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					                               Ronald Reagan

Ronald Wilson Reagan (February 6, 1911 – June 5, 2004). He had a old brother- Neil. He had two
wife: first was Jane Wyman and second was Nancy Davis. He had four child: Michaela, Maureen,
Rona and Patti.

                               Reagan youth

He was an actor, TV presenter and radio speaker. He to make one’s debut in „Love Is On The Air” He
hosted talk show, for example: Death Valley Days. When the WWII started, he made produced
instrutcional films for draftee. He had own star in „Star Ally”.

His style to exercise power was unnormal. He was lazy and his staff made all bills for him. Reagan’s
critics thought that he was feeble-minded.

He was a 33th governor of California and 40th president of USA.

When Reagan was a governor of California this city was mecce of Hippies whose prostest versus War
in Vietnam. They hate Reagan and he hate Hippies.

In the beginning his politican outlook was near Democration, he supported Frank Delano Roosvelt
and his „New Deal”. But after war he started promote Republicans. He was a conductive of SAG-
Screen Actor Guild.

His prime politics:
-reduction of taxes
-endorsement for buisness
-fight with crime

                                His attitude to West Europe
He was a ally of Great Britan and Mrs. Margaret Tacher. He visited RFN and put flowers on graves SS-
man with chancellor Helmut Kohl.

                               Reagan action in middle East

He support antycomunism. However Usa reinforce dictators. In 1983 he send Marines to Liban.
Critism of President Reagan and his administration put through to creation „United States Agency
forInternational Development

                               Cold War – fight with evil empire
Many historians thought that Reagan contributed to collapse of Sowiet Union. In Berlin Reagan said:
„Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall”. Colossal amount to settle cold war started arms-race.He
wanted to built a shield to protect The West from Sowiet rockets. The main reason of collapse of
Sowiet Union was conference in Reykjavik as told us Gorbachev. Regan supported Poland to fight
with comunism. He worked up to rise Solidarity. He met with the John Paul II.

                               Funny Reagan

GAG: When Reagan was a speaker in radio he decided to checked microphone. Instead „one, two,
three, four” he said: „Dear American I singed a bull, which destroyed a Russia for ever

He was a life guard in the Rock River. He saved 77 people!!
And he was a ruggby player.

                               Ronald Reagan – Personal Life

Ronald Reagan loved Christmas and he always gived children presents. He and his family take a part
in the Christamas parade. He had agnomen Gipper, because he played in film „Knute Rockne All

                               Assasination for Ronald Reagan

                30th march 1981 was assasination for Reagan. When he went out from Hilton Hotel
in Washington he was shooted by John Hickley Junior. Immediatly operation he said: „I hope you’re
all Republicans”. When Reagan was shooted he was 70 years old and many people interjected that
president feel so much worse.

                               Ronald Reagan DIES. 

                               Reagan died at his home in Bel Air, California on June 5, 2004.
                               A short time after his death, Nancy Reagan released a statement
                       saying: "My family and I would like the world to know that President Ronald
                       Reagan has passed after 10 years for Alzheimer’s Disease at 93 years of age”.

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