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					                                          Overview of Osteopathic Medicine
                                       Osteopathic Graduate Medical Education
                                        Special Programs at Osteopathic Colleges

         DO/PhD Programs
The schools listed below offer DO/PhD
programs. Students in these dual programs
can receive both the Doctor of Osteopathic
Medicine degree and the PhD degree.

Michigan State University (MSUCOM)
DO/PhD: Seven graduate programs offered
include Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,
Cell and Molecular Biology, Genetics,
Microbiology and Molecular Genetics,
Neuroscience, Pharmacology & Toxicology
and Physiology.

Ohio University College of Osteopathic
Medicine (OU-COM)
DO/PhD: Students select research mentors
engaged in biomedically related research from   students anticipating careers in biomedical          Other Joint Programs
the Department of Biomedical Sciences and       research or teaching.
the Department of Biological Sciences.          www3.umdnj.edu/gsbstrat/DO-PhD/
                                                                                                       DO Dual Degree
www.oucom.ohiou.edu/Admissions/                 DO_PhD.htm
                                                                                              A.T. Still University, Kirksville College
                                                                                              of Osteopathic Medicine (ATSU-KCOM)
                                                University of North Texas Health
Oklahoma State University Center for            Science Center–Texas College
                                                                                              • DO/MPH
Health Sciences College of Osteopathic          of Osteopathic Medicine
                                                                                              • DO/MS in Biomedical Science
Medicine (OSU-CHS)                              (UNTHSC-TCOM)
                                                                                              • DO/MS in Health Administration (MHA)
DO/PhD: Biomedical Sciences offers dual         DO/PhD: The graduate school of Biomedical
                                                                                              • DO/DHEd of Health Education
degree in seven program areas including         Sciences offers disciplines including Cell
Anatomy, Biochemistry, Cell Biology,            Biology and Genetics, Biochemistry and
                                                                                              A.T. Still University School of
Microbiology, Pathology, Pharmacology           Molecular Biology, Microbiology and
                                                                                              Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona
and Physiology.                                 Immunology, Physiology and Pharmacology
www.healthsciences.okstate.edu/                 and Neuroscience.
biomedical/do_phd_degree.cfm                    www.hsc.unt.edu/education/dual/do_ms.cfm
                                                                                              • DO/MPH
                                                                                              • DO/MS in Health Administration (MHA)
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic             Edward Via College of Osteopathic
                                                                                              • DO/MS of Health Education (MHEd)
Medicine (PCOM)                                 Medicine–Virginia Campus (VCOM-VC)
                                                                                              • DO/MS in Geriatric Health (MGH)
DO/PhD: Offered in Health Policy.               DO/PhD: Offered in Global Health Leadership
                                                                                              • DO/DHEd of Health Education
www.pcom.edu/Academic_Programs/                 or Rural Health Leadership
aca_do/Degree_Programs_DO_PhD/                  www.vcom.vt.edu/outreach/dophd.html
                                                                                              Arizona College of Osteopathic
                                                                                              Medicine of Midwestern University
                                                Edward Via College of Osteopathic
University of Medicine and Dentistry            Medicine–Carolinas Campus
of New Jersey- School of Osteopathic            (VCOM-CC)
                                                                                              • DO/MA in Bioethics
Medicine (UMDNJ-SOM)                            DO/PhD: Offered in Global Health Leadership
                                                                                              • DO/MA in Health Professions Education
DO/PhD: The departments of Cell Biology and     or Rural Health Leadership
Molecular Biology offer a unique interdepart-   www.vcom.vt.edu/outreach/dophd.html
mental program intended to prepare graduate

Chicago College of Osteopathic           •	DO/MBA                                        touro University College of Osteopathic
Medicine of Midwestern University        •	DO/JD                                         Medicine- California (tUCOM-Ca)
(CCOM/MWU)                               •	DO/DMD                                        www.tu.edu
www.midwestern.edu                                                                       •	DO/MPH
•	DO/MS	in	Biomedical	Sciences           Ohio University College of Osteopathic
                                         Medicine (OU-COM)                               University of Medicine and Dentistry
Des Moines University–College of         www.oucom.ohiou.edu                             of new Jersey–school of Osteopathic
Osteopathic Medicine (DMU-COM)           •	DO/MA                                         Medicine (UMDnJ-sOM)
www.dmu.edu                              •	DO/MBA                                        http.//som.umdnj.edu
•	DO/MS	in	Anatomy                       •	DO/MPH                                        •	BS/DO
•	DO/MS	in	Biomedical	Sciences           •	DO/MS                                         •	DO/MS	in	Biomedical	Sciences
•	DO/MPH                                                                                 •	DO/MPH
•	DO/MHA	in	Healthcare	Administration    Oklahoma state University Center                •	DO/MBA
                                         for Health sciences College of                  •	DO/JD
Kansas City University of Medicine and   Osteopathic Medicine (OsU-CHs)                  •	DO/PhD
Biosciences College of Osteopathic       www.healthsciences.okstate.edu
Medicine (KCUMB-COM)                     •	DO/MS	in	Biomedical	Sciences                  University of new england College of
www.kcumb.edu                            •	DO/MBA                                        Osteopathic Medicine (Une-COM)
•	BS/DO                                  •	DO/PhD	in	Biomedical	Sciences                 www.une.edu/com/admissions
•	DO/MA	in	Bioethics                                                                     •	BS/DO
•	DO/MBA	in	Healthcare	Leadership        Pacific northwest University of Health          •	DO/MPH
                                         sciences College of Osteopathic                 •	DO/MMEL
lake erie College of Osteopathic         Medicine (PnWU-COM)
Medicine (leCOM)                         www.pnwu.org                                    University of north texas Health
www.lecom.edu                            •		DO/MPH:		An	online	MPH	degree	               science Center–texas College of
•	BS/DO                                     program is offered by Nova Southeastern      Osteopathic Medicine
•	DO/MS	in	Medical	Education                University College of Osteopathic Medicine   (UntHsC-tCOM)
                                            to	qualified	PNWU	osteopathic	medical	       www.hsc.unt.edu
lake erie College of Osteopathic            students.                                    •	BS/DO
Medicine Bradenton Campus                                                                •	DO/MS
(leCOM-Bradenton)                        Philadelphia College of Osteopathic             •	DO/MPH
www.lecom.edu                            Medicine (PCOM)                                 •	DO/PhD
•	BS/DO                                  www.pcom.edu
•	DO/MS	in	Medical	Education             •	BS/DO                                         edward Via College of Osteopathic
•	DO/MPH                                 •	DO/MBA                                        Medicine–Virginia Campus (VCOM-VC)
                                         •	DO/MPH                                        www.vcom.vt.edu
Michigan state University College of     •	DO/MS	in	Biomedical	Sciences                  •	DO/MA
Osteopathic Medicine (MsUCOM)            •	DO/MS	in	Forensic	Medicine                    •	DO/MS
www.com.msu.edu                          •	DO/PhD	in	Health	Policy                       •	DO/MBA
•	DO/MA	in	Ethics	and	Humanities                                                         •	DO/MPH
•	DO/MS	in	Health	and	Humanities         georgia Campus–Philadelphia College
•	DO/MS	in	Epidemiology                  of Osteopathic Medicine (ga-PCOM)               edward Via College of Osteopathic
•	DO/MPH                                 www.pcom.edu                                    Medicine–Carolinas Campus
•	DO/PhD                                 •	DO/MBA                                        (VCOM-CC)
                                         •	DO/MS	in	Biomedical	Sciences                  www.vcom.vt.edu
new York College of Osteopathic                                                          •	DO/MA
Medicine (nYCOM)                         Pikeville College school of                     •	DO/MS
www.nyit.edu/nycom                       Osteopathic Medicine (PCsOM)                    •	DO/MBA
•	BS/DO                                  www.pcsom.edu                                   •	DO/MPH
•	DO/MBA                                 •	DO/MPH
•	DO/MS	in	Clinical	Nutrition                                                            Western University of Health sciences
                                         touro College of Osteopathic Medicine           College of Osteopathic Medicine of the
nova southeastern University College     (tOUrOCOM-nY)                                   Pacific (Western U/COMP)
of Osteopathic Medicine (nsU-COM)        www.touro.edu/med                               www.westernu.edu
www.medicine.nova.edu                    •	BS/DO                                         •	BA/DO
•	BS/DO                                  •	DO/MS	in	Interdisciplinary	Studies            •	DO/MSBS
•	DO/MPH                                                                                 •	DO/MSHS

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