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					Packed Powder                                           be excited to try out her new Gargantuan Brand
The Newsletter of the Sunport Ski Club                  Board! If you haven’t seen it you are in for a
Vol. 2 No. 4                                                                               February 2009
                                                        treat. Fiona has had a custom paint job done to
                                                        the board that reflects her love for the tropical
A Ski Club in South Florida?                            rainforest and the animals that reside there.
                                                        Remember to pack your bathing suit, too,
Yes folks, because we are the only ski club in          because Greenbaum Mountain has a large
South Florida we have now been written up in            indoor swimming pool and hot tub.
Rec Skier magazine.                                     —T. Fitzhume
Rec Skier magazine’s Eleanor Finch came with            Gear Review: JazzJazz Brand Titanium poles
us to Tumbleweed last month to tag along after
“the ski club from the Sunshine State” as she           On the last trip we took I was privileged to be
put it. Not only did we amaze her with our              allowed to try out the new JazzJazz titanium
airport prowess (it takes experience to tote ski        poles. JazzJazz loaned a set to me which,
gear through the airport) but we also amazed            unfortunately, I had to give back.
her with our skiing.                                    I won’t keep you in suspense. These poles are
“You all should be a ski team, not a club! You          awesome! So light in weight it is difficult to
could win all over the place!” Eleanor has so           believe it. There is a huge difference between
kindly informed us. It should be the other way          these and graphite poles and plastic poles.
around! Eleanor impressed all of us with her            The colors are fabulous. These poles were
effortless skiing and perfect form over the many        multicolored with a grey background and neon
moguls we encountered                                   green overspray in a jazzy pattern. No wonder
Watch for the April issue, where we will be one         they call the company JazzJazz! Other available
of the feature articles in Rec Skier magazine. It       colors are black with neon orange, yellow with
will be interesting to see what sort of angle           neon green, and white with red. I like the neon
Eleanor takes on our club, but she seemed to be         colors the best.
impressed.                                              The only drawback is the price tag: $480. I was
—R. Wong                                                sad to give them back!
UPCOMING SKI CLUB EVENTS                                —K. Schneider
The President’s Column                                  What to Pack for an Enjoyable Vacation
Here we are in February already and the end of          In lieu of our upcoming trip to Greenbaum
the winter season is in sight. Luckily there is still   Mountain, let’s discuss what to pack. This
plenty of time left to visit a few more                 vacation will be a combination of skiing and
mountains and ski a few more diamond trails.            leisure activities such as swimming and ice
I hope that everyone enjoyed the January trip           skating. Here are a few items that you may
to Tumbleweed Ski Resort. I certainly enjoyed           forget to pack:
the absolutely perfect conditions, and the
                                                                socks for ice skating
clearance sale in the ski shop helped me empty
                                                                socks for skiing
my wallet! Except for Randy’s small mishap on
                                                                socks for before skiing
the Whale Trail, the whole trip went smoothly
                                                                socks for after skiing
and we should all be thankful for having good
weather for once.                                               socks for traveling
This month’s trip to Greenbaum Mountain                         sunscreen
should prove to be fun yet challenging to all of                sunglasses
our members. The ski area has many black                        UV protection ski goggles
diamond trails and the world’s steepest
snowboarding slope. I know Fiona McClure will
What does this list tell you? Bring socks! On a
vacation like this socks get wet often and you
need a new pair several times a day.
Sun protection items are another necessity.
With the sunlight reflecting off the snow, you
will surely burn your skin without protection.
Buy ski goggles with UV protection, too. When
in doubt, pack more socks!
—L. Green

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