
which is what this booklet is all about.

When we asked a recent student what the best way of settling into London was, they
                         said ‘just get lost, and try to find your way back’. This
                         isn’t something we recommend you take too literally, but
                         it certainly proves one thing; how overwhelming every-
                         thing can seem at first. It’s not cheap, but it is fun; it’s
                         simple, but it is worth it.

                            In this booklet you’ll find info about where to live, how to
                            pay for it, where to go out, what to do, how to get there
                            …in fact, most of the things you’ll want to know. We
                            hope we haven’t missed anything out but if we have…
                            make sure you get out there and do it! Hopefully it will
                            provide you with everything that an ESCP-EAP student
                            would ever need to know.
ESCP-EAP LONDON                                                            PAGE 5

 It pains us to start off with one of the more
 boring aspects of your life at ESCP-EAP but,
 like most things in England, it is a necessary
 evil. Without a bank account you can’t do the
 vital things in life like going to nightclubs and
 cinemas, as well as unimportant stuff like
 buying marketing textbooks. So get this as
 soon as you can! Who you bank with is your
 choice, but ESCP-EAP has got an association
 with HSBC bank, whose branch is just down
 the road from the School, at 122 Finchley
 Road. As it says on, you can
 set up a bank account with them either
 through their website ( or via
 a call centre (08457 404404) in your home
 country. This account offers online banking , cash machine withdrawals (up to
 £200 per day) and Solo ATM card which and is not accepted on all online sites.
 The monthly fee for this account is £5.

 For those of you that want to do it when you come to England, we will distribute
 application forms during the registration day and you will be able to collect your
                         debit card in 2 weeks. This account offers more facilities
                         such a international debit card (accepted worldwide
                         where Cirrus/Maestro are accepted), telephone & online
                         banking, instant access saver account and others. The
                         monthly fee for this account is £6.

                         Either way, remember one thing - this is worth doing as
                         soon as you can!
PAGE 6                                                               ESCP-EAP LONDON

Finding accommodation is another rea-        A more detailed description of these
son why you should try and get your bank     areas follows.
account set up quickly,
because accommodation is the second          Most of the current students choose live
serious thing you need to get to grips       in Cricklewood and Child’s Hill, or close
with. The majority of ESCP-EAP students      to the School in
find somewhere to                                             West Hampstead. This is
live    relatively                                            a reflection on both price
quickly and easily,                                           and convenience – prop-
but it can always                                             erties in Cricklewood and
help if you have                                              Child’s Hill are cheaper
some background                                               than those elsewhere,
information       at                                          but there are a lot more
hand.                                                         facilities right on your
                                                              doorstep in West Hamp-
Try looking for                                               stead (including the
accommodation at                                              School, which may or
least six weeks                                               may not be appealing)
before the start of term – that way you’ll   and the lively Finchley Road. Meanwhile,
avoid the rush for student housing that      the third most popular choice was in
always happens, and get the nicer places     Golders Green, where a significant num-
before anyone else.                          ber of students live. This is a good idea
                                             – the area has reasonable rates, a lot to
                                             do, and is a little bit closer to the School.
Most ESCP-EAP students                       Kilburn and Brondesbury and Dollis Hill
predominately live in:                       are both fine as well (we wouldn’t rec-
                                             ommend them if they weren’t) but some
•   Hampstead                                students living here felt they were a little
•   West Hampstead                           too far away from where the fun was,
•   Kilburn and Brondesbury                  and that the transport links were a little
•   Golders Green                            limited. However, it didn’t seem to stop
•   Cricklewood and Childs Hill              them from creating their own fun in their
                                             own area. Either way, it boils down to-
•   Dollis Hill
                                             how close you want to live to the School,
                                             and what you are prepared to pay.
PAGE 7                                                            ESCP-EAP LONDON

Tenancy Deposit Protection
From 6 April 2007, all deposits (up to the level of
£25,000) taken by landlords and letting agents for
Assured Shorthold Tenancies in England and Wales,
must be protected by a tenancy deposit protection

What are Tenancy Deposit Schemes?
There are two types of tenancy deposit protection scheme available for landlords
and letting agents (insurance-based schemes and custodial schemes). All schemes
provide a free dispute resolution service.

What are Tenancy Deposit Schemes?
The schemes allow tenants to get all or part of their deposit back when they are
entitled to it and encourage tenants and landlords to make a clear agreement from
the start on the condition of the property.

The schemes:
• allow tenants to get all or part of their deposit back when they are entitled to it
• make any disputes easier to resolve
• encourage tenants and landlords to make a clear agreement from the start on
   the condition of the property

There are two types of tenancy deposit protection scheme available for landlords
and letting agents. All schemes provide a free dispute resolution service.

We strongly advise you to check the following website for full details about the Ten-
ancy Deposit Protection:
ESCP-EAP LONDON                                                             PAGE 8

Area              Distance    Transportation        M ain              Average housing
                  from                              attractions        price range
Hampstead         5 minute    Tube: Hampstead       Hampstead          1 bed studio:
                  walk        (Zone 2)              Heath; Freud       £720/month
                              Bus : 268 from        Museum;            3 bedroom house:
                              Hampstead High        Everyman           £1,880/month
                              Street to O2 Centre   Cinema and         4 bedroom house:
                              on Finchley Road      variety of         £2,200/month
West              School is   Tube: West            O2 shopping        1 bed studio:
Hampstead         situated    Hampstead &           center; variety    £640/month
                  in this     Finchley Road         of bars, pubs,     3 bedroom house:
                  area        Bus: 113 and 82       restaurants and    £1,450/month
                              from Finchley         speciality shops   4 bedroom house:
                              Road to Oxford                           £2,020/month
                              Circus and Victoria
                              Rail: West
                              Hampstead and
                              Finchley &
Kilburn &         15          Tube: Kilburn,        Tricycle arts      1 bed studio:
Brondesbury       minute      Kilburn Park,         center; ethnic     £620/month
                  wallk       Queens Park &         and organic        3 bedroom house:
                              Kensal Green          cuisines;          £1,133/month
                              Bus: 328 to           Queens;            4 bedroom house:
                              Finchley Road and     Brondesbury        £1,690/month
                              Golders Green         Grange &
                              Rail: Brondesbury     Fryent country
                              & Kilburn High        parks
Golders Green     10          Tube: Golders         Hampstead          1 bed studio:
                  minute      Green                 Heath;             £600/month
                  bus ride    Bus: 82 from          woodland           3 bedroom house:
                              Golders Green bus     walks; ethnic      £1,253/month
                              station to Victoria   and speciality     4 bedroom house:
                              Station               cuisine;           £1,260/month
Cricklewood &     15          Bus: 460 or C11       Cricklewood        1 bed studio:
Childs Hill       minute      from Cricklewood      festivals          £607/month
                  walk        Broadway to North                        3 bedroom house:
                              Finchley or Brent                        £1,066/month
                              Cross                                    4 bedroom house:
Dollis Hill       10 minue    Tube: Dollis Hill     Gladstone Park;    1 bed studio:
                  tube        Bus: 226 from         Brent Reservoir    £660/month
                  journey     Dudden Hill Lane                         3 bedroom house:
                              to Park Royal                            £1,120/month
                                                                       4 bedroom house:
PAGE 9                                                           ESCP-EAP LONDON

In Detail…..
Hampstead is the area east of Finchley Road and is
one of the closest to the School. It is a very
affluent neighborhood with housing options
ranging from terraced houses to Victorian
mansions. It used to be a more artistic area but is
now being replaced as a suburb for wealthy

The main attraction of Hampstead is the famous
791-acre Hampstead Heath. It provides a peaceful
respite from the bustling city around it and is one of
the most popular recreational areas in London. Par-
liament Hill offers
fantastic views of the city and Kenwood House is a popular venue for open-air con-
certs throughout the year. Hampstead is also home to the Freud Museum and the
Everyman alternative cinema club. With over 300 restaurants, Hampstead is also
known for its enormous selection of eateries.

Hampstead underground station and various bus services connect this part of north
London to the city center.

West Hampstead encompasses the area surrounding the School, west of Finchley
Road and east of Cricklewood Broadway. The charming residential streets and the
conveniences of Finchley Road, combined with more reasonable housing prices,
make West Hampstead an attractive place to live.

Finchley Road has a wide range of wine bars, pubs and restaurants, mostly located
along the bustling West End Lane. There is a collection of outlets specializing in
books, antiques and interiors, in addition to shops providing for basic amenities
such as launderettes, banks and grocers. The huge O2 shopping center, near the
Finchley Road underground station, has a supermarket, multiplex cinema, fitness
center (the Esporta), bars and restaurants catering for all tastes.

West Hampstead is easily accessible by different underground train stations such as
Kilburn, West Hampstead, Swiss Cottage and Finchley Road.
ESCP-EAP LONDON                                                             PAGE 10

Kilburn is south west of the School and within 15 minutes walking distance. It is one
of the more multicultural boroughs of London, with nearly half of the population
representing an ethnic minority, and has recently become a trendy area to live. It is
conveniently close to the city center and has properties comparable to those in
Hampstead but at less expensive prices.

Kilburn High Road is cheap and cheerful with all the typical high street chains and
service providers. Restaurants in the area cater for a broad range of tastes, includ-
ing a variety of ethnic cuisines and organic foods. Queens Park,
Brondesbury, Grange and Fryent Country parks all offer quiet and open space, per-
fect for leisurely                                     weekend afternoons. The Tri-
cycle Arts Center, a                                   well-regarded theatre and art-
house       cinema,                                    attracts people from across

Kilburn can be                                       reached by the Kilburn, Kil-
burn Park, Queens                                    Park and Kensal Green under-
ground stations or                                   by the Brondesbury train sta-

Golders Green is a                                   prosperous area with a strong
community       feel,                                and is about a ten minute bus
ride north of the School. The lively main road dissects the area, which is otherwise
comprised of quiet, tree lined streets. Like Hampstead, Golders Green also has ac-
cess to Hampstead Heath. In the park students can enjoy the spectacular views of
London or woodland walks such as the London Loop, which circles the outskirts of
London. Other attractions include The Museum of Jewish Life and The Royal Air
Force Museum. There is a vast selection of restaurants, bakeries, butchers and
grocers. In particular, the Indian, Middle Eastern, Japanese, and Kosher eateries
deserve a taste.

Golders Green provides easy access to central London via the Northern under-
ground line and several bus services, including bus 82, which stops near the School.
ESCP-EAP LONDON                                                               PAGE 11

Cricklewood is located north of West Hampstead, between Cricklewood Broadway
and Hendon Way, about a 15-minute walk from the School. Cricklewood has reason-
able prices and a relaxed character. The diversity of cultures makes it an interesting
place to live.
Cricklewood Broadway is a quirky, patchwork main street best known as the setting
for Zadie Smith’s novel White Teeth. Every July, the Cricklewood Festival attracts
people with live music, DJ’s, arts and a fun fair.

The     northeast                                       part of Cricklewood is known
as Child’s Hill. It                                     is near to Hampstead Heath,
between       the                                       School and Golders Green.
This is a quieter,                                      residential area with easy
access to the                                           School via bus 82 (along
Finchley Road).

Though there are                                        no underground stations in
the area, Crickle-                                      wood railway station and bus
services link it to                                     the city centre.

Dollis Hill is fur-                                        ther west of Cricklewood and
enjoys impressive views of the city. Traditional housing and a more tranquil environ-
ment give this area an up- market feel, yet still offers reasonable prices.

Gladstone Park is the heart of Dollis Hill, with tennis courts, a putting green and the
recently renovated Dollis Hill House. The House is a café, arts centre and confer-
ence venue which regularly hosts classical concerts. The Brent Reservoir, is a popu-
lar summer attraction for windsurfing, sailing, rowing, and canoeing. In addition, the
extraordinary Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, the largest Hindu temple in London, is
found in nearby Neasden.

Though it is further from the School, Dollis Hill has the benefit of being only 20 min-
utes from the city centre. The School is 10 minutes away via the Dollis Hill under-
ground station, or the bus from nearby Dudden Hill Lane.
PAGE 12                                                                 ESCP-EAP LONDON

Council Tax

                                 The Council Tax is a system of local taxation col-
                                 lected by local authorities. It is a tax on domestic
                                 property and, generally, the bigger the property is
                                 the more tax will be charged. There is only one
                                 council tax bill per dwelling. If you do not live in an
                                 exempt dwelling, or if you do not qualify for a dis-
                                 count, you and the other residents in the property
                                 may be liable to pay the full council tax, typically
                                 around £100 per month (although this will vary
                                 depending on the area in which you live, and the
size of the
            The bill for council tax is set for the ‘dwelling’ (e.g. whole flat or house).
If all the residents of the dwelling are full-time students, the dwelling is exempt. If
you find that you are sharing a dwelling with people who are not full-time students
you will not be personally liable for council tax for that dwelling if you provide the
council with proof of your full-time student status. In such cases the other non-
students or part-time student residents of the flat/house will be legally liable for
the whole bill. This means that no full-time student is liable to pay council tax to
the local council, however you still may be required to contribute towards the bill
for the household under the contractual terms of your tenancy agreement. Please
note that you will be liable for council tax for the period that you are not registered
as a full-time student (for example, if you take out a tenancy agreement in July you
will be liable for the council tax from the date you signed the tenancy agreement
until you are formally registered as a student when you start the course in Sep-

           Please be aware that if you choose to take a gap year in London you will
be liable for council tax during that time.

          When you register for your course in September, we will provide you with
letters for the Council verifying your student status, which you must forward to
your local. Failure to do so may result in you being held liable for the council tax
bill and you may find yourself being threatened with court
          The Council Tax regulations are very complex and this information is a
general guide only. If you have any queries or problems you should contact the
Citizens Advice Bureau (
ESCP-EAP LONDON                                                             PAGE 13

Estate Agents
Estate agents are a curious breed, and beware as they start by promising you every-
thing yet they tend to change when they want your signature for a lease. Be pre-
pared for the following:

•    Guarantors – some students were asked for up to two guarantors each before
they signed the lease. Thankfully this was rare but for those who had to get them, it
delayed the process a little.

• One month rent AND                                       deposit in the first
month. Deposits can                                        be equal to up to 6
weeks’ rent. Paying                                        what is often a big lump
sum can be a bit of a                                      shock but it’s standard
practice for most es-                                      tate agents. All the more
reason to set up your                                      finances properly and as
soon as possible! Be                                       sure to get an inventory
(a list of all the furnish-                                ings in the property)
when you move in. If                                       anything is damaged, ask
for the inventory to be                                    amended. You don’t want
your landlord accusing                                     you of damage to the
property when you                                          move out, as this may
result in you losing                                       your deposit.

 •   You may be asked for a reference from someone who will confirm your ability
to pay the rent regularly. Your previous landlord, bank, or employer will usually be

 •    Watch out for Agent’s fees. There should be no fee to register with an agent,
but there may be administration costs if you agree to rent from them.

• Bills. Make sure you’re clear on what is included and what isn’t. Some people had
their water bills included as part of their lease; others had gas or electricity in-
cluded; and some poor people had none at all. This might cause a bit of confusion
later on in the lease so make sure you are aware from the start who you should be
paying and when. Above all else – make sure you view the property before signing!
That way, whatever faulty radiators or leaking roof there might be can be discovered
BEFORE you move in.
PAGE 14                                                          ESCP-EAP LONDON

Getting started….
Now that you know a bit more about the   West end estates
areas and details of accommodation in    322 West end Lane
London here is a few places to start.
                                         Hampstead London NW6 1LN
Millenium residential
517 Finchley Rd
                                         The London Letting Company
Hampstead London NW3 7BG
                                         190 Kilburn high rd
Tel: + 44 2077940400
                                         London NW6 4JD
                                         Tel: +44 2077947744

Hausman & Holmes
57 Golders Green Rd
                                         USEFUL WEBSITES:
                                - highly
London NW11 8EL                          recommended
Tel: + 44 2084588555            – a good source of
                                         cheap accommodation                 w ww . s pr in g boa r d u rb a n . co.u k -
                                         specifically designed to help graduates
                                         find a place to live in London
Frognal Estates
283 Finchley rd                
London NW3 6ND                 
Tel: + 44 2074317070           
                                         And Finally…
                                         If it all goes wrong and you’ve got no-
                                         where to go then the nearest
Ellis & Co                               hostel is:
52 Golders Green Rd                      Youth Hostel Association
Golders Green, London NW11 8LN           4 Wellgarth Road
                                         Golders Green
Tel: +44 2084551014
                                         London NW11 7HR            Tel: 020 8458 9054
                                         Fax: 0 20 8209 0546
ESCP-EAP LONDON                                                              PAGE 15

London is an expensive place, so it can help to get a part-time job if you need some
extra cash. Obviously any nearby bars or restaurants are worth checking out (which
was how most of the students from last year found their jobs), as are the local news-
papers or job agencies (the ones nearest to your area can be found at There is also a job center very close to the School on
Finchley Road.

The good news is you should almost always be exempt from paying any tax, as this
is only applicable to people who earn over £4615 a year – always ask your employer
for a tax exemption form though, just to make sure! Unfortunately, though, you will
have to pay National Insurance – a contribution made by employees and employers
to the Inland Revenue. Most UK citizens are issued with a National Insurance num-
ber on their 16th birthday, but if you are not a UK citizen and have not worked in the
UK before you will need to get a National Insurance number.
PAGE 16                                           ESCP-EAP LONDON

NI Temporary number
 How to get a National Insurance Number:

 1. A temporary number
     ·    When you start working, you will have
          to complete an Inland Revenue form
          (e.g. a P46, P38).
     ·    Please note that your are required by
          law to have a national insurance num-
          ber and your employer may not be able
          to pay you until you have one number.

          We highly recommend that you make an
          appointment to get a permanent national
          insurance number as soon as possible.
ESCP-EAP LONDON                                                         PAGE 17

NI Permanent number
2. A permanent number
   ·   You can get a permanent NI number from your local Benefits
       Agency (the one nearest your term time address). You can find
       your local office by looking in the telephone directory under
       'Government Offices' - 'Benefits Agency'.

   ·   Telephone the office to arrange an appointment to apply for a NI
       number. (Do not be surprised if there is a long wait!)

   ·   You will need to take some personal documents to the appoint-
       ment to prove your identity. Ask the Benefits Agency which docu-
       ments you will need. It may include:

           ·      Your passport

           ·      Your National Identity Card

           ·      Work Permit

           ·      Birth certificate

           ·      Proof that you have been offered employment (a letter
                  from your employer / a contract of employment / a pay-

           ·      Proof of your address in the UK (such as a utilities bill

           ·      Proof of your student status

       Photocopies of the above will not be accepted. Staff will need to
       see the original document.

   ·   If you do not have the documents required, you should still attend
       the appointment, as the staff will be able to advise you on your
       next steps.
PAGE 18                                                     ESCP-EAP LONDON

    ·     Once the procedure has been completed you will be issued with a
          National Insurance Number. Be prepared to wait though, as it can
          take 12 – 14 weeks to arrive!
    ·     You will be given a letter confirming that you have applied for the
          number and a copy of this letter should also go to your em-
          ployer. You may continue to work while you are waiting for the
          number to arrive.
If you have a visa, do remember to check if you need a work permit or not (if
you have a visitors visa you will need to get it changed to a student visa
before you can work in the UK).

You do NOT need a work visa to carry out the internship as your student
status still applies for this.

Finally, the local Volunteer Bureau council provides the opportunity for vol-
unteer work
( or call on 020 7424 9990).
ESCP-EAP LONDON                                                             PAGE 19

London Nightlife
It’s always good to know what you’ll be spending your hard-earned cash on when
you come to London, so here it is. Most students are obviously aware of the major
tourist attractions                                        in London (such as
Big Ben, the Mil-                                          lennium Wheel and
the National Gal-                                           lery) but don’t forget
there is a lot of
local stuff as well.                                       On a night out, you
could be seriously                                          stretching       your
budget      if you                                         wanted to go into
Central London –                                           excluding transport
can cost you a                                             small fortune depend-
ing on what you                                            want to do. Dinner is
usually £15+ ,                                             and some of the more
popular        clubs                                       have an entrance fee
of around £15.                                             This is why West
Hampstead          is                                      such a great place to
go out. Among                                              students at ESCP-EAP
it has earned a                                            reputation as a place
to go and have an                                           enjoyable, but not
entirely      hectic,                                      night. Walking home
with some change                                           is better than hitching
home with none!

Bars and Clubs
Basically, West End Lane in West Hampstead seems to be the best place in the area
to go – a mixture of bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants that are relaxed, stylish, but
above all fun. Over the next few pages are the top five bars and clubs that ESCP-
EAP students thought were the best (taste not withstanding!). Don’t forget to check
the glossary for their addresses and numbers.

There are live bands on Friday and Saturday evenings and live jazz on Sunday after-
noons. There’s also a DJ Thursday through Sunday evenings.
PAGE 20                                                             ESCP-EAP LONDON

Local places to be…..
1. Walkabout.
Hmmm. ESCP-EAP students came from all over Europe to one of the most cosmo-
politan cities in the world … to go to an Australian-themed nightclub. It’s a very good
idea though, as this huge and lively bar is close to the School and right next to the
massive O2 center, a huge mall that has other night and day attractions. The club
itself combines rustic and modern appearances, and has lots on offer for all tastes
– DJ’s on the weekend and, very often, live guitar music on certain nights of the
week. Drinks, by comparison to other large London venues, are pretty cheap, whilst
the food and drink on offer is eccentric but very good.

2. The Crown.
From the outside, the Crown looks impressive – it’s an imposing, redbrick building
that incorporates a hotel with five bars. Each bar has a unique ambience, from lei-
surely to lively, but the overall style is a contemporary one. The good thing about this
place is that it can be the best of both worlds – right in the middle of Cricklewood
means you can have a relaxed drink before heading off somewhere else, or stay all
night due to it being big enough. Either way, the choice is there under one roof.

3. Cane Bar
Although a little small, this cocktail bar is still stylish and relaxed enough to have a
decent night – any place with a bed and a table football game in the same room has
got to be worth a visit! The tables outside are great in the summer, or at least when
it's sunny, and the drinks are reasonably priced when compared to the rest of Lon-
don. There's usually a DJ on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and whilst it gets
busy quickly, it never gets too busy. Out of all the places mentioned here, this is
perhaps the one with the smartest décor, so it’s good for showing off to your friends
about how tasteful you are.
PAGE 21                                                             ESCP-EAP LONDON

4. Sirous Tapas Bar
& Restaurant
Half-restaurant and half-bar, ESCP-
EAP students tend to ignore the
restaurant – as good
as it is – and concentrate just on
the bar. There's a 2-4-1 deal on the
cocktails, between
5pm-7pm, everyday except for
weekends, but it’s still worth get-
ting some food once in a
while - three tapas dishes comes
with ½ a litre of Sangria. Which is a lot, if your crowd is big enough. Like the Cane
bar, the atmosphere is cool and the crowd is young. The DJ plays standard chart
music, but conscious of the restaurant, there’s no dancing!

5. Latelys
Open for 25 years, Latelys has been around long enough to know what works and
what doesn’t. It’s the only place in West Hampstead that’s open until 2AM. That’s
another thing you might have to get used to – Britain’s lack luster
opening hours when compared to Europe. Whilst it gets busy during the week, the
real action is on a Saturday night where a one-off membership fee of £5 gets you in
free for the whole year. When you realize entry prices in some
Central London clubs are between £10 and £20, it makes sense over the long term!
The average prices make up for the limited drink menu, but overall it’s a night that is
worth it.
ESCP-EAP LONDON                                                                PAGE 22

1. Walnut
The interior is small and comfortable, with roof-to-ceiling windows and an open plan
kitchen that gives it a more spacious experience (you can also watch the chef at
work). The menu is Modern European and pretty cheap - the price for a meal for two
is about £30 (excluding drink).

2. Gourmet Burger Kitchen
This London chain is a real treat – McDonalds it most certainly is not. The seating is
simple and you pay for food and drinks at the bar, but the burgers, from an intrigu-
ing and most imaginative list of about 30, are massive – a good 8 inches high, all
held precariously together with thickly cut chips and salad (it always helps to feel
slightly healthy when eating something of this size). Expect to pay about £12 for two

3. Dona Olga
This friendly and cheap restaurant crams the customers in around plastic tables
with the promise of excellent authentic Colombian cooking, which is served in huge,
tasty portions. The empanadas are a real and authentic taste of South America, and
you can really appreciate the Latin feel that the restaurant has. Again, it should cost
around £30 for a night for two.

Don’t forget to check to glossary for a list of cinemas, theatres and art galleries that
are also in the area. Also, buy a copy of Time Out, which is a weekly guide to London
entertainment, and check out the following websites:
PAGE 23                                                            ESCP-EAP LONDON

The two largest gyms that are the nearest to the School are Holmes Place in Crickle-
wood Lane, and Esporta in the O2 center. With both gyms you can buy yearly mem-
bership or pay monthly, usually at a cost of between £50-70 (the rate varies de-
pending on which facilities you want to use). Both of them should allow you access

Health and beauty salon
Pilates room
Weights room
Nutrition rooms
Sauna and steam room
Cycling room
Swimming pool
Self-defence classes

Health is a flexible issue in the UK. There are NHS Walk-in Centres (the
nearest one to the School is the Whittington NHS Walk-In Centre, Whittington Hospi-
tal, Highgate Hill, London N19 5NF – about 4.05 km or 2.52 miles) where you can
quite literally just walk in. Walk-In Centres are usually open seven days a week,
from early in the morning until late in the evening and offer treatment for minor ill-
nesses and injuries, assessment by an experienced NHS nurse, advice on how to
stay healthy, and information on out-of-hours GP and dental services. To find the
nearest Walk-In Centre to where you are living you should go to

NHS Direct is a 24-hour telephone line, staffed by nurses, which offers quick access
to health care advice. NHS Direct nurses will you advice and support on self treat-
ment or if you need further help, they’ll put you in touch with the right service.
ESCP-EAP LONDON                                                              PAGE 24

 If it’s a serious condition or an emergency, the nurse will give you speedy advice
 on what you need to do, and will call an ambulance if needed. NHS Direct is
 open 24 hours a day, on 0845 46 47. You can also visit their website for advice:

 There is also a private walk-in center: Doctor Today, 182 Finchley Road, London
 NW3 6BP (opposite Finchley Road tube station), telephone 020 7443 1444; e-
 mail: They are open from 10am-8pm Monday to
 Friday and 10am-1pm on Saturday. For further information please visit their

 You can also register with a local doctor (known as a GP) as long as you can
 provide proof that you’re a resident in the area they serve. There should be at
 least five GPs in any given area. The easiest way to find your nearest GP is to go
 to and type in your postcode. It’s then a case of
 calling them up and asking if you can register, which can be done in a day. After
 that, you can call any time to make an appointment should you feel the need to.
 The website should also be the first place to look if you want to find your nearest
 dentist or optician (although there may be a minimum charge).

 If you’re a national of any EAA countries it’s worth getting an E111 form, which
 you should get in your home country before coming to the UK. Not only are they
 free, they enable you to free or reduced-cost health cover in almost all of
 Europe. Note: From September 2005, the E111 will be replaced by the EHIC
 (European Health Insurance Card). Form E111s issued after 19th August 2004
 will continue to be valid until 31st December 2005. If you are coming from a
 country outside of the EAA, then you should take our private health insurance
 before coming to the UK.

 Hospital treatment: Anyone who comes to the UK to persue a full-time course of
 study which lasts more than six months will be entitled to free NHS hospital
 treatment should the need arise. If your course lasts less than six months you
 will have to pay for hospital treatment, unless your country holds a bilateral
 heath care agreement with the UK. Regardless of nationality, Accident and
 Emergency departments will not charge you for treatment if you are involved in
 an accident and need emergency treatment.
 More information on healthcare entitlements is available at the Department of
 Health website:
PAGE 25                                                            ESCP-EAP LONDON

Getting around London
Public transport within London consists of the
underground railway and the bus service. The
London underground transportation system - “the
tube” - is divided into 6 zones, with
ESCP-EAP located in zone 2.

If you think you’ll be in London for a year and be
using the tube a lot, it could be worth checking out
Oyster cards. These make payment a lot more
efficient – you can just scan them at
special machines in the station, type in the ticket
price and the amount will be debited from your
account. You can also recharge them over the
phone or via the Internet. If the card is lost or sto-
len, the authorities can immediately cancel the card and issue a new one.

Applying for one is easy – just ask at the Programme Office for a form and they will
gladly give one to you. All you have to do is then get the form validated by us, and
send it off with a £5 payment.

You’ll usually travel only within zones 1, 2 and 3. A single fare within these zones
between £1.10 and £2.50, whilst a return ticket costs about £4.40 (obviously, both
depend on how far you travel). The ticket types are relatively flexible, and depend on
how far in London and to what areas you wish to travel; options are one or three day
tickets, weekly or monthly tickets.

Contacts: - official website for London transport. Goes into great detail on all
aspects, and is very useful for checking facts.

Oyster Cards
Tel: +44 8708499999
ESCP-EAP LONDON                                                                   PAGE 26

Transport prices
The Underground (but these tickets can also be used on the buses and overland
trains in London)

Travel card          Travel price within zones 1, 2 & 3        Student prices
                     (prices based on ticket type available)

All Day              Zones 1-2 £6.60 (peak),                   Not Available
                     £5.10 (off peak)
                     Zones 1-3 £ £7.80 (peak only)

3 Day travel card    Zones 1-2 £16.40 (peak only)              Not Available
                     Zones 1-6 £39.60 (on peak)
                     £20 .10 (off peak)

Weekly               Zones 1-2 £23.20                          Zones 1-2 £16.20
                     Zones 1-3 £27.40                          Zones 1-3 £19.10

Monthly              Zones 1-2 £89.10                          Zones 1-2 £62.30
                     Zones 1-3 £105.30                         Zones 1-3 £73.40

Annual               Zones 1-2 £928                            Zones 1-2 £ 648
                     Zones 1-3 £1096                           Zones 1-3 £ 764

Please note that all prices were correct at the time of printing.

Students taking a GAP YEAR will not be able to apply
for Student Oyster Cards as you have to be attend-
ing a full-time course, consisting of 15 hours tuition
or more to be eligible to the student discount
PAGE 27                                                              ESCP-EAP LONDON

Transport continued….
For travel on the London buses the prices are as follows…..

          Travel card         Price for travel      Student prices

          Single fare         £1.50                 £ not available

          One day bus pass    £3.50                 £ not available

          Weekly              £13.50                £9.40

          Monthly             £51.90                £36.10

          Annual              £540                  £376

Depending on where you want to go, the buses that run along Finchley Road and
that pass the School are numbers 13, 82, 113, and 268.

London Coach and Train Stations
Coach stations
The main coach station in London is Victoria Station. Information on destinations,
fares and bookings can be found at

The nearest coach station to the School is at Golders Green, from which the Na-
tional Express operates.

To get there from the campus, take bus number 82 and get off at Golders Green
station. For information on National Express services visit
or call 087 0580 8080.
ESCP-EAP LONDON                                                          PAGE 28

Train stations
Each of these stations is also situated on the London underground making them
accessible. The nearest railway station to the ESCP-EAP is Finchley & Frognal
The main train stations in London are:
• Euston
• Kings Cross St. Pancras
• Liverpool Street
• Waterloo
• Paddington
• Victoria Station

Information for individual rail companies that operate from London and the rest of
the UK can be found at or by calling 084 5148 4950.
PAGE 29                                                             ESCP-EAP LONDON

Students with VISAS
Students from the European Union or European Economic Area do not need a
visa. The following website provides entrance requirements to the UK for all

If you have any enquiries concerning your visa once you are in Britain (such as apply-
ing for extensions) you should contact the Immigration & Nationality Directorate:

          Lunar House
          40 Wellesley Road
          CR9 2BY
          Tel: 0870 6067766

If you want to apply for an extension to your visa, then it is best to do it 2 months
before it expires. It is a very expensive process especially if you need it done within
24 hours as it can cost up to £500 ( – so think carefully before you do so).

Remember, you can still work even if you have a student visa, but there a few condi-

• You can’t work for more than 20 hours per week during term time (excluding
• You can’t do business, be self-employed or work full- time in a permanent job.
• You have to attend a minimum of 80% of the lessons and the school is obliged
   by law to report to the Home Office and visa national student who fails to attend
   two consecutive lessons without a valid justification for the absence.
ESCP-EAP LONDON                                                           PAGE 30

We hope you enjoy yourself in Lon-        Personal Safety and possessions - If
don. But there are times, as in any       you’re anxious of walking alone in
major city, when you should be wary.      areas you do not feel safe in, then
Generally crime around West Hamp-         personal attack alarms are useful.
stead and the surrounding areas are       With possessions, it is worth consid-
quite low when compared to other          ering buying security marker pens.
parts of London, and you will probably    With these, you can write your post-
have heard some frightening stories       code onto your property, but it will
that are in reality very rare. However,   only become visible under ultra- violet
it always pays to be careful!             light; so if they are stolen
                                          and then recovered, a conviction can
                                          be made almost instantly.
First things first, the emergency num-
ber if you want to call the police, the
fire brigade or an ambulance is 999.      This is especially appealing if you
Call them as soon as you can if any of    don’t want to scratch your name into
the above are required. If you have to    your possessions, although this in
call one of the emergency services        itself is a much more effective form of
from inside the School, you need to       deterrent. Keep your personal belong-
dial 9999.                                ings with you at all times. Laptops are
ESCP-EAP has a community liaison          one of the most common forms of
officer from the police station (again,   theft so keep an eye on them con-
just around the corner from the           stantly. Try and keep the expensive
School). Ask at the programme office      stuff such as stereos and computers
for his email address if you are con-     AWAY from your downstairs window,
cerned about anything regarding your      and more importantly … keep it
personal safety. They should also         closed when you’re not in the room!
have a list of police stations that       Also be wary when on your mobile
should cover the local area, and          phone – thieves often snatch them
therefore probably one near to your       and run off.

Leaflets are available on personal
safety, but here are some tips that
you might find useful.
PAGE 31                                                            ESCP-EAP LONDON

 Endsleigh Insurance are the UK’s premier student insurers – go to for more information, or ask at the ESCP-EAP Programme
 Office which policies they offer that may be suitable.

 Cash machines – be wary of people standing too close to you when withdrawing
 cash. They could                                     be looking at your pin
 number, or be                                        ready to snatch the

 Unlicensed taxis – now THIS is a serious one. In London there is a major prob-
 lem with people getting into cars with drivers claiming to be a taxi, as this is how
 11 sexual assaults happen each month in London. The only taxis that are al-
 lowed to stop if you hail them down are the big ‘black cabs’ with fluorescent
 orange TAXI signs on them. Properly licensed cabs can only be used when or-
 dered for over the telephone, and are not legally allowed to stop when hailed
 down. Always get into a black cab or phone a firm to order one (his documenta-
 tion proving he is properly licensed should be on the dashboard). If it’s 2 AM and
 you’re desperate to get home after a night out, make sure you’re with friends
 and that you’re thinking straight.
ESCP-EAP LONDON                                                               PAGE 32

Safety on Public Transport and in the School.
 Public transport                              Safety in the School

 When travelling at night, try and find out    The School has a statutory duty to
 times in advance. This means you wont         ensure, so far as is reasonably practi-
 be hanging around on your own. If you         cable, that employees and other peo-
 feel anxious about travelling the tube on     ple will not be placed at risk either by
 your own, it’s always a good idea to travel   the condition of property, or the con-
 in the first carriage – although all car-     duct of activities within the control of
 riages have alarms, banging on the            the School. Students are accorded a
 driver’s door will make him come to your      similar
 aid even quicker.                             standard of care as employees. They
                                               too have a duty not to place them-
 Never get into an empty tube carriage by      selves or others at risk by their acts
 yourself – you never know who’s going to      or omissions. They are expected to
 get on at the next stop, and you could        cooperate with their tutors in adher-
 find yourself alone with someone you’d        ing to safety rules and procedures
 rather not be trapped in a carriage with.     established in pursuance of this pol-
                                               icy for health and safety and to re-
 If something unpleasant does happen,          frain from misusing safety devices.
 alert other passengers – safety in num-
 bers usually works! All carriages display
 the number of the British Transport
 Phew! This may seem like a lot and has
 probably terrified you but trust us, as
 long as you have basic common sense
 you should be okay! You should find
 the number of the nearest station in
 the glossary but in the meantime, be
 alert and trust your instincts – if some-
 thing/someone just feels wrong, then
 assume that it is – and take sensible
PAGE 33                                                           ESCP-EAP LONDON

Over the course of your studies, you
may understandably wish to see a           Call them and have a brief chat.
                                           Do NOT be put off if you get through to
Deadlines, housemates, homesick-           their voicemail – they’ll call you back if
ness, illness or worrying about money      you leave a name and number. Should
can all be part of the student experi-     you decide to have an initial meeting
ence, but that doesn’t mean that they      with them, feel free to ask about their
should get you down.                       background and qualifications.

The British Association for Counselling    This will give you another opportunity to
(BAC) is the UK’s main body for repre-     consider whether this particular individ-
senting counselling, and has exacting      ual is the right one for you, and whether
standards concerning training, a code      you want to carry on seeing him/her for
of ethics and a complaints procedure.      a certain length of time.
If you ever want to see a counsellor
then it’s advised that it is one regis-    If you’re not sure, it’s best to arrange to
tered with them – otherwise the ex-        see another one - feeling comfortable
perience may be a waste of time and        talking to your councillor is obviously
simply add to your worries!                the most important aspect of the whole
Some counsellors offer reduced-cost
counselling for those who may have
                                           Look at to find
trouble paying the full amount in one
instance. Similarly, some councillors      the counsellor that may be the most
may have specialist areas that mean        useful.
they might have more expertise on
certain subjects. Either way, the BAC
has made the search half as difficult
by making sure those that are regis-
tered with them are reputable.
After this, the final judge of whether a
counsellor is suitable or not is you.
ESCP-EAP LONDON                                                            PAGE 34

Meanwhile, here are profiles of several councilors local to the School :

Name                   Diana Davis
Type                   Therapist
County                 London – North West
Telephone              020 7586 4876
Address                London NW3
Registered with:       BACP, UKCP (IPSS)
Code of Ethics:        BACP, Constituent of UKCP
Qualifications         BACP Reg Counsellor, 1997; MA
                        Psychotherapy & Social Studies,
                       2000; Dip Psychotherapy & Social
                       Grad Dip Couns, 1994
Experience/Speci       Anxiety, Bereavement, Depression,
alist Interest         Employment difficulties, Health
                       related issues, Relationships,
                       Sexuality, Stress
Identified as:         Counsellor, Psychotherapist
Sees:                  Eclectic, Psychoanalytic
Work practice          Long- and short-term face-to-face
                       work, Telephone counselling
Additional             My special interest is working with
Information            clients with ME/CFS
Fees                   £40 to £60. So me low cost places
PAGE 35                                                                                          ESCP-EAP LONDON

          Name                                      Sonja Esterhuyse Falck
          Type                                      Therapist
          County                                    London - North West
          Telephone                                 020 7435 6806
          Address                                   London NW3
          Code of Ethics                            BACP, Constituent of UKCP
          Registered with:                          BACP, UKCP (PA)
          Qualifications                            BACP Reg Counsellor, 2000; B
                                                    Soc Sc (Hons) Clinical
                                                    Psychology, 1990;MA
                                                    Psychoanalysis, 1996; PA
                                                    (UKCP) Psychotherapy
                                                    Training, 2002
          Experience/Specialist                     Anxiety, Depression,
          Interest                                  Relationships
          Identified as:                            Psychotherapist
          Sees:                                     Couples, Individuals
          Work practice                             Long- and short-term
                                                    face-to-face work
          Additional Information                    A South African now settled in
          Fees                                      Fees start at £45

          N am e                                     M a r li e s K is c h
          T ype                                      T h e r a p is t
          C o u n ty                                 L o n d o n - N o r th W e s t
          T e le p h o n e                           020 7267 8356
          A d d ress                                 LOND ON, NW 3
          R e g i s te r e d w ith :                 B A C P , U K C P (F P C ), U K R C
          C o d e o f E th ic s :                    B A C P , C o n s tit u e n t o f U K C P
          Q u a li f ic a tio n s                    B A C P R e g C o u n s e ll o r ,
                                                     1 9 9 9 ; C e r t C o u n s S k ill s &
                                                     A tt itu d e s , 1 9 9 0 ; D ip A d v
                                                     P s y c h o d y n a m ic C o u n s ,
                                                     1 9 9 4 ; P s y c h o a n a l y ti c
                                                     P s y c h o t h e r a p y T r a in in g ,
          E x p e r ie n c e / S p e c ia l i s t    A b u s e , A n x ie t y , C u l t u r a l
          I n te r e s t                             is s u e s , D e p r e s s io n , I d e n tit y
                                                     p r o b le m s , R e la ti o n s h ip s ,
                                                     S e x u a lit y , S e x u a l p r o b le m s ,
                                                     S t r e s s , L o w s e l f e s te e m
          I d e n tif ie d a s :                     C o u n s e llo r , P s y c h o t h e r a p is t
          S ees:                                     I n d iv i d u a ls
          T h e o r e t ic a l A p p r o a c h :     E c le c tic , P s y c h o d y n a m i c
          L a ng ua g es:                            S w is s G e r m a n , G e r m a n
          W o r k p r a c t ic e :                   L o n g - te r m f a c e - t o - f a c e w o r k
          F ees:                                     £ 3 5 to £ 4 5 , s o m e
                                                     c o n c e s s io n s a v a i la b l e
ESCP-EAP LONDON                                                      PAGE 36

   Name                    Marian Phillips
   Type                    Therapist
   County                  London – North West
   Telephone               020 8458 2772
   Address                 LONDON, NW3
   Registered with:        BACP, BPS C Cllg Psychol, UKRC
   Code of Ethics:         BACP, BPS
   Qualifications          BACP Reg Counsellor, 1984; BSc (Hons)
                           Psychology, 1979; MSc Couns
                           Psychology, 1992; Chartered Couns
                           Psychologist, 1992; Assoc Fellow BPS,
   Experience/Specialist   Anxiety, Bereavement, Cultural issues,
   Interest                Depression, Eating disorders, Health
                           related, Identity problems, Obsessions,
                           Phobias, Post-traumatic stress,
                           Relationships, Sexual identity, Sexual
                           problems, Sexuality, Stress
   Identified as:          Counselling Psychologist
   Sees:                   Couples, Families, Groups, Individuals
   Work practice:          Long- and short-term face-to-face work
   Theoretical Approach:   Integrative, Person-centred,
   Fees                    £40 to £50
PAGE 37                                                           ESCP-EAP LONDON

Lost Property
Property found . . .

• on the underground is kept at the station for two days.

• on buses is kept at the nearest bus
    station/garage to the route on which it
    was lost for four days.

• in a taxi should have been handed to
    the police station by the taxi driver
    within seven days.

• on Docklands Light Railway is kept at
    the security office at Poplar Station
    (contactable 24 hours a day on 020
    7363 9550) for forty-eight hours.

• at or to Victoria Coach Station is kept at the help desk (contactable between the
    opening hours listed in the transport section.)

. . . until it is passed to the central Lost Property Office. They are contactable on
0845 330 9882 between 08:30 to 16:00, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holi-

      Lost property at the School is held at the reception desk.
ESCP-EAP LONDON                                                                 PAGE 38

One of the old sayings in management is that ‘you can never be too prepared’ –
and this is probably some good advice to take. Whilst we don’t want to nag you
about any of this stuff, we certainly want to try and make everything that ESCP-EAP
students have had difficulties with in the past easier for you. A lot of what is writ-
ten here may not be useful to some of you – to others, it probably is.

Either way, hopefully this guide has given you some valuable information, or can
be put to good use in the future. If it hasn’t, then don’t forget to ask any of us what
you want to know – it’s one of the reasons we’re here!

Like we said at the start, settling in to life at a new School in a new country can be
a difficult and daunting task, but it’s perfectly possible to keep everything under

Don’t forget to check the website regularly for updates, and always get in contact
with the School if you’re unsure about anything. Above all, we hope you enjoy the
ESCP-EAP experience and that you have a wonderful time living in London.

It’s not as hard as it seems…honest!
PAGE 39                                          ESCP-EAP LONDON

          HSBC BANK
          122 Finchley Road
          London NW3 5JD
          Tel (via call centre): 08457 404404
          Fax: 020 7200 1340

          4 Wellgarth Rd
          Golders Green
          London NW11 7HR
          Tel: +44 208458 9054
          Fax: +44 208209 0546


          Alexanders Estate Agents
          337 West End Lane
          West Hampstead
          London NW6 1RS
          Tel: +44 2074310666
          Fax: +44 2077940620

          Estate Angels
          459 Finchley Road
          London NW3 6HN
          Tel: +44 207 794 7744

ESCP-EAP LONDON                                               PAGE 40

                  Frognall Estates
                  283 Finchley Road
                  London NW3 6ND
                  Tel: +44 207431 7070

                  Millennium Residential
                  517 Finchley Road
                  Hampstead London, NW3 7BB
                  Tel: +44 2077940400
                  Fax: +44 2077945222

                  Kinglseys Estates
                  92 Golders Green Road
                  NW11 8HB
                  Tel: +44 2084583333
                  Fax: +44 2084587090

                  TV LICENCE ENQUIRIES
                  Customer Services
                  TV Licensing
                  BS98 1TL
PAGE 41                                       ESCP-EAP LONDON

   Foreign and Commonwealth Office
   King Charles Street
   SW1A 2AH
   Tel: +44 2070088438
   Fax: +44 2070088359

   (for visa extensions/individuals already
   residing in the UK)
   Lunar House
   40 Wellesley Road
   CR9 2BY
   Tel: +44 8706067766

   Customer Relations Team
   PO BOX 3468
   Tel: +44 1142591894
   Fax: +44 1142593827

   General enquiries – +44 2076674001
   Camden Branch - +44 8453000627
ESCP-EAP LONDON                        PAGE 42


     255 Finchley Road
     London NW6 1NN
     Tel : +44 2074336570

     The Crown
     142-152 Cricklewood Broadway
     London NW2 3ED
     Tel: +44 2084524175

     Cane Bar
     283 West End Lane
     London NW6 1RD
     Tel: +44 2077947817

     Sirous Tapas bar and Restaurant
     268 West End Lane
     London NW6 1LJ
     Tel: +44 2074358164

     175 West End Lane
     London NW6 1RD
     Tel: 020 7625 6474


     West End Lane Books,
     277 West End Lane,
     West Hampstead, NW6.
     Tel: 020-7431-3770.
PAGE 43                                                       ESCP-EAP LONDON


          Here is a mixture of conventional and Art house cinemas;

          Screen on the Hill
          203 Haverstock Hill
          London NW3 4QG
          Tel: 020 7435 3366

          Everyman Hampstead
          1 Holly Bush Vale
          London NW3 6TX
          Tel: 0870 066 4777

          Finchley Road Vue
          241-279 O2 Centre
          London NW3 6LU
          Tel: 0871 224 0240

          Odeon Swiss Cottage
          96 Finchley rd
          NW3 5EL
          Tel: 0871 224 4007

          Prince Charles Cinema
          Tickets start from £1.50
          7 Leicester Place
          (just off Leicester Square - up from Häagen-Dazs)
          Tel: 020 7494 3654
ESCP-EAP LONDON                          PAGE 44


     Hampstead Theatre
     Eton Avenue
     Swiss Cottage
     NW3 3EU
     Tel: 020 7722 9301

     Tricycle Theatre
     269 Kilburn High Road
     London NW6 7JR
     Tel: 020 7328 1000

     Upstairs at The Gatehouse
     Hampstead Lane
     London N6 4BD
     Tel: 020 8340 3488


     Belgrave Gallery
     53 Englands Lane
     London NW3 4YD
     Tel: 0207 722 5150

     Burgh House
     New End Square
     London NW3 1LT
     Tel: 020 7431 0144
PAGE 45                             ESCP-EAP LONDON

    Tate Modern
    London SE1 9TG

    Tate Britain
    London SW1P 4RG
    Tel: 020 7887 8000

    Royal Academy of the Arts
    Burlington House
    Picaddilly OBD
    Tel: 020 7300 8000


    Freud Museum
    20 Maresfield Gardens
    London NW3 5SX
    tel: +44 2074352002
    fax: +44 2074315452

    Museum of Jewish Life
    80 East End Road
    London N3 2SY
    Tel: +44 2083491143
    Fax: +44 2083432162

    Royal Air Force Museum London
    Grahame Park Way
    London, NW9 5LL
    Tel: +44 2082052266
PAGE 46                         ESCP-EAP LONDON


     Holmes Place
     108-110 Cricklewood Lane
     NW2 2DS
     Tel: +44 (0)20 8453 7200
     Fax: +44 (0)20 8450 6776

     O2 Centre
     255 Finchley Road
     London NW3 6LU
     Tel: 020 7644 2400


     R Jethwa
     311 Finchley Road
     London NW3 6EH
     Tel: (020 7794 9231)

     Paddington Car Hire
     311 Finchley Road
     London NW3 6EH
     Tel: (020 7262 0969)

     Cricklewood Cars
     311 Finchley Road
     London NW3 6EH
     Tel: (020 8830 9999)
ESCP-EAP LONDON                       PAGE 47


      280 West End Lane
      West Hampstead
      London NW6 1LJ
      Tel: 020 7794 7772.

      Gourmet Burger Kitchen
      331 West End Lane
      West Hampstead
      London NW6 1RS
      Tel: 020 7794 5455.

      Dona Olga
      4 Kingsgate Place
      London NW6 4TA
      Tel: 020 7624 3831


      West Hampstead Police Station
      21 Fortune Green Road
      NW6 1DX
      Tel: 020 8733 6848
      Fax: 020 8733 6890


      Tel: 0845 330 9882

ESCP-EAP European School of Management
         527 Finchley Road
         LONDON, NW3 7BG
         United Kingdom
      Phone: +44 (0)20 7443 8880
        Fax: +44 (0)20 7443 8845

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