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i had local anesthetic can i drink?

well i will elaborate i had to get a skin abnormality removed not a bad thing just a thing caused by a condition i have well i had it froze up and had it removed adn
was out of the hospital by 2:00pm can i have two beers not that night but the next night

Asked by what at Aug 10,2011 18:50

Best answer

Probably best to wait at least 24 hours.

Answer from Jenny at Aug 10,2011 18:51

Local anesthetic only affects the immediate area around the site it was used on. It generally has no systemic affects at all (unless someone is allergic to it) and
should not affect your ability to have a few beers, especially what seems to be over 24 hours later. You should be able to eat, drink, and resume normal activities
right away with only a local anesthetic unless specifically told otherwise by the doctor who performed the procedure.

Answer from Korrin at Aug 10,2011 20:38

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