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					                 FINAL ITINERARY
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                        GREENWICH CHORAL SOCIETY
            A Diplomatic and Concert Tour to France (Paris, Lyon/Vienne)
            An Inaugural Sister Cities Initiative by the Greenwich / Vienne Committee

                                             July 2-11, 2008

                                    B = Breakfast; L = Lunch; D = Dinner

July 2, Wednesday (Day 1) – In Flight (all meals en route)
Please arrive early for your international flight for Paris; Air France AF 007 takes off at 7:00 pm.
Please double check with Friendship Ambassadors for check-in times and requirements. Try to get
some rest on board. To minimize the effects of jet lag, we advise to avoid sugar, caffeine, salt and
alcohol. Drink a lot of water to keep hydrated!

July 3, Thursday (Day 2) – Welcome to France (B on Board, Welcome dinner)
Bonjour! Arrive safe and well rested in Paris, the beautiful capital and cultural heart of France, at 8:50
am this morning. Upon arrival, you will be greeted at the airport by FAF’s representatives (Ms. Yin-
Chu Jou and Ms. Szilvia Fulop-Agoston) and your multilingual Tour Managers (Ms. Fiona de Romijn
and Ms. Seppa Jongsma), who will stay with you throughout your trip. They will assist you with
loading and boarding your private, chartered motor coaches. As the rooms at your hotel will not be
ready until later today, we will take advantage of the morning by going on a relaxing cruise on the
Seine river (your boat departs at 11:15 am). At the end of this pleasant one-hour experience, transfer to
your hotel (Hotel Mercure Paris Suffren Eiffel        ) and have some time for refreshing yourself and
grab lunch in the area. At 2:00 pm, transfer to the Residence of the American Ambassador to France for
afternoon tea and a stage walk-through for those performing here tomorrow (please make sure you
bring along a photo ID!). Return to your hotel at 4:00 pm to check in, refresh yourselves and get
changed if you wish, before enjoying a genuine French welcome dinner with local specialties tonight,
scheduled for 7:30 pm!

The “City of Light”, Paris is the most glamorous city in Europe. It is at once deeply traditional – a
village-like metropolis whose inhabitants continue to be notorious for their hauteur – and famously
cosmopolitan. Sightseeing in Paris is like plunging into ancient history: remains of the old Roman
Lutetia, grand medieval abbeys, gothic masterpieces, classical architecture, collections from
Napoleonic times, perspectives defined by Haussmann… The townscape of Paris, extending on both

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banks of the Seine with the hills of Montmartre and the Buttes Chaumont in the north and the
Montagne de Ste-Geneviève in the south, has a charm all its own. The great ring of boulevards with
their constant surge of traffic and their bright lights when darkness falls, contrasting with the peaceful
parks and quiet side streets of the old residential quarters, the long lines of streets and the spacious
squares, the legendary Champs-Elysées, the magnificent public buildings, palaces and churches, many
of them floodlit at night, the profusion of historic buildings and the futuristic architecture of the present
day, the fantastic views from the higher points of the city, the busy movement of shipping on the Seine,
the little cafés and bistros with their varying personalities, the endless range of cultural offerings, from
the great museums of international standing to the extreme manifestations of pop culture, the
incomparable charm of Parisian savoir vivre: all these varied elements contribute to the irresistible
attraction of Paris.

July 4, Friday (Day 3) – Concerts at the Ambassador’s Residence &
the American Cathedral (B)
Happy Independence Day! Have breakfast at your hotel, then enjoy the
morning at your leisure. Choristers please board your coach at 11:30 to
transfer to the Ambassador’s Residence (and make sure you bring along a
photo ID!) You will present a short concert for the Embassy’s July 4th
Celebration (you go on stage at 1 pm), then be returned to your hotel. We
will meet again at 4:30 pm to transfer to the venue of your first full, formal
concert on this trip, to take place at the American Cathedral and
accompanied by a local orchestra. Companions shall enjoy a bit more
leisure time while the performers rehearse; your coach will await you at the
hotel at 7:30 pm; the performance starts at 8:30 pm.

July 5, Saturday (Day 4) – Free day in Paris (B)
Breakfast will be served at your hotel again – and today is a full day to explore Paris and its
                                        surroundings at your heart’s desire. Your tour managers will
                                        await you at the hospitality desk to offer suggestions and
                                        help with directions, assist with negotiating the subway, and
                                        even make reservations or buy tickets to the events of your
                                        choice. First time in the French capital? Discover the
                                        treasures of the city on a guided sightseeing tour (see the
                                        Optional Tour Itinerary). The monuments and museums of
                                        Paris are simply breathtaking. See Arc de Triomph, Notre
                                        Dame Cathedral, Place de la Concorde, Place Vendome, and
                                        the Champs-Elysees, toping it all off with a visit to the top
                                        of the Eiffel Tower!
                                          Lovers of fine art will no doubt want to lose themselves in
the vast collections of the Louvre, housing such masterpieces as the Venus of Milo, the Victory of

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                              Samothrace and Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, to name just a very few
                              (guided tours available on request). Others may feel more compelled to
                              visit the lavish gardens and halls of the Versailles Palace. Once the
                              splendid residence of the French kings and the de facto capital of their
                              kingdom, Château de Versailles is listed by UNESCO as a world heritage
                              monument, which with its beautiful park and gardens is one of the most
                              fascinating and historic sights in Europe. Its architecture and interior
                              decoration, its park and the whole way of life of the French kings in the
                              17th and 18th centuries were taken as a model by many royal and
                              princely courts in Europe.
                              July 6, Sunday (Day 5) – Travel to Lyon (B)
                              After breakfast at the hotel, turn in your keys and check out, then board
                              your private, chartered motor coaches for a scenic ride to Lyon (we’ll
                              depart at 8:30 am). At about noon you will have a chance to stretch your
                              legs and grab something for lunch at a ‘restauroute’.
Continue your trip to Lyon and check into your accommodations (Hotel Radisson SAS            ). After
some time to settle in and freshen up, meet your local coach for an optional non-stop circuit around
Lyon’s World Heritage and Cité International sites, to Fouvière (pick up at the hotel is at 5:30 pm;
drop-off at 7:30) – for details, please check the Optional Tours Itinerary!

July 7, Monday (Day 6) – Free day in Lyon (B)
Breakfast will be served at the hotel, after which we transfer to Vienne. After presenting a short a
capella concert at the Chamber of Commerce (scheduled for
11:45 am), you will be treated to a buffet lunch, followed by a
guided tour of the city. In the evening, you are invited to attend
a Jazz concert at the famous Vienne Jazz Festival – all this
courtesy of the Town or Vienne! The concert begins at 8:30 pm,
and we’ll be providing two transfers back to Lyon – one bus
departs at 9:00 pm, the other at 10:00 pm.
At the junction of the turbulent Rhône and the tranquil Saône,
Lyon is the third-largest city in France and a historic core
unequaled in the region. Lyon is a leader in publishing and
banking, and it's one of the world's silk capitals. Some of the country's best restaurants, including Paul
Bocuse, are found in and around Lyon. Such dishes as Lyon sausage, quenelles, and tripe Lyonnais are
world famous. The region's succulent Bresse poultry is the best in France. Lyon has urban sprawl, and
some of the most humid summers in France. Still, it's much more relaxed and friendlier than Paris.
Parks in full bloom, skyscrapers and sidewalk cafes, a great transport system, along with talented
chefs, both young and old.

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July 8, Tuesday (Day 7) – Concert in Vienne (B)
Have a leisurely morning today in Lyon! Your tour managers will be available with hints and
suggestions as usual. Those who wish to make a closer acquaintance with this charming city can join an
optional walking tour through historic Lyon (please consult the Optional Tours Itinerary for details).
We will meet at 3:00 pm for a short ride to nearby Vienne. Vienne has over 2000 years of recorded
history, starting with its selection by the Romans as its wine and olive oil market source. There are
extensive antiquities of the Gallo-Roman era on both sides of its river. Its cathedral, where you will
sing later today, dates from the 12th century and saw one of its bishops crowned pope.
                              Upon arrival, the companions can enjoy some time to explore the city on
                              their own while choir members attend a rehearsal at the church (Eglise
                              Saint-André-le-Bas), starting at 4 pm. Break for dinner at 7 o’clock! Your
                              concert shall start at 8:30 pm, accompanied by a local orchestra and
                              celebrating the Sister City relationship between Greenwich and Vienne,
                              as part of the Vienne Jazz Festival (which will be in full swing by this
                              time). Of course, companions are encouraged to attend as well! Return to

                              July 9, Wednesday (Day 8) – Leisure day in Lyon (B, D)
                              Enjoy a day at your leisure in Lyon and area. Your hotel will provide
                              breakfast as usual, and your tour managers are on duty as well. Optional
                              excursion available to Annecy and its lake (see Optional Tours Itinerary;
                              advance booking necessary), departing from the hotel at 9:00 am.

As this is the last night of the tour we all spend together, enjoy a delicious farewell dinner in town at
7:30 pm (departure from the hotel: 7:00 pm). Lyon is highly appreciated by fellow countrymen for its
inexpensive home-style cooking.

July 10, Thursday (Day 9) – Return to Paris (B)
Today we say good-bye to some of our fellow
travelers as some of us return to Paris while others
remain in Lyon.
Those who return to Paris check out of the hotel at
9:00 am and depart for Beaune. Upon arrival, enjoy
an optional guided visit at Hotel Dieu (scheduled for
11:30 am) and enjoy lunch on your own. Early in
the afternoon we split in two: one group gets to
enjoy a visit to a local winery while the others are
welcome to explore the town – then we’ll swap! The first wine tasting experience is scheduled for 2:00
pm; the second for 3:00 pm.

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Continue your way to Paris at about 4:00 pm and arrive there at about 8 o’clock in the evening. Check
in to Hilton Hotel Charles de Gaulle Airport for your last overnight in France.
Those who remain in Lyon enjoy a leisure day in town and one more night at Radisson SAS Hotel.

July 11, Friday (Day109) – Departure (B)
After breakfast at the hotel, transfer to Paris Charles De Gaulle airport 10:00 am, in time to catch your
return flight to the US. Air France flight AF 006 takes off at 1:15 pm (and arrives in New York at 3:15
pm). Bid a fond farewell to France – and have a safe flight!

                              Welcome dinner – July 3, 2008 – 7:30 pm
                                        Bistro Romain Poccardi
                                    9, Bd des Italiens – 75002 Paris

                                             Imperial Kir
                           Vegetable terrine with tomato sauce and basil
                    Marinated skirt stake with herbs Cheese duo and green salad
                         Citrus fruit sorbet 1/3 bottle of red or white wine

                                 Farewell dinner – July 9 – 7:30 pm
                                        Brasserie George 1836
                                     30 cours de Verdun Perrache

                          Salad Lyonnaise with toppings and vinegar Xeres
                  Chicken potatoes a la Lyonnaise Nougat ice cream with red fruits

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                                    Hotel Information
                   July 3-6                                           July 6-11
                  (3 nights)                                          (5 nights)
     Hotel Mercure Par Suffren Eiffel                         Hotel Radisson SAS
               20 rue Jean Rey                                  129 Rue Servient
                75015 PARIS                                   F-69326 cedex Lyon
                    France                                           France
           Phone: +33 1 457-85-000                           Phone: +33 4 7863-5500

                               Performance Information
Date      Venue                                     Description       Status        Start Time

July 4 American Cathedral, Paris                    church            confirmed 8:30 pm

July 4 Ambassador's Residence, Paris                                  confirmed 1:00 pm

July 8 Eglise Saint-Andre-le-Bas, Vienne            church            confirmed 8:30 pm

                                    Flight Information
Date        Flight no.            From/To                 Take-off/Landing

July 2      Air France 007        JFK, NY - Paris         7:00 pm - 8:50 am (July 3)

July 11     Air France 006        Paris - JFK, NY         1:15 pm - 3:15 pm

                               All flight times given in local time

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