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									COVER STORY
M.A. Farooq J & Fahd Chishty

         “ There is a dire need to counter the harmful
           effects of the consequences of our actions.
           To maintain the equilibrium of nature and
           to balance the equation, Green Engineering
           comes into play


l Our world is becoming more and more              now realizing the need of the time, this very   vehicles, factories etc. But are we aware of
difficult place to live in: thanks to our desire   technology is going to induct a new branch      the pollution caused by the electronic waste,
of increased luxury and advanced technol-          of engineering, called Green Engineering.       which is haunting the world like a monster.
ogy. The engineering, involved in innovation       This engineering is aimed at curbing the        Electronic waste includes your computers,
and material production, is also the principal     worse aftermaths of engineering innovations     mobile phones, iPods, digital video disc play-
contributor to the atmospheric pollution. All      on the environment. The whole world is now      ers, digital cameras and the like.
industries including power generation, elec-       talking about things like environment, global   According to Earth911.com, the total annual
tronic and electrical, chemical, automobile,       warming, nature and climate.                    global volume of e-waste is estimated to
IT and telecom etc. are responsible for envi-      Perhaps that’s why the year of 2008 has         reach about 40 million metric tons. It said,
ronmental pollution.                               been termed as the 8th warmest year, no-        “Unfortunately, improper disposal of e-waste
The advancement of technology, for a better        tably all the eight years happening to have     creates a significant burden on landfills be-
tomorrow, has affected the climate and ulti-       taken place after 1997.                         cause toxic substances can leach into the soil
mately the human health a great deal. But          We all know about the pollution caused by       and groundwater. In the US alone, it is

                                                                                                                   COVER STORY

                                                   products are particularly harmful.                 each Google search/inquiry, announced
                                                   “For instance, CRT-based computer and tel-         that it had applied for the patent on ‘floating
                                                   evision monitors contain on average four to        data centers,’ which would be tethered off
                                                   eight pounds of lead, a highly toxic heavy         coasts near the large cities. The intention is to
                                                   metal.” (CRT stands for cathode-ray tube,          use wave power to generate the electricity to
                                                   which helps create images.)                        run the data centers, and to use sea water to
                                                   Similarly in Sri Lank, much smaller and            help keep them cool.
                                                   lesser-developed country than Pakistan,            Meanwhile, Iceland – economic woes
                                                   Central Environment Authority (CEA) Chair-         notwithstanding – intends to position itself as
                                                   man Udaya Gammanpila directed CEA of-              one of the world’s key data center hubs by
                                                   ficials to submit proposals to construct an        utilizing its cold climate and abundant geot-
                                                   e-waste recycling facility to deal with unreg-     hermal energy.
                                                   ulated e-waste disposals.                          These are very welcoming notes as June
                                                   CEA sources said, the Authority was in the         2008 was marked as the passing of the sym-
                                                   process of preparing proposals for con-            bolic ‘one billion computers in use’ land-
                                                   structing an e-waste facility together with        mark. With computer use growing at 13
                                                   necessary legislations to ensure safe and en-      percent annually, it predicts the two billion
                                                   vironment friendly e-waste disposal and re-        mark to be reached by 2014.
                                                   cycling practices.                                 Thus, in a nutshell, there is a dire need to
                                                   According to a report from Greenpeace In-          counter the harmful effects of the conse-
                                                   ternational, e-waste in Asia remains largely       quences of our actions. To maintain the
                                                   unregulated and its impact on recycling            equilibrium of nature and to balance the
                                                   workers, surrounding communities, water            equation, Green Engineering comes into
                                                   courses and soils are poorly studied.              play. Policy makers and think tanks of tech-
                                                   In Abu Dhabi, the Dubai Municipality is            nology now prefer to “Go Green”.
                                                   hailed for a project that refurbishes and up-
                                                   grades unwanted computers for donation to          GREEN ENGINEERING
                                                   charity.                                           “Going Green” means to promote Green
                                                   But what’s about our authorities? They are         Engineering, which is “the design, commer-
                                                   totally hush at such a vital issue and don’t       cialization, and use of processes and prod-
                                                   seem to have time out of their petty politics to   ucts, which are feasible and economical
                                                   pay heed towards matters of such grave con-        while minimizing
                                                   cerns.                                             l Generation of pollution at the source, &
                                                   Globally, everyone, whether it is a vehicle        l Risk to human health and the environment
                                                   producing company or computer related or-          Green Engineering embraces the concept
                                                   ganization, threatened by the hugely dire cir-     that decisions to protect human health and
                                                   cumstances in the days to come, seems to           environment can have greater impact and
                                                   be rushing for Green Engineering. Apple            cost effectiveness when applied early to the
                                                   and Dell are reported to be fighting to ‘out-      design and development phase of a process
                                                   green’ each other. Similarly, Microsoft has in-    or product.”
                                                   troduced power management improvements             The principals of Green Engineering as de-
                                                   to its new Windows 7 operating system.             veloped by more than 65 engineers and sci-
                                                   Plans have also been made to make people           entists at the Green Engineering: Defining
                                                   realize that they should keep their data on a      the Principles Conference, held in Sandestin,
                                                   hard drive under their desk or on their lap,       Florida in May of 2003 are as follows:
estimated that we generated 1.5 billion            instead of using faster broadband speeds to        l Engineer processes and products holisti-
pounds of all kinds of e-waste in 2006. This       store data on a secure server, sometimes           cally, use systems analysis, and integrate en-
includes an estimated 44 million computers         thousands of miles away.                           vironmental impact assessment tools.
and televisions.”                                  On the other hand, it has been observed that       l Conserve and improve natural ecosys-
The situation may not look as bad in the           a tranquil PC machine needs just 20W and           tems while protecting human health and
Philippines but the authorities are seeing it as   therefore can use its recycles aluminum cas-       well-being.
an opportunity, not an excuse to do nothing.       ing to dissipate heat rather than using a fan.     l Use life-cycle thinking in all engineering
They are of the opinion that they have the         Surveys also demonstrated that we use far          activities.
huge advantage of being able to start tak-         more powerful machines at our homes than           l Ensure that all material and energy inputs
ing steps now to prevent the e-waste prob-         we really need. So now there is a need of          and outputs are as inherently safe and be-
lem here from developing into a major              making the public realize that the era of big-     nign as possible.
disaster                                           ger, better, faster machines is now over.          l Minimize depletion of natural resources.
Earth 911 warns that certain items from e-         Google, alleged of producing 0.2g CO2 on           l Strive to prevent waste.


solutions, while being cognizant of local ge-      kids. The practice is done twice a day. Each       l During World War I, enough metal was sal-
ography, aspirations, and cultures.                one of us loves to go to office alone in a car.    vaged from corset stays to build two warships.
l Create engineering solutions beyond              All these extra-luxurious habits give rise to
current or dominant technologies; improve,         global warming.                                    l Nike gathers old athletic shoes and turns
innovate, and invent (technologies) to             Then, we are facing the problem of power           them into raw material for "sports surfaces"
achieve sustainability.                            shortage with all our industry shut at the mo-     like tennis courts and running tracks.
l Actively engage communities and stake-           ment. We don’t seem to realize the hard-hit-
holders in development of engineering solu-        ting impacts of the radiation from the towers      l Meanwhile, in China, more than 1 mil-
tions.                                             installed by these cellular companies. Why         lion unsold copies of British singer-song
                                                   are we putting a deaf ear to all these issues?     writer Robbie Williams’ latest CD will be used
METHODS AND MEASURE-                               We rush ahead to compete India and even            to resurface roads.
MENTS OF GREEN ENGI-                               the United States at times and claim to be
                                                   developed country, but are we the one?             l Each year, Americans junk more than
NEERING                                            Honestly speaking, we seem to be learning          $80 million in copper, gold, silver, palladium
The most effective and cost-reducing meth-         nothing from any of these developed coun-          and platinum in the form of retired cell
ods are also the most famous of all                tries but to make money. Even we don’t know        phones.
l Recycle                                          on what projects, are they working on to cre-
l Reuse                                            ate energy by saving environment. Do we            l E-waste is for the birds: An Australian nut
l Refurbish                                        know that the Chinese have placed bicycle          orchard converts the shells of vintage Macin-
Whereas RECYCLING involves processing              type exercising machines in most of recre-         tosh computers into houses for pest-eating
used materials into new products in order to       ational places like parks etc where one can        birds.
prevent waste of potentially useful materials,     go and do exercise by using these equip-
REUSE is using an item more than once. This        ments? Batteries are installed with these ma-      l In the Middle Ages, urine was also used
includes conventional reuse where the item is      chines and with one’s exercise, they are           to make saltpeter, an essential component of
used again for the same function and new-          charged and can be utilized to enlighten the       gunpowder.
life reuse where it is used for a new function     lights.
while REFURBISHMENT (RESTORATION) is               Are we thinking about steps like the Iranians,     l The Doggone Project in Mannheim, Ger-
the process of major maintenance or minor          who sometimes back, announced to charge            many, can recycle deceased pets into fertilizer.
repair of an item, either aesthetically or me-     the drivers with hefty amounts for plying the
chanically. Refurbishment may refer to:            empty vehicles, forcing them to take some of       l Ecopods, a British company, sells stylish
Refurbishment (electronics)                        their colleagues to office along with them? l      coffins made from hardened recycled paper,
Antiques restoration                                                                                  available in a range of colors including in-
Automotive restoration                             Things You Didn't Know                             digo and silver leaf.
Generally, all these three processes aim at:       About-Recycling
l Reducing the consumption of fresh raw                                                               l Last year, Chinese hair salons caused a stir
materials                                          l   Drink up: It takes three months for a re-      by unlawfully recycling used condoms, possi-
l Reducing energy usage                            cycled aluminum to make its way back onto          bly donated by local nightclubs, into hair ties.
l Reducing air pollution (from incineration)       the shelf in reincarnated form.
and water pollution (from landfilling) by re-                                                         l In 1821, Turkish soldiers surrounded
ducing the need for "conventional" waste dis-      l    In 2002, researchers from Rutgers Uni-        Greek forces holed up in the Parthenon and
posal lowering greenhouse gas emissions as         versity built a 42-foot-long bridge over a river   started stripping lead from temple columns
compared to virgin production.                     using plastic beams made from polystyrene          to make bullets. The horrified Greeks
Where these processes REDUCE the incom-            cups and polyethylene milk jugs.                   promptly sent the enemy a fresh supply of
ing to some extent, there are many interna-
tional organizations and treaties, which not
only help reduce the inflow of pollutants but          THINGS TO DO
also ensure that certain countries and or-             The authorities in Pakistan, understanding the sensitivity of the issue, must put up a
ganizations act upon them accordingly.                 prompt response to it. The cellular companies should be asked to place their equipment
                                                       on one tower, rather than erecting a separate tower. It has been implemented in India
But, what about our country? Have we real-
                                                       and multiple companies are placing their equipment on single tower in a particular
ized the sensitivity of the issue? Have we got
                                                       area. The companies, besides saving the environment, will also be able to avoid ex-
up from the sweet slumber, which is pushing
                                                       penses on things like rent, manpower, generators and installation. Similarly, educational
close to devastation? The answer, patheti-             institutions should be accredited only if they can arrange the transport for their students.
cally, is no. We are still going for the kill of       Putting a restriction on plying vehicles without any passenger can be another options.
ourselves, of our future generations, and that         CNG buses is yet another. In parks and other recreational places, Chinese bicycle-like
too with our hands. Cars can be witnessed              equipment should be installed to get batteries charged and then use them in the hour
queued in front of all schools in posh areas           of need. Solar and wind energy should be utilized and the government, taking the re-
of every big city. Every of the cars lined up          sponsibility, should come forward and lead the way in this regard.
there does not bring or pick more than two

            Muhammad Zubair

l      The world today is moving forward in       vegetable oils, or animal fats. With low emis-   and buildings).
technology with a great pace. Everyone            sions of carbides and sulphides, biodiesel       Biodiesel does not contain any aromatic
wants his/her life full of comfort. Every         has same performance as conventional             products (benzene derivatives compounds)
minute we talk about new advancements.            diesel fuel. The raw material required for its   that have been demonstrated to be very haz-
                                                  production are crude vegetable oils (soy-
Transports always remain the key part of                                                           ardous for human health.
                                                  bean, rape, sunflower) used fried oils, acid
technology which is a preferred choice of                                                          Carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted during
                                                  oils, edible and inedible tallow and grease.
every person. It is also important for the de-                                                     biodiesel combustion has a zero balance to-
                                                  It can be used in same engine with no mod-
velopment of any country. As we go ahead                                                           wards the environment because it is re-ab-
                                                  ification required.
achieving the targets and ruling the globe,                                                        sorbed by future crops growth or by the
we are also on the way to natural disasters.                                                       growth of the animal fats.
The worse effects of the environment on the                                                        Biodiesel can be considered a "renewable"
human health are evident. There has been a        From the point of view of ecology, the           fuel for its living matter origin (90 percent). It
remarkable increase in the number of the          biodiesel has many advantages in compari-        is not harmful to human health, vegetation,
asthma patients during the last 10 years. The     son with the diesel fuel as it causes lower      monuments and buildings. It is hence better
diseases like cancer, hepatitis and jaundice      emissions when burned in diesel engines.         than normal diesel oil, especially for public
are more common now-a-days. The human             Carbon monoxide (CO) emitted during the          transportation and crowded towns traffic.
interference significantly affects the public’s   combustion of biodiesel in diesel engines is     The energy balance of biodiesel (the differ-
health. This was the most obvious when in-        lower in quantity (less than 50 percent of the   ence between the energy produced during
fectious disease was the primary public health    same engine fuelled with normal diesel oil).     the combustion of one kg of biodiesel
threat during the industrial revolution; un-      Toxicity of carbon monoxide is well known,       against the amount of energy spent for its
sanitary conditions and overcrowded urban         especially in crowded towns.                     production) is positive for at least up to 30
areas facilitated the spread of infection.        There is no emission of sulphur dioxide          percent. Also, the production of biodiesel
                                                  (SO2) because the biodiesel is a sulphur-free    does not deplete the natural environment
What is Biodiesel Technology?                     compound.                                        from an energetic point of view.
It is a complete new alternative to diesel fuel   "Carbon particulate" (smoke) emission is by      Biodiesel, to get a perfect combustion, does
for automotive or heating use, and is pro-        65 percent lower as compared to normal           not require any modification to existing diesel
duced from agricultural raw materials, i.e.       diesel oil (reduced effects on health, smog      engines. They can be fuelled both with nor-


mal diesel and biodiesel, and even with              Initiatives in Pakistan                          Alternately, the power producer will be al-
mixed fuels.                                         In Pakistan, the need for alternate fuel pro-    lowed to collect the garbage at its own and
From the production of biodiesel raw glyc-           duction has also been felt and now the gov-      the Corporation/Local bodies will pay
erol as by-product is obtained. Every 1000           ernment and some private organizations           charges to the power producer on mutually
tons of biodiesel produce 100 tons of raw            have started to pay heed to it. Recently, the    agreed terms and conditions. But the proj-
glycerol. If the biodiesel plant is integrated       government of Punjab has inked an accord         ect, practically, remained in the doldrums.
with a glycerol distillation unit, the revenues      with a Chinese firm Beijing Environment and      Similarly, in Karachi, the city government
from the sale of USP grade glycerol cover            Sanitation Engineering Group (BESG) Com-         contracted to sell garbage to Lucky Cement’s
most part of the direct transformation cost of       pany to generate power from garbage. Ac-         Super Highway factory for production of
the oil into biodiesel. The market for pure          cording to reports, only Lahore is heaping up    electricity, which will use the garbage as fuel
                                                     more than 5000 tonnes of garbage and the
glycerol is huge; more than 1500 different                                                            in its power-generating unit, using German
                                                     power generated from it can be utilized in in-
end uses have been identified so far. Glyc-                                                           technology. The unit currently uses coal for
erol can be exported world-wide.                                                                      fuel.
                                                     Earlier in November 2008, Punjab CM
Countries, which have oil import as a major          Shahbaz Sharif, while responding to a com-       According to the accord, the E&IP depart-
product and have a higher rate of unem-              plaint made by Vice President of Haier           ment had agreed to sell 3,000 tonnes of
ployment, may find a nation-wide biodiesel           Group Lu Jian regarding the power short-         garbage to the cement firm every day. The
program an important tool to get social and          age, had offered the Haier Group to estab-       city government, meanwhile, also earlier
economic benefits with only a minor invest-          lish a power generating plant using garbage      awarded the Chinese company M/s Shang-
ment. Local vegetable oil crops or animal            and waste as fuel, to produce cheap energy       hai Shengong Environmental Protection
fats production can be increased without fear        for meeting the company’s own demand             Company Ltd a contract to collect roughly
of destabilizing the existing market capabili-       and for selling the surplus to the power sup-    8,000 tonnes of garbage from the city every
ties as biodiesel use does not affect other          plying companies.                                day, and take it to landfill sites.
markets. Hard currency expenditures for fos-         The CM said that either through a Chinese        If this garbage is also used to generate
sil oil can be diverted to other needs at the        company or itself, the Group could collect       power, we will not only be able to meet the
same time and existing local resources can           the garbage and waste from whole                 large-looming power outages but also to
be developed in a renewable way.                     Sheikhupura and adjoining areas with the         protect our environment.
                                                     help of machine sweepers to use it as fuel for   Likewise, the city fathers of Islamabad were
Recent Advancement                                   this project.                                    also reported to be looking into a number of
The world's first biofuel-powered commercial         The Punjab government, back in 2001, had         options to produce electricity locally to keep
aircraft took off from London's Heathrow Air-        also approved the New and Renewable              the capital free of power cuts.
port on February 24, 2008 and touched                Sources of Energy (NRSE) Policy – 2001. Ac-      So in short, the need for Green Engineering
down in Amsterdam on a demonstration                 cording to which, the concerned Municipal        has been realized and private and public
flight hailed as a first step towards "cleaner"      Corporations/Bodies/Committees will pro-         sectors are seems to be coming into terms
flying. The "BioJet" fuel for this flight was pro-   vide garbage at the project site free of cost    with the issue. But the question remains the
duced by Seattle-based Imperium Renew-               for Urban, and Municipal (Solid/Liquid) and      same. And that is whether these projects will
ables, Inc.                                          Industrial waste based power projects and        see the light of practicality or will remain cap-
Recently, researchers at Baylor University,          energy recovery projects.                        tive in the files and records. l
Texas, have figured out a way to make car
parts from coconuts, opening the door to the
replacement of environmentally damaging               Bio-Diesel production cycle
plastic with an abundant, renewable re-
source. They have also created biodiesel
from coconut oil, and are confident that the
new fuel could be an economically viable
substitute for gasoline, as well as a vital
source of income for more than ten million
coconut farmers worldwide struggling on tiny
annual incomes, typically as little as $500.
So far, the researchers have constructed pro-
totype versions of floorboards, trunk-liners
and car-door interiors from coconut husks,
which are normally burned or thrown away                                                                                Prototype Tank
as a waste product.
According to project leader, Prof Walter
Bradley, “We are trying to turn trash into cash
                                                               Natural Gas
to help poor coconut farmers. The fiber has                    Methane Molecule
very good strength, stiffness and ductility, and                                                                                   Future Tank
potentially can be used for all kinds of things.”

                  MORE PANEL

l The giant, PTCL, has always remained          household consumers, enterprises and car-       PTCL has succeeded in extending its geo-
undefeated in Pakistan. In the post privati-    riers with a comprehensive portfolio of         graphical presence in the rural areas. Dur-
zation era, the company has gone through        products. The biggest challenge for PTCL is     ing the past three years, more than 200
many changes, MORE found an opportu-            to transform itself from government run mo-     cities were connected to the nationwide
nity to discuss few of them with Mr. Sikandar   nopoly organization into a customer-fo-         voice and dialup data network while broad-
Naqi, SEVP Corporate Development, PTCL.         cused organization operating in a very          band services have been extended to more
                                                highly competitive market. Since its privati-   than 120 cities across the country.
Since Privatization of PTCL,                    zation, PTCL has made significant invest-       On the international front, SMW-4 was
                                                ments to enhance and upgrade the existing       commissioned to enhance the reliability and
how do you rate the company
                                                network to ensure accessibility and afford-     availability of International connectivity in
performance wise?                               ability of telephony and data services to       addition to SMW-3 by increasing network
Since its privatization in 2005, PTCL has       masses.                                         capacity. Introduction of the latest telecom
evolved itself as the only unified service      Although company revenues have declined         services like DSL, IPTV and EVDO services
provider in Pakistan and has been able to       due to intensive price wars in the highly       are some of the hallmarks achieved in post
serve all the customer segments including       competitive post deregulation market; yet       privatization era of PTCL.


                         How efficiently can a wired                        What potential do you foresee
                         medium be used in compari-                         in the data industry and what
                         son to the wireless and in                         can be achieved through it in
                         what areas?                                        Pakistan?
                         The efficiency of a medium is determined in        In the near future I foresee a paradigm shift
                         terms of speed, cost and reliability. Wired        from voice to data and broadband is likely to
                         media has always been ahead of wireless            drive the growth in the sector.
                         media in all these dimensions.                     The operators are offering wide range of
                         The fixed line systems provide a 99.999%           technologies to provide data services. DSL is
                         uptime and ensure high quality voice and           a leading technology with approximately 65
                         data services with little security implications.   percent of the market share. The subscriber
                         In terms of data, the DSL over copper is the       growth in DSL is 150 percent from July 2007
                         cheapest broadband option for "access and          to July 2008. Despite this astonishing
                         transport" method. FTTx and GPON are               growth, Pakistan still lags behind many coun-
                         other emerging wired solutions, which pro-         tries in terms of overall broadband sub-
                         vide the consumers speeds far better than the      scribers. At the moment, local loop installed
                         prevailing wireless counterparts. For back-        capacity of Pakistan is roughly 5.5M. To
                         haul and long distance transmission, wired         cater the future growth there is a huge in-
                         is again the best option due to capacity and       vestment potential in fiber and wireless

                         reliability.                                       broadband access technologies.
                         Wired mediums can support all the new age          Broadband has major importance in accel-
                         services where wireless is helpless. Can you       erating the economic growth in all sectors,
Wired mediums can        think of IPTV, HDTV and Interactive gaming         social development and facilitating innova-
support all the new      running over wireless? The answer, of              tion. Data industry will help raise literacy rate
                         course, is no!                                     not only at primary level but shall help in pro-
age services where       Wireless communication is a fair application       ducing research scholars which is the need
wireless is helpless.    for emergency and temporary communica-             of time. International trade, online stock &
                         tion networks which aim at addressing basic        commodity trades and virtual universities are
Can you think of IPTV,   telephony or narrowband data. For all              some aspects, which will surely get benefit
HDTV and Interactive     planned communication and broadband                from upgrading of data industry.
                         data, wired networks have no match.
gaming running over                                                What PTCL can offer in the do-
wireless? The answer,    What is the response of IPTV main of health and education
                         in Pakistan, what more PTCL making use of its infrastruc-
of course, is no!

                         will offer in this domain?                ture; for example, if we take
                         PTCL commercially launched the “Smart TV” the case of telemedicine and
                         services in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad e-education?
                         from 14th of August 2008 and plans to ex-
                         pand it to other cities as well during the         PTCL has recently launched its own e-learn-
                         course of the year. PTCL has received an           ing facility under the brand “easylearning”. A
                         overwhelming response with over 5,000 or-          dedicated website has been launched for this
                         ders placed in just first two weeks of its         purpose. The easylearning is a respected e-
                         launch. Following are the major areas of           learning program that delivers more than
                         focus in this realm,                               1500 affordable, certification-level IT, desk-
                         l Increased number of channels: Increase           top and professional development courses
                         in number of TV channels along with more           through the Web, allowing the consumers to
                         choice of VOD’s to be ahead of competition         learn anytime, anywhere for a fraction of the
                         and become the most favorite service               cost of class-based training.
                         amongst all.
                         l Provisioning of CLI                              What kind of services PTCL
                         l Interactive Gamming                              can provide to corporate enti-
                         l Video phone
                         l Content Bouquet: A variety in content will
                                                                            ties with reference to data in-
                         be available to serve deferent consumer seg-       dustry?
                         ments.                                             PTCL solutions for corporate users are aimed
                         l Commercial launch of Quad Play                   at reducing their capital and operating


                                                                                                     EvDO services. EvDO is a fast wireless
                                                                                                     broadband access (3G) without needing a
                                                                                                     Wi-Fi hotspot. With EvDO, every spot is the
                                                                                                     hotspot. One can have fast Internet access
                                                                                                     anywhere. For example, get high-speed In-
                                                                                                     ternet access in a car or train and anywhere
                                                                                                     one can open his laptop. We are also taking
                                                                                                     initiative to launch GPON/FTTH ultra broad-
                                                                                                     band services whereby fiber will reach the
                                                                                                     customers premises with data rates up to 30

                                                                                                     What measures PTCL has
                                                                                                     taken to improve the customer
                                                                                                     care after sales services?
                                                                                                     PTCL has three main customer service chan-
                                                                                                     nels: walk-in, online web access and support
                                                                                                     via phone/helpline.
                                                                                                     For the walk-in customers, initially all Value
                                                                                                     Added Services (VAS) were provided through
expense by rapidly linking the enterprise of-    Apart from free dialup and                          upgraded Customer Care & Sales Centers.
fices. Our portfolio of data services for cor-   broadband services, how PTCL                        PTCL is in continuous process of upgrading
porate clients includes;                                                                             CC&S Centers for business customers by
                                                 plans to increase the broad-
                                                                                                     providing equipment, skilled staff and en-
l IP-Connect (MPLS VPN)                          band usage in Pakistan?                             hanced infrastructure. As part of strategy,
l DSL VPN                                        Presently, Pakistan has a broadband pene-           PTCL has invested huge sum of money to im-
l Business DSL                                   tration as low as 0.2 percent, whereas youth        prove the environment & efficiency of its serv-
l Digital Cross Connect                          is about 50 percent of the population of Pak-       ice centers and has established “One Stop
l Leased Circuits (IPLC & DPLC)                  istan. It depicts that Pakistan has great po-       Shops,” designed to ensure the provisioning
l Video Conferencing                             tential for broadband services. To cater the        of all customer services under one roof
l Lease Plus (with redundant access              appetite of different broadband segments,           across the major cities of the country.
means)                                           PTCL is trying to diversify its data services. In   For online web access, customers are as-
l Audio Conferencing                             this context, PTCL is aggressively taking part      signed unique IDs for accessing web-based
l Broadband on the Go (EvDO)                     in collaboration with the government to es-         applications and various service options.
                                                 tablish EBCs & CBCs (Education Business             Online technical support is endowed with
PTCL recently has started Managed Services       Centers & Community Business Centers) in            both hypertexts based and voice-based.
and Business Continuity offerings for our val-   the most remote areas of Pakistan. The very         Customers will be provided with web-based
ued customers.                                   purpose for such projects is to ensure the          installation and trouble-shooting experience,
PTCL’s managed services are delivered            data service provision to every segment of          as they would have if dealing with a techni-
and managed over by its network for cus-         population at the most affordable and con-          cian off-line. Automation has been increased
tomers on a subscription basis. PTCL owns        venient way. It will also help the students get-    as much as possible.
the equipment and the software, reducing         ting education in government schools &              PTCL has introduced handling billing queries
the capital investment for our valued cus-       colleges to get access to high-speed data           for landline & broadband services through
tomers.                                          services. Moreover, CBCs shall help the gen-        the help line number 1236. Customers no
PTCL also performs defined network man-          eral public to have data access. This effort        longer need to personally visit customer serv-
agement tasks that the customers decide to       shall help to provide data facility to every        ice centers for any queries for their PTCL
outsource to reduce their operating costs,       corner of Pakistan.                                 services. Now customers can get their
obtain capabilities that they could not other-   Free dial up data service for the whole nation      queries like duplicate bills, correcting arrears,
wise afford, or want to free internal IT re-     is just one incentive to facilitate and bring in    restoring lines and other billing issues re-
sources to focus on the core business.           awareness in masses and to create the ap-           solved through this helpline. This facility is in
Managed services unburden internal IT            petite for upcoming broadband services. Be-         line with PTCL’s drive to improve and en-
groups, making it simpler and more cost-ef-      sides this, PTCL is acquiring the latest            hance its customer care services. PTCL re-
fective for the company to adopt network-        technologies to deliver mobility to data ac-        cently has launched e-restoration project in
based applications. In addition to the           cess. For the sake of mobility, PTCL is plan-       Karachi ensuring line restoration within thirty
apparent benefit of cost reduction, our man-     ning for Wi-Fi; hotspot services and                minutes of bill payment.
aged solutions provide our customers with a      technology parks. Moreover this, for greater        PTCL management had declared the year
higher level of support and availability.        mobility, PTCL is in process to roll out its        2007-08 as the “Year of the Customer


Care” and has undertaken a complete over-         operators on regulated tariff.                      art technology and is aggressively involve in
haul of the business processes to make them       Under the prevailing competitive environ-           expanding and revamping its network. Along
more customer-focused. The B&CC system            ments, it is highly challenging to achieve the      with PTCL, Ufone is the 2nd largest GSM op-
is being launched to automate the customer        set goals for which PTCL has developed              erator in Pakistan. Ufone is also endowed
management system and the call centers are        comprehensive business transformation               with the latest technology.
equipped with latest customer management          plans. The company is striving hard to boost        In international telecommunication market,
systems to ensure efficient customer man-         the profitability by optimization of network in-    the incumbents are showing bit sluggish
agement. Several customer service initiatives     frastructure investments, introduction of new       growth and PTCL is no exception to this
are in the pipeline and once fully established,   innovative telecom services and better con-         trend. However, Etisalat is committed to
these will ensure a completely new experi-        trols over the operating expenditure. PTCL is       transform the company into a modern, cus-
ence for our valued customer.                     under continuous transformation from a              tomer-focused international communication
                                                  legacy public sector organization into a re-        and information provider, as part of man-
What kind of challenges PTCL                      sponsive and competitive enterprise in the          agement undertakings since 2006. Under
faces being the largest                           deregulated era.                                    Etisalat’s supervision, PTCL made several in-
                                                                                                      vestments in infrastructure development and
                                                  How Etisalat see future in                          added network capacity to enhance services
After the deregulation of telecom sector in       Pakistan?                                           and expand its reach across the country. The
Pakistan, PTCL, as an incumbent fixed line                                                            introduction of Vfone; the new CDMA-based
operator, came under tight regulatory             With a population of over 165 million, Pak-         WLL platform, landmark addition of Triple
scrutiny to provide level playing field to the    istan is one of the most promising markets in       Play to the PTCL service portfolio, launch of
new entrants. PTCL was declared SMP in            Etisalat’s investment portfolio. PTCL, being        ‘Broadband Pakistan’ are some accomplish-
fixed line sector and also obligated by the       incumbent in fixed telephony possesses, is          ments to show the pledge of Etisalat in trans-
authority to provide interconnection and col-     the largest telecommunication infrastructure        forming PTCL. These significant investments
location services on regulated tariff and shar-   with major share in landline subscriber base.       suggest the confidence of Etisalat in Pakistan
ing of its copper local loop with other DSL       It is well equipped with the latest state-of-the-   telecom market.

Chairman PTCL Board visits
Chairman PTCL Board Hifz-Ur-Rehman
visited the state-of-the-art PTCL Network
Operations Center located here in sector
H-9 Islamabad.
SEVP Corporate Development Sikandar
Naqi, SEVP Finance Muhammad Nehmat-
ullah, EVP Development Nasar Ullah, EVP
Finance Jamal Akhtar and other PTCL of-
ficials were also present on the occasion.
While briefing Mr. Hifz-Ur-Rehman, Net-
work Operations Center officials informed
that with this centralized network manage-
ment system with fault resolution capabil-
ity, PTCL will be fully capable of proactive
identification and resolution of faults
through Real-time network monitoring &
status visibility.
Hifz-Ur-Rehman was further briefed that
the purpose of this newly established Net-
work Operations Center was to control,
monitor and manage the entire PTCL net-           Chairman PTCL Board Mr. Hifz-Ur-Rehman , SEVP Corporate Development
work, and to enhance and optimize Net-            Sikandar Naqi, SEVP Finance Muhammad Nehmatullah, EVP Development
                                                  Nasar Ullah, EVP Finance Mr. Jamal Akhtar and other PTCL officials in a group
work Management through a transparent
                                                  photo at the PTCL Network Operations Center.
and centralized platform.
While expressing his views on this occa-          Center, once fully operational, will not only       also increase accountability and trans-
sion, Chairman PTCL Board Hifz-Ur-                be used to diversify the services and cus-          parency through escalation policies and
Rehman said that this Network Operation           tomer base to increase revenues but will            maintenance of secure activity logs.

               Richard Grigonis

l Originally called WirelessMAN, WiMAX            “We have both indoor and outdoor cus-            CPE won TMC’s 2008 WiMAX Distinction
(Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave         tomer premises equipment that we sell            Award.”
Access) is potentially a viable wireless alter-   around the world. We’re just about com-          Motorola’s rival, Nortel, is also aggressively
native to cable and DSL. In the last 12           mercially ready with a PC dongle, a USB          pursuing early market opportunities for
months, several WiMAX trials and actual           connector that plugs into a PC and provides      WiMAX. For example, they recently an-
commercial networks have been initiated           full mobile WiMAX functionality. We’ve gone      nounced that Comstar United Telesystems,
worldwide for last mile broadband connec-         through all of the shakedown tests and so        Russia’s leading integrated telecom service
tivity for both the consumer and enterprise       forth. That product is now in a state where it   provider, has selected Nortel’s WiMAX solu-
segments. Until now, however, the United          should be commercially ready very soon.          tion to provide wireless broadband in
States has lagged behind the rest of the          “So, Motorola has a good portfolio, not only     Moscow, which has the highest penetration
world in terms of WiMAX build-out and             of base station products operating in the 2.3,   of mobile phone subscribers of any major
adoption. At the moment, Pakistan enjoys the      2.5, 3.5 GHz frequency bands, but we also        Russian city (at over 150 percent) and the
world’s largest WiMAX network. Wateen                                                              highest Internet penetration. (Rethink Re-

Telecom rolled out WiMAX in 17 cities                                                              search Associates Ltd estimates that the num-
throughout Pakistan on a platform built with                                                       ber of WiMAX subscribers in Russia will grow
Motorola equipment.                                                                                to 1.7 million in 2010 and 4.3 million 2012.)
Indeed, Motorola is one of the companies at       Motorola says, “We’re                            The Nortel WiMAX solution sold to Comstar
the forefront of WiMAX development. Mo-           just about commercially                          includes the WiMAX BTS 5020 (mobile
torola’s Fred Wright, Senior Vice President for                                                    WiMAX base station), compliant with WiMAX
Cellular Networks & WiMAX, says, “We now
                                                  ready with a PC don-                             Forum and Rossvyaz standards. Comstar will
have many commercial contracts for WiMAX          gle, a USB connector                             initially deploy over 160 mobile WiMAX
in a number of markets around the world. A                                                         (802.16e) base stations (BTS 5020). The
few months ago, we were in a kind of transi-
                                                  that plugs into a PC                             network will also include Nortel’s the Access
tion stage. We’re now moving from the trial       and provides full mo-                            Services Network Gateway (News - Alert)
phase with a number of customers to com-          bile WiMAX functional-                           (ASG) 5100, devices such as USB adapters,
mercial contracts, and we have a number of                                                         indoor and outdoor gateways, Business Sup-
systems under construction or we will be get-     ity. We’ve gone through                          port System (BSS) and Operational Support
ting them under construction fairly quickly.      all of the shakedown                             System (OSS) platforms as well as Nortel
Today, we also have, in general, commercial                                                        Global Services for WiMAX such as network
                                                  tests and so forth”

service with a number of customers around                                                          design and training.
the world. Customers are building out net-                                                         This is Nortel’s first mobile WiMAX win in
works such as Embratel in Brazil, Axtel in                                                         Russia and should be a major boost for Nor-
Mexico, and Wateen Telecom in Pakistan is                                                          tel’s 4G strategy, which includes a strategic
expanding and reinforcing the capacity of         have a fairly significant variety of customer    WiMAX agreement with Alvarion, which is
their network. We’re building with a telco in     premise equipment, both indoor and out-          helping Nortel to bring WiMAX to market
Saudi Arabia too, as well as Mena Telecom         door varieties that come with different fea-     faster to customers.
in Bahrain. We have project after project. The    tures. Some of them are data-only, some of       Carriers and service providers have been
technology is real, it works. We have com-        them also have a voice port in them, so you      searching for the next ’killer app’ for years.
mercial grade software out there in the field     can just plug an RJ-11 connector from a          Voice, however, remains the time-honored
that is supporting customers. And we period-      desktop phone into the CPE unit and you          moneymaker. WiMAX providers have found
ically win new contracts with new customers.      can do VoIP calling on the customer’s net-       that voice doubles the average revenue per
“Right now, we are also in the process of get-    work. Of course, you’ve got to connect to a      user, gives the service provider a bundled
ting a number of our Customer Premise             VoIP switch, which is part of what we’re in-     and branded service, broadens their market
Equipment (CPE) units going through the           terfacing into with various customers. Our       reach and decreases their cost to acquire
certification process,” says Wright, adding,      Motorola wi4 WiMAX CPEi 750 Desktop              new customers. l

                 MORE PANEL

l    Zong is the first foreign investment of   crossed 10 million subscriber mark (12.7         Mobile technology is not new
China Mobile, which is committed to see it     million at the end of 2005). The growth has      for China Mobile Communi-
anchored at the harbor of success. Mr.         been upward at 80 percent per annum
                                               since then, totaling to over 90 million sub-
                                                                                                cation Corporation (CMCC) as
Zafar Usmani shares how he sees the
growth in future.                              scribers to date. In terms of geographical       it enjoys a strong position in
                                               coverage, more than 300 out of 376 tehsils       China. What was the initial
How do you see Pakistan’s
                                               of Pakistan have mobile network coverage.        attitude of customers in Pak-
                                               I believe that this growth phase will continue   istan towards ZONG and how
telecom sector growth given                    until the curve flattens out around 70 per-
the strong competition?                        cent teledensity in the next 3 years. This
                                                                                                long do you think it will take
                                               does not mean that the race is going to          for the company to gain the
Pakistan has experienced steep growth over     cool down; we have already started to wit-       same position in Pakistan?
the last 14 years. The subscriber number       ness the growth in number of minutes peo-
has surpassed the 90 million mark and tele-    ple are talking to each other and this is just   China Mobile is the largest company
density is over 54 percent. In 2005, the in-   the beginning.                                   in the world with around 400 million
dustry gained real momentum when it            The challenges for telecom industry are          subscribers. As you have mentioned,
                                               about to change very soon. As we get close       it is the market leader in terms of the

                                               to 70 percent teledensity, the priorities and    subscribers’ number base and quality
                                               focus is going to shift on retaining cus-        of service. The CMCC’s investment in
                                               tomers. This would mean a sincere effort by      Pakistan is indicative of the fact that it
 The thought for the                           all operators to raise the quality of customer   wants to expand its reach and become
                                               services and network. Understanding the          a major multinational telecommunica-
 moment is that 3G is                          customer from mobile usage and psycho-           tions company in the world.
 not the answer to the                         graphic viewpoint is going to be crucial, as     Given that scenario, achieving sustainable
                                               it will help the managers to offer targeted      success in the Pakistani market is of utmost
 technological ad-                             value added services.                            importance for the CMCC. It is all about
 vancement in Pakistan.                        Industry will have to look out for alternate     the aggressive and ‘going global’ attitude
                                               revenue streams such as broadband and            that we have committed ourselves.
 It would be prudent for                       auxiliary use of mobile handsets using GSM       We have experienced an extremely warm
 providers to stick to                         services. Youth is going to fuel the opera-      welcome from the Pakistani people, and
                                               tors’ appetite for more subscribers as about     having more than 5 million customers in
 current networks, in-                         2 million youngsters are first time mobile       less than 8 months is a testament to this
 crease their coverage                         users every year and about 55 percent of         fact.
                                               Pakistan’s population is less than 25 years      It is just a matter of time before we gain
 base, improve their                           of age. From organizational capability           critical mass, as our growth is more than
 service quality and                           angle, a lot of professionalism and disci-       100 percent so far. We expect that our
                                               pline is required to face the challenges of      market share will be double again this year
 mend the loopholes in                         near future. The decisions that did not re-      to more than 10 percent.
 the infrastructure first                      quire much deliberation in the recent past       Once we have achieved that critical mass,
                                               would require in depth analysis and sound        it will take only a couple of years to be-
 before jumping onto                           strategic thinking in the recent future. Good    come the largest telecommunication com-
 the 3G bandwagon                              human resource and forward thinking is           pany of Pakistan with innovative value

                                               going to be pivotal for tomorrow’s success       added products, superior network cover-
                                               in telecom industry.                             age and the best quality of service.


                          What kind of challenges does                      ness strategies pursued by the telecom op-
                          ZONG face as a new entrant                        erators in Pakistan. Our industry has unfor-
                                                                            tunately resorted to the easier way to
                          in Pakistan?
                                                                            achieve growth: by having rock bottom
                          People were expecting that it would be dif-       prices. Eventually, this hurts the consumer,
                          ficult for us to do business in Pakistan suc-     as some of the players will be forced out of
                          cessfully but our experience has proved           the market due to low margins and com-
                          otherwise. Of course, there are several           pounding losses, thus resulting in less com-
                          challenges in setting up a new business and       petition and a decline in quality of service
                          taking over a company that is not one of          and an increase in prices. What we need to
                          the best in the market, but these problems        realize is that customers will pay for good
                          exist with every takeover and with every new      quality of service. It is imperative that we un-
                          business setup. The Pakistan Telecommuni-         derstand the lifestyle and needs of Pakistani
                          cation Authority (PTA) has played an excep-       customers, segment the customers on basis
                          tional role in providing an extremely             of psycho-graphic and mobile usage be-
                          investor friendly environment to set up new       havior and then offer services that relate to
                          businesses in Pakistan. Also, people in Pak-      the lifestyle and usage needs of various seg-

                          istan are in general very welcoming and go        ments of customers. This is the only way we
                          out of way to help those who need help and        can develop brand loyalty and product de-
                          support. I will also attribute the smooth entry   sirability, which will empower the customers
We have to understand
that decline of ARPU is
not a natural phenom-
enon. It is declining
because of wrong pric-
ing and business
strategies pursued by
the telecom operators
in Pakistan. Our indus-
try has unfortunately
resorted to the easier
way to achieve growth:
by having rock bottom

                          to the good relations between Pakistan and        to do more and enable the operators to
                          China. The relationship between our gov-          charge a premium. This is what is at the
                          ernments and our people has paved ways            core of our strategy at ZONG, and you will
                          for business entities of both the countries to    see some ground-breaking value added of-
                          do good business across borders. Overall,         fers in the near future from ZONG, which
                          it was a pleasant experience entering the         will strike a chord with the Pakistani people
                          Pakistani market and it was easier to over-       and result in a win-win situation for the cus-
                          come the usual business challenges.               tomers as well as the company.

                          As the Average Revenue Per What opportunities do you
                          User (ARPU) is declining, anticipate for ZONG with 3G
                          what key areas will ZONG licensing in Pakistan?
                          focus on in terms of revenue? After the installation of GSM and CDMA
                          We have to understand that decline of             networks, companies will be able to offer
                          ARPU is not a natural phenomenon. It is de-       customers the wonders of 3G in mobiles in
                          clining because of wrong pricing and busi-        Pakistan shortly. The Third-Generation wire-


less or 3G refers to near future develop-          the 3G bandwagon. Even if the licenses are      million and plans to expand its project by
ments in personal and business wireless            obtained as per government schedules, the       further investing $600 million. For acquisi-
technology, especially relating to mobile          implementation can be put on hold until the     tion of Paktel, China Mobile had paid $400
communications.                                    customer has truly explored all avenues of      million and also made a further investment
The 3G may be a mobile phone user’s                GSM and is ready for the next revolution.       of $400 million for improvement of its net-
dream coming true. Just imagine the entire         This move otherwise will only remain as an-     work.
world is at your fingertips; any information       other alternative to GSM availed by a lim-      China Mobile Pakistan is providing services
with a mere touch of a button; streaming           ited number of subscribers and with limited     to more than 5 million customers in Pak-
audio, video and Internet and all this with-       features only. In other words, 3G may just      istan. For international and long distance
out the limitation of any boundaries!              be GSM at broadband speed.                      calls, the company is also getting services

No one can deny that 3G is the next step                                                           from other companies for which we are
for wireless communications; however, in                                                           paying heavy amounts.
Pakistan’s current situation, this dream may
not become a reality for some time and this         There are several chal-                        What does ZONG plan to do
is not because the technology is not avail-                                                        in the areas of Tele-medicine,
able. Mobile phone service companies face           lenges in setting up a
                                                                                                   education etc and other value
several challenges at present with their cur-       new business and tak-                          added services?
rent networks including heavy taxation, im-
port duties, high FDI costs, ARPU being             ing over a company                             ZONG is set out for offering customers in-
amongst the lowest in the world and low             that is not one of the                         novative and exciting services that add
teledensity in rural and remote areas of the                                                       value to the customer experience. With the
country.                                            best in the market, but                        recent hype in the VAS requirements and
It is a well-known fact that an average Pak-        these problems exist                           the increasing acceptability levels in the
istani consumer’s first priority is always the                                                     general population, it is this area that would
cost of the goods, its long-term benefits and       with every takeover and                        receive the most attention in the coming
value additions, if any. In order to satisfy        with every new business                        year and ZONG plans to be there when it
these requirements, cell phone service                                                             comes to offering customers the best possi-
providers come up with different tariff pack-       setup. PTA has played                          ble service levels and products. New are-
ages to suit every pocket and thus increase         an exceptional role in                         nas like tele-medicine and education would
their customer base. Today one can get a                                                           keep on opening as the market gets more
normal GSM phone with the connection for            providing an extremely                         and more mature and ZONG would be
not more than Rs 5,000.                             investor friendly envi-                        there to address all customer needs actively,
Even with the GSM network, many of the                                                             as and when required.
features are still not available to users and       ronment to set up new
most people do not take advantage of                businesses in Pakistan                         Where did you derive the

those that are being offered to reduce ad-                                                         word ZONG from and what is
ditional costs in their bills. In this scenario,
the introduction of 3G will only enhance
                                                                                                   the meaning of it?
currently available features and thus indus-       Recently the PTA refused to                     The Z in ZONG stands for our zealous pur-
try gurus are not expecting any movement           give LDI license to ZONG de-                    suit of perfection by adopting best practices,
in the growth rate in the next few years.                                                          while the letter O represents our large net-
The 3G is going to be expensive, both to
                                                   spite of directions given by the                work base to spread our voice to every cor-
the customer as well as to the provider. The       government and concerned                        ner of the nation. The N stands for us
installation and network administration in it-     department. What will be your                   anticipating customer needs and satisfying
self will require heavy investments, and then      line of action in this regard?                  them through value added services, while
new technology means that existing hand-                                                           the G of ZONG is for our global aspira-
sets will not be compatible to it, therefore,      China Mobile Pakistan has contacted the         tions with a focus on local operations.
new more expensive handsets will be                government about having diplomatic level        Thus, the core essence of ZONG is to allow
needed, and lastly, the packages for 3G will       interactions. The Chinese ambassador met        people to communicate at will without wor-
make a big hole in the customer’s pocket           with Minister for Privatization Naveed          rying about tariffs, network coverage, ca-
as well.                                           Qamar and raised this issue.                    pacity issues or congestion. This dynamic
The thought for the moment is that 3G is           We have appealed to President Asif Ali          brand of ours is supported by ground-
not the answer to the technological ad-            Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yousuf          breaking communications, trend setting
vancement here. It would be prudent for            Raza Gilani to intervene in view of the long-   customer service and an unmatched prod-
providers to stick to current networks, in-        term friendship and close ties between Pak-     uct offering which has redefined the rules of
crease their coverage base, improve their          istan and China, and instruct the PTA to        the game and established ZONG as a se-
service quality and mend the loopholes in          issue LDI license to China Mobile Pakistan.     rious contender for the number one spot in
the infrastructure first before jumping onto       This year, China Mobile has invested $200       the country.

             Ahmad Bilal Javed

l       Fixed wireless connectivity! Frustrated   internet wherever you are; whereas with          and your contact data. It has a support for
- the speed is inappropriate! No connectiv-       your EDGE/GPRS enabled phone, you                two-way long SMS messages. It works
ity on the move! Gone are the days, when          have to connect it to your laptop/Desktop        through Pakistan’s largest network and
you had to deal with all these limitations.       PC through a cable or infrared/Bluetooth         also works in 32 countries providing
Now an Edge/GPRS based USB stick                  port and the usability, mobility and ease of     largest GPRS Roaming coverage. One-
modem is available by couple of telecom           use is restricted for both the laptop/desktop    year limited warranty at nationwide Telenor
players in Pakistan.                              PC and your phone. This device makes             Walk in centers.
With the wireless connectivity on the move,       both PC and phone independent of each
now you have freedom to do a lot more             other and the much-increased speed is a          ZONG Internet USB Card
and to increase your potential many folds.        major distinction.                               Zong USB card is equally compatible and
It is easy to use device, simple plug and play                                                     as I won’t write much about its features it
in any of the USB ports of your PC. This par-     UFONE EDGE USB                                   would not mean that it is poorer in cover-
ticular device you can connect to your lap-       With Ufone, for just Rs 6,999/- (all taxes in-   age or does not provide always-on con-
top or desktop and you will always be             clusive), you get Ufone EDGE USB, a free         nectivity rather it gives you all the features
connected to the internet through the             DATA SIM and can enjoy 6 months of free          that you can get in any of Ufone’s or Te-
EDGE-based GPRS network. You can enjoy            unlimited internet for your PC/Laptop. The       lenor’s USB Stick.
and surf the web at home or enhance your          USB also supports send/receive SMS,              Here I’ll provide you with the details that dif-
productivity anywhere wherever service is         Phone Book Contacts Saver and PIN/PUK            ferentiate it from its competitors. ZONG In-
available. EDGE network gives you the             Management functions. Company also of-           ternet USB Card’s EDGE Modem costs Rs
edge of having speed four times than that         fers six months limited replaceable warranty     9,999/- only and provides unlimited GPRS
of GPRS network. Wireless connectivity with       and multiple OS (operating system) support       package for Rs 400/-month + tax. It also
WiFi gave only limited mobility but with this,                     ,
                                                  like Windows XP Windows 2000, and Win-           provides support for two-way long SMS
you can move all over Pakistan and enjoy          dows Vista etc. There are Pre-paid and Post-     messages; domestic messages cost Rs
                                                  paid packages available which depends
the connectivity wherever the network cov-                                                         0.5/SMS +tax and international ones cost
                                                  upon customer’s requirement and usage.
erage is available.                                                                                Rs 5/SMS +tax. Each month the users will
Companies which provide international                                                              have to recharge the SIM account to con-
roaming, this facility can also be availed in-    Telenor USB EDGE stick                           tinue using uninterrupted services @ Rs
ternationally though it will not be as eco-       Telenor USB EDGE stick includes (USB             400+tax.
nomical as within the country.                    EDGE card) and Telenor Persona Postpaid          Though we just talked about GPRS/EDGE
USB stick is a wireless internet connectivity     Telenor Data SIM (on Data Package 4). Te-        based USB modem, there are mobile de-
modem (with a data SIM inside) which can          lenor USB EDGE stick is available at Rs          vices available like Worldcall’s Dongle USB
be connected to your laptop/desktop PC            12,700/- (all taxes inclusive) but the           Modem but it is CDMA based with limited
via USB port and enables you to enjoy high-       charges of data connection are additional.       coverage as compared to GSM based USB
speed mobile internet access anytime any-         It is up to four times faster in speed than      modem. Pakistan is about to experience a
where! It works on the EDGE/GPRS network          GPRS and always-on internet connectivity         data revolution and soon, we will see the
to give you wireless internet connectivity. In-   on desktop/laptops. Paying only for what         high speed mobile wireless internet in the
ternet USB stick is different from a              you use, SMS & voice being optional.             form of mobile WiMax quite commonly, but
GPRS/EDGE enabled phone. USB stick is a           Checking and responding to real-time             it will take some time as technology is evolv-
USB shaped internet card which can be in-         data such as stock quotes, exchange rates,       ing itself and very few WiMax enabled de-
serted in your Laptop/Desktop PC's USB            emails with attachments, chat sessions and       vices are available in the market. l
port and hence your laptop/desktop be-            blogs are on the move. You can apply a           The above rates were taken during the month of January
comes truly mobile and you can access the         PIN code for the secure access application       2009. They may change as per company’s policies.

                                                                                                                  Ahmad Bilal Javed

l Every one of you will be familiar with             with Lau, and informs him of Wayne Enter-       Apart from its imaginative features, it is a
the much-hyped blockbuster ’The Dark                 prises’ plans to cancel negotiations with his   very stylish mobile and music is its main
Knight’. It truly was a superhit backed by a         company. However, he secretly keeps one         trait. Its touch screen characteristic and only
great start ’The Batman Begins’. It broke all        cell phone in his pocket, which has been        three hardware button guides it in the
records except for ’Titanic’. ‘Titanic’ is the       adapted to produce a sonar map of the           league of iPhones. iPhones are costly,
all time US box office hit which has done a          surrounding area. Upon leaving the build-       mainly for class-conscious people but now
record business of about 600 million dol-            ing, he does not pick up the phone he           Nokia is presenting this competitive prod-
lars in the United States, whereas ‘The Dark         dropped off, and delivers the map of the        uct, which gives better features than iPhone
Knight’ is also staying neck to neck with a          building to Bruce Wayne. That night, the        and some additional attributes with much
business of 530 million dollars.                     phone that Fox left at the front desk emits a   lower price.
In the movie, Batman, Gordon and Harvey              high frequency that shuts down all the
Dent are forced to deal with the chaos un-           power in the building. Batman crashes in        PROMINENT FEATURES IN-
leashed by an anarchist mastermind known             through a window in Lau's office, and after     CLUDE
only as the Joker, as it drives each of them         disabling some guards, grabs Lau and es-        Music Player: One touch takes you to
to their limits. ‘The Dark Knight’ has many          capes by sending a balloon attached to a        music. You can browse by artist, album,
nominations to its credit including that of          cable to a plane he has chartered flying        and genre or can flick through your playlists
Golden Globe and other several wins. The             over Lau's building. This was an abstract       with up to 35 hours of great sounds on this
performance of Joker (Heath Ledger) was              from the movie where Nokia 5800 XM was          advanced multi-format player.
superb and one can easily say that he was            seen in. However, Nokia neither gives the
outstanding in all departments but sadly             feature of producing sonar maps nor emit        Superior Sounds: Stereo surround sound on
enough, he died on January 22, 2008 even             high frequencies to shut power supplies; it     world-leading built-in speakers. Enjoy crys-
before the release of the movie. “Why so             was Fox (Morgan Freeman) who developed          tal clear hi-fi with an 8-band graphic equal-
serious?” is his most famous dialogue and            it for Batman.                                  izer and easy volume control.
the tag line of the movie. The way he deliv-
ers it, is simply brilliant. Also including in the                                                   8GB and More: With 8GB microSD card
cast are Batman/Bruce (Christian Bale),                                                              inside, your collection can grow and grow.
Gorden (Gary Oldman), Harvey Dent                                                                    Swap cards up to 16GB in size for an ex-
(Aaron Eckhart), Rachel (Maggie Gyllen-                                                              tended playlist of tunes.
haal), Fox (Morgan Freeman), Alfred
(Michael Caine) and guess what, also in-                                                             Nokia Music Store: Browse, stream, and
troducing our stylish, touch screen mobile                                                           download millions of songs over the air at
phone (Nokia 5800 XpressMusic).                                                                      the Nokia music store. Discover new music
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, also code                                                                    with ultra-fast 3.5G and WLAN mobile
named ’Tube’ was portrayed in the movie                                                              technology.
as a very high tech mobile. In the movie
when Fox arrives in Hong Kong to meet with                                                           Connections: Plug and play on headphones
Lau, he checks his mobile phone at the front                                                         or your home stereo with 3.5mm connec-
desk at Lau’s building, as there are no cell                                                         tion, or pair your stereo system or headset
phones allowed on the premises. Fox meets                                                            over Bluetooth to listen wirelessly. l

                MORE PANEL

28   Feb 2009

l HP the number one printer company in
       ,                                           duced innovative supplies’ offerings such as     rials for SMBs to quickly and easily create
APJ organized a seminar for businesses and         HP Black and Tri-Color XL Inkjet Print Car-      and print corporate and marketing collat-
channel partners on January 29, 2009. The          tridges targeted at high volume users that       erals such as business cards, letterheads,
company showcased its comprehensive im-            offer up to 47 percent in cost savings to such   product brochures and advertising flyers.
aging and printing portfolio across con-           customers. We also expanded our HP Dual
sumer and commercial printing segments             Pack LaserJet Cartridge offerings to include     How HP is different from
catered to families, and small and mid-            four new products that offer 37 percent          other competitors (what is its
sized businesses.                                  more cost savings over standard cartridges.

In his speech, Shahid Khan, Director Market-
ing, IPG, HP Pakistan said, “Let me thank you                                                       As the No 1 consumer technology company
for taking the time out on this busy day. I take                                                    in Asia Pacific, HP is focused on delivering
your presence as a very positive sign which        Overall, in the Ink and                          the simplest and most rewarding consumer
means that you approve HP brand being its          Laser Jet Market, HP                             experience at home, online, and in retail. It
loyal customer and we would like to recipro-                                                        means enabling consumers to enjoy more
cate by giving more knowledge to you”.             posses 41 per cent of                            of their lives through meaningful innova-
While introducing the guests, he said,             market share. Our                                tions and ease of use to deliver a seamless
“From the Singapore, we have with us today                                                          printing experience.
Margaret Ong, Vice President, HP Imaging           nearest competitor                               HP remains committed to its current strategy,
and Printing Group, South East Asia and            Canon holds 15 per                               which is a continued investment in product
Irving Oh, General Manager, Asia Emerg-                                                             and design innovation, establishing deep re-
ing Countries. While all the multinational         cent of the market. We                           tail partnerships, setting competitive pricing
companies are taking security precautions          have been the leader                             and delivering a superior customer experi-
and people are not actually coming over to                                                          ence. Currently, HP already enjoys an exten-
Pakistan but we must appreciate the senior         for a very long time                             sive geographical reach, providing easy
management of HP that they found this              and we are continuing                            accessibility to leading HP technology for con-
event important enough to be here with us”.                                                         sumers and SMBs in Pakistan and the region.
In an exclusive interview with MORE, Mr.           to do that
Shahid Khan talked about HP’s vision.

Looking at the global reces- What area will you be focus-
                                                              ”                                     What is HP’s market share?
                                                                                                    We are the leaders in the Imaging and
                                                                                                    Printing Category by considerable gap as
                                                                                                    compared to other brands. HP is the lead-
sion, how market will re- ing on and what is your vision
                                                                                                    ing provider of the both Ink Jet and Laser
spond in 2009, particularly in about it?                                                            units with a 44.3 per cent of market share.
case of HP?                    On the consumer front, HP’s vision is to en-                         The market share is much higher in Pak-
The market is very tough; I would be the first     able the clients to enjoy more of their lives    istan which is approximately over 70%. If
one to tell that the situation is not very rosy.   through meaningful innovations that make         we look at mono laser and multi function
But I would see it as an opportunity. In such      technology simple to use and invoke users        peripherals in enterprises, HP holds over
a situation, a good and reliable brand be-         to experience that are personal and unique.      51 per cent of Asia Pacific market and
comes very important for the customers.            HP is simplifying the printing experience        again 70 per cent in Pakistan.
When there is a limited budget, customer           with leading technology, enabling con-           Overall, in the Ink and Laser Jet Market, HP
wants to spend money on a brand which              sumers to connect personally and profes-         posses 41 per cent of market share. Our
provides best value for the money and this         sionally in the way that they want to.           nearest competitor Canon holds 15 per
is where HP comes in. Not only do we have          In addition to it, we see tremendous oppor-      cent of the market. We have been the
wide range of products we have the appro-          tunities in the small and mid-sized business     leader for a very long time and we are con-
priate solutions for Banking, Pharmaceuti-         space. According to a recent research con-       tinuing to do that. Apart from this, we carry
cal, Aviation Industries etc. With the global      ducted by an analyst firm, AMI Partners,         the widest array of products; we have eas-
economic recession, the market outlook will        total IT spending for SMBs in Pakistan ex-       ily over 60 models only available for Pak-
continue to be a challenging one. However,         ceeds US$ 0.7 billion.                           istani market. I don’t think any other brand
we believe that such tough and demanding           HP has a robust and wide range of imaging        would offer you such a huge range.
business environments also allow us to im-         and printing products to help SMBs work          Later, talking to the HP lovers on the occa-
prove our competitive position.                    smarter and grow faster. For example, HP         sion, Margaret Ong, VP HP shared her
As consumers and businesses will become            makes it easy and affordable for SMBs to         thoughts as,
increasingly cost-conscious, HP’s compre-          get a leg up on the competition with cost-ef-    “It’s great to be in Lahore in this beautiful
hensive portfolio of products and solutions        fective in-house marketing. Each HP Color        weather. Because of you we are continuing
offers will ensure to meet valued personal         LaserJet Printer/MFP comes with a free HP        to sustain as global leader. We would like
and business objectives. For example, in line      In-house Marketing (IHM) Starter kit that        you to know us not only as a printer com-
with our commitment to provide customers           consists of a comprehensive package of           pany but also with reference to PCs, Desk-
with greater choice and value, HP intro-           free tools, templates, resources and mate-       tops, Servers, Graphic Solution and
                                                                                                                             Continued on page 48
             Sumaira Mudassar

l The first intuitive idea before buying a        career which is at the very start. When skill
computer is that the machine must entertain       doesn’t match with the requirement, then it
you with beautiful design from the box to         creates a gap between demand and sup-
every pixel, speed, reliability, security, sup-   ply. This is why we are pushing trainers and
port, user-friendliness and stability. This ap-   academia, and investing there. We are all
proach has been realized by Apple                 open to give free services and training to
computers and so they are shipping the best       those who understand its importance and
range of personal computers and note-             we are getting successful.”
books in the world.                               Mr Ibrahim further said, “As far as customer
The trend of using Apple computers has            support and after sales services are con-         Mr Ibrahim Qureshi,
grown rapidly since the introduction of Intel     cerned, we are up to the mark. We openly          Director, Raffles Computers
based CPUs. Now, Apple computers are              claim that buy apple computer from any au-
generic and capable of running almost all         thorized store in the world, if something
operating systems. Despite this growing           goes wrong in Pakistan, we will be at your       they develop almost every part of the sys-
trend, the Apple computers have not gained        door step around the clock with all the apple    tem at their own, and thus eliminates the
much popularity in Pakistan and the People        support. We have the ability to solve any sort   needs of third part vendors. The whole sys-
here are not aware of the power and beauty        of warranty issue within 72 hours time.”         tem is therefore highly optimized and com-
of these computers.                               Now coming back to the looks, Macs are           patible. The Plug-n-Play nature of MAC
Most people worry that by buying a Mac            just awesome devices and one loves to            systems is also terribly astounding. Con-
(Macintosh – Brand name for Apple com-            have them as decoration pieces in his            necting new devices is as simple as con-
puters), they would restrict themselves to use    showcase. But they are far more than mere        necting a USB drive to a personal
only Mac operating systems and their com-         showpieces; Macs come along with pre-in-         computer. Today’s Mac computers use an
puters will no more elude flexibility. They’re    stalled drivers, world’s best operating sys-     ATI Radeon, nVidia GeForce or Intel GMA
arrant wrong, the new chain of Apple com-         tem and extreme customization abilities.         graphics cards. Macs, that have optical
puters is shipped with Intel Core series          Notebooks from Apple are also referred to        media devices, have a DVD-Player, Combo
processors and the most interesting aspect        as world’s thinnest notebooks. There has         Drive and a CD Burner or the SuperDrive,
is that Windows, Linux and other operating        been a huge debate about whether Macs            a dual-function DVD and CD burner. The
systems can be operated on it.                    are for designers or not? I must say that        offered data transfer ports are USB ports
On January 10, 2006, the MacBook Pro              Mac is for everyone who loves an interac-        and FireWire ports. Current Intel based Mac
and iMac became the first Apple computers         tive, fast and stable machine. The software      computers also offer a BIOS compatibility
to utilize Intel's Core Duo CPU. By August 7,     suite, shipped with the MAC OS X, is bril-       module that helps run Windows at almost
2006, Apple had converted the entire Mac          liant and one can feel the difference.           native speed. With a Mac computer, we can
product line into Intel chips, over 1 year        World’s first 64-bit personal computer was       also install software known as Boot Camp,
sooner than announced.                            also developed by Apple. The amazing sta-        which helps installing Windows XP (SP2 and
We talked to Mr Ibrahim Qureshi, Director         bility of its operating system ensures a         higher) and Windows Vista with Mac based
Raffles Computers and Distributors of Apple       steady performance with the no more pro-         Windows drivers. It also helps in dual boot
in Pakistan in this regard. He said, “We are      gram crashes and hangs. In terms of secu-        between MAC OS X and Windows.
going to the educational institutions and         rity, MAC computers have no match. Even          Apple computers are also highly suitable for
giving awareness about the power and              the United States military organizations are     businesses. An Apple-based network needs
practical aspect of Apple Computers. We           converting to Apple computers in order to        almost no maintenance. At last, I would
see a major problem in Pakistan that is,          save valuable information and records.           suggest everybody who is figuring out to
when a student leaves a university after          Viruses and malware are words of Win-            purchase a personal computer to get his
completing graduation, a major challenge          dows, in the dictionary of Mac computers;        Mac as soon as possible to enjoy the real
besides others, he/she faces is the un-           there is no concept of viruses and malware.      taste of computing. The customer support
friendly operating system and hardware at         This is a great facility because Windows         given by Apple is one of the best in com-
the employer premises. Employer today             platform has a bad history of viruses and        puter manufacturers. Even, service centers
doesn’t have time to train a guy who has          malicious programs that affect the whole         and help lines are available nationwide.
been learning on windows platform, which          system by reducing its efficiency and cor-       Cutting it short, buying a Mac gives you
is getting obsolete in a professional envi-       rupting important data.                          sweet apples and membership in Apple’s
ronment like Telecom operators, Television        The Apple’s hardware development is ver-         family.l Apple products are available in Lahore
Channels etc. So there comes a break in           tically integration oriented, which means        at iRaffles. T: 5757402

                                                                                                                Nadeem Akhter

l      Virtualization is the name of the tech-   a virtual machine instead of delaying the        urations with VDI, the user can get a rich
nology that allows one computer to essen-        deployment of a new operating system due         and individualized desktop experience with
tially do the job of multiple computers or       to application incompatibility. Testing mi-      full admin control over desktop and appli-
servers by sharing the hardware resources        gration plans is much more risk-free using       cations.
of a single computer across multiple envi-       virtual machines instead of actual physical
                                                 computers. Another huge advantage of this
ronments. This technology is transforming
                                                 technology is that one crashing application
the IT infrastructure norms and is changing                                                       Virtual machines do also have some draw-
                                                 or operating system doesn’t affect others.
the way organizations are planning and                                                            backs. The growth in virtual servers has cre-
                                                 By having a separate application in each
using their existing technology, as well as      virtual machine, any vulnerability is segre-     ated challenges for IT departments
affecting decisions on new hardware pur-         gated and it does not affect other applica-      regarding high availability and data pro-
chases. Virtual servers and virtual desktops     tions which provide Improved Application         tection. It is not enough to protect physical
allow for hosting multiple operating systems     Security. One of the most coveted proper-        servers but also virtual servers as they con-
and multiple applications locally or re-         ties of virtualization is reduced mainte-        tain data and information which can be
motely. This essentially breaks users free       nance, since virtual servers can easily be       very critical for business. Virtual servers offer
from geographical limitations which are an       relocated and migrated, maintenance of           the flexibility, but at the same time, if a sin-
important factor in today’s global economy.      hardware and software can be done with           gle physical server containing multiple vir-
                                                 minimal downtime.                                tual servers fails, then the impact of data
                                                                                                  loss is enormous.
Advantages                                       Virtualized desktops can be either client-
When organizations build virtual infrastruc-     hosted, or centralized on servers in the data    The minimum requirements that must be met
tures, they can expect energy savings and        center, referred to as a virtual desktop in-     so that this technology can successfully be
lower capital expenses due to more efficient     frastructure (VDI). Client-hosted desktop vir-   used will vary depending on the number and
use of hardware resources, high availability     tualization creates a separate OS                type of guest operating systems and applica-
of resources, better desktop management,         environment on the desktop, allowing non-        tions that are installed on the virtual machines.
increased security and improved disaster re-     compatible legacy or older business appli-       To run multiple virtual machines simultane-
covery processes while achieving more with       cations to operate within their native           ously, the physical computer must have at
the already-owned computer hardware.             environment on top of a more current desk-       least enough memory and processing power
The virtualization software is used to trans-    top operating system, or enabling two IT         to cover the requirements of the host operat-
form or “virtualize” the hardware resources      environments (for example, personal and          ing system and each guest operating system
of an x86-based computer—including the           corporate) to run concurrently on the same       that will run simultaneously. Typically, this will
CPU, RAM, hard disk and network con-
                                                 physical device.                                 come at a greater cost than existing lower end
troller—to create a fully functional virtual
                                                 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is an ar-   systems. Greater processing power is also
machine that can run its own operating sys-
                                                 chitectural model where client operating         needed to justify the overall cost savings of vir-
tem and applications just like a “real” com-
                                                 systems run in server-based virtual ma-          tualization and to be effective enough to
puter. Multiple virtual machines share
hardware resources without interfering with      chines (VMs) in the data center and interact     house multiple servers reliably. This in most
each other so that one could safely run sev-     with users' client devices such as PCs or thin   cases would be greater brute processing
eral operating systems and applications at       clients. Similar to terminal services remote     power and memory than older systems can
the same time on a single computer. Virtu-       desktop, VDI provides IT with the ability to     offer. All in all, this is an exciting new technol-
alization provides a time-saving and cost-       centralize a user's desktop, instead of a        ogy, which promises to change the way we
saving solution anywhere where users must        server session. However, a full client envi-     compute. It will help bridge the wide gap be-
run multiple operating systems. There is an      ronment is virtualized within a server-based     tween the staggering evolutions in hardware
inherent ability to run legacy applications in   system. Unlike older terminal/server config-     to the lagging software benchmarks. l


                  l     Link dot Net posses a rich    major stakeholders are PTCL,
                  global experience being an ISP  .   Wateen, Mobilink and Link Dot
                  Conditions are different in Pak-    Net whereas very shortly there will
                  istan as the broadband market is    be couple of new players in the
                  yet to be established. Mr. Aamer    field, which will surely start a
                  Manzoor tells what he foresees.     healthy competition as we can see
                                                      PTCL has already launched its
                  What changes you                    DSL services with quite a huge
                                                      campaign offering comfortable
                  foresee in 2009?                    rates and quality services with an
                  We are hopeful that our network     aim to touch new horizons by ex-
                  will expand in the coming years.    panding its network.
                  There will be more new technolo-
                  gies with widespread learned        Which technology a
                  users around the country. As far    user should prefer;
                  as I can foresee, there will be
                  broadband technology boom in
                                                      DSL, WiMax or
                  our country with more big players   EVDO?
                  coming into the field to provide    When it comes to the awareness
                  quality services. Presently, the    for the offered technology and


services, DSL and cable user seems to be           How do you plan to respond to                     tent, which we are lacking currently. That is
well aware of the services. DSL is no new          PTCL’s value added services                       why our users go for international content
technology on international scene. It’s been                                                         and most of the time, they use internet. In
                                                   and growing number of users?
there in the rest of the world for more than                                                         the developed countries, people frequently
                                                   For a private operator, competing any gov-
two decades now. And even in Pakistan, it’s                                                          get information like weather forecast, local
                                                   ernment entity is not always an easy nut to
a well-known and tested technology, and            crack. We are trying our level best to capture    transport schedule etc using the web serv-
people are using it for last couple of years,      the major portion of our local market. With       ices which are locally available.
so, it’s not new for Pakistanis. But, WiMax        quality services, we may not be able to cross     Contrary to this, Pakistan does not have local
and EVDO users are still not that learned or       or overshadow them but we will certainly be       content available; there are very few options
skilled to utilize these services up to its full   matching them.                                    available to engage people online. There
potential.                                         We are not far behind when it comes to pro-       are positive indicators as well, just as mobile
You see it’s a healthy trend all over the world    vide value added services to our users. We        phone content has started to develop in Pak-
to build an environment that is technology         have just recently launched online games.         istan and companies are now focusing on,
friendly and where the people are educated         Good community services are also in our           so will we be having our time very soon.
enough to enjoy the services. Therefore,
market stakeholders should provide enough
product knowledge to their users for further
expansion. In a nutshell, I can say that
WiMax and EVDO are comparatively newer
technologies in Pakistani market and it will
take some time to make a trend.

Which medium is better,
Wireless or Wired?
It depends in which territory or region you
are provided with the logistic support and
infrastructure. In broader sense and as per
statistics in international market, wired
medium is much more efficient and reli-
able than wireless data. But if we take Pak-
istani market into account, unfortunately
we don’t have any large cable network in
the country.
There is hardly any major network available in
Pakistan other than “Worldcall” which has
quite a good setup. But there is a need to set
up large cable networks throughout the coun-
try. In case of DSL, we have issues with the
quality of copper wire, which reaches the cus-
tomer’s premises. Good quality copper is a
basic requirement for an efficient broadband
service. In major cities, the network is good
                                                   pipeline as we do have lots of good content       What percentage do you
                                                   and portals in Middle East. In these early        foresee in 2009 for various
whereas there are complaints in remote cities
                                                   days, we are in the phase one and in this
and towns. The only copper network is that of      phase, we are providing entertainment and
                                                                                                     broadband technologies in
the PTCL, which is deteriorating with every        infotainment services to our users. With the      Pakistan?
passing day and there is no other operator         passage of time, we will surely be launching
who could invest to lay huge infrastructure of                                                       It is little difficult to project any exact per-
                                                   all other value added services in Pakistan like
                                                                                                     centage for different technologies. WiMax
landlines. That is why there is a lot of poten-    we are doing in the rest of the world.
                                                                                                     and EVDO are relatively new in Pakistan.
tial for wireless communication.
                                                                                                     Especially, WiMax has yet to prove itself
In the United States and other developed
                                                                                                     globally. When there is a new technology,
countries, wireless is not a success so far.       How a Pakistani data user is                      people always welcome and the initial re-
EVDO and other services are running suc-           different from any other be-                      sponse is always good but later, sales de-
cessfully in these developed countries but                                                           pend upon the reliability and quality of
they have not still shifted to wireless or
                                                   longing to the rest of the
WiMax completely. The only reason behind           world?                                            Approximately, there are 0.25 million
this trend is quality of their cable network       Our data customer is not different than any       broadband users in Pakistan and market
across their countries. And in the end, it’s the   other user in the rest of the world. The only     indicator shows this figure will be doubled
quality which matters.                             difference is the availability of local con-      by the end of 2009.l

          Muhammad Ali Zahid

A brief introduction and tech-                    Embedded systems are built on real-time             embedded systems in bulk can give us econ-
nical insight                                     computing constraints. Some of which are            omy of scale. They’re much cheaper to man-
                                                  soft and others are hard. The purpose of            ufacture and provide longer durability.
We human beings have an innate ability to         real-time constraints is that the operation         Your cell phone, television, traffic signal, USB
recognize good and bad. We have inborn            must be performed only in a specific time-          flash drive, portable digital camera, au-
instincts of recognizing the God and under-       frame. For instance, we have to launch a            tomation machines, networking routers,
standing the emotions. It seems to me that        missile on a particular time. If the missile is     washing machines, printers, fax machines,
some data has been embedded into our              not launched at the exact time, the opera-          CD players and heavy complex machinery
mind that helps us do more than what we al-       tion may lose its worth. We call them as em-        at dams are all among the huge range of
ready have. Mapping the work of God into          bedded systems because they are embedded            embedded systems. The complexity varies
science, we have come across a powerful           as the hardware and software (firmware) part        from device to device but in essence, they all
thing, the embedded systems. They are so          of a complete system.                               give an abstract definition of being task spe-
profound that almost all of the development       Embedded systems are non-generic and                cific.
is dependent on them.                             cannot perform operations other than de-
It’s really worthy to have a sound know-how       fined by their designers. I think your calcula-     Embedded History
of embedded systems. This article is aimed at     tor has never been able to let you watch ‘The
readers who have a good interaction with          Matrix’. Because it is only to do what it is sup-   The history of embedded systems starts by
computers and information technology.             posed to do. As embedded systems are de-            the early days of computers. The computers
Constructing an embedded system is not the        signed to meet user specific requirements,          of that time used switches and punch cards
theme of the article but this article will be a   engineers can optimize their cost and effi-         to operate. But this method was very slow
stepping stone for those who want to further      ciency. A calculator can be found in every          and devices were consuming enormous
in this field.                                    house but an expensive one can only be              amount of electricity. However, these com-
By definition, an embedded system is a pur-       found in very few houses.                           puters were built for specific purposes. So
pose built computer system designed to meet       You must have thought that why there is hell        they were embedded systems. With the evo-
specific user based requirements. Contrary        of cost difference in products with same ca-        lution of computer engineering and solid
to a computer which is a more generic de-         pabilities? The answer is the conspiracy of         state physics, the introduction of semicon-
vice and capable of performing many tasks,        design and production team of that embed-           ductors revolutionized every thing. The first
an embedded system is constrained to a spe-       ded system. In this age of technology, devel-       standard embedded system is credited to
cific functionality. In other words, it’s not a   oping embedded systems at a mass scale is           MITinstrumentation laboratory's Charles
jack of all trades but is master of one task.     not a big deal. Actually, the manufacturing of      Starck. It was named as Apollo Guidance


Computer and it is known to be an innova-          operating system that is highly optimized,        so the user must smell interactivity. I must say
tory step in the history of embedded systems.      carefully designed and processors computa-        that “Good, fast and cheap; select any two”
After its success, a stream of new technology      tion of well-defined tasks. Even some             is the best explanation for design scenarios.
interventions in embedded systems was ob-          firmwares are no more than few assembly
served. Autonetics D-17 guidance computer          language lines of code. Assembly language         Design Qualities
for the Minuteman missile (1961) is another        is a low-level programming language that is       Power Consumption
part of the chain. The good thing about it         understandable by human beings (English           Flexibility (Configuration and Flexibility)
was that it employed the concept of using          Language Instructions) and is directly under-     Performance (Speed and Accuracy)
main memory from hard disk and used tran-          standable by a microprocessor (CPU).              Size (Dimensions)
sistor. The first microprocessor by Intel (Intel   Embedded systems are often required to
4004) was also an embedded system used             provide real time response. This concept is       Last Words:
for Busicom (Electronic Calculator). In            very important because depending on the
1980’s, the price of microprocessors and           application of an embedded system, the tim-       We undoubtedly are living in a world in-
microcontrollers fell dramatically thus leav-      ing inconsistency can’t be afforded. For in-      fested with embedded systems and em-
ing room for mass productions and devel-           stance, the medical equipments need to be         bedded ideologies. The charm of a fully
opment. Eventually, the electronic industry        real-time responsive. An embedded system          embedded world is still a chimera but it
started the usage of embedded systems              interacts with outer world via communication      can be said with a certain certainty that the
mostly as off-the-shelves components. De-          devices known as peripherals. To name a           future of all development is heavily associ-
signers started buying ready-made chips for        few, these peripherals include USB (Universal     ated with this technology. Still, facts say
particular tasks and started fabricating them      Serial Bus), Ethernet Controllers, Analog-to-     that a person from first world country may
on their circuit boards. Now, most embed-          Digital and vice-versa converters, Time pro-      have dozens of embedded systems at his
ded systems are available as chips and can         cessing chips, GPIO (General Purpose Input        home and interacts with hundreds of em-
be used wherever the specific logic is imple-      Output) peripherals and many more.                bedded systems in his routine life. But
mented.                                                                                              sadly, in our country, there has been al-
                                                   Debugging an Embedded                             most no focus on the research and devel-
Understanding the embedded                         System                                            opment of such a wonderful technology.
way                                                                                                  Our academic institution must introduce
                                                   One of the most distinguishing features be-       professional degrees in embedded systems
As a rule of thumb, every embedded system          tween a general-purpose computer system           design and the government must invest a
contains at least one microprocessor or gen-       and an embedded system is durability and          huge amount of R&D fund in this sector.
erally known as a processor to manipulate          careful design. Embedded systems are de-
the logical operations. But there can be a         signed to last long and to operate without
                                                                                                       Do You Know?
number of tiny chips called micro controllers      errors and software bugs. This is partly due to     The software’s written for embedded
in an embedded system that assist the              the usage of embedded systems; in a jewelry         systems are known as firmware. The
processor in its work and produce efficiency.      shop, the weight machine must not mal-              firmware is stored in Read Only Mem-
A micro controller is functionally independ-       function and must not produce erroneous             ories (ROMs) or Erasable Programma-
ent, means it is capable of performing the         calculation of even a wee scale. Debugging          ble Read Only Memory (EPROMs).
desired tasks. However, microprocessors re-        is the key to an embedded system’s success.         The embedded systems market is
quire extra peripheral devices and ROM's to        An embedded system usually repairs itself by        made up of both hardware (integrated
perform their operations. That's why, more         restoring the firmware or reset switch.             circuits and boards) and software. In
than 90 percent of microprocessors pro-                                                                2004, the revenues were almost US$
                                                                                                       40 billions while it is estimated that by
duced in the industry are not used as CPU’s        Challenges in Embedded                              2009, it will reach US$ 79 billions
else they are used as a core part of embed-        System Design                                       with a 14.2 percent average annual
ded systems. It is interesting to know that very
                                                                                                       growth rate (AAGR). However, the
few architectures have been designed for           As embedded systems are highly optimized            highest growth rate in terms of rev-
computer microprocessors. We generally             devices, there are number of constraints as-        enues comes from the embedded soft-
have heard of ARM and x86 (Intel-compati-          sociated with their design. One big problem         ware (operating systems, design
ble). Other few are also used.                     with their design is to enhance performance         automation and development tools).
But the case of embedded systems is oppo-          without additional devices and cost. But            Hence, it is estimated that by 2009,
site to that of computer microprocessors.          manufacturers make multiple versions of             the overall embedded software rev-
ARM (originally the Acorn RISC Machine) is         same chips, ones that are durable and oth-          enues will reach US$ 3,448 million.
a 32-bit RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Com-        ers cheap. Both software and hardware de-           It is pertinent to mention here that of
puter) processor architecture is common for        signers must be competent and fully aware           the nine billion processors manufac-
use in mobile devices and obviously has very       with latest technology. The time-to-market          tured in 2005, less than 2 percent be-
low power consumption. Some embedded               (product delivery time) must not be over-           came the brains of new PCs, Macs,
systems include an operating system, which         whelming. The technology must be compat-            and UNIX workstations. The other 8.8
is referred to as an embedded operating sys-       ible with other components that will use it.        billion went into embedded systems.
tem or a firmware. The firmware is a small         The response time of device must be higher


                                                                                                     glossy flat black color. To activate the note-
                                                                                                     book, open the clear glass screen from the
                                                                                                     close position. Then push the power button
                                                                                                     on the side. It will activate the touch sensor
                                                                                                     keyboard and the holographic display.
                                                                                                     This product is also equipped with wireless
                                                                                                     mouse (Bluetooth) and wireless charger to
                                                                                                     recharge the battery (inductive resonant).
                                                                                                     There is no plug or slots in the notebook and
                                                                                                     all extended applications are using wireless
l      I have seen many futuristic laptops by       has been applied as its keyboard and holo-       connection.
great designers but this laptop by Eno Seti-       graphic display as its screen. It is especially   It’s just a concept for now so there’s no info
awan is more realistic as compared to oth-         designed for youngsters and executive peo-        on important tidbits like tactile feedback, bat-
ers. Vaio Zoom is designed to be suited in         ple, who are actively mobile, adventurer, and     tery life, system stats, etc. are available, but
future era. It is adopted as contemporary          care with their life style and technology.        the rest of the assured technologies like this
style. It is slim, lightweight and full of tech-   When the notebook is in ‘off’ condition, the      are closer than you think. It may not come
nology inside. A sensing technology system         keyboard does not respond and it turns to         all at once but it’s coming. l

                                                                                                                                      Feb 2009   39
                    Asher Malik

l It hasn’t been long since era of 2-d           stone for the gaming industry today.             people and they were pretty successful at that
games ended. Every game made in that era         The architecture of the 3-D cards was unique     as well. Advances in fields of motion capture
appeared to be static, that’s what you would     and a much looked forward addition into the      and artificial intelligence (AI)recorded break-
get to hear from every present day gamer.        PC’s environment as it allowed the develop-      through. There inclusion truly brought a cut-
Computers were expensive in old times (old       ers the room to truly bring out their imagina-   ting edge experience to the market. On
times is a relative term only going back to 10   tion onto the screens in true color and speed.   motion capture: the field saw advancements
years) and faulty, repairs were expensive and    The same companies whihc were revolution-        as better sensors were made and techniques
games were generally avoided on PCs as           izing the PC’s game market by enhancing the      developed on embedding real world motion
they were thought of creating most of the        graphics array were at the same time pairing     onto virtual characters. This technique was a
problems that emerged in the PCs’ running.       up with leading console developers (namely       hallmark as through this, the motion of the
Intel then, walked in with its MMX processor     NVIDIA with console giant SONY corp). This       characters in the game became more real-
technology to open up the era of bigger, bet-    simultaneous growth of both consoles and         like. This was exactly what the developers
ter and faster games. Well, all these terms      the PC’s capabilities to play better games       wanted to top the potential of Graphic Ac-
don’t apply now but these were chanted by        gave the consumers of the industry a wide        celeration Devices (GAD Like e.g. 3-D cards
advertisements in 1997 at the processors         spectrum to look at.                             and video rendering chips).
launch.                                          From the development of these games in the       For all those who are unaware of motion
The major makeover that the industry wit-        early 2000’s, the games were termed ex-          capture techniques, it’s a marvel of science.
nessed was the transition from the 16-bit to     treme by the consumers as they made the          This technique projects a real world applica-
the 128-bit gaming environment.                  transition to the new era. The new era offered   tion when animation of characters required
This transition started the console race, to     better graphics and gameplay. While the          fluency. Whether the requirement is to make
match the power and potential that the PC        graphics were being improved by dedicated        an animated movie (http://www.kinetic-im-
had when the 3-D cards were integrated into      companies, the developers sought the op-         pulse.com) or a game motion, capture is a
them. These 3-D cards were the foundation        portunity of bringing better gameplay to the     very important fragment of game design with-


out which the game is just not complete. The        Apparently, we have taken bird’s eye views of       The neuro action scheme is deciphered by
basic form of this technique involves actors        past and present of the industry’s evolution.       mapping the EEG patterns of the brain and
wearing motion sensors equipped suits.              Now let’s enter future and what the compa-          then comparing the users thought process to
The motion of these actors are mapped into          nies have in store for us in future and how         it and thus consequently generating actions.
the computer with the data collected from the       would they revolutionize the industry still fur-    Lets leave this aside for a while and talk about
sensors and consequently embedded onto a            ther.                                               another distinct class of environments emerg-
skeletal image which can be given any shape         Visionaries have long since envisioned a time       ing rapidly. These are that of the virtual
according to requirement. A very famous ex-         in which man would be able to do things             worlds. Like Google’s Lively and Second life.
ample at this point would be the character of       with his mind. This still is very far off but the   Although Google is shutting it’s Lively down
Smeagol from the movie ‘Lord of the Rings’.         next best thing that has been achieved is           but it was impressive while it lasted.
A game example would be Tekken, which in-           what may change the gaming experience of            Second life though is still popular, but has
corporates such techniques to put fluency in        everyone forever.                                   limited functionality. In it, you can do what-
the motion of characters.                           Emotiv Systems (http://www.emotiv.com) &            ever you want to, but the input medium is
Apparently, motion capture is not the only          NeuroSky Inc (http://www.neurosky.com) are          keyboards and mouse. What lead re-
thing that makes an impact on how much              both pioneers of neuro interfaces. Both have        searchers are hoping is an integration of both
business a game would do in modern times,           ventured into the domain of human-ma-               the virtual world’s environment and the neu-
the engine, on which the game runs and is           chine-interaction platforms successfully. The       ral-based input medium. The result of such
developed, contributes a great deal as well.        work, in progress and completed to a primary        an integration, to put it in easy terms for you
The reality engine as it is commonly referred       level of application, could one day restrict hu-    to comprehend, is the creation of something
is what determines how things behave and            mans to chairs or even beds. Neuro-Stimu-           like The Matrix.
how everything interacts. From kicking a foot-      lation is what researchers have been working        Apparently, this virtual world isn’t the only fu-
ball in a FIFA game to shooting from a RPG          on since long but is only now making its im-        ture of games, it may sound weird but games
in an FPS game, all characters and projectiles      pact into real time applications.                   aren’t just played for fun. Economists and
are governed by the laws built within the en-
gine. With recent advancements in equa-
tions, engines that form the base of games
have seen improvements as well, but this ac-
cording to some game developers has
spoiled the modern day gamers, as they just
keep asking for more.
AI constitutes a basic part of these engines
as they control how do characters behave
and interact with each other. The latest of
these engines in one form came in PS3, the
RSX, which is a reality synthesizer and a
joint product of NVIDIA and SONY which
makes the PS3 a monster that it is. Talking
about a major new entry with many possi-
bilities is the Nintendo Wii, which has an          These pioneers have developed headgears             researchers made games to predict the future
exceptional remote.                                 incorporating special sensors namely elec-          of stocks and chances that should be taken to
It’s a stroke of genius and gives the creepy        trodes which are strategically positioned on        keep things in balance
feeling of the minority report era; it’s true and   the head. One form of this headgear by              (http://www.hpl.hp.com/news/2006/jul-
its here (for a glimpse of the possibilities,       Emotiv systems has 14 sensors. The concept          sept/prediction.html).
check out its video at                              is that whatever you think is in the form of        Talking aside from brains, IO2 Technologies
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jd3-                 electricity traveling on neurons in the brain.      (http://www.io2technology.com) is working
eiid-Uw). The Wii remote is still limited but       This electricity is very small in magnitude and     on its thin air displays, Heliodisplay, with de-
we can easily comprehend that this small de-        is generally referred to as the brain waves.        velopers waiting for its integration with the rest
vice has a lot of potential to it.                  These brain waves are sensed by the sensitive       of the developing technologies.
Taking the bandwagon back into graphics,            electrodes and transmitted to the hardware.         With the development of the neuro-based
they are made up of polygons, lots and lots of      The hardware deciphers the brain activity and       platforms and its integration into everyday
polygons. The smaller the count of these poly-      performs corresponding action in the virtual        real time processes, the future seems to be
gons the irregular and more fluctuating the         environment. Yes, it does give the phrase           just around the corner.
image will appear on screen; but if you in-         “think done” new meaning, doesn’t it? The           Aside from development in graphics through
crease the number of polygons, the frame            info as provided by Emotiv systems is that the      GAD or imaginative story lines with high end
transition becomes much more fluent. The            14 sensors in their headgear can sense and          physics engines, the future holds devices like
Xbox 360 and the PlayStation pack millions of       therefore, simulate 30 unique actions               the Wii remote and neuro machine interac-
these to make the picture cooler and attrac-        (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPIQlH              tion platforms. The pace at which we currently
tive.                                               94P8Y, a demo caught by gamezombie.tv).             move to achieve all this is mind-boggling. No

                                                                                                          More Team

                                                                                            Some Key Features
Fascinating Design                            that are whiter and razor-sharp contrasts     Dimension
                                              that are absolutely stunning. Also, exclu-    114.9 x 47.4 x 11.95 mm / 90.2g Display
Emblazoned from top to bottom, with the
                                              sive Emporio Armani DJ-mixed ringtones        2.2” QVGA AMOLED (240x320)
distinctive Emporio Armani (EA) brand,
this mobile (Samsung M-7500) is the new       give you the hottest beats, for a sizzling    Battery
                                              mobile sound like no other.                   Up to 7.3 hrs (DCS, 10LEVEL)
definition of contemporary chic. Available
                                                                                            Up to 4.1 hrs (WCDMA, 10dBm)
in either black or white, the sleek body is
designed to provide for a soft-to-the-                                                      Memory
                                              3 MP Camera & CIF camera                      120MB internal + MicroSD (1GB memory card
touch, rubber-like feel and texture.
The handset even comes complete with          for Video Telephony                           inbox)

EA-branded neck strap and Armani-de-          l Snap vivid crystal-clear shots of friends   Camera
                                              and family with embedded 3 MP-camera          3MP Auto focus Camera
signed CD-like fabric carrying case, for
                                              with Auto Focus.                              CIF for Video Telephony
easy, stylish transport.
                                              l Video call with your friend with CIF        Music
                                              camera, HSDPA 3.6Mpbs support always          Find Music, Music library
EA-Designed GUI & AUI                                                                       Music hot keys, Background Music Play
Specially designed with unique EA logo        enables you to lively share the stunning      MP3, AAC, AAC+, e-AAC+, WMA
and fonts, the deep black graphic user in-    moments
                                                                                            Video Recording
terface employs premium 256K AMOLED                                                         H.263, H.264, MPEG4, WMV
display technology to offer pure visual de-   Video Player                                  Other Features
light.                                        Compatible with MPEG 4, H263, H264                               ,    ,
                                                                                            Mobile Printing (BPP OPP PictBridge), FM Radio
Go beyond conventional LCD- based             and WMV, video player lets you record all     with RDS, RSS Reader, 3.5 earjack supported,
GUI, for blacks that are blacker, whites      of life’s pleasures.                          Voice mail/ Voice memo

           Asad Hameed Khan

l     Throughout history, hair loss has been     the hair as its own enemy and start attacking     temporary because after 6 months of relief
a prevalent issue for both men and women.        and destroying them. This is treatable only in    in stress period, the hair starts growing. Tel-
Hair loss is a natural process that occurs in    early stage but recurrence may not be pre-        ogen effluvium can precipitate or even ag-
every 2 out of 3 men and 1 out of 5 women.       vented. It may recur in other part of scalp or    gravate pattern baldness if one is genetically
In general, 60percent of men are genetically     beard. Chronic disease is difficult to cure       susceptible to develop MPB or FPB.
programmed to lose hair while women lose         when many roots are destroyed and hair
hair mainly due to hormonal changes. In the      transplant is usually not done.                   Anagen Effluvium:
past, people tried to compensate for hair loss   Scarring or Cicatricle Alopecia:                  Chemotherapy or certain toxins can stop fur-
by masking the changes. They used elabo-         After burns or other injuries to the scalp,       ther growth of the growing hair and the al-
rate wigs, caps or other hair gears that were    there can be permanent damage to the hair         ready grown hair brakes and sheds over a
glued to or woven into their hair to hide the    roots and in that patch and hair does not         few days.
obvious loss. These methods were only tem-       grow. Usually due to scarring, the blood sup-     If you have Androgenetic Alopecia, like
porary and were often a great source of em-      ply in that area is poor.                         many other people, you were destined to
barrassment to the person using them. Hair       Traction Alopecia and Trichotelomania:            lose hair from the time you were conceived.
Loss (Alpecia) and Baldness come in 3            Due to the tight hair style in women or in        You have a group of genes that act together
Forms: Pattern, Patchy and Diffuse               Sikhs-like braiding or the use of weave or pins   to make your hair susceptible to natural hor-
                                                 of wig continually pulls on the hair and the      mones in the body.
Pattern (Particular Shape)                       roots may get damaged in the long run and
                                                                                                   You inherited these genes from either side of
Most Common type: You lose hair in front         can cause hair loss. In obsessive psychiatric
                                                                                                   the family or from both sides and these
and on the top but a horseshoe shaped area       disorder called Trichotelomania, the patient      genes may affect you more or less than other
at the back and on the sides is unaffected.      is in a habit of pulling the hair in one area     members of the family.
Common causes: Male pattern Baldness             and ends up in a patchy hair loss in that area.
(MPD or AHA Androgenetic Alopecia) or                                                              Androgens, the so-called male hormones,
Common Baldness) or FPB (Female Pattern          Diffuse                                           are produced by both men and women, in
Baldness)                                        You lose hair on entire scalp and not on just     the testicles, ovaries, and adrenal glands.
                                                 a particular area leading to generalized thin-    The adrenal glands are small glands above
Patchy (Localized, Focal)                        ning or generalized baldness.                     the kidneys.
You lose hair only in patches on the scalp                                                         Testosterone is the most well-known andro-
and rest of the area hair growth is normal.      Telogen Effluvium:                                gen. At puberty, testosterone levels rise and,
Major causes of this type of hair loss are as    A period of physical or mental stress, deliv-     among other effects, cause the fine, short
follows:                                         ery of a baby in females etc can lead to gen-     baby hair in the pubic areas and in the
Alopecia Areata:                                 eralized loss of hair from scalp within few       armpits to become coarser hair.
This is a common autoimmune disease in           weeks due to shortening of growth cycle and       In the scalp, testosterone is converted by an
which the body’s immune system perceives         entering of hair in Telogen phase. This is        enzyme called ’5-alpha reductase’ into a dif-


ferent androgen called ’dihydrotestosterone        Thyroid disease can aggravate hair loss. Hair      less area. This method sometimes takes mul-
(DHT)’ DHT, more than any other androgen,          loss can occur with either an under active         tiple procedures to achieve full coverage.
causes genetically sensitive hair to be lost       thyroid or an overactive thyroid.
than any other androgen. In genetically sen-       Elevated Hormones can speed up hair loss.          Scalp tissue expansion is not for the faint of
sitive hair, DHT causes each generation of         Men (or women) who take anabolic steroids          heart. A balloon-type mechanism is carefully
hair to become progressively smaller. This         for bodybuilding often notice accelerated          inserted under the scalp through an incision.
process is called miniaturization. DHT causes      hair loss.                                         A salt-water concoction is added to slowly fill
each generation of hair to become more                                                                this balloon over time eventually causing a
narrow, short and lighter in color. Eventually,    Stress contributing hair loss                      swelling and stretching of the scalp. The
the root stops producing hair altogether.          Both psychological and physical stress, es-        looseness actually causes new skin cells to
                                                   pecially if they are intense and prolonged,        grow. After about two months, this skin can

                                                   can contribute to temporary hair loss. They        be relocated to the area of baldness effec-
                                                   do this by perhaps altering the hair cycle:        tively moving the hair to cover the spot.
                                                   shortening the growing stage or lengthening
 Iron deficiency can                               the resting stage. Stress may also have a          Scalp reduction surgery is also known as 'ad-
                                                   negative impact on the immune system lead-
 make hair loss worse                              ing to a more severe type of hair loss called
                                                                                                      vanced flap surgery' since it is similar in prin-
                                                                                                      ciple except a section of the bald scalp is
 and is fairly common                              alopecia areata. When the stressful situation      actually removed; rather than just pulling the
                                                   is over or the body adjusts to it, the hair usu-
 in vegetarians and                                ally grows back.
                                                                                                      skin over the hairless spot.
                                                                                                      With the reduction, the surrounding areas
 women. Iron defi-                                 Being in a modern world, one can say good-         are actually pulled up and connected in
 ciency is not a diag-                             bye to all these foresaid issues. Hair trans-
                                                   plant is one of the outcomes and is being
                                                                                                      place of the absent scalp. Scalp reduction
                                                                                                      surgery can often be quite painful and be ac-
 nosis by itself and the                           hyped day by day. About fifty years ago, in        companied by an uncomfortable sensation
 cause must be found.                              the late 1940s, the first hair transplant tech-
                                                   nique was discovered. The ’punch method’
                                                                                                      of tugging and tightening. Like regular flap
                                                                                                      surgery, scalp reduction surgery can take
 Correcting iron defi-                             moved large groups of hairs from the back          multiple operations to finally achieve the look
 ciency can slow down                              of the head to the areas of the top and front,
                                                   which required hair.
                                                                                                      you desire.

 the progression of                                However, the punch method resulted in poor         Hair Transplant is better in
 hair loss but is not                              survival of the transplanted hair, painful
                                                   damage to the nerves or arteries supplying
                                                                                                      many respects
 likely to cause a                                 blood to the scalp. There was also obvious              Transplanted hair looks and feels natural
 major improvement                                 scarring in the area from where hair was re-
                                                   moved or replaced, and a very noticeable
                                                                                                      unlike wig and concealer.
                                                                                                           Transplanted hair remains undetectable
 in your hair                                      ’pluggy’ appearance.                               among the other hair.

                                                   Punch grafting should be completely obso-               Transplanted hair grows and keeps grow-
                                                   lete. This cornrow approach caused as much         ing permanently unlike the hair of wig and
                                                   harm as it did good and the final results were     the regrown hair by Medication.
                                                   aesthetically questionable. Other methods to            It does not require extra maintenance or
Some hairstyles, like braiding                     avoid are scalp reductions and flaps. Both of      care unlike wig, which requires lifetime care.
can cause hair loss                                these methods involve cutting and removing              The transplanted hair can be cut, colored
Styles that pull or put tension on the hairs -     sections of the scalp resulting in painful, dis-   and styled as well.
such as tight ponytails or cornrows - can          figuring scars. There has also been nerve               Transplantation normally has one time
cause hair loss.                                   damage reported by patients subjected to           expense unlike medication or wig which re-
                                                   these methods.                                     quires lifetime expense.
Hair loss can be aggravated                        The modern techniques come up with sev-                 It is a one-day procedure performed by
by other conditions                                eral variations and the most popular and ef-       numbing your skin so you can talk with doc-
Iron deficiency can make hair loss worse and       fective of which include:                                        ,
                                                                                                      tor, watch TV listen to music, read, take a nap,
is fairly common in vegetarians and women.                                                            have lunch and juice and even go to toilet!
Iron deficiency is not a diagnosis by itself and   Hair flap surgery is the best choice for an in-         No bandages at the end.
the cause must be found. Correcting iron de-       dividual with severe baldness. It involves a            You can take shoulder bath from same day
ficiency can slow down the progression of          large flap of skin, on which hair is alive and     and can shampoo your hair from 3rd day.
hair loss but is not likely to cause a major im-   growing, to be pulled from the back and                 You can even do light office work from
provement in your hair.                            sides over the top surface area of the bald        second day.
Severe malnutrition and protein deficiency         spot. It is then surgically attached into place.        If you are from outstation, you may travel
can also contribute to hair loss but hair loss     The hair re-roots and begins to grow from its      back same day and minimum follow-up is
would be the least of your worries.                new location, ultimately eliminating any hair-     required thereafter.


It is already an established fact that every sin-     Shape: OWWWO                                         easily. This can make you too conservative.
gle person in the world has a different set of        Means: If you can choose a prestigious work-         Shape: OOOWW
fingerprints. The Chinese have devised a way          ing career, you will be very successful. How-        Means: You have a tendency to be bad
to read personality and destiny traits by study-      ever, you should avoid the tendency to get           tempered, and rather quick to judge. This
ing the waves and the circles that appear at          big-headed and you must never take your              is a shallow attitude and could easily get
the tips of human fingers. They used to ex-           career for granted. You should also watch            you onto the wrong path.
amine left hands for guys and right hands for         your back, as you tend to attract jealousy into      If you can correct this tendency of yours,
women.                                                your life and could get betrayed. Always look        you will have great success. The potential
Here are the two different patterns of circles        for long-term benefits.                              is in you, so try to be calm in your ap-
and waves seen on every finger. To make a             Shape: OWWOW                                         proach.
reading, look at your thumb print first, then         Means: You will need to work harder during           Shape: OWWWW
your index finger, your middle finger, your ring      the early days of your career. When you              Means: You have good character but can
finger and then your little finger in that order.     reach middle and older age, you will get             only become really successful in older age.
This is the sequence that offers clues to your        recognition and wealth. So your life gets bet-       Be prepared to have to work really hard
destiny and fortunes.                                 ter the older you get.                               during your younger and middle age peri-
For ease of reference we shall refer to circles       Shape: OWOWW                                         ods, but you will become a successful per-
as O and to waves as W.                               Means: It is vital that you resist the tendency      son in older years.
                                                      to be narrow-minded in your attitudes and in         Shape: WOWWW
Fingers: OOOOO (all whorls)                           the way you think and work. Try to be hum-           Means: You are very good in the social
Means: This person is very confident, has a           ble and learn as much as possible. This is           skills. No matter what industry you are in,
strong character and a hot temper. He/she is          how you will get influential help that brings        you like to take risk and you will always
an independent person. The luck of this per-          you to the peak of your business and career          face uncertainty. Be careful as the later
son changes dramatically in life from one pe-         life.                                                years of your life could bring yet more
riod to the next. The undoing of this person          Shape: WOOOO                                         challenges. Take less risk as you get older.
will be his/her hot temper so it is vital that this   Means: You are a very clear-minded person.           Shape: WWOWW
person must learn to be patient and calm.             As long as you work hard, you are guaran-            Means: You are a person who has high vi-
                                                      teed to be successful. Even though you tend          sion and heavy responsibility. Be careful.
Shape: WWWWW (all waves)                              to be in a hurry, there will be those who help       Your visions could get you into serious dif-
Means: This person is a straightforward hon-          you along. You are also a person with a kind         ficulty. Better to stay more grounded, then
est person who goes with the flow. The fin-           heart.                                               your life will have greater success.
gers indicate someone very sensitive, who is          Shape: OOOOW                                         Shape: WWWWO
especially suited to design and creative work.        Means: Because you are kind and have an              Means: You will inherit a business or prop-
People with these fingerprint patterns tend to        in-built polite attitude, you will easily get help   erty from your parents or from an older
be shy and uncomfortable in social situations,        from older persons and friends. You will enjoy       person. Even though you are a capable
so are not suited to work in PR, politics or any      great success in your working life and your          person and can be successful in your own
kind of work requiring them to meet people.           only weakness is you don't trust people too          business, your tendency towards impa-


 Margaret Ong, Vice President, HP Imaging and Printing Group, South East Asia giving presentation

Services where we have also taken the market         “In the last few years HP made couple of ac-       l HP showcased SMB-optimized colour
leadership position as well. Every year we ship      quisitions in the areas of commercial and in-      printing solutions such as the HP Color
about 60 million printers worldwide, 30 million      dustrial printing.                                 LaserJet CP1215 and CP1515n that are

PCs, 2.5 million servers which also mean that                                                           designed to help them create their own in-
every 4 seconds we put a HP printer in an of-                                                           house marketing materials and boost their
fice environment. No company can have that                                                              marketing effectiveness cost-effectively.
kind of volume and market leadership position        Every year we ship
sustained through out by the satisfaction level of   about 60 million printers                          l HP LaserJet M1522 and M1319 are af-
customers like you. To accomplish this we have                                                          fordable monochrome multi-function de-
20 years of legacy in the printing business.         worldwide, 30 million                              vices that are designed to increase
HP is also the number one consumer technol-          PCs, 2.5 million servers                           workgroup efficiency and deliver profes-
ogy company in Asia Pacific. We have large                                                              sional results. Both printers feature the HP
number franchises (HP retail footprints) in South    which also mean that                               Instant-on Technology and Instant-on Copy
Asia, China, India and Pakistan. Today we have       every 4 seconds we put                             with LED-based technology that allows
17,000 HP franchise stores and we will be                                                               SMBs to print and copy in just seconds from
adding another 5,000 footprints by 2010”.
                                                     a HP printer in an office                          Powersave mode.
Focusing on how HP makes life easier for an          environment

Enterprise she further told that, “Large enter-                                                         l HP Deskjet D4360 and F2280 are
prises adopt Managed Print Services where                                                               durable, reliable and energy efficient de-
printing activity costs about 6 per cent of the      We acquired “Indigo” 7 years ago. We have          vices that feature an ultra-compact design
company’s revenue. If you consider the cost          provided different applications to improve the     to help SMBs save space. The devices fea-
of ink consumption on paper, it becomes only         commercial printing at a lower cost. We have       ture a convenient, one-touch print-cancel
10 per cent of that 6 per cent. The rest of 90       the large format printing machines installed in    button to help SMBs save wastage by pre-
per cent cost is of managing the print environ-      the Pakistan as well. With that you can print on   venting the printing of unwanted pages.
ment. With HP managed print services we are          rigid media for outdoor signage, on furniture
actually asking our customers to outsource the       etc. HP will be making more investments in this    l The HP Officejet series are fast, cost-ef-
print environment to us to manage on your be-        area to make sure better quality at lesser cost,   fective and optimized for productivity. The
half. There are contributions that we could          she emphasized”.                                   HP Officejet J4660 allows SMBs to print
make by reducing the burden of managing the          At the seminar, HP showcased a range of im-        professional-quality color graphics and
document life cycle in an office environment.        aging and printing products targeted at help-      laser-quality black text for a lower cost per
Our business partners in Pakistan are already        ing businesses increase their effectiveness and    page than laser printers(2) when using HP
offering these services in Pakistan”.                productivity.                                      Officejet inks. l

48   Feb 2009
                                                                                                            MONTH IN FOCUS

Mobilink initiates ‘Handset Recycling                                     Launch of new SIM Activation System
Mobilink has initiated Pakistan’s first ‘Handset Recycling Pro-
gramme’ to share the benefits of cellular communication with
the deaf and disabled and minimise the environmental impact
of cellular waste through recycling. Vice President Marketing,
Mobilink Bilal Munir Sheikh stated, “The Mobilink Handset
Recycling Programme, in collaboration with the Deaf and Dis-
abled Welfare Association of Pakistan, is a first of its kind, na-
tion-wide drive which reflects Mobilink’s commitment to give
back to the community.

Ufone embarks on Child health care
up gradation project in Pakistan
Ufone, one of the leading telecom companies of Pakistan, has
entered into a contract with Federal Government Services
Hospital commonly known as Polyclinic here at Islamabad to                Chairman PTA, Dr. Mohammad Yaseen visiting CM Pak call center in
mark the beginning of a major nationwide project aimed at                 connection with new system for SIM Activation. Deputy CEO CM Pak
improving child healthcare services.                                      Zafar Usmani is also seen
In the pilot phase the children OPD area of Polyclinic, the chil-
dren’s ward and the NICU waiting area will be covered. Once
this is done, other hospitals, country wide, will be further se-          Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority
lected for the project.                                                   (PTA), Dr. Mohammed Yaseen, said that all arrange-
Ufone is not only a successful telecom operator in the industry           ments had been finalized for the inception of new sys-
but an organization that has always been working towards an               tem for issuance of non-activated SIMs and their
orderly corporate responsibility plan including ways of benefit-          activation after verification from February 01, 2009.
ing the young of our country who will for sure be a part of to-           He said this during a visit to Call Center and Cus-
morrow’s strong workforce. With this project, Ufone aims to               tomer Services Center of CM Pak Mobile (Zong) here
revamp child health units at different hospitals around Pakistan          on 30 January 2009. On this occasion Chairman PTA
giving young patients a much superior environment than be-                witnessed the demonstration of new system of activa-
fore.                                                                     tion of mobile phone SIMs and enquired about the
At the signing ceremony, Mr. Abdul Aziz, President & CEO                  verification process.
Ufone said, “As one of the leading telecom companies of the               He asked questions about the new system from the
country we have a duty towards our nation and with this proj-             Call Center representatives. Deputy CEO China Mo-
ect we are just trying to give back our people the appreciation           bile Mr. Zafar Usmani briefed him about the prepara-
and care we have received from them in all these years. Hope-             tion for this system and showed his satisfaction on it.
fully, we will be able to reach out all those who are residing in         It may be noted that earlier pre-activated SIMs were
the far flung areas of Pakistan and are deprived of first class           being sold in the market and could be used instantly
medical health facilities. Children make a very important part            after purchase. In contrast, in the new system, a non
of our society, they are our tomorrow and we want our to-                 activated SIM would be sold to the consumer after
morrow to be very strong, healthy and happy.”                             checking his original CNIC and filling of Cellular
                                                                          Service Agreement (CSA) form. The consumer will then
                                                                          call 789 from same SIM and Call Center would ask
                                                                          few questions to verify the data provided by the con-
                                                                          sumer. After online verification from NADRA, if an-
                                                                          swers were correct SIM would be activated. In case of
                                                                          incorrect answers consumer will contact NADRA Swift
                                                                          Center or Customer Services Center of the concerned
                                                                          mobile operator.
                                                                          Chairman PTA said that this is a new system and it has
                                                                          been adopted for the safety and convenience of con-
                                                                          sumers. He said that after this system is implemented,
                                                                          it is expected that usage of unnamed SIMs for anti-so-
                                                                          cial activities would be reduced.

Mr. Abdul Aziz, President & CEO Ufone and Dr. S.M. Pasha, Executive
Director Federal Government Services Hospital, exchanging the documents


   ZRG provides solution to MYBANK                                      ZONG Offers pre-activated GPRS
   MyBank, one of the fastest growing banks of the country has          ZONG has taken customer care a notch higher by allowing
   launched a state-of-the-art contact center using technology          subscribers the facility to use internet on their existing GPRS
   provided by ZRG International. The project is aimed at pro-          enabled mobile handsets without having to set new internet
   viding quality services to the customers of Mybank enhanc-           settings.
   ing the opportunities of customer services so that the Bank            “ZONG’s mission is to provide such services that are
   can launch and support a wide range of innovative services           catered to the need of every Pakistani. ZONG indubitably
   and facilities for the customers.                                    adheres to its commitment of providing channels through
                                                                        which every Pakistani can access services that can truly add
                                                                        value to their lives”, said Awais Malik, Head of Segments,
                                                                        VAS and International Business, ZONG.
                                                                        This latest value add from ZONG allows its subscribers to
                                                                        use mobile internet with any settings thus saving them the
                                                                        hassle of changing mobile internet settings. A majority of the
                                                                        mobile phones in the country has storage capacity of just few
                                                                        internet settings and when a network is switched, they are
                                                                        unable to do the manual settings. With ZONG’s pioneering
                                                                        technology, any default settings of internet would be used for
                                                                        communication through Zong SIM Card.
                                                                        It is pertinent to mention here that ZONG’s unlimited GPRS
                                                                        package allows the users the flexibility to stay connected on
                                                                        internet for unlimited period of time while its Per MB package
                                                                        charges only for the amount of data transferred. Moreover,
                                                                        ZONG’s per hour package gives subscribers a flat rate of
   ZRG Contact Center solution is a highly scalable, multi-             an hour to use GPRS and download as much as you want in
   channel solution that provides agents with a 360-degree              an hour.
   customer view across a wide array of communication chan-
   nels including voice, e-mail, web-chat, fax, and interactive
   voice response (IVR), enabling organizations to communi-
   cate more seamlessly and effectively with their customers.           Warid gets equity Investment of US
   Mybank has launched a series of facilitators like Online
   banking, High profit yielding Deposit Schemes, GPRS en-              $ 250M (Rs.20 Bn)
   abled banking, ATM, Agriculture finance scheme etc.                  Warid Telecom (Pvt.) Ltd., has confirmed the injection of
   At the Inauguration ceremony Mr. Syed Nazir Hussain, SVP         ,   $250million (equivalent Rs. 20 billion) equity by its joint
   Head of operations Division of MyBank stated, “The cutting           shareholders Abu Dhabi Group and SingTel.
   edge Contact Center solution provided by ZRG will not only           Warid has aggressively penetrated the Pakistan mobile com-
   improve our performance, services and availability to our            munication services market with huge capital expenditure,
   valuable and prospect customers but also help us look for-           which has enabled it to capture market share of 18.8% (as
   ward with confidence.”                                               of Dec 08’) and coverage in over 450 cities and 7200 towns
   Mr. Arif Butt, CTO, ZRG International commented, “It is de-          across Pakistan.
   lightful to have MyBank in the list of our successful deployments;   The equity injection will further enhance the Company’s net-
   this appreciative incentive will give MyBank the opportunity to      work coverage with the objective to provide quality services
   serve its customers in a better way. We believe that our tech-       to its valued customers. This also reflects the confidence of
   nology and experience will help MyBank to improve its strong         shareholders in the Company’s management and its oper-
   market position and quality of customer services.”                   ational plans. This investment is one of the major milestones
                                                                        achieved towards the long term strategic goals of Warid Tele-
                                                                        com in Pakistan.
                                                                        Warid’s Chief Executive Officer, Imad Kreidieh said, “The con-
                                                                        tinued support of Warid shareholders (Abu Dhabi Group and
                                                                        Sing Tel) and their recent equity injection is an endorsement of
                                                                        their commitment in Pakistan. With their persistent support and
                                                                        the continuous hard work of our team we are geared up to be-
                                                                        come number one GSM operator in Pakistan.”

                                                                        Etihad Airways recently sponsored the Old Grammarians' Society's first
                                                                        annual Etihad - OGS Interhouse Softball Tournament to help raise
                                                                        money for the OGS Trust which provides financial aid to needy students
                                                                        across Pakistan. Picture shows representative from Frere House ready to
                                                                        take a swing at Street on during the Round Robin matches

  50   Feb 2009
                                                                                                            MONTH IN FOCUS

PM AJK assures full support for PTCL in AJK
Fiaz-ud-Din, Regional General Manager, AJK/FANA
PTCL called on Prime Minister of Azad Jammu & Kash-
mir, Sardar Muhammad Yaqoob Khan at the Kashmir
House, Islamabad.
Fiaz-ud-Din apprised the Prime Minister about the
PTCL development plans in AJK and took him on
board about the PTCL roll out plan. The Prime Minis-
ter was extremely happy to know that PTCL had plans
to expand and provide its quality services to the peo-
ple in every corner of Kashmir.
The Prime Minister also suggested that PTCL should
concentrate more on less developed areas like Neelam
Valley where no telecomm facilities were available.
The RGM later requested the Prime Minister to allot a
piece of land in Muzaffarabad and Mirpur for the in-
stallation of PTCL work stations to start fixed line serv-
ices to region. The Prime Minister was kind enough to
accord his approval for the allotment of land to PTCL
                                                             Fiaz-ud-Din, Regional General Manager, AJK/FANA PTCL presenting V-Phone set to
in AJK where required. As a gesture of goodwill on be-       Prime Minsiter AJK, Sardar Muhammad Yaqoob Khan
half of President PTCL, Fiaz-ud-Din presented a V-phone
set to the Prime Minister.

Etisalat Net Profits Grow 19% to Dhs8.7b in 2008
Etisalat recently announced its preliminary results for 2008, reporting total annual Net Profits of Dhs8.665bn showing a growth
of 19% over 2007's figures, when the Group recorded Dhs 7.297bn in Net Profits.
During the fourth quarter of 2008 the Group recorded a Net Profit of Dhs 2.1bn, before year-end adjustments, reflecting an in-
crease of 18% as compared to the same period in 2007.
Etisalat also reported Dhs 26.119bn in Net Revenues for 2008, 22% higher than 2007's results of Dhs 21.340bn. Etisalat's Net
Revenues during the fourth quarter of 2008 stood at Dhs 7.1bn as against Dhs 6bn in 2007, reflecting an increase of 18%.
Mohammed Hassan Omran, Chairman of Etisalat, said:
"The significant results achieved by Etisalat in 2008 reflect the company's ability to manage and sustain our growth as we pur-
sue our ambition to become one of the top ten telecommunications companies in the world. Etisalat is now regarded as one of
the strongest players in the telecom market, both regionally and internationally. This has been achieved by our commitment to
implement the best international standards at all business levels."
"Acquiring new licenses in Iran and India provides us with significant growth opportunities, and will support the development of
our company for many years to come," he added.

Samba Financial                               lion) last year. Earnings per share for the     while total loans and advances stood at
                                              full year was approximately SR 5 (USD           SR 98 billion (USD 26.13 billion), up
Group: A Strong Player                        1.33) compared to SR 5.4 (USD 1.44)             22% versus last year. Total deposits were
Eisa M. Al-Eisa, Managing Director &          last year. ROA and ROE in 2008 were             up 16% versus last year at SR 134 billion
CEO of Samba Financial Group recently         2.7% and 23.4% respectively, while Rev-         (USD 35.73 billion). Samba’s loan-to-
announced Samba’s financial results for       enue-to-Expense ratio was 3.3. Samba            deposit ratio was 73%, well below the
the year ended December 31, 2008.             also managed to limit the growth of ex-         regulatory requirement of 85%. Al Eisa
Samba posted a net income of SR 4.5           penses to only 7.6% over 2007.                  also mentioned that Capital Intelligence
billion (USD 1.2 billion) in 2008, 7.7%       Al-Eisa confirmed that Samba’s overall fi-      has upgraded Samba’s Long-Term For-
lower than 2007’s. Net special Com-           nancial performance continues to be             eign Currency Credit Rating to AA- from
mission Income rose 2.4% versus 2007          strong with solid growth in its consumer,       A+, a reflection of Samba’s excellent
to SR 5.1 billion (USD 1.36 Billion).         corporate, treasury and investment bank-        credit performance.
Income from Asset Management grew by          ing businesses. Total assets rose by 16%        Fitch also upgraded Samba’s Long-Term
8.4% over last year, while Other Fees &       to SR 179 billion (USD 47.73 billion),          Issuer Default Rating (IDR) to A+ from A
Commissions increased by 38.7% over           compared to SR 154 billion (USD 41.06           with a Stable Outlook, one of the highest
2007. Total Operating Income was at           billion) last year.                             ratings among Saudi banks. Samba
SR 7.02 billion (USD 1.87 billion) com-       Investments rose to SR 54 billion (USD          maintained sound ratings from other rat-
pared to SR 7.19 billion (USD 1.91 bil-       14.40 billion), a modest 1% increase,           ing agencies including Moody’s and S&P  .


   Kingston Digital debuts SSDNow                                    Intel to distribute US $4 million
   E and M series solid-state drives                                 awards among students
   Kingston Technology Company, Inc announced on January
   19, 2009 that it is shipping the first two products in its SSD-
   Now line of solid-state drives (SSD) with the SSDNow E Se-
   ries and SSDNow M Series. Kingston is targeting its SSDs to
   Fortune 1000 companies and select vertical markets. The
   SSDNow E Series is specifically designed for the enterprise
   server environment while the SSDNow M Series is built for the
   road warrior who demands ultimate performance from a
   notebook PC. The Kingston SSDNow E and M Series use
   Intel’s solid-state drives, which are supposed to be the best-
   performing drives on the market.
   “We are thrilled to enter the solid-state drive market with our
   SSDNow E and M Series SSDs. This combination will position        Yousuf Hemani recieving Award from Minister Raza Haroon for his proj-
                                                                     ect Fractal everywhere
   us to succeed in this arena,” said Nathan Su, Flash Memory
   Product Manager, APAC Region, Kingston.
   The SSDNow E and M series drives create greater return on         Intel Pakistan Corporation marked the end of its nation-wide
   investment through increased performance due to impres-           science competitions with the inauguration of the National
   sive input and output operations per second (IOPS). The SS-       Science Olympiad held recently where young scientists pre-
   DNow E Series’ higher IOPS means enterprises need                 sented innovative research-based projects in the categories
   significantly fewer SSDs compared to standard hard disk           of biology, chemistry, computer sciences, mathematics and
   drives (HDD), which also leads to energy savings in a server      physics. Seen in the photo is Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani, Fed-
   environment. The SSDNow M Series high IOPS allows for             eral Minister for Education, Government of Pakistan, at the
   faster boot times and quicker application load times, which       inaugural ceremony along with Sharleen Ghauri, Education
   help mobile power users become even more productive.              Manager, Intel Pakistan Corporation. Projects displayed at
   Kingston’s SSDNow uses a standard SATA hard disk drive in-        the National Science Olympiad will be assessed by a panel
   terface but unlike an HDD, they are very rugged and can           of renowned judges for a final selection of winners on 24
   withstand shock and extreme environments as there are no          January 2009. The winners will be participating in the up-
   moving parts. Kingston’s SSDNow E and M Series drives are         coming Intel ISEF 2009 to be held in Reno, Nevada, USA.
   equipped with S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Re-        Intel® ISEF is the world's largest pre-college science com-
   porting Technology) to monitor the integrity and reliability of   petition enabling more than 1,500 young scientists from
   the drives. The drives are backed by a three-year warranty        across the world to gather on a single platform to exchange
   and free tech support.                                            ideas and knowledge, showcase cutting-edge science and
                                                                     compete for over US$ 4 million in awards and scholarships.

                                                                     Samsung Electronics Shown Strong
                                                                     Sales in 2008
                                                                     Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced its financial results
                                                                     for the fourth quarter ended December 31, 2008. The com-
                                                                     pany posted strong sales in Mobile hand set.
                                                                     The Telecommunication Network Business revenue in the
                                                                     fourth quarter reached KRW 7.73 trillion and operating profit
                                                                     stood at KRW 0.16 trillion.
                                                                     (Consolidated quarterly basis: Revenue of KRW 10.32 trillion
                                                                     and operating profit of KRW 0.17 trillion.) The global hand-
                                                                     set market contracted 5% in the fourth quarter from the pre-
                                                                     vious quarter. However, on a year-on-year basis, the market
                                                                     expanded 14% in 2008.The telecom business is expected to
                                                                     perform strongly in 2009 despite the slower market condi-
                                                                     tions projected for the first quarter.
                                                                     Samsung in 2009 will expand its portfolio of high-end touch
                                                                     phones and smart phones, and expects to expand its part-
                                                                     nership platforms with network carriers worldwide. The com-
                                                                     pany will continue offering exciting low-end line up models
                                                                     in emerging markets, while enhancing profitability by im-
                                                                     proving operational efficiency and streamlining marketing

  52   Feb 2009
                                                                                                      MONTH IN FOCUS

Sitecom’s ‘Posture-Perfect’ Note-                                    Earth-Friendly Bulk Connector
book Stands                                                          Packaging
Comfort and ergonomics are very important for notebook
users. The correct posture can prevent physical injury, such
as RSI and shoulder, wrist and neck injuries. Al Otaiba Com-
munications, exclusive distributor for Sitecom in the Middle
East, has introduced the new ergonomically designed Site-
com plastic TE-001 Notebook Stand and the aluminum TE-
002 Notebook Stand to its Travel range. These notebook
stands allow the user to place the notebook at the correct
height, thanks to an adjustable stand that can be set to 15°,
25° or 35° angle, enabling him/ her to work comfortably for
a long period of time using a separate keyboard and mouse.
                                                                     Leviton Middle East, a subsidiary of Leviton Manufacturing
                                                                     Company announced on JANUARY 8, 2009 the release of
                                                                     its new GreenPack bulk connector packaging. The new
                                                                     packaging was designed as a contractor and earth-friendly
                                                                     solution to speed up large network infrastructure installations
                                                                     and reduce jobsite waste.
                                                                     GreenPack holds 24 connectors in individual, clear pockets.
                                                                     Connectors can be popped out one at a time, with remain-
                                                                     ing inventory well organized and easily counted. In addition,
                                                                     GreenPack offers an environmentally sound alternative to in-
                                                                     dividually packaged connectors. The cardboard and plastic
                                                                     packaging is 100 percent recyclable, while the connectors
                                                                     are lead-free and RoHS-compliant.

Sitecom launches world’s smallest wireless router
Al Otaiba Communications, exclusive distributor for Sitecom in the Middle East, has launched the Pure E-motion | X-Series
adding another dimension to networking. During the development of this innovative line, Sitecom embraced upon a very ambi-
tious mission: to reach maximum wireless performance with internal antennas in terms of speed and coverage, to provide secu-
rity "out of the box" and simple user-friendly solutions; all combined within an exclusive and compact casing which could fit into
the palm of a hand. The result: a complete line-up containing the smallest "N" routers (11.8 x 12.5 x 3 cm (H x W x D)) in the
world with Internal High Performance Antenna technology without making any concessions in its technical features.


  Dimensions: 103 x 55 x 18 mm, 92 cc            Dimensions:    97.5 x 55 x 16.3 mm            Dimensions:    108 x 49 x 10.5 mm
  Weight:     125 g                              Weight:        117 g                          Weight:        107 g
  Display:    TFT, 16M colors                    Display:       TFT, 16M colors                Display:       TFT, 256K colors
  Size:       240 x 320 pixels, 2.8 inches       Size :         240 x 320 pixels, 2.6 inches   Size:          240 x 320 pixels, 2.0 inches
  Card slot: microSD (TransFlash)                Card slot:     microSD (TransFlash)           Card slot:    Memory Stick Micro (M2)
             16 GB internal memory               GPRS:          Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots)                     160 MB internal memory
             128MB RAM, 256MB                                   32 - 48 kbps                   GPRS:         Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots)
  GPRS:      Class 32, 107 / 64.2 kbps           EDGE:          Class 10, 236.8 kbps           EDGE:         Yes
  EDGE:      Class 32, 296 kbps;                 Camera:             ,
                                                                5 MP 2592 x 1944 pixels        Camera:            ,
                                                                                                             5 MP 2592x1944 pixels,
             DTM Class 11, 177 kbps                             autofocus, flash, video        Talk time:    Up to 9 h
  3G:        HSDPA, 3.6 Mbps
  Camera: 5 MP 2592x1944 pixels,
  Talk time: Up to 3 h 40 min

                                Rs. 54,000                                  Rs. 42,000                                      Rs. 34,500

  Dimensions:      90 x 45 x 14 mm, 52 cc        Dimensions:   112 x 56.9 x 12.5 mm            Dimensions:    99 x 50 x 12.5 mm
  Weight:         110 g                          Weight:       122 g                           Weight:        86 g
  Display:        TFT, 16M colors                Display:      TFT touchscreen, 256K colors    Display:       TFT, 256K colors
  Size:           240 x 320 pixels, 2.2 inches   Size:         240 x 400 pixels, 3.2 inches    Size:          240 x 320 pixels, 2.4 inches
  Card slot:      microSD (TransFlash)           Card slot:     microSD (TransFlash)           Card slot:    Memory Stick Micro (M2)
                  18 MB internal memory                        128 MB RAM, 256 MB ROM                        40 MB internal memory
  GPRS:           Class 32, 88 kbps                            8 GB/16 GB internal memory      GPRS:         Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots)
  EDGE:           Class 32, 296 kbits            GPRS:         Class 12                        EDGE:         Yes
  3G:             Yes, 384 kbps                                (4+1/3+2/2+3/1+4 slots),        Camera:            ,
                                                                                                             2 MP 1600x1200 pixels
  Camera:                 ,
                  3.15 MP 2048x1536 pixels,                    32 - 48 kbps                    Talk time:    Up to 9 h
                  autofocus, video(VGA           EDGE:         Class 12
  Talk time:      Up to 4 h                      3G:           HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps
                                                 Camera:            ,
                                                               5 MP 2592x1944 pixels
                                                 Talk time:    Up to 5 h 50 min

                               Rs. 23,000                                Rs. 51,000                                        Rs. 22,000

                 Note: Above prices serve as a refrence only, they may be different in actual.

 54   Feb 2009
                                                                                                      MOBILE PHONE

Dimensions:    109 x 59 x 17 mm                Dimensions:    96.9 x 51.4 x 14.9 mm          Dimensions: 113 x 49 x 11.5 mm, 59 cc
Weight:        168 g                           Weight:        110 g                          Weight:     96 g
Display:       TFT touchscreen, 65K colors     Display:       TFT, 256K colorss              Display:    TFT, 256K colorss
Size:          240 x 320 pixels, 2.8 inches,   Size:          240 x 320 pixels, 2.4 inches   Size:       176 x 220 pixels, 1.9 inches
               42 x 57 mm                      Card slot:     microSD (TransFlash)           Card slot:  microSD (TransFlash)
Card slot:    microSD (TransFlash),                          2 MB user available memory                  20 MB internal user memory
              128 MB ROM                       GPRS:         Class 12                        GPRS:       Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots),
GPRS:         Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots),                      (4+1/3+2/2+3/1+4 slots)                     32 - 48 kbps
              32 - 48 kbps                                    32 - 48 kbps                   EDGE:        Class 10, 236.8 kbps
EDGE:          Class 10, 236.8 kbps            EDGE:          Class 12                       3G:          No
3G:            No                              3G:            No                             Camera:           ,
                                                                                                          2 MP 1600x1200 pixels,
Camera:             ,
                2 MP 1600x1200 pixels,         Camera:             ,
                                                              5 MP 2592 x 1944 pixels,                   video(CIF)
               video (QCIF)                                   Schneider-Kreuznach optics     Talk time:    Up to 4 h
Talk time:      Up to 5 h                      Talk time:      Up to 6 h

                            Rs. 36,500                                     Rs. 20,500                                  Rs. 9,000

Dimensions:    112 x 59 x 19 mm                Dimensions:    105 x 46 x 13.5 mm             Dimensions: 1115 x 53 x 10.6 mm, 60 cc
Weight:        190 g                           Display:      TFT, 256K colors                Weight:     100 g
Display:       TFT touchscreen, 65K colors     Size:         240 x 320 pixels, 2.0 inches    Display:    TFT, 256K colorss
Size:          240 x 320 pixels, 2.8 inches    Card slot:    microSD (TransFlash)            Size:       320 x 240 pixels, 2.0 inches
Card slot:    microSD (TransFlash),                          90 MB internal memory           Card slot:  microSD (TransFlash)
              128 MB ROM                       GPRS:         Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots),                   20 MB internal user memory
GPRS:         Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots),                      32 - 48 kbps                    GPRS:       Class 12 32 - 48 kbps
              32 - 48 kbps                     EDGE:          Class 10, 236.8 kbps           EDGE:        Class 12,
EDGE:          Class 10, 236.8 kbps            3G:           No                              3G:          No
3G:            HSDPA 3.6 Mbps                  Camera:               ,
                                                             3.15 MP 2048x1536 pixels,       Camera:           ,
                                                                                                          2 MP 1600x1200 pixels,
Camera:                 ,
                3.15 MP 2048x1536 pixels)                    autofocus, video, flash                     video(CIF)
Talk time:      Up to 6 h                                                                    Talk time:    Up to 5 h

                            Rs. 50,500                                     Rs. 9,000                                   Rs. 22,500

          Note: Above prices serve as a refrence only, they may be different in actual.

                                                                       An employee of Japan's toy giant Tomy displays the world's smallest
                                                                       humanoid robot "i-Sobot", which is 165mm in height, weighing 350g
                                                                       and equipped with 17 micro actuators and a gyro-sensor as it

  LG Electronics shows its new watch-shaped mobile video phone "3G
  watch phone" model. The model has a touch-screen dialing system
  with a camera and a speaker built in to enable users to make video
  calls with high-speed downlink packet access.


Note: Above prices serve as a refrence only, they may be different in actual.
                                                  Price Rs. 30,800                                                                   Price Rs. 17,500
      Sony Black Cyber-shot® T500/B                                  Cannon IXUS 90IS
      10.1 megapixel                                                 10 MP Resolution
      3.5" wide touch screen                                         3x optical zoom lens
      5X Optical Zoom                                                Large 3 inch LCD screen
      Face Detection                                                 A 32MB SD card

                                                  Price Rs. 9,500                                                                    Price Rs. 26,000
      Sanyo VPC-E860                                                 MD 225
      8 MP Resolution                                                2.7” widescreen LCD Real Widescreen 16:9
      3 x optical zoom                                               Image stabilization
      5 x digital zoom                                               Optical Zoom: 37x
      2.5in LCD screen                                               Digital Zoom: UP TO 2000x

                                                  Price Rs. 8,200                                                                    Price Rs. 17,000
      Cannon A470 Power Shot                                         Powershot_E1
      7.1 MP resolution                                              10.0 Megapixel
      2.5 inch LCD                                                   2.5-inch TFT color LCD
      3.4X optical Zoom                                              17 shooting modes
      4.0X Digital Zoom                                              Face Detection Technology

                                                  Price Rs. 10,500                                                                   Price Rs. 26,500
      Cannon A580IS                                                  Cannon S5-IS
      8MP resolution                                                 12x optical zoom lens with Ultrasonic Motor (USM) and UD lens
      4.00x Digital Zoom                                             Optical Image Stabilizer
      2.5 inch LCD                                                   8.0 Megapixel CCD
      SDHC / SD type Memory                                          2.5” high-resolution vari-angle LCD

                                                  Price Rs. 45,000                                                                   Price Rs. 28,000
      Cannon FS10                                                    Canon G9
      2.7 INCH WIDE SCREEN                                           12.4 megapixels
      1/6 INCH CCD                                                   106.4 x 71.9 x 42.5 mm
      37X OPTICAL ZOOM                                               1024 x 768 @ 15 fps
      2000X Digital Zoom                                             Secure Digital, Secure Digital HC, MultiMediaCard

                                                  Price Rs. 56,000                                                                   Price Rs. 8,500
      Cannon FS11                                                    Nikon L16
      Cannon FS11                                                    7.1 MP resolution
      2.7 INCH WIDE SCREEN                                           2.8-inch LCD Monitor
      1/6 INCH CCD                                                   Optical 3X Zoom
      37X OPTICAL ZOOM                                               Easy Mode

                                                  Price Rs. 16,000                                                                   Price Rs. 15,000
      Cannon IXUS 85IS                                               Olympus MJU 840
      10.0 Megapixel image sensor                                    8 MegaPixels resolution
      3x optical zoom lens                                           2.7 inches LCD Screen
      Face Detection Technology                                      Optical zoom: 5x
      DIGIC III with Noise Reduction Technology                      Screen size: 2.7in


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