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					                             The Good News Newsletter
                                  July -August 2011

                            All Are Welcome Here
  From The Pastor’s Desk…
Dear Members & Friends,
        I write you this letter as I prepare myself for the National gathering of our church
“The United Church of Christ” in Tampa, Florida at the Tampa Convention Center on
July 1st thru July 5th. Expectations are that 5,000 members of our denomination will
gather for this event. I will be one of the voting delegates representing our 97 churches
here in Florida. This is the 28th gathering of this event that we call the General Synod,      In This Issue:
over a 54 year span of our denomination since 1957. I am certain that this will be a           From the Pastor‟s Desk
historic gathering and one that I and others will remember for some time to come. I will
tell you more about it when I get back from vacation.                                          Thanks & Praise
        Here in our home church, as others scurry about for the big General Synod 28,          Prayers & Concerns
we shall be preparing ourselves for two milestone events as well. We shall be saying
thank you to our Interim Musician Betsey Wallace on July 10th as she goes back into            Ministries
„semi‟ retirement. We will be welcoming Jane Wilson into our Church Staff on July 17 th        Events
as our Director of Music Ministry. I am personally very grateful for Betsey‟s
willingness to step in for us beginning the Sunday after Easter. Again, thank you Betsey       Calendar
for your musical talents at this most crucial transitional point in the life of this church.   Leadership &
Let me also take a moment to thank all the members of our Music Committee that have            Celebrations
meet every week to facilitate the „calling‟ of a new musician to lead our music ministry
for the foreseeable future. Good job!
        As we journey together into the hot days of a Florida summer I know that we all
have vacation plans, summer event plans and summer project plans to enjoy and
complete. Also, I know a great many of our church family are seasonal residents here in
Florida and/or dual residents who share life here with a life somewhere else in this great
nation of ours. With that said, I would simply ask that we would all join together in a
                                 (continued on page 2)
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From the Pastor‟s Desk continued…

prayer for our church. This beautiful church (built on five acres of prime Florida property
strategically set in the „outskirts‟ of Sebastian to serve the needs of a growing and expanding
community) needs your prayers of support. With the down turn in the economy starting in the
fall of 2008 to this present time we have been strained and stretched thin. Tired and worn we
have persevered, yet we need everyone‟s help to maintain the same level of ministry to this
community that was envisioned and prayed for over the years. So, I ask you to join with me in
prayer this summer; praying that this ministry will stay strong and with your support and with
your continued prayers it shall!
        During much of July, I will be with my wife Lois on vacation in New Hampshire,
Maine and Massachusetts, as we visit family and friends – then we shall take the scenic route
home through the Carolinas, enjoying some time of relaxation and perhaps a bit of golf. We
both pray we shall return to Florida rested and feeling revitalized as we once again join with
you in the ministry we were called to be a part of at the United Church of Sebastian.
Yours in Christ,
Pastor Tim Woodard
Thanks:                                              Praise:
* For the Music Ministry of Betsey Wallace           * For the Music Committees successful
in leading music worship as the Interim
Director of Music
* For those who continue to serve as Ushers,
                                                     search for a new Director of Music Ministry.
                                                     Read more about Jane Wilson on page 9.
                                                     * For those who work to keep the church
Greeters and Liturgists. The ministry is to          clean and running smoothly.
support for the worship service- instructions and
materials are provided- it is not difficult!
                                                     * For Nancy Johnson‟s perseverance in
                                                     getting the pricing for the much needed
Please sign up on the entry hall wall for your       stucco repair on the building.
pick of the best weeks for you to volunteer.

 July Birthdays                                                August Birthdays
 1   John Nickerson                                             1 Barbara Peterson
 2   Kay Gibbons
     Don Anderson
     Rosemary Graham
                                    Alana Phelps
                                    Joshua Johnson
                                    Alma Clarke
                                                                  Dick Nicholas
                                                                  Donna McCrady
                                                                  Ron Gierhart
     Jack Good                 14   Al Kara                    14 Jean Hathaway

     Hamilton McDonald
     Pat Kara
     Lynn Etman
                                    Bob MacGraw
                                    Joan Mihok
                                    Patti Goins
                                                                  Barbara Picard
                                                                  Bill Whyte
                                                                  Peggy Cameron
 8   Nancy Majka               27   Judy Rice                     Aida Arrastia
     Shirley MacRae                                            22 Stacy Booth
                                                               30 Cheryl Troutman
                                      Assistance with these tasks:
                 Help Wanted
                                      Weeding for the Memorial Garden                               S
                                      Musicians- (vocal and instrumental) for our Worship

                                      Someone to Advance the Worship Slides on Sunday
                                      Mornings- this is just a push of the button- no special
                                      computer skills necessary.

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   Sue Bizzell             Dale Angdahl                Gloria Gerber
   Doris Powell            Charles Stortstrom          Myrl Thoren
   Maryruth Kramer         Dick Gee                    Donna Lathrop
   Millie McWaid           Alice Berthiaume

   Jean Lindsay        Charles Wood         Luci Kergides      Scott MacGraw
   Olga Ortiz          Richard Brown        Michael Steckler   John Truesdale II
   Kurt Kauffman       Andrea Duncan        Heather White      Gail Boger
   Linda Mearman       Richard Wood         John Brazas        Terri Augustine
   Margaret            Nancy                Pat Deniger         Augie Cosenga
   HeeCha Murnin       Ava Joy              J. Johnston         Madelyn Slayden
   Sherri Green
   Augie co            Margaret Reid

                                        In Military Service
   Carol Aceveda                Heath Brewster        Jessica Hayworth
   Christopher Maher            Christine McCrady     Jeff McCrady
   Holly McKenna                Sean Mityga           Matthew Nordquest
   Michael Nordquest            Rusty Ruf             Christopher Slattery
   Christopher Tatro            Sean Trainor          Kristopher Vite
   Rikki Weber                  Tyler Zimmerman

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         Our Ministry Opportunities
Given the following statistics, one can                   From the Finance Committee:
only assume this ministry challenge is
ours- it is a message to be spread!                 The good news through the end of May is
                                                    that the church financials are still “in the
The Safest Place:                                   black”. The not so good news is that offering
Have you heard the news? If you want to             receipts in May fell significantly so that the
greatly increase your chance for a long             $3500 cushion we enjoyed at the end of the
life, you will be interested in the following       first quarter of the year is largely gone.
statistics:                                         Although June financials aren‟t yet
                                                    complete, donations have continued to
1. Do not ride in an automobile or get in the
way of one. They cause 20% of all fatal
                                                    decline this month and we will clearly be in
accidents.                                          the red as we begin the third quarter. Largely
                                                    due to the incredible response you have
                                                    made to the Resolution Sunday program the
                                                    last Sunday of each month, our financial
2. Do not stay at home. 17% of all accidents        report at the end of the second quarter this
happen in the home.
                                                    year is much more positive than it was in
3. Do not walk around on the street. 14% of         2010. Your continued support of Resolution
all accidents happen to pedestrians.                Sunday is still critical to the financial well
                                                    being of this church through the second half
                                                    of this year. Thank you to all who continue
                                                    to faithfully support The United Church of
4. Do not travel by air, rail or water: 6% of all
accidents are the result of this type of
                                                    Sebastian and work so hard on its behalf.

5. Only .0001 % of all deaths occur at
worship, and these are related to previous                   Resolution Fund Totals:
physical disorders, such as heart attacks.                  January through June are

                                                     Thank you to those whose were able to
              .                                      continue to make an additional monthly
So…. Obviously, the safest place in this            contribution. The Resolution Money has
world is at worship! Be on the safe side;             made a big difference in the financial
be at church services every Sunday. It                picture of this church. Please plan to
might save your life, to say nothing about               continue this important mission.
your soul!

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                                                  Vacation Schedules for July and August

                                                  July 3rd- Pastor Tim is at the General
                                                  Synod Meeting in Tampa. Nancy Collins
                                                  and the Youth Group will be leading the

                                                  service.   Look for creative ways to
                                                  worship as well as an excellent message
                                                  shared by Nancy.

                                                  July 10th- Pastor Tim will be leading
                                                  worship with communion being served.

                                                  The office will be open on Monday and
    On June 5th, the United Church of             Tuesday, July 11th and 12th from 8:30-
Sebastian celebrated with 6 Confirmands           2:30. The office will be closed from July
 as they joined together in renewing their        13th through the 20th while Louise is on
 baptismal vows prior to being confirmed          vacation. The office will be open again on
into full membership of the church family.        Thursday and Friday, July 21st and 22nd
                                                  in preparation for Sunday’s service.

                                                  July 17th- Rev. Carol Trax, Assistant
                                                  Pastor at Community Church will be
                                                  bringing the message. This will also be
                                                  the first Sunday for our new Director of
                                                  Music Ministry, Jane Wilson to be with

                                                  July 24th-Zach Waldis, a Divinity Student
                                                  will be bringing the message. Zach is
                                                  working with Community Church in Vero
                (from left to right)              Beach.
 Kendal Morris, Kristina Filamor, Emily Macht,
 Erica Butler, Ashley Reyes and Anaya Butler.     July 31st- Neal Watkins will be bringing
 These young ladies have been the core group      the message. Many of you will remember
   for the Youth Group in our church and we       hearing Neal preach last summer and will
hope they continue to enjoy their faith journey   want to be here for his message this year.
                     with us.
  One June 19 , we rejoiced again when Judy       Anyone needing pastoral care should
  Brayton joined our membership. Judy was         contact the church office. The Reverend
 introduced to our church by Rosan Allen and      Gary Moore has offered to provide any
we are excited to have her with us. She brings    needed services during Pastor Tim‟s
    some great ideas and an enthusiasm for        vacation time. August 7th- Pastor Tim
  worship and we all look forward to her faith    returns to the pulpit refreshed after his
                 journey as well.                 vacation in the northeast.
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                                                 Youth Group Meeting-
                                                   July 10th and 24th
                                                  August 7th and 21st
                                                       5:30 p.m.

                 Sunday School
    Preschool through 6                                                    Grade

  Every Sunday the children attend the first part of the service at 9:30 a.m. with their families
   and then join the Pastor for a short lesson before heading off to Sunday School. Sunday
                                 School dismisses at 10:30 a.m.

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                                   July Calendar
     Sun            Mon            Tue                  Wed                    Thu                 Fri             Sat
                                                                                                           1             2
 Hours                                                                    Vocal Music          General Synod
                                                                          Rehearsal            in Tampa Fl.
 8:30-2:30                                                                6:30 p.m.
                                                                                                     st th
                                                                                               July 1 -5

                3         4                      5                   6                     7                   8         9
 Nancy Collins                 Quilters 9:30                              Vocal Music
 leading worship               a.m.                                       Rehearsal
 9:30 a.m.                                                                6:30 p.m.
                               Friends 7:00

               10         11                   12                    13                   14               15            16
 Communion                     Quilters 9:30                              Vocal Music
                               a.m.                                       Rehearsal
 Pastor Tim                                                               6:30 p.m.
 leading worship
 9:30 a.m.
 Youth Group
 5:30 p.m.                                           Office closed        Office closed
               17         18                   19                    20                   21               22            23
 Rev. Carol Trax               Quilters 9:30         Vocal Music
 leading worship               a.m.                  Rehearsal
 9:30 a.m.                                           6:30 p.m.

 Welcome Jane
 Wilson                        Office closed         Office closed

               24         25                   26                    27                   28               29            30
 Zack Waldis                   Quilters 9:30         Vocal Music          .
 leading worship               a.m.                  Rehearsal
 9:30 a.m.                                           6:30 p.m.

 Youth Group
 5:30 p.m.

                                                                          The office will
 Neal Watkins                  Pastor Tim is                              be closed on
 leading worship               on vacation                                July 13 - July
                                            th                               th
 9:30 a.m.                     from July 13                               20 . The office
                               through                                    will be open
                                                                                  th      th
                               August 3rd                                 July 11 & 12 ,
                                                                          July 21st &

AA meets daily at 5:30 p.m.
Weight Watchers meets every Monday at 5:30 p.m. and Friday at 9:30 a.m.

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                               August Calendar
       Sun          Mon              Tue                   Wed               Thu        Fri        Sat

                          1                       2                 3              4          5          6
 Hours                         Quilters 9:30 am       Vocal Music
 8:30-2:30                     Compassionate          6:30 p.m.
 Tuesday-                      Friends 7:00 pm

               7          8                       9                 10             11         12         13

 Communion                     Quilters 9:30 am       Vocal Music
 9:30 am Worship                                      Rehearsal
                                                      6:30 p.m.
 Youth Group
 5:30 pm

               14         15                 16                     17             18         19         20

 9:30 am Worship               Quilters 9:30 am       Vocal Music        .
                               Church Council         6:30 p.m
                               7:00 pm

               21         22                 23                     24             25         26         27

 9:30 am Worship               Quilters 9:30 am       Vocal Music
 Youth Group                                          6:30 p.m.
 5:30 pm

               28         29                 30                     31

 9:30 am Worship               Quilters 9:30 am       Vocal Music
                                                      6:30 p.m.

AA meets daily at 5:30 p.m.
Weight Watchers meets every Monday at 5:30 p.m. and Friday at 9:30 a.m.

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Meet Jane Wilson-
Director of Music Ministry

      It is with great joy and excitement that the Music Committee and I welcome
our new “Director of Music Ministry’ to you. Her first Sunday with us will be July 17,
2011. I know that you will join us in giving her a warm welcome at that time.

     Jane Wilson is a resident of Sebastian, just down the street from us at
Sebastian Lakes. She brings with her a diverse background in music giving her
many skills that will most surely enliven our music ministry. She is skilled in Organ,
Piano and Keyboard, and Folk Instruments: Dulcimer, Banjo and Harp. She also
possesses a full knowledge of Traditional and Contemporary styles of music.

      Jane has a Master’s Degree in Music Education, Concentrating in
Conducting Choral and Instrumental Music at West Virginia University (1979);
Bachelor of Arts Education, Concentrating in Piano, Minor in Voice, West Liberty
University (1972). Jane has taught music in local schools and has (in recent
years) played the organ and piano in a number of local churches, as both the
Music Director and as a Substitute Musician. She currently is working as Piano
Instructor to local students in this area.

       During her many years in the Florida Keys Jane recorded Folk and Gospel
Music by the sea with a group called ‘The Island Dulcimers’. She enjoys many
activities and also is currently singing with the Vero Beach Choral Society.

       Our new Director of Music Ministry, our Music Committee and myself have
great expectations that many of you will help her rebuild our music ministry…
developing a music program that will reach young and old alike, using both
contemporary and traditional and various other styles of music to accomplish the
desired results: “…and with gratitude in your hearts sing psalms, hymns and
spiritual songs to God." /Colossians 3:12-17/

       Please join with us in welcoming Jane Wilson as our new Director of Music
United Church of Sebastian U.C.C.
1251 Sebastian Blvd
Sebastian Fl 32958
Pastor Tim &
Our Music Committee:
Patti Goins, Nancy Collins, Rosan Allen, Mildred Wood & Carol Funkhouser
(& our Honorary Consultant: Gloria Jones.)

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   United Church of Sebastian U.C.C.
   1251 Sebastian Blvd
   Sebastian Fl 32958

  The United Church of
    Sebastian U.C.C.
   Sunday Service time:
        9:30 a.m.
 Sunday School during the

   Phone: 772-388-0461
        Web Site:

       Senior Pastor
    Rev. Tim Woodard
     Pastor Emeritus
    Rev. Tom Golladay
Director of Music Ministry
      Jane L. Wilson
   Office Administrator
       Louise Crouse
     Sylvia Cidlowski
     The Congregation
       Nancy Collins
     Vice Moderator
        Lynn Etman              Vacation- described by Wikipedia as “A vacation or holiday is a specific
           Clerk                trip or journey, usually for the purpose of recreation or tourism. People
                                often take a vacation during specific holiday observances, or for specific
       Treasurers               festivals or celebrations. Vacations are often spent with friends or
     Carole Gierhart            family.The concept of taking a vacation is a recent invention, and has
      Bert Steckler             evolved throughout the last two centuries in America. Once the idea of
  Finance Secretaries           travel and recreation was a luxury of wealthy people alone. In Puritanical
      Rosan Allen               culture of early America, taking a break from work for reasons other than
    Donna McDonald              weekly observance of the Sabbath was frowned upon. However, the
     Nancy Johnson
                                modern concept of vacation was led by a later religious movement
    Jeannine Duncan
     Donna Lathrop              encouraging spiritual retreat and recreation. The notion of breaking from
     Senior Deacon              work periodically took root among the middle and working class.
     Annette Isbell
Senior Caring & Sharing         How do you use your ‘vacation’ time? Many people think it is a time
     Carole Steckler            away from the regular routines- a time to do something different. From
Senior Property Steward         the definition above, it would appear that the vacation was actually
                                meant to be spiritual retreat and recreation. Maybe a worship service
 Youth & Sunday School          with guest leadership is exactly what a vacation is!! See you in church
     Nancy Collins              during July as our congregation and the Pastor celebrate vacations.
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   Newsletter Editor
     Louise Crouse

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