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									    Tamar Tourers
Stories, pictures, news and
funny yarns about a group
of people who have a com-
mon interest in motorcycles
       and believe in
“growing old disgracefully”

 January — March 2009 Edition
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     January - March 2009
In this issue:
Page 4:           Branch Contacts
Page 5:           Presidents Report
Page 7:           Just a couple of pictures
Page 9:           Note from the Editor
Page 10 -   11:   The Can-Am Spyder, a special report
Page 13:          Picture Gallery
Page 14 -   17:   Jokes and Cartoon Corner
Page 18:          Picture of the Year
Page 19:          Tamar Tourer AGM details
Page 20:          Ride Leader Guidelines
Page 21 -   24:   Ride Calendar
Page 26 -   39:   Ride Reports
Page 40:          Branch T-shirts/Recovery Trailer
Page 41:          Aims of Our Club

     Tamar Tourers members please note
           the website address is:

There is also a direct link to access our website through the
 Ulysses Website, just go into Branches on the home page

                            Ulysses Club Inc.
                            Tamar Tourer’s
                           Branch Contacts
Tony Benneworth - Ph: 0418 143 035
Email - benneworth@netspace.net.au

Vice President/Treasurer:
Barry Millwood—6343 5334

Gary Rice — 6383 4462 or mobile 0419 585 301
Email: rice.transport@bigpond.com

Edwin Chugg - Ph: 6344 7982 or mobile 0407 879 440
Guy McKibben - Ph: 6391 8241 or mobile 0407 669 904
Phil McGee -   Ph: 6331 6596 or mobile 0434 344 074.
Tony Hindrum
Brian Hawkins

Ride Co-ordinator
Phil McGee - 6331 6596 or mobile 0434 344 074.
Email: p.mcgee@microtech.com.au

Newsletter Editor
Advertising Sales and Design
Amanda Hibbs — 0417 508 171 or 02 6654 7924
Email: amanda.j.h@bigpond.com

John and Tammy Edwards — 6395 6278 or 0409 196 395
Email: webmaster@tamartourers.net

 Disclaimer: any jokes, articles, funny stories, quotes, cartoons, “naughty” items, gossip corner
    tales etc. are not intended to ridicule, irritate, upset or be offensive to anyone in any way.

                                 Website address
        Presidents Report
           With Tony Benneworth

At the time of writing, it’s about a month to Christmas! Unbelievable. Where
does the year go? Anyway, Happy Christmas one and all and have a safe and
prosperous New Year.

This last quarter has been terrific, with some exceptional rides. No doubt the
highlight was the Long Ride, which I am sure will develop into a major focus
of our year into the future.

Next year we are going in the other direction and as well as having many more
of our own branch members there, we will be joined by the North West and
Southern branches in big numbers. Should be fabulous and a great fund raiser
for Prostate Cancer research. (Get me back to that Souvlaki place in Queens-

Our major raffle has been run and won, and again we thank Col and Bron for
the effort they put into this vital Arthritis fund raiser. I think the final amount
was close to $2000, when we take into account the couple of hundred dollars
Sally and Margaret ‘conned’ out of the innocent patrons at the Centennial Hotel
late in November!

Phil has put together another fabulous and well researched Ride Calendar for
the first quarter of 2009.

On the menu are the Gardens, Penguin Market, Mt Morriston, Wineglass Bay,
a Tamar Valley Wine cruise and the Flowerdale Lobster Have, just to name a
few! Watch the calendar closely as there are some different starting times pop-
ping up.

The New Year will also see the annual general meeting of the branch, which is
set down for Thursday, 5th February at the South Launceston Football Club. We
are looking for people to put their hand up as committee members who think
they can contribute to our great little branch.

Again, have a Happy and Safe Christmas and
make sure you STAY UPRIGHT.

Tony Benneworth
The Ulysses Club has a membership of 25,000 Australia-wide and is a social
club for people with an interest in motorcycles in the mature-aged (some would
say geriatric) bracket.

Riders can become junior members at the age of 40 and full members at 50
years of age. The Club was born in late 1983 out of the need to provide com-
radeship to older motorcyclists. From the first tentative meeting of 5 members
in Sydney, the phenomenon now known as the Ulysses Club has evolved.

The aims of the club are:
       To provide ways in which older motorcyclists can get together for com-
panionship and mutual support
       To show by example that motor cycling can be an enjoyable and practi-
cal activity for riders of all ages
       To draw the attention of public and private institutions to the needs and
        views of older riders.

The Club caters well for the resurgence of older riders or “baby boomers”
around Australia. Every 12 months the club has an annual gathering to coincide
with the annual general meeting of the national management committee. The
gathering (which is called the AGM) can attract thousands of motorcyclists from
all over Australia to partake in the activities, grand parade, dinners as well as
the AGM itself. Millions of dollars are attracted to the host areas, as generally
Ulyssians are well funded.

The Ulysses Club is not a “blokes club”, or a patch club, i.e. “Outlaws” or “Gypsy
Jokers” or “Hells Angels”. There are also many women members who are either
pillions or ride their own bikes.

   Ulysses is a social club for members with an interest in motorcycles.

         Enjoy a counter meal, 7 days a week
       Delicious, huge menu selection and all very affordable

     Tamar Tourers get-togethers are held the last Thursday of
     every month. Enjoy a lovely meal with great company at:

                                The Centennial Hotel
                                Cnr Bathurst and Balfour St,
                                 Launceston. Ph. 63314957

     A couple of pics from the Dam Ride, Pink ribbon ride and Ross Bike Show

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         Position vacant - Newsletter Editor
Would you like to have a go at putting the newsletter together once every 3 months?

                  It takes on average 12 - 15 hours each quarter to put together, you
                     will have to liase with the advertisers, format reports and pics,
                  some basic knowledge using Publisher 2007 would be an advantage
                            but it is easy with the templates already in place

                   It is an interesting and enjoyable newsletter to put together
                            and I will be available to assist at any time.

                      Call/email Amanda if you would like to know more.

     Motorbike or car insurance needed?
                                                Email or phone Deb Monaghan
                                               about the Ulysses members deal
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                                                    ance on cars and bikes.
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 www.monaland.com.au                            mobile ph: 0449 870 100

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     Caltex Glen Dhu
     Wellington Street, Glen Dhu (opposite the Glen Dhu school)
                             Phone 6244 1965
                      A Note from the Editor

I would like to take this opportunity and say thank you to everyone for your
input with this newsletter over the past 4 years.

Yes, this is my last one. In March its 12 months since I left Tassie and I
did say that I would keep producing the newsletter for 12 months and see
how it goes. In March it will also be just on 4 years since Rod and Rudy
“suggested” and then nominated that I would be a “good newsletter put-
togetherer”. Its interesting reading back over that first newsletter with
Rudy on the front page.

I have thoroughly enjoyed developing the newsletter to what we have today
and it has had its ups and downs and very frustrating times, but all up its
come together well and been something that I think everyone has enjoyed
reading and using over the years. The website now does a lot of what the
newsletter has been doing and I think its time for another change.

I do hope that someone might be interested in continuing on the newsletter
and if there is anyone interested, please email me amanda.j.h@bigpond.com
or ring me on 02 6654 7924.

Now that Christmas is with us once again (boy this year sure has gone fast),
please take care on the roads and enjoy the wonderful Tassie roads.

The invitation is open to any Tamar Tourers travelling up my way that there
is always a spare bed and I would love to catch up.

I am getting actively involved with the formation of a new branch of the
Ulysses up this way. A group of us who are very like minded, are very seri-
ously looking into what has to be done. I have also been attending a few
rallies and camping trips and there’s just so much
to see and do here.

Merry Christmas and I hope 2009 is a fabulous
year for everyone.

Hugs from .....................   Amanda
            The Can-Am Spyder
            A special report on what these beasts are like

                 Can-Am Spyder specs:
Engine: BRP-Rotax, 8-valve, dual-cam, fuel-injected, 998cc V-twin
Power: 79kW @ 8500rpm
Torque: 104.3Nm @ 6250rpm
Compression: 10.8:1
Bore x stroke: 97x68mm
Transmission: 5-speed (plus reverse), belt-drive (80,000km belt life)
Suspension: double A-arm with anti-roll bar (front), swingarm with adjustable
cam (rear)
Steering: dynamic power steering
Tyres: 165/65R14 (front), 225/50R125 (rear)
Brakes: foot-actuated, integrated hydraulic 3-wheel system, 260x6mm discs
and 4-piston calipers (front), 260x6mm disc with single-piston caliper (rear),
Abs, ebd, mechanical foot-operated parking brake
Safety: vehicle stability, tractional control, roll-over mitigation
Dry weight: 316kg
Fuel: 27-litre tank, ULP, 7.5L/100km
Dimensions (mm): 2667 (l), 1506 (w), 1145 (h), 115 (clearance), 737 (seat),
1727 (wheelbase)
Warranty: 2-year, unlimited kilometres
Service: first 1000km, every 5000km
Price: $26,990 (approx)

WEB: http://www.brp.com/en-au

Pauline and I have just migrated from Sydney to Tasmania. Pauline bought a
new house, I bought a new bike.

I first saw this motorbike (?) on the net last February, before it was available in
Australia, and knew this was the bike for me. My ride at the time was a 1200
Triumph Trophy, and I loved it. It was though, for me, a real pain in the bum
when fully loaded with Pauline and luggage, for any slow speed manouvering
due to weight and my short legs.

So I bought the CAN-AM SPYDER. It is powered by a 998cc ROTAX Vee
twin, duel overhead camshaft engine, with four valves per cylinder, which pro-
duces about 106 BHP. They are built by BRP (the same people who make
snowmobiles, seadoos and quad bikes) in Canada. These things don’t fall over
when you forget to put your foot down, and for someone who is getting on in
years (though not quite in my dotage) is something to be considered.

But by far the greatest reason to get one is that they are an absolute hoot to
ride. Forget all you have learnt about riding a motorbike, this is completely
different. For a start, there is no front break lever on the handlebars. The foot
brake controls all three wheels, with ABS and Electronic Brake Distribution.

The gearbox is a five speed, plus a full transmission based reverse, with a belt
drive to the rear wheel. The electronics systems are pretty impressive. They
include, Dynamic Power Steering, a Vehicle Stability System with rollover
mitigation, Traction Control and Stability Control. Some people think that
these features potentially take some of the fun out of riding the Spyder, but
there is no doubting their effectiveness as safety features. Because they don’t
lean to go round corners you don’t counter steer them, you have to physically
turn them round the corners, which takes a bit of getting used to, but very soon
seems to come naturally.

I am having a ball with this bike, and the stability of it gives a lot of confidence,
but like any motor vehicle, act stupid and it can still bite you. I have now fitted
a set of Givi side cases, and when I get the top box bracket I can fit the top box,
and then were all ready to go touring. The next thing I intend to fit is an elec-
tronic cruise control. MC Cruise in Victoria makes one specifically for the
Spyder, so it is a fairly easy setup.

If you get a chance, take one for a
test ride. It will seem different,
may be a bit strange, but give it a
chance and it will grow on you.
You may have just as much fun as
I’m having.

Bob Labbett
Finish this sentence...... “happy as a ................”

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How much do you relate to this....
     If you are 30 or older you will think this is hilarious!!!!
When I was a kid, adults used to bore me to tears with their tedious diatribes
about how hard things were when they were growing up. What with walking
twenty-five miles to school every morning ... uphill ... barefoot .... both ways.
Yadda, yadda, yadda

And I remember promising myself that when I grew up there was no way in
hell I was going to lay a bunch of crap like that on kids about how hard I had it
and how easy they've got it!

But now that... I'm over the ripe old age of thirty, I can't help but look around
and notice the youth of today.

You've got it so easy! I mean, compared to my childhood, you live in a damn

And I hate to say it but you kids today you don't know how good you've got it!

I mean, when I was a kid we didn't have The Internet. If we wanted to know
something, We had to go to the damn library and look it up ourselves, in the
card catalogue!!

There was no email!!

We had to actually write somebody a letter, with a pen on a piece or three of
paper, put it in an envelope and write the address on it, then you had to walk
all the way across the street and put it in the mailbox and it would take like a
week to get there!

There were no MP3's or Napsters! You wanted to steal music, you had to hitch-
hike to the damn record store and shoplift it yourself!

Or you had to wait around all day to tape it off the radio and the DJ'd usually
talk over the beginning and @#*% it all up!

We didn't have fancy crap like Call Waiting! If you were on the phone and
somebody else called they got a busy signal, that's it!
                                                      Continued next page .......
And we didn't have fancy Caller ID either! When the phone rang, you had no
idea who it was! It could be your school, your mum, your boss, your bookie,
your drug dealer, a collections agent, you just didn't know!!! You had to pick it
up and take your chances, mister!

We didn't have any fancy Sony Playstation video games with high-resolution 3-
D graphics! We had the Atari 2600 with games like 'Space Invaders' and
'Asteroids'. Your guy was a little square! You actually had to use your imagina-
tion!! And there were no multiple levels or screens, it was just one screen for-
ever! And you could never win. The game just kept getting harder and harder
and faster and faster until you died! Just like LIFE!

You had to use a Little book called a TV Guide to find out what was on! You
were screwed when it came to channel surfing! You had to get off your bum
and walk over to the TV to change the Channel and there was no
Cartoon Network either! You could only get cartoons on Saturday Morning. Do
you Hear what I'm saying!?! We had to wait ALL WEEK For cartoons, you
spoiled little rats!!

And we didn't have microwaves, if we wanted to heat something up we had to
use the stove ... Imagine that!

That's exactly what I'm talking about! You kids today have got it too easy.
You're spoiled. You guys wouldn't have lasted five minutes back in 1980!

Regards ................ The over 30 Crowd

    Did you hear the one about ....
Three mischievous old Grandmas were sitting on a bench outside a
nursing   home     when    an   old    Grandpa     walked    by.

One of the old Grandmas yelled out saying, 'We bet we can tell ex-
actly how old you are.'

The old man said, 'There is no way you can guess it, you old fools.'

One of the old Grandmas said, 'Sure we can! Just drop your pants and
under shorts and we can tell your exact age.'

Embarrassed just a little, but anxious to prove they couldn't do it,he
dropped his drawers.

The Grandmas asked him to first turn around a couple of times and to
jump up and down several times.

Then they all piped up and said, 'You're 87 years old!'

Standing with his pants down around his ankles, the old gent asked,
'How in the world did you guess?'

Slapping their knees and grinning from ear to ear, the three old ladies
happily yelled in unison - 'We were at your birthday party yesterday!'

   Is this
  what is
  by ......


                   Time for a laugh ....
The Harley-Davidson Facts
The inventor of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle, Arthur Davidson, died and
went to heaven.

At the gates, St. Peter told Arthur. 'Since you've been such a good man and
your motorcycles have changed the world, your reward is, you can hang out with
anyone you want to in heaven.'

Arthur thought about it for a minute and then said, ' I want to hang out with God.'
St. Peter took Arthur to the Throne Room, and introduced him to God.

God recognized Arthur and commented, 'Okay, so you were the one who in-
vented the Harley-Davidson motorcycle? '

Arthur said, 'Yeah, that's me...'

God commented: 'Well, what's the big deal in inventing something that's pretty
unstable, makes noise and pollution and can't run without a road?'

Arthur was a bit embarrassed, but finally spoke, 'Excuse me, but aren't you the
inventor of woman?'

God said, 'Ah, yes.'

'Well,' said Arthur, 'professional to professional, you have some major design
flaws in your invention !

1. There's too much inconsistency in the front-end suspension
2. It chatters constantly at high speeds
3. Most rear ends are too soft and wobble about too much
4. The intake is placed way too close to the exhaust
5. The maintenance costs are outrageous!!

'Hmmmmm, you may have some good points there,' replied God, 'hold on.'

God went to his Celestial supercomputer, typed in a few words and waited for
the results.

The computer printed out a slip of paper and God read it.

'Well, it may be true that my invention is flawed,' God said to Arthur, 'but accord-
ing to these numbers, more men are riding my invention than yours'.

Picture of the Year award goes to ........

Pink Ribbon Ride where some dress up and really get into the
action. Good on ya Byron, looking good in pink for the cause.

           Ulysses Club Inc.
         Tamar Tourers Branch

Where: South Launceston Football Clubrooms
Address: Highgate Street, Youngtown
When: Thursday, February 5th, 2009
Meeting Time: 6.30 for 7.00pm start

1. To Confirm the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting
2. To receive reports from the Committee
3. To receive and consider the Statement of Financial Affairs of the Branch
4. To elect office bearers and Committee Members as follows:
               - Branch President
               - Branch Secretary (individual position )
               - Branch Treasurer (individual position)
               - 3 (three) Committee Members
               - Ride Captain (ex-officio position)
               - Webmaster (ex-officio position)
               - Newsletter Editor (ex-officio position)
5. To determine a date, time and place for the next Annual General Meeting.
6. To consider any other business which a majority of members present deter-
mine may be transacted.
7. Motions

Explanation: "Ex Officio means that you are performing a function for the
committee and you are elected by the committee. You are required to submit a
report to the committee meetings."

Enjoy a drink and meal after the meeting at the Clubrooms. An indica-
tion of numbers attending would be appreciated please for catering
purposes and meals are to be ordered before the meeting starts.

RSVP: Contact Tony on 0418 143 035 by Sunday Feb.1st 2009.
Thank you.
                            Tamar Tourers Branch
                     Ride Leader Guidelines
Main role: to plan, lead and control the ride.
Description: A ride leaders role is similar to that of a Shepherd. Their role is to look
after those in their charge, and to lead them from one feeding or resting place to another.

Things to do before the start of the ride.
        Plan the ride route.
        Plan where to stop for regrouping about every half hour or so
        Determine where we are going for a lunch break.
        Advise the café where we plan to stop for lunch.

Things to do on the ride day.
            Count the number of bikes starting out and tell the tail end Charlie
            Ring this info through to the lunch stop cafe.
            Brief the riders.
            Explain the route you are going to take.
            Explain where the 10 minute stops will be, and where you plan to stop for
            Recommend that at least a three second safety gap be maintained between
            Arrange for a person to act as Tail End Charlie, let him know what he has
             to do on the day, and let him know how many riders are starting out on the
            Tail End Charlie’s role is to follow the group, assist any rider who may
             need help, and to advise the ride leader of any change to the number of
             riders in the group. If the ride leader and tail end Charlie both have two
             way radio communication, that is a bonus. When tail end Charlie ap-
             proaches the rider acting as corner marker, Charlie waves or signals to that
             rider to go ahead and re join the group and Charlie takes up the rear posi-
             tion to identify the end of the string of riders.
            Explain that the timing for the 10 minute stops, will commence when you
             receive a wave from Tail End Charlie signalling the arrival of the last rider.
             The idea is to allow us to travel as a club, allowing time for all members to
             socialise and still travel at their own enjoyable pace.
            Explain corner marking. EG you will point with your left hand where you
             want the rider behind you to stop to act as a corner marker for the rest of
             the riders. The corner marker rejoins the group just ahead of Tail End Char-
            Advise the group that it is OK for a faster rider to pass the leader, but to
             please wait for the group at the next stop.

At lunch, determine if there is a group taking a different way home (usually a longer or
shorter route), if so, advise every one of that option available to them and remind your
group where you plan to stop on the way back home.

                      Tamar Tourers

                  January - March

             Meet at Inveresk Rail Yards 9:45am

     To leave at 10.00am sharp        (Unless specified otherwise)

  Ride Co-ordinator: Phil McGee Ph: 6331 6596, Mob. 0434 344 074

The departure point for all rides will be at Inveresk Rail
               yard near the Blue Café.
  Mid Week rides will leave from South Launceston
                 McDonalds at 9am.

Please Note:
“In an endeavour to facilitate riders of different styles,
Tamar Tourers will trial the splitting of riding groups
into ‘touring’ and ‘leisure’ groups, with each group fol-
lowing the same route. Each group is to employ normal
riding protocols such as adhering to speed limits, utilis-
ing ride leaders and tail-end charlies and corner mark-

Please do not panic if you find that you have been nominated to
lead a ride. All such nominations are subject to your approval
and if by some chance you are unable to or would prefer not to
lead that particular ride just let the Ride Coordinator, Philip
McGee, know and he will make other arrangements. It would be
great if we could share the load of keeping the Club’s programme
running smoothly. Once again, your participation as a Ride

January 2008
Date                        Destination                            Leader
Sun 4    The Gardens – This will be an 8.30am              TonyBenneworth
         start. BYO barby. Benny will take us to one       0418 143 035
         of the most scenic sights in Australia, it will
         blow your mind so come and enjoy it and
         don’t forget the camera.

Wed 7    Mid Week Ride – 9.00 am start This John Berryman
         ride will be 2 rides in one with a stop for       6344 4160
         morning tea to cater for riders who would
         like to be back home around lunchtime.

Sun 11   Tamar Valley Ramble – Taking in                   Barry Millwood
         Flowery Gully, Greens Beach, Mt. Direction        6343 5334
         and Lilydale.

Sun 11   Dual Sport Ride - (Will contain gravel)           Les Reid
         Destination to be set on day.                     6391 8041

Sat 17   Round Tassie in a Day – Leave Phil Morey
         Macca’s at 6.00am Sharp. A big day ahead.         6352 4234

Sun 18   Miena – Lunch at the Great Lake pub.              Decide on day

Sun 25   Penguin Market – Lunch and stroll Byron Tanner
         around the market, then ride through the          6344 7809
         back roads home.
Thu 29   Counter Meal at Centennial Hotel -
         6.00 for 6.30

         Enjoy great company and a really good meal
         with at the Centennial.

February 2008
Date                       Destination                          Leader
Sun 1    Mount Morriston Bike Museum – $10 en-             Phil McGee
         try. This ride will be a 9.30am start and meet    6331 6596
         North West Branch at Campbelltown at
         10.30am then we can have a good look at
         the bikes and tractors before lunch at Ross.

Wed 4    Mid Week Ride – 9.00 am start This ride will      John Berryman
         be 2 rides in one with a stop for morning tea     6344 4160
         to cater for riders who would like to be back
         home around lunchtime.

Thur 5   Tamar Tourers Branch A.G.M. – To be held
         at the South Launceston Football club-
         rooms. Meeting time 6.45pm for 7.00pm
         start. Enjoy a drink and meal after meeting at
         the clubrooms. An indication of numbers for
         meal to Tony 0418 143 035 with rsvp by Sun
         1st Feb. Thank you.
Sun 8    Wineglass Bay – This will be an 8am start         Tony Benneworth
         for a ride over Lake Leake then change into       0418 143 035
         some comfy shoes and walk into Wineglass
         Bay and back. This is one for the young at
         heart Tourers so come along and enjoy the

Sun 15   Mike’s Indulgence Ride – This is one Mike Davis
         for all of you who have a sweet tooth. Mike 6344 7174
         will take us to some of his favourite eateries.

Sun 22   Tamar Valley Wine Cruise – Benny said to          Tony Benneworth
         bring your panniers and top boxes, trailers if    0418 143 035
         your have one and that’s just for his wine. All
         jokes aside come and enjoy the wineries of
         our valley, bring the tin top if you must.
         9.00am start

Thu 26   Counter Meal at the Centennial Ho-
         tel - 6.00 for 6.30

March 2008
Date                       Destination                           Leader
Sun 1     Carnival of Grasshoppers – We are in- Phil McGee
          vited to join the North West Branch for a fun day    6331 6596
          at this unique carnival at Wings Wildlife Park at
          Gunns Plains. Lazy social family day, entertain-
          ment & plenty to eat. So polish up your bike and
          be in it. Leave Inveresk at 8.30am and meet
          North West at Devonport Cmax 10.00am.

Wed 4     Mid Week Ride – 9.00 am start This ride John Berryman
          will be 2 rides in one with a stop for morning tea   6344 4160
          to cater for riders who would like to be back
          home around lunchtime.
Sat 7     Bruny Island weekender – This will be an Decide on day
Sun 8 &   8.00am Start as we have a ferry to catch at
Mon 9     Kettering early afternoon. Make own bookings.
          Some of us taking 4x4s to explore the island and
          do some fishing, also doing fast boat ride Mon-
          day 11am to about 2.30pm bookings essential.
Sun 8     Bridport – Fish and chips for lunch                  Choose on day

Sun 15    Barby at Barrington – BYO barby or picnic Guy McKibben
          lunch to have by the lake with North West            6391 8241
          Branch, could also visit Little Crackpot and
Sun 22    Swansea – Lunch in Swansea. Choose direc- Choose on day
          tion on day.

Sun 22    Dual Sport Ride - (Will contain gravel) Des- Choose on day
          tination to be set on day.

Thu 26    Counter Meal at the Centennial Hotel -
          6.00 for 6.30

Sun 29    Flowerdale Lobster Haven – This ride Phil McGee
          will start at 8.30am sharp. A run down the high-     6331 6596
          way for lunch and lobster viewing then weave
          our way home. Lobster viewing tour $5.00 and
          delish home made food on lunch menu. Make
          this a social day and if raining come along in the

       Tamar Tourers Riding Etiquette

     We believe the following promotes safe and
               enjoyable riding for all:
      Look out for the rider behind, ride at your own pace
      Always maintain the 3 second spacing rule
      Start every ride with a full tank of fuel

    We also ask riders to contribute a gold coin donation
                 for Tamar Tourers Branch

N.B. Any person who participates in Ulysses Club Inc. activities does so en-
       tirely at his or her own risk and no responsibility will be accepted by the
       Ulysses Club Inc., its office bearers or any member, for injury to persons
       or property however sustained. Members who invite persons to partici-
       pate in club activities undertake to inform them of this condition.

      Dual Sport
Dual sport rides will contain gravel sections; they have been introduced
to cater for the growing number of riders that own that type of bike but
also for the great roads that lead to and away from areas that we don’t
normally go near. Many road bikes have the ability to handle gravel
roads, it is up to you if you wish to participate in these rides. It is esti-
mated that about 80% of Ulysses members at some stage in their lives
had off sealed road experience.

Dual sport rides kick off at 9.30am to stop confusion with the tra-
ditional riders but also if there are not enough riders to make it
worth while then hang around for the half hour and go with the
normal ride.

                Ride Report                  The Presidents Ride
                                         Sunday September 28th, 2008

I normally write my ride report as soon as I get home. But not this time! When I
walked in the front door on Sunday night I had a lean of 45 degrees.

Furthermore, the unleaded had blown out of the unleaded petrol in the tank, the
bike’s tyres had worn out on one side, the part in my hair had changed from left
to right, my left shoulder was dislocated and a foot behind the right shoulder and
I was babbling something to my wife about never riding again!

So I went to bed. Buggered. Aching from top to toe. Wrists frozen. No move-
ment or sensation in the hands at all (let alone that other important thing). I
opened one eye at 11 pm. Is the nightmare over? Was that real? Thank god I’m
home! Did I actually miss that truck just south of Epping? I’m in my own bed
now! Phew….

Folks. It was horrendous!

The wind. It came all the way from South America. I also reckon it came via
Antarctica. I am absolutely sure it moved the mountains in the Central Highlands
out of the way so that it could hit us without any impediments. Geez, it was
crook! I know I have been prone to exaggeration in the past, but this is true!

But let me start at the beginning.

It was a beautiful day at 10 am and 14 or 15 bikes and lots of folks turned up for
the President’s Ride. (If I had known then what was in store for us I would have
been perfectly happy to resign immediately! But hindsight is a wonderful thing!)

We set off for our adventure, heading to Poatina via Longford and Cressy. Col
and Bron at the rear, Roz on her Police Impersonator, the Enterprise shadowing
us, and everybody in between marvelling at the beauty and serenity of riding in
the Tasmanian country side in spring. (By the way, what was that that zapped
past us and off into the distant horizon?)

I though things were not quite right when I lost my scarf just before Poatina and
all those lovely soles behind me simply rode over it! Hmm, this is going to be a
long day!

Up the glorious mountain we went (Bruce had by this time shot off, ridden off I
mean) and a couple of other bikes had decided that today was not for them. They
headed home.

We re-grouped at the T-Junction where Poatina Rd meets the Central Highlands
Highway, and then worked our way down to Bothwell.
There we had a break, Arthur had two sausage rolls and a pie, and then we drove
that magnificent road from Bothwell down to the Lyell Highway. That’s just got
to be one of the best roads in this State.

From there it was a gentle cruse down to New Norfolk, through the pristine Der-
went Valley, which looked just magnificent.

Lunch we had. (Arthur had another two sausage rolls, a pie and a coffee). It was
noticeable that the weather was starting to look a little ominous and the little old
north-westerly was gaining some brutality. And lumps.

The run down to Bridgewater from New Norfolk via the Boyer Mill and the east
Derwent road was uneventful. After all, you are limited to 80 kms. (Bruce hated
that bit!). Others were a little disappointed that we did not go past and check out
the former ‘funny farm’ (It’s only a rumour but I hear that ….no, I’m not going

Petrol at Brighton was uneventful until someone lost his keys. Of course, Bruce
was blamed immediately, as he is definitely the sort of bloke that would do such
a thing. Panic set in very quickly. Minutes ticked by. The group were getting
anxious. They wanted to get home! Oops….the keys were in the petrol tank!
Bloody Idiot! So off we went. Coffee at Ross coming up.

Then the mighty bloody wind really started to belt us to death. Struth, this was
hard yakka. Finally, the group, bruised and battered, windblown and haggard,
pulled into Ross for a well needed break and coffee. (Arthur had a sausage roll).

From there, we all headed for home. Tired, exhausted. In dribs and drabs. But, I
reckon all had a great day despite everything.

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank those who came on the Presidents
Ride. (I hope you all have a good time next year, I’ll meet you at Maccas for a
full briefing on what sort of day you had!)

Finally, a big farewell to Stefan who is heading home to Finland shortly. Stef’s a
great mate to many of us and we wish him well and look forward to seeing him
here again soon.

        Important phone numbers — road hazards
                    Have you come across a gravel, oil or diesel spill on the road?
                           Report it now to one of the following number
                    1300 135 513 and 6233 8702
                Ride Report                         Richmond Ride
                                              Sunday September 21st, 2009

Today we were going to Richmond for lunch at the bakery. When we arrived at Inveresk
the weather was fine although a little windy and nine bikes with 10 people ready to go at

Our aim was to head up over Poatina to Bothwell for our first coffee stop, over the lakes
there was a little bit of snow on the ground as well as on the road so it was gently gently
to the top of the hill and a short stop for some pics then onto Bothwell.

After coffee and nibbley’s onto Richmond for our lunch stop arriving around 12-30pm,
definitely the quickest way there, going the other way we generally don’t arrive before 1

Fed and watered we were ready to hit the road by 1-15pm and take on the north- west-
erly winds heading up the east coast to Swansea on arrival the local constable informed
us that the winds over Lake Leake were getting towards gale force so ride with care.

Well I tell you he wasn’t kidding the first part to just before Kalangadoo wasn’t to bad
then all hell broke loose and the ride into Campbelltown was to say the least, uncomfort-
able with very strong cross winds.

Some of us stopped for a rest and a drink but the rest kept on truckin into the wind and

A great day had by all that went, apart for the wind with everybody making it home safe.

Phil McGee

                                                                         Home of the
   The Beautiful Designer                                                 Tasmanian
 Store is not only a pleasure                                         Devil Collectables
 to work in but also to visit.                                        T-shirts, key rings
  Enjoy free coffee and free                                           Stubbie holders
    entry to the museum.                                              Caps, shot glasses
                                                                        plus lots more

    We are Open:                                                   Service Van
     Monday to Friday
                                                             Pickup from Hobart Thursday
       9am-5.30pm                                              Northwest coast Tuesday
   Saturday 9am-3.00pm                                             From $80 return

 Show day - Tulips at Wynyard                         Ride Report
       Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Sometimes you have beautiful days. This was one of them. Seven bikes and 10
souls met at Maccas, had coffee, and set forth for Wynyard.

The first great thing about the day was that three of the bikes (or 42%!) were
FJRs! Isn’t that lovely.

The second great thing was that it wasn’t blowing a gale as we headed straight
up the Bass Highway to Ulverstone.

The third great thing was that Sgt Kirk, who had been spotted heading out that
way on the blue light machine, was nowhere in sight (or nowhere that we saw
him anyway!).

At Ulverstone, the sun was out, it was 17 or 18 degrees, and delightful. From
there it was up to Wynyard for fish and chips (fysh ‘un chups for Bruce).

Here, one of our number, aka Tiny Tim McGee, tiptoed through the tulips. (The
council workers were not amused!)

Some of the boys wanted to check out their ancestry, so we went to the biggest
second hand shop I have ever seen. The Wrinkled Rider was beside himself with
delight, seeing his old 78 records, an His Masters Voice record player, a variety
of rusted tools, a variety of pianola rolls, and a push lawnmower. Later he parked
his bike next to a rubbish bin. Hmm.

But he did then take over the ride group and led us to what can only be described
as a breathtaking vista – the tulips in full bloom. Lots of pikkies were taken and
will be published on our web site. Gorgeous. So nice in fact, that Bruce com-
pared them to the sight he apparently saw at the gym the night before!

One only delights in the sights of this fabulous State in spring. The ride from the
tulips around the coast and back to the main road is majestic to say the least. It
makes you appreciate what we see and do as a group on our trusty two wheelers.
Lets hope no-one finds out about the place.

Byron led us back along the old coastal road to Ulverstone, then down the Frank-
ford Highway to Frankford and the Blue Barn café where we all reminisced on a
beautiful day’s outing. Wendy had a big cake covered in cream.

Again, great friends, a great day and a great ride.

               Ride Report                   St Columba Falls
                                         Sunday October 12th, 2008

More than 15 bikes (with many two-ups) met early on Sunday, in bleak look-
ing, foggy conditions at Inveresk. Our old mate Scotchie, on the white Thun-
derbird was rugged up and ready for action. But blimey, not another miserable
day we thought as the weather looked awful.

Enough is enough. The last two Sundays have seemed like the gods of motor-
cycling weather were punishing us for not going to church first. (Actually, Guy
was spotted popping into that big church at Evandale thanking someone for
allowing him such a free and easy life!)

Big Bad Bruce then arrived on the Jaffa and said the fog was so bad at the top
of the southern outlet that he was using a knife to cut thought it.

With news that the Duel Sports blokes were seven or eight in number and were
meeting us up there, and that Tony & Sue were also meeting us there, we
moved off to regroup at Waverly before tackling the Sideling.

We had some new faces, a very nervous looking woman on the back with Col,
(noticed Bron did not get too far away) and a nice black Mazda with us.

At Waverley, the weather gods emerged in all their glory! Is this really Tasma-
nia? Sun’s out, no wind and its even warm! This could be a good day…… At
Scottsdale for a break, we were met with two more Ulyssians.

I think I now counted more than 20 bikes. Fabulous. It was warm (20 degrees),
people were happy (we were not being blown to bits) and there was not a cloud
in the sky.

From Scottsdale we headed for the Welborough Pub. It was closed! Phil was
devastated. A pub with no beer. No TV to check Bathurst. What now?

Off again, this time up to Pyengana. Here is where the fun started. A couple,
who shall remain nameless, headed off to St Helens for lunch on the excuse that
they had seen the St Columba Falls before! Scotchie went too, mumbling some-
thing about being too bloody old to walk anywhere……

A couple more, including a certain member of Her Majesty’s Correctional Ser-
vice, pulled into the Cheese Shop and Café, to hide from the advertised forest
walk, while the rest of us went up to the magnificent St Columba falls.

The fit and healthy ones that is.

                                                   Continued next page.........
It was here that Margaret had had enough! “Will I jump? I can’t go on; the red
necks are chopping down all the forests; what would Bob Brown think? All that
water being wasted!”

The St Columba Falls are magnificent. Just another part of Tasmania that takes
your breath away. We walked down into and through the rain forest to the base
of the falls and I must admit, it was beautiful.

After our exercise and brush with nature, it was back to the Pub in the Paddock
for lunch. They do a magnificent job there, are friendly and the food was terri-

The Dual Sports fellas arrived right on 1 pm, lead as usual, by the god-faring
Guy, and raved of their trip over the back blocks.

Like you, I shall look forward to their ride report!

After lunch, we ‘roadies’ decided to complete the loop and headed down to St
Helens, up to St Marys and through the Fingal Valley for a break at Avoca. The
‘dualies’ were last seen hogging into steak and eggs, fish and chips, scallops
and chicken. I presume they got home via Blessington.

It was another great
day, the weather
perfect (26 degrees)
and as usual, the
company was just

Of note was the
countryside. Green,
lush and looking
very prosperous.

Views in the North
East are always
spectacular, but they
seem just that little
more special when
traveling on two
wheels in the com-
pany of Ulyssians.


               Ride Report             The Long Ride Tasmania
                                              October 18 - 19th, 2008

One thousand and eighteen kilometres, two days of sheer delight, four seasons
and more in forty eight hours, great and funny memories, new friendships, four
tanks of fuel and a lot of happy faces.

Oh, and about $2000 for research into prostate cancer. What a weekend! I still
have difficulty getting the smile off my face!

When I got home, I was somewhere between being sad that it was over, happy
to be out of the saddle, sad that it would be 12 months before we did it again,
and happy that I had succeeded in doing something ‘different’!

Those of us that went will have great memories; those that did not, make sure
you put the date in your diary now for next year. The Long Ride is destined to
be an annual event, with more riders, more fun and hopefully more dollars.

For the record, we raised just a tad under $2000. But that included some $405
raised by our only southern rider, Julie Foster, who worked for weeks to gather
that sort of money. Frankly, that’s a great start. Lets double it next year!

So let’s re-trace our tracks.

At 8 am, the weather was a little overcast and not looking too good when some
13 bikes and 18 of us set off for Burnie. Bruce joined us at the Hadspen turnoff.
Drizzle started about Westbury and turned to light rain by Sassafras. It lasted
until just after Devonport. So far, so good. Bearable at least.

First stop was fuel at Burnie followed by Maccas. There we were met by a
large number of North West Coast riders – it was great to see them and their
enthusiasm and support for the concept was right up there. We take this oppor-
tunity to thank Rod Priestley and his Ulysses members for their support.

Off some of us then went for Somerset and the
long haul down to Queenstown, via the magnifi-
cent Hellier Gorge. Yes, the road was wet, but
taken with care, it was simply breathtaking –
rainforest, gorges, superb roads and pristine air.

Some went direct via the link road, missing
Hellier. From Hellier, the road winds its way
down to Tullah, where some had a break. Others
had taken a break at Warratah (waiting for the
ride leader who had simply forgotten to stop!)

    The Long Ride Tasmania                        Ride Report
         October 18 - 19th, 2008

From Tullah, a left turn via Lake Plimsoll is a must. Here the road winds up
through the spectacular hills and mountains of the west, providing vistas that
simply must be seen to be believed. And the road –motorcycle heaven to say
the least.

Queenstown came into view about 12.30 pm for some of us. By now the
weather was fabulous, low 20s and very little wind. Just as ordered!! Straight to
the world’s best souvlaki shop for lunch. Well, at least they welcomed us with
open arms, and they do serve the best lamb souvlaki.

After lunch and a rest, the group, now numbering more than 25, headed for
Hobart. First stop was Derwent Bridge.

But I must say that the road from Hobart to Derwent Bridge, about 70 or 80
minutes travelling time, is the best motorcycle road I have even been on. It has
everything. Scenery, mountains, lakes and wild rivers, national parks (Bob
Brown was nowhere to be seen), and a road surface second to none. And cor-
ners! Millions of them. I suspect a few opened the throttle a little at times, en-
joying that rare moment of sheer ecstasy.

R & R at Derwent Bridge was relaxing, with the next stop being at Hamilton,
about 50 minutes out of Hobart.

Groups of four and five had spread out and paced themselves through this long
stage. At one point we all drove around a rather nasty looking, three or four
foot tiger snake, warming himself in the middle of the road. The big Kooka-
burra that decided he was for lunch got more than the fright of his life when he
ran straight into an FJR doing 120km! So did the rider! Ouch, that hurt.

A large group of us stayed at the Graham Court Apartments in Newtown. Be-
lieve it or not, the two nearest pubs – both of which had a certain attraction to
us after 10 hours on the bikes – were either closed or under construction! A
phone call and we were at Cooleys Hotel in Moonah, where drinks and fine
food were consumed in copious amounts and lots of tall stories were uttered.

Day one was over, and I had Bruce and Guy in my room. Struth, you would
think that after such a long and hard day, a man deserves better than that!

At 8 the next morning, 20 of us were ready for the next long ride. Out past the
Risdon Prison (Arthur, Tony and Wayne were seen waving to mates, Roz mut-
tered something about knowing most of the inmates), to Richmond and down to
Orford we went.
                                                   Continued next page ......
                Ride Report           The Long Ride Tasmania
                                          October 18 — 19th, 2008

Weather magnificent, riding conditions superb and a coffee to look forward to.

The party then headed for a break at Bicheno, before arriving at St Helens for
lunch. The temperate had dropped from the low 20s to the very low teens! And
it was bloody cold.

At St Helens, out came the wet weather gear as the heavens opened. Up
through the Pyengana and Welborough passes we got into thick fog and very
cold and misty conditions. But eerily, the road was dry and the ride extremely
enjoyable. The last break was at Scottsdale, where a lot of now weary but very
happy riders stopped for the last time.

Here the talk was all about how enjoyable and challenging the two days had
been. As stated earlier, new friendships were formed, old ones strengthened and
all in a good cause.
Next year I reckon we should go the other way! But more of that later.

Thanks to all that came along, even those that did a day and headed home, or
did just a stage. The exercise was all about friendship and raising a bob or two
for research into the silent Prostate killer amongst us.

Stay upright.

PS – Bruce took some great photos which are on display on the web site.

          Pink Ribbon Ride                             Ride Report
       Sunday October 26th, 2008
I must apologise for the delay in preparing this report, time gets away from us too
quickly. The day was successful, disappointing and eventful.

The good part was that we had 25 motorcycles turn up, and the Northwest Coast had 32,
which meant a spectacular ride down the back roads to Campbell Town. On leaving the
car-park we had to fill in an hour to reach Longford at 11.00am, so as to coincide with
the arrival of the Northwest riders. It was a leisurely ride out through Carrick, Pitt Lane,
and Bishopsbourne with ample time to have a coffee and eats at the Rebel Roadhouse in

Then we received the bad news that the Northwest were delayed, as one of their mem-
bers had a slight crash out the back of Dunorlan. Thankfully George was okay and a
trooper that he is, and with the courage of a true Ulyssian, got back on the bike, and
continued with the others to Longford.

Time was then getting on to about 12midday, and we didn’t want to miss out on the
barbeque. It was then that we were told that Hobart was not staging the barbeque this
year, and it was a fend for yourself arrangement. With the thought of no burnt sausage
on the Barbie on my mind, we wound our way down Macquarie Road to our meeting
point at the Reserve in the middle of Campbell Town. The back car park was absolutely
chockers with bikes, and I would estimate a total of about 70. This was a good roll up
for any club gathering. We then wandered the town to the various take-away outlets,
which thankfully had plenty of food on offer to feed the hordes who had unexpectedly
invaded the town.

The disappointing side was that this year it appeared to very disorganized, and there was
no real representation from the cancer council, to make the other members of the public
aware of what our aim was. It gave the appearance of a gathering of ‘older’ motorcycle
riders. Apart from Hobart members dressed to the nine’s in hot pink outfits, that would
make the Sydney Gay Mardi Gras envious, it was from my point of view a lack lustre
day and event.

The whole aim is to promote Breast cancer awareness, and maybe next year we can get
some real promotion from the council, to display banners, have brochures, and informa-
tion available to all, on this dreadful disease that inflicts such hardship on women, and
their families.

But the good thing is that we all made an attempt to help, and there was a considerable
amount of money raised that will enable the funds to be used to provide support to fami-
lies that are suffering. To participate makes one feel that he has contributed in some
small way, and I thank all who attended.

The other good thing on the day was the stop on the way home to have a wonderful latte
under the willow tree at St Andrews Inn.

              Mike Davis (the Sherriff)
              Ride Report                     Ride To Sheffield
                                         Sunday November 16th, 2008

Thirteen bikes turned up at the Rail yards and rode to Sheffield via Longford,
Westwood, Hagley, Cluan, Exton, Reedy Marsh, Deloraine, Weetah, Kimberly,
Railton, Spreyton and Barrington.

Mike turned up at the start to see us on our way (really just to show us his new
white and blue work BMW). We stopped at the train in Deloraine for morning
tea and met up with another six bikes and riders from the Northern Tamar Val-
ley area.

Just as we were about to leave, Longrain turned up with a pitiful excuse about
sleeping in. (I think it was just to avoid contributing a gold coin at the start.)
Then we were twenty bikes strong and had an interesting ride to Sheffield the
short way!

Tony joined us at the lunch stop and then after the executive diners had finished
at the pub we set of for afternoon tea at Westbury via Paradise and Mole Creek.

I discovered another rider at Westbury and am not to sure just where Michael
joined us. This was all a bit overwhelming for me and I dropped my biscuit on
the floor of the shop and then outside Bevan painted himself and most of the
rest of the table with castor sugar from the huge cake he was attacking.

After watching other members of our group stuffing themselves with ice cream,
I decided to go home and mow the lawns.

Seriously I had a great time, it was good to see some new faces along with
some I had not seen for a while, and thank all those who turned up to make it a
nice day.

(Oh! the lawn mower would not start! Maybe tomorrow it will go.)

  Ride Reports and anything interesting for the
  newsletter, please direct to the Webmaster for
  inclusion on the Tamar Tourers Webpage for
                  the time being.

            With Thanks .......       Amanda
           Ross Bike Show                       Ride Report
      Sunday November 23rd, 2008
The fact that only 5 motorcycles showed up at the car-park, indicated there was
possibly other distraction occurring on the day. The gale force winds may have
also had some bearing on the matter.

It may also be that there was an ‘over indulgence’ of red wine and other bever-
ages consumed at the raffle party on the Saturday night, that prevented some
poor lost souls from be able to raise the sore heads off the pillows.

Phil and Beetle were there ready to depart for Ross with the recovery trailer,
and we progressed on out to Longford to pick up another couple of members. I
made a decision to head down to Campbell Town on the Valleyfield Road, as
that way we could front the strong winds head-on.

It was pretty good going until you turned sideway, and how old mother nature
can certainly bluster 500 kg’s of BMW, that makes one pucker down hard on
the seat, and get sore knees from extra grip.

On arrival at Ross I was surprised to see such a good attendance especially with
the prevailing weather conditions, and with the V8 racing at Symmons Plains.
There was a good mixture of personalities riding modern, and older types of
two wheeled transport. Triumph and BMW had set up a display of their bikes,
and were receiving a good response.

As one strolled around the ground admiring the large number of bikes on dis-
play, it also provided the opportunity to catch up with members who had not
been around the traps for a while. It goes to show that just because some have-
n’t ridden for a while or sold their bikes, that they can not get the lure of the
motorcycle out of the system.

The wind was still a constant nuisance, but the sun did manage to come out at
one stage. There was a flock of seagulls at the show ground, and as one mem-
ber remarked, the winds were that strong they couldn’t fly back to the coast.

After a couple of hours there, members started heading off, and I can assure
you the ride home was great. A tailwind behind the screen was like sailing in
the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. It could also provide an excuse if one got
caught on the camera – ‘it was the wind, it made me go faster’.

It was a good day out, but a shame the other events clashed on the same day,
but the support that it receives from the motorcycle fraternity will ensure its

Mike Davis (The Sherriff)
                                           West Tamar /East Tamar Loop
               Ride Report
                                            Sunday November 30th, 2008
There was a little drizzle, it was foggy and it certainly looked like rain. But it was warm,
it was Sunday, and it was too wet to mow the lawns. So just six hearty souls and five
bikes made it to the starting line at Inveresk.

Phil was there in his work ute with some excuse about being on call (funny how these
‘on-call’ days seem to always coincide with wet days!) His son-in-law Michael had a
worse excuse …. something about looking after the children!

A surprise, but very pleasant starter, was Margaret Peart, back from her 150,000 km trip
through the Americas. Margaret was aboard a very new 2009 black V-Strom, having had
to leave the Bimma in the United States WHERE IT BROKE DOWN!!!! (The capitals
are for the BMW snobs in the club).

It was obviously too weather risky to do the proposed Bothwell run up through the cen-
tral highlands, so we decided to do a leisurely run up to Bridport for lunch.

Guy, Byron, Del and Lyn, Margaret and I headed off down the West Tamar Highway.
At Windermere we turned left and cruised around the river flats to rejoin the highway.

From there we popped down to just north of Hillwood where we backtracked along the
river again, coming out at Mt Direction. Then it was over the highway, down to Bangor,
up to Karoola and across to Lilydale!

Here I could hear Byron screaming out for a coffee and a comfort break. Bugger him, I

Ever onwards, we then went out through Lebrina, left down the Pipers River Road and
came to a very pleasant stop at Jantz Vineyard. Here we had a cup of coffee, biscuits and
a chat. Guy and Byron headed for the mens. No class at all. Whilst here, Del decided to
play a little game of hide and seek with his keys. His hide was very good, he seek terri-
ble! Out with the spare set.

He also reminded us that the blonde skeleton that was found in a cupboard was actually
the 1981 Australian hide and seek champion! (Sorry about that one folks!)

At the Bridport Hotel we hoed into a lovely lunch (Guy also hoed into a wobbly custard
thing – a crème Brulee - that reminded me of a……..no, don’t go there Benny).

Oh, and Del found his keys. They were in his pocket. Hmm, good one Del.

We then went over and had coffee at Barnbougle, the world renowned golf course,
which we believe is rated in the top 40 golf courses in the world. Yes, the world. We
decided that this is where we will have lunch on the Tamar Valley Wine Cruise ride, set
down for the 22nd February.

From Barnbougle to Scottsdale, and from Scottsdale to Lilydale for afternoon tea and a
lovely relaxed chat before heading home. You guessed it, Guy had a sausage roll. Ok,
ok, so did I, just don’t tell anybody!
                                                                 Continued next page......
The weather was kind to us all day with only a light shower or two in the morning. The
sun was well and truly out and the roads dry by lunch time.

A great day, very relaxing, tremendous to catch up with Margaret and her tales of far off
places, and as usual, great company.


              Leven Canyon                            Ride Report
     Sunday December 7th, 2008
There were 15 bikes at Inveresk when the 10am start time came around, but
only 14 were going one the ride. We headed up the Southern outlet and onto
the old Bass highway to Deloraine then out to Mole Creek for our first stop for

Michael decided to pull the pin after the coffee break and head for home, he did
have a hard weekend with the toy run and Katherine’s work dinner Saturday
night so will forgive him this time. The rest of us enjoyed the run up over
Cethana to Moina and onto Wilmot where some topped up with fuel and a
smoke. With the bikes topped up it was time for us to head into Leven Canyon,
light the barby and hoe in, eating over a few went for a walk to the lookout, they
said it hadn’t changed a bit since last time.

Most had returned from the walk but Benny was missing, we waited for what
seamed an hour well 15 minutes, we were wanting to leave so I headed up the
path to fetch him, as I disappeared he emerged from another track and no, it
hasn’t changed a bit.

Due to the condition of my rear tyre we decided to head down through Sprent to
Forth and onto the highway onto Westbury for a last coffee break and home via
the old highway. For all that wondered yes I did make it home and the tyre will
probably last another 1000 ks, just kidding might change it now, until next time
safe riding.

Phil McGee

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 The Tamar Tourer’s have a “Recovery Trailer” that is available for the
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 The trailer is specially made for motorcycles with a winch at the front
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 It is housed in a shed at Relbia and is available if required. There is a
 trailer committee made up of Guy McKibben, Phil McGee, Roger Morti-
 mer and Edwin Chugg. Phone numbers are listed on the Branch Con-
 tacts page in this newsletter.

 On Club ride days, the trailer should always be available. If required,
 ring a committee member and they will do their best to organize to get
 your motorcycle home (motorcycle owner to pay fuel costs).

Aims of our Club
  To provide ways in which older
  motorcyclists can get together for
companionship and mutual support.
             To show by
            example that
               can be an
            and practical
              activity for
             riders of all
To draw to the attention of public and
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