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					                             NORTHWOOD MIDDLE SCHOOL
                             Principal: Colleen Nelson                     17007 SE 184th Street•Renton, WA 98058
                             Asst. Principal: Scott Stockslager            Main Office 253•373•7780
   April 2011                                                              Attendance Office 253•373•7780

                                                                  imperative that they do their very best work on every
                                                                  assessment so we have an accurate picture of abilities.

                                                                  The daily work of preparing young adolescents for high
                                                                  school and beyond can be challenging, but is so very
                                                                  important. Your investment and contribution to the proc-
                DATES TO REMEMBER                                 ess is one of the most significant ones you will make.
4-8—Spring Break—No school                                        Your time now will pay off several times over later on.
11—Season 4 sports begin                                          Thank you for all you do to support your student and
                                                                  Northwood! We truly appreciate it.
14—Volunteer Appreciation Reception 3:30-4:30pm Library
14—High School & Beyond Night 7:00 pm Commons
                                                                  Mrs. Nelson
15—End of 3rd quarter
20—Late arrival; school begins at 11:05am
20—Jag Night 6:30-7:30pm Commons
                                                                  Fighting Behavior
26—Student of the 3rd Quarter reception 2:15pm
                                                                  Recently we have heard about incidents involving students
28—Pep Assembly 2:00pm                                            here at Northwood as well as examples in the local media
                                                                  regarding students getting together to plan fights and then
                                                                  video the behavior to share on various social media sites.
                PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE                               Please be aware that this behavior is of great concern on sev-
                                                                  eral levels. Depending on the details, this activity may result
Dear Parents:                                                     in school discipline and/or law enforcement intervention.
                                                                  Even if it did not happen at school if we determine that it is
                                                                  disruptive at school, we may take action. As a parent you need
Happy Spring! March was a very busy month with just               to understand that in some cases you may be vulnerable to a
the regular day to day middle school activities and then          legal response for the actions of your child. Talk to your child
adding in both high school and middle school registra-            and pay attention to their access to this kind of behavior.
tion, field trips and other special events. Whew!

The staff and students have worked hard all year, and
the state assessments will give us feedback on our pro-
gress toward the learning goals. All students will take
the Measurement of Student Progress (MSP) during the
week of May 9 – 13. The MSP will gauge our student’s
progress in reading, writing and math at 7th grade and
reading, science and math at 8th grade. We would appre-
ciate your support by having students at school on-time
every day of the assessment window. Please make sure
students are well-rested and eat breakfast so they can
come ready to do their very best. As we frequently ex-
plain to students the results from all of the assessments
we give are used to make important decisions regarding
instruction, placement, and student schedules. So it is                       Enjoy your Spring Break!

     New Interim Band & Orchestra Teacher                 Understanding Teen Cutting and Self-Injury

Dear Parents of Band and Orchestra Students:              Few images evoke the degree of shock and dis-
As you probably know our Band and Orchestra               gust that accompanies those of self-injury. When
teacher Mrs. Laurie Kierstead has begun her mater-        you think about cutting – one form of self-injury –
nity leave. She will be taking the rest of the year off   what likely comes to your mind is an emotionally
to care for her new family.                               unstable teenage girl who cuts her forearms with
We are very fortunate to have Mr. Dave Baldock            razor blades. However, self-injurious behavior can
serve as her guest teacher for the remainder of the       be much more subtle, and in turn, much more
school year. He is a highly qualified and experienced     difficult to detect and address. That’s why it’s so
music teacher and we are honored to have him at
                                                          important to know how and why it happens and
                                                          where you can find help.
Mr. Baldock is a retired music teacher who taught         What is cutting and self-injury?
most recently at Kentridge High School and Cedar          Self-injury is intentionally harming oneself, often-
Heights Middle Schools in the Kent School District        times with the objective of alleviating suffer-
and previously at Wenatchee High School among             ing. Examples of self-injury include cutting the
other schools. He earned a BA in Music from
                                                          skin with objects, scratching the skin, picking
Wheaton College in Illinois and an MA from Central
                                                          wounds so they can’t heal, biting or burning one-
Washington University. He has held a wide range of
leadership positions with regional and state music        self, and more harmful instances that include hit-
educator organizations. Mr. Baldock was named             ting one’s head or breaking bones. Of the many
WIAA / WMEA Teacher of the Year, and he is                types of self-injury, cutting is the most common. It
listed in "Who's Who" of American Teachers.               damages the skin or other tissues, it is rarely as-
While teaching at Cedar Heights Middle School, he         sociated with suicide attempts, and it is socially
was chosen as the recipient of the PTSA Out-              unacceptable. People who cut themselves may
standing Educator award, and in 2008 was honored          attempt to hide the marks or scars, and they may
with the same award at Kentridge High School. Mr.         give false explanations for how they occurred
Baldock currently is a member of the Tacoma Con-          (e.g., being scratched by a pet). Teens use many
cert Band, and was a founding member of the We-
                                                          different items to cut (e.g., razor blades, scissors,
natchee British Brass Band and Puget Brass Band.
                                                          pens, bottle tops, etc.), and it occurs in a variety
He is active as a private teacher, clinician, adjudica-
tor, and brass coach.                                     of body locations (e.g., arms, legs, genital area,
                                                          abdomen, etc.).
Please welcome Mr. Baldock to Northwood!                  Who is most likely to cut?
Sincerely,                                                Young people of all ethnicities, ages, and income
Colleen Nelson                                            levels intentionally harm themselves. Cutting is
Principal                                                 most common among adolescent, Caucasian fe-
                                                          males who come from intact, middle- to upper-
             COUNSELING CORNER                            class families. Self-injurious behavior oftentimes
Northwood High School & Beyond Night                      begins during middle school, and young people
                                                          are often introduced to it through peer groups and
Have questions about High School and how to pre-
pare your child for his/her future? This is the           media outlets (e.g., music, television, internet,
event for you!                                            etc.).
When: Thursday, April 14 @ 7:00-8:00pm                    How common is it?
Where: Northwood Middle School Commons                    Approximately one out of every eight people en-
Presenter: Robert Rutherford-KR counselor                 gages in some form of self-injury, and currently,
           High School Requirements

it’s more widespread than it has been in prior dec-             Secretive or elusive behavior
ades. Among people who have mental illnesses,
                                                                Spending lengthy periods of time alone
it is more common, affecting approximately one
out of every four people.                                       Items that could be used for cutting (knives, scis-
Why do people intentionally injure them-                             sors, safety pins, razors) are missing
                                                                What should you do?
It is unclear why people cut themselves; some
                                                                If you become aware that your child is engag-
explanations include impulsivity, a way to distract
                                                                ing in self-injurious acts, remember that it is
from personal pain, feelings of control, and peer
                                                                fairly common. Though it is often frightening for
pressure. If a person is cutting or engaging in any
                                                                parents, the majority of teens who cut them-
other form of self-injury, a mental health profes-
                                                                selves do not intend to inflict serious injury or to
sional should be consulted. Professionals will use
                                                                cause death. If the injury appears to pose po-
interview techniques to identify reasons why it
                                                                tential medical risks, contact emergency medi-
may be occurring and to provide interventions for
                                                                cal services immediately. If the injury doesn’t
effective treatment.
                                                                appear to pose immediate medical risks, re-
What are the risk factors and signs to watch
                                                                main calm and nonjudgmental, contact your
                                                                child’s pediatrician to discuss the concerns, and
It is important to remember that each adolescent
                                                                ask for a referral to a trained mental health pro-
who cuts is different and not all start or continue
                                                                fessional who has experience in this area.
for the same reason. In addition, some individuals
who cut may not show any of the warning signs. If               By: Kimberly DeRuyck, Ph.D. and Jennifer Re-
you believe or know that your child is cutting, it is           setar, Ph.D.
important to seek professional assistance to as-                Boys Town Behavioral Pediatrics & Family Ser-
sess the reasons why the cutting is occurring and               vices Clinic
to begin appropriate treatment. Here are some     
risk factors and signs that have been associated            self-injury
with cutting among adolescents:
Risk Factors
                                                                                 CARE CLINIC
                                                            The National Association of Free Clinics (NAFC), in
 Knowledge that friends or acquaintances are cutting        partnership with the Washington Free Clinic Associa-
 Difficulty expressing feelings                             tion, (WFCA) will be holding a one-day free clinic on
                                                            Saturday, April 30, 2011 in the Tacoma Dome. The
 Extreme emotional reactions to minor occurrences           upcoming C.A.R.E. (Communities Are Responding
       (anger or sorrow)                                    Everyday) Clinic is an opportunity for the community
                                                            to come together to provide free primary and preventa-
 Stressful family events (divorce, death, conflict)         tive health care services to an estimated 1,200 unin-
                                                            sured adult residents of the Seattle-Tacoma area. At a
 Loss of a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, or social status   recent NAFC-sponsored C.A.R.E. Clinic in Charlotte,
 Negative body image
                                                            NC, 1,163 uninsured patients were able to receive ser-
                                                            vices in just 6 hours of patient care. More importantly,
 Lack of coping skills                                      the patients who required follow-up for serious condi-
                                                            tions were connected with local resources for ongoing
Signs                                                       care. The Washington C.A.R.E. Clinic will offer medi-
 Wearing long sleeves during warm weather                   cal, dental, and vision services, as well as community
                                                            referrals for those with critical follow-up needs.‖
 Wearing thick wristbands that are never removed
 Unexplained marks on body                                  c.a.r.e.-clinic.html)

                 Northwood Follies                                                       Jaguar Sports
Thank you to everyone who came to Northwood’s 2 nd Annual
Follies Talent Show on March 24th and 25th. Over the course of       Congratulations 8th grade Northwood girls’ bas-
two days we had over 400 audience members join us for the            ketball team! The Jags finished their season at
biggest performance on the Northwood Stage since 2004. Also          the end of March with a record of 9-1! The girls
a big thank you to all of the students who took part in the show;    worked incredibly hard this season and were
whether as an act, a stage crew member, or a techie. Without         focused on bringing the second girls’ basketball
the wonderful cooperation and collaboration, the show couldn’t       championship in school history home to North-
have been as amazing as it turned out to be. While the show is       wood. With suffocating defense and an ability to
all about showcasing Northwood talent, there is a competitive        score quickly on fast-breaks, the Jags continued
component in that the audience gets to vote for their favorite       to show major improvement as the season progressed. On top
acts. After the votes were tallied, the top five acts were as fol-   of an incredibly athletic and talented team, the Jags were the
                                                                     perfect embodiment of a team. Northwood strove to play to-
                                                                     gether as one and carried themselves with character throughout
         Ode to Nintendo                                             the season.
         The Only Exception                                          The 7th grade basketball team also had a strong season with a
         Jag Boyz                                                    record of 5-5. Led by a quick-striking offense and great de-
                                                                     fense the 7th graders also showed their athleticism on the court.
         Chinese Yo-Yo                                               The 7th grade team was extremely talented this season and also
         Ying Yang                                                   showed great teamwork all season long.
                                                                     The coaches were very proud of the players’ efforts this season.
                                                                     We wish the 8th graders much success up at high school and we
Thanks once again and please consider joining us the first part
                                                                     are extremely excited about the basketball season next year at
of June for Annie Jr. on the Northwood Stage.
                                                                     Go Jags!
Ryan Simpson
                                                                     Coach Scott Miller and Coach Shannon Paige
Follies & Drama Director

                Europe Trip Opportunity                                          TRACK & FIELD
Attention all 7th Graders!!!
                  Come and explore Italy and Greece with             Starting times: 3:30 pm Field Events;
                  your friends! Don’t miss out! There are            3:45 Running Events
                  only two openings left! This trip is
                  now available for 7th graders, because
                                                                     Wed, April 27—Meridian @ NW **Updated**
                  we would like to fill the last two                 Wed, May 4—Mill Creek @ NW
                  spots! This is the fifth year in a row this
opportunity is being presented. Almost 70 Northwood                  Wed, May 11—NW @ Cedar Heights
8th-graders have traveled through Europe with us in the              Wed, May 18—Meeker @ NW
last four years, and each one can attest to the trip’s tre-
mendous combination of enjoyment plus cultural and                   Wed, May 25—NW @ Tahoma Gold
educational wonder. This year, we will be leaving on                 Wed, June 1—Conference Prelims @ French Field;
June 29th for 13 days. We will visit Italy and Greece with
                                                                     Coaches Host
our main stops beings in Rome, Patras, Delphi, Capri,
Pompeii, Brindisi, Athens and the Sorrento region. Plus,             Thurs, June 2—Conference Meet @ French Field;
we will go on a three day cruise around the islands. The             Mattson Host
cost of the trip is $3651.00 and there is fundraising avail-
able. If you get started right away you could raise most
of your money for your trip. We can raise money during
the summer as well. Please contact Mr. Ohlsen or Mrs.
Mackenzie to get signed up, and Mrs. Mackenzie for all
the fundraising opportunities. For more information on
the trip to Italy and Greece, you may also check out the
This trip is not a KSD-sponsored event.

  Northwood Library Media Center
                                                                Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. -
HOURS                                                           Richard Steele

Before School
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8:05 am–8:30 am
                                                                NEW TITLES
                                                                            Payback Time by Carl Deuker Video
Daily                                                                       Trailer at
Monday – Friday 8:30am-3:00 pm for classes;
Students may also drop in on their lunch time.
                                                                             By the author of Gym Candy, 2003; A
After school
                                                                             Seattle high-school football team has a
Monday-Friday 3:00-3:30 pm (exceptions may apply)                            winning season and may make the state
                                                                             championship game. But Mitch, the new
MEDIA MOMENTS                                                   school sports reporter who doesn’t like sports, begins
What’s Happening and Upcoming Events:                           an investigation of an apparent ringer that the coach
                                                                has slipped in which may derail the team. Has Mitch
    Battle of the Books: The schedule is out and Battles        discovered cheating on his own team? Why does
have already begun. We have some great teams! Please be         Coach McNulty keep Angel, a new student with star-
caught up on homework, since you may need to miss part
                                                                quality in practice, benched until late in each game?
of your 4th period class!
                                                                Mitch starts looking into Angel’s past, but discovers
    Read a Movie: We have held several meetings with            more trouble than he has bargained for. The book
our dedicated group and finished Frankenstein & Harry           has lots of football action & plays & with true tests of
Potter. We are just starting Death on the Nile by Agatha        courage.
Christy. If you are interested in reading and comparing
books and their movie versions, contact Mrs. Pirog.
Meetings are held after school on most Tuesdays, from 3-        Pandora Gets Vain by Carolyn Hennesy
4:30. Refreshments are jointly provided. See the library        The crazy field trip continues as Pan-
for meeting & movie schedule.
                                                                dora and her BFFs, Alcie and Iole, are
     Library helpers do so much in the library! We are          looking for the next escaped evil, van-
starting to prepare for inventory and the end of the year.      ity, hiding in Egypt. The goddess Hera,
Students are starting their Classroom Based Assessments in      Zeus’ vindictive wife, is so not helping
Social Studies. Research is taking place every day. 7th grad-   and throws obstacles their way, like
ers are working on a debate format for Constitutional           dangerous storms and a pod of talking
Rights for students and 8th graders will be choosing from a     dolphins. It’s totally distracting (and
number of different formats.                                    life-threatening!), and the gang keeps getting off
                                                                course. Luckily, the other gods & goddesses aren’t as
Wandering the Web:                                              nasty as Hera, and they secretly help out.
Search engines change and evolve over time. Try a
great, new one at: . It              Tech News:
is just for students and has different searches by read-
ing level. From their site: ―SweetSearch helps stu-                 Our Parent Nights are complete for the school
dents find outstanding information, faster. It enables          year. If you are the parent of a student new to North-
them to determine the most relevant results from a              wood, please contact Mrs. Pirog at 253-373-6646 to
list of credible resources, and makes it much easier            find out about your student’s ability to bring their
for them to find primary sources. We exclude not                laptop home.
only the spam sites that many students could spot,                  We have finished our driver’s license testing for
but also the marginal sites that read well and au-              the year, except for students new to Northwood.
thoritatively, but lack academic or journalistic rigor.
                                                                We are starting to prepare for students returning the
As importantly, the very best Web sites that appear
                                                                laptops in June.
on the first page of SweetSearch results are often bur-
ied on other search engines.‖

News from Fairwood Library                                    NEED SCHOOL SHOTS?

A poetry contest! Each age category winner will                FREE Immunization Clinic
get a $25 gift certificate at a local bookstore and be
published in our library booklet. On April 21 at 7pm          Wednesday, June 8
                                                              3:30 to 7:00 p.m.
we’ll have our annual Poetry Coffeehouse where                Kent Meridian High School Cafeteria
winners will read along with other local poets.               10020 SE 256th St.
Also in April our system will be running an online            Kent, Washington
poetry contest. Details will follow soon.
                                                              FREE immunizations will be available for students
Live Homework Help from Students in                attending Kent Public Schools from Kindergarten
grades K-12 can receive specialized one-on-one tutoring       through 12th grade.
help in the areas of math, science, English, social stud-
                                                               Students must come accompanied by a par-
ies, and proofreading. The service is available 7 days a
                                                                 ent or legal guardian in order for your child
week, 2 pm—Midnight, and it’s also available in Span-
                                                                 to receive immunizations.
ish. During closed hours, online resources from Skill-         Please bring your child’s immunization re-
sCenter™ are available. Log on at the bottom of the              cords.
Homework Help page:                   Requirements for 2010-2011 school year:
(KCLS Homepage > Research & Homework > Home-
work Help) Tutors are paid, trained, and moni-                     4 or 5 doses of DTaP will be required for students en-
tored…and they are ready to help! The live chat ses-              tering Kindergarten and Grades 1 through 6, the last
sions are usually 20-30 minutes. A whiteboard is avail-           dose must be after age 4. Tdap is required for 11+ year
able for note taking and diagrams. The chat session               olds entering grades 6, 7, 8, and 9th if it has been 5
can be printed at the end. You can get help writing               years since their last Diphtheria or Tetanus containing
papers and if you want a tutor to proofread some-                 vaccine.
thing, just upload the file!                                       One dose of Varicella vaccine is required for grades 3
                                                                  through 6 and 2 doses for Kindergarten and grades 1
                                                                  and 2.
Featured Online Databases: Opposing Viewpoints in                  Hepatitis B vaccine (3 doses) is required for all stu-
Context Log on to (Note: you will need               dents.
your library card number and PIN for this resource)                Four doses of polio are required (3 is acceptable if the
Select ―DATABASES‖ from the main menu towards the                 last dose is after age 4) for all students under 18 years
top of the page                                                   of age.
Scroll down slightly and under ―Subject List of Databases,‖        Two doses of MMR after age 1 and at least 28 days
click on ―Primary Sources‖                                    apart are required for all students. Additional require-
(You will end up here:                                        ments for 2011-2012 school year:
                                                                    Tdap will be required for 11+ year olds entering
Select Opposing Viewpoints in Context                             grades 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 if it has been 5 years since
Opposing Viewpoints in Context helps students re-                 their last Diphtheria or Tetanus containing vaccine.
search, analyze and organize a broad variety of data               2 doses of Varicella vaccine will be required for grades
for research projects, writing assignments, debates,              Kindergarten, 1, 2, and 3.
presentations, and more. The database provides his-
torical background, maps, and primary source mate-            Kent School District has teamed with Public Health –
                                                              Seattle and King County to provide FREE immuniza-
rial. Choose a specific topic or a broad category;
                                                              tions for students. The clinic is made possible in part
find links to viewpoints, news, and journal articles          by a grant from Group Health Foundation.
for each topic. This is a great resource for putting
current events in context or for exploring an event in        Please contact our School Nurse, Rose Fink, if you
depth.                                                        have questions about your student’s immunization
                                                              record. 253-373-6638


                                    PTSA                           Jill Paino:
                                                                   Tracy Hughes
                                                                   Anita Kallish

                                                                   Questions can also be directed to any of the current Northwood
Student of the Quarter!                                            board members through the Northwood email at north-
                                                          The election will be held at the April Meeting.
Each quarter, Northwood teachers choose
their top 7th and 8th grade students in several
categories. The criteria is determined by the                      Dates to remember:
teachers, and includes top academic achievement, out-              4/12/11 Northwood’s Distribution Night at the Clothing Bank
standing improvement, incredible hard work and effort.             4/13/11 PTSA Meeting 6:30 pm. Officer Elections!
Parents of the recommended students are invited to a               5/11/11 PTSA Meeting 6:30 pm
Student of the Quarter Awards Reception 1-2 weeks in               6/8/11 Last PTSA Meeting of the year!
advance. Each acclaimed student will receive a certifi-
cate from Principal Nelson. Cookies and punch are
served afterwards.                                                  Staff Appreciation Event for
Cookie donations are needed! The next Student of
                                                                           April 22nd, 2011
the Quarter Reception is April 26th. Volunteers can bring
two dozen cookies clearly marked, "Student of the Quar-
                                                                      Decadent Desserts and Tea
ter" to the school office on April 26th any time before
1:30pm. Volunteers are needed in setting up for this               Hello PTSA Members!
event at 1:30pm to set up chairs and refreshments. Con-
tact Heather Smith, if you can donate            We are planning our next Staff Appreciation Event
cookies or help set up/clean up for this event. Thanks             and we are in need of donations!
so much for your help!!
                                                                   Please let us know if you are able to bring in a
                                                                   plate of your favorite homemade (or store bought)
Heather Smith
                                                                   desserts and tea bags to share with our Staff to say
425-917-9533                                                       a BIG THANK YOU to our Awesome Staff at
425-306-3291                                                       Northwood! Please bring your goodies into the
                                                                   Staff Lounge Friday morning, April 22nd, labeled
                                                                   Staff Appreciation!!
8th grade Party will be June 10th, 5:30 – 8:30!
              The 8th Grade Party Committee is looking for         We appreciate your help and support!
              volunteers to help the night of the party to deco-
              rate, chaperone and more! If interested, please      Joelle Denney:
              send an email to Tracy Hughes through the            Kim Shell:
              PTSA email:                                      Cell: 206-571-4770
               The next meeting will be April 12th @ 6:30 at
                                                                                Northwood PTSA would like to announce
                                                                                Cynthia Wright-Okawara as the 2010-
Are you interested in joining the                                               2011 Golden Acorn. Cyndy has given out-
2011-12 PTSA Board?                                                             standing service the last 2 years as our
The Northwood PTSA is currently looking for individuals who                     PTSA president and her leadership and vol-
are willing to be on the Northwood board for the 2011-12           unteer efforts will be missed. Honorable mentions in-
school year. The available board positions will be Co-             clude Pam Bedynek, Marlene Creaser, and Dena
President, Vice President (2 positions available out of 3), and    Whipple. Our Outstanding Educator of the Year will be
Treasurer. If you are interested or know someone who might         announced in late April.
be, please have them contact one of our nominating commit-

                                                                  ies have been published testing the effects of the chemicals on
                                                                  users, so we know nothing about their possible side effects.

   To all parents & friends of North-                             The product is sold as incense and carries a label stating it’s not
                                                                  for human consumption. However, when many purchase it,
   wood who have volunteered here:                                they will smoke it similar to marijuana to get high.
                                                                  The problem with this synthesized product is that very little is
      In appreciation of the time                                 known regarding its toxicity or metabolites. Therefore, it is
    you’ve given to support students                              potentially dangerous and should not be used.
    and staff at Northwood Middle
                 School,                                                                       Salvia:
      You are cordially invited to a                              Salvia Divinorum is a psychoactive mint, used in traditional
                                                                  spiritual practices by the Mazatec people of Mexico and is le-
       Volunteer Reception in your                                gal in both Mexico and the United States. This leafy plant is a
                                                                  psychoactive hallucinogen that can cause dramatic and some-
                        honor.                                    times frightening altered mind-states. The substance targets
                                                                  receptors in brain cells that affect ones’ consciousness and per-
             Thursday, April 14th                                 ception of reality. It is located in neurons that are involved in
                                                                  mental illnesses such as depression and schizophrenia, as well
                   3:30 – 4:30 pm                                 as drug abuse. Even seasoned drug users have called salvia
                                                                  ―too intense and scary.‖ In fact, one teen suicide in Delaware
              Northwood Library                                   is being blamed on the herb.
             With sincere thanks,                                 Psychological side effects of Salvia include anxiety, irritability,
                                                                  dizziness, drowsiness, sleeping difficulties, mood effects, feel-
             The Northwood Staff                                  ing light headed, racing thoughts, increased self-confidence,
                                                                  increased or decreased concentration. Other side effects in-
                                                                  clude ―unreal‖ appearing surroundings, increased insight (or
                Please R.S.V.P. to                                thinking so) spiritual experiences, strange thoughts, a floating
                                                                  sensation and calmness. Because of these hallucinogenic prop-
                 Ruth Halverson                                   erties, people often hurt themselves when using Salvia and
             253-373-6643 or                                      driving certainly would be affected.
                                                                  Salvia comes in a leafy form, a powder form and a liquid ex-                                tract and it can be ingested or smoked. It is available to buy
                                                                  online and in some smoke shops, if you are an adult.
    I will be out of the office during
                                                                  If you have concerns about a young person who may be
    Spring Break, but you may still                               using synthetic marijuana or salvia, please contact me,
   email me or leave a voice mail to                              Carla Viltz, KSD Prevention Specialist, for more infor-
                                                                  mation, at 253 373 7595 ext. 8772.
    RSVP. We need a final count by
             4/11/11. Thanks!
                                                                          Math Fast Start
                                                                  If you have a student in Algebra 1-2
   Synthetic Marijuana: Legal, but not Natural                    or Geometry 1-2, they should have
                                                                  brought home a letter and form for
A new product, referred to as Spice, Black Mamba or K2, has       the Math Fast Start program. You
become popular recently, providing a high similar to marijuana
                                                                  can elect to have your student get
to those who smoke, or drink the herbs like tea. The product is
a mix of herbs and chemicals and can be bought in tobacco         high school credit for the classes
shops, certain convenience stores and online, if you are over     taken on the form. If you do not elect to take the high
eighteen years of age. Health department officials warn that      school credit, these classes will need to be re-taken in
while the new high is legal, it may not be safe.                  high school. If you need a form, you can print the one on
These chemicals are indeed completely legal, so far, but what     the next page.
affect they may have on the human body is a mystery. No stud-
                                                 DATES TO REMEMBER

April                                                      June
4-8—Spring Break—No school                                 1—Late Arrival—School begins at 11:05 am
11—Season 4 sports begin                                   1,3—‖Annie‖ Performance 7:00pm Commons
14—Volunteer Appreciation Reception 3:30-4:30pm Library    2—7th Grade Music Concert 7:30 pm Main Gym
14—High School & Beyond Night 7:00 Commons                 3—7th Grade Music Assembly 8:45 am
15—End of 3rd quarter                                      4—‖Annie Performance 3:00 pm & 7:00 pm Commons
20—Late arrival; school begins at 11:05am                  7—Student of the Quarter Reception 2:15pm
20—Jag Night 6:30-7:30pm Commons                           9—8th Grade Music Concert 7:30 pm Main Gym
26—Student of the 3rd Quarter reception 2:15pm             10—8th Grade Music Assembly 8:45 am
28—Pep Assembly 2:00pm                                     10—8th Grade Celebration 5:30—8:30 pm
                                                           20—8th Grade Field Trip to Kentridge 9:30am
                                                           20—School Awards Assembly 1:45pm
2—Cheer Parents Meeting for Try-outs 7-8pm Library
                                                           21—8th Grade Promotion Assembly 10:45 am
4—Late Arrival; school begins at 11:05 am
                                                           21—Last Day of School
9-13—MSP testing window
16—Honor Society Induction Ceremony 7-8pm Commons
24-25—Cheer Tryouts 6-8pm Aux gym
30—Memorial Day Holiday—No school

         Kent School District
        12033 SE 256th Street
        Kent, WA 98031-6643

             HOME OF THE JAGUARS

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