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					                                                                                            SAKURA HOUSE

    February 2010 Quarterly Publication from Sakura House—Adult Day Care Program               Volume 2, Issue 1

                          THE ANNEX STORY
                             Sakura House is located at 1666 Mott-        congregation built a church on King
                             Smith Drive. It’s on the corner of           Street, where Straub hospital is right
                             Mott-Smith Drive and Lewalani Drive.         now.”
                             If you have ever been to our program,         When I asked him about how the
                             you will never forget the distinct           church came to the agreement with
                             structure of our building. It has a very     Sakura House to grant permission to
                             high ceiling, a large floor plan, and the    use the annex, he had this to say, “Part
                             exterior is built with lava stone. The       of our mission is to serve the
                             reason for having all these features is      community.” Incidentally, Sakura
                             because the building was originally built    House’s mission is to serve the
                             as a church. We are leasing the              community by taking care of seniors
Pastor Aaron Mahi            property from Community of Christ, a         who are in need of daycare service. It
                             Christian church. From 1923 to 1948,         was a perfect match, and ever since the
Community of Christ
                             the structure that houses Sakura House       inception of our program, and even
                             was a place of worship. In 1948, a new       prior to that, members of the church
                             church building, Gilbert Waller              have supported our program
                             Memorial Chapel, was built behind our        tremendously. We can’t thank them
                             building, and their old church became        enough for their support all these
   Inside this issue:        “the annex”.                                              years.
                               Pastor Aaron Mahi is                                      According to Pastor Mahi,
   The Annex Story           the senior pastor of
                      1      Community of Christ.
                                                                                       the land that spreads
                                                                                       across Tantalus to Ala
                      2      He is a well-known                                        Moana used to be called
                             figure in Hawaii since he                                 Kewalo, and it belonged to
   Ikebana                   served the Royal
                      3      Hawaiian Band as a
                                                                                       King Lunalilo. Lunalilo had a
                                                                                       very short reign as a king,
   Excursion Report          Band Master from 1981                                     and when he passed away
                      4      to 2005, and he had a very interesting       in 1874, the Lunalilo Trust took over
   Q&A                       fact to say about the history of their       the land for the sole purpose of helping
                      5      church and the land that it is built upon.   the elderly Hawaiians. That was
   News Front                “In 1890, my great grandfather hosted        Lunalilo’s will, and part of the estate
                      6      the church in his garage of his home in      was sold to raise money to build
                             Kalihi,” says Pastor Mahi. He continues      Lunalilo Home in 1883. “Lunalilo
                             by saying that “and, in 1909, our            Home is in Hawaii Kai right now, but it
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Sakura Bulletin              “THE ANNEX STORY” continues from page 1:

                                 used to be where Roosevelt High            family, we take care of each other.
                                 School is now. Roosevelt’s old             And, we are able to do this because
                                 building is the original Lunalilo Home,”   we have a fabulous home. Our one
                                 explains Pastor Mahi. “So, to have         year anniversary is coming up in about
                                 Sakura House in what used to be            a month. We would like to thank our
                                 Lunalilo’s private land is very much in    participants, their caregivers, our staff,
                                 line with Lunalilo’s wishes.”              volunteers, the church, and all the
                                   Coincidence or fate, we are very         others who supported our program.
                                 lucky to call the annex, our home.         Thank you for giving us hope, and we
                                 Everyday, our participants gather in       will assure you we continue to strive
                                 hopes of meeting old and new friends.      to better our program, so that our
                                 We play, study, exercise, eat, laugh,      participants could enjoy each moment
                                 and cry together. As if we are one big     of their lives at Sakura House… just as
                                                                            King Lunalilo hoped for.

                              NICHIBU — Classical Japanese Dance
                                 On January 19, 2010, we had visitors        her is that she’s a terminal cancer
                                 from Japan. They were a group of            patient, and yet she still works full
                                 dancers and singers that performed          time at MISONOTEI and she goes to
                                 classical Japanese dance called             practice and performs at a show as a
                                 NIHONBUYO (日本舞踊). The                       KAZAMAI.
                                 official name of their group is called        She first found out about her cancer
                                 Nishikawaryu Nishikawakofukai               in 2006. At the time, she was
                                 (西川流 西川高風会), and they                       practicing diligently for gaining
                                 danced and sang a total of 12 classical     NATORI (名取) status-- sort of like
                                 Japanese songs that many of our             a test that awards higher status and a
                                 participants remembered from many           stage name. However, she was a
                                 years ago. It was a special treat for       diagnosed with ovary cancer, and she
                                 everyone because it is so hard to find      was immediately taken into the
                                 NIHONBUYO now                                               hospital to remove the
                                 days. Some of our
                                                                                             cancerous cell.
                                 staff have never seen
         “That’s when her        NIHONBUYO in real                                            After the surgery, she
                                 life before. So, it was                                     was able to go back to
                                 very exciting to have                                       her work, but she had
           master, Mitsue                                                                    to let go of her dream
                                 such a rare form of
                                 classical art to be                                         of having her own stage
     Akashi, stepped in,         shown here at Sakura                                        name. She was
                                                                                             devastated. That’s

                                                                             when her master, Mitsue Akashi,
           and convinced            Amongst the dancers, KAZAMAI             stepped in, and convinced Toshiko
                                 (風舞) was the youngest one. Her              not to give up.

     舞        Toshiko not        real life name is Toshiko Yogo, and
                                 she’s an OKAMI (a female restaurant
                                 owner/manager) at a famous Japanese
                                                                               In order for her to have enough
                                                                             stamina to keep going to her
             to give up. ”       restaurant in Nagoya called                 practice、Toshiko decided to stop
                                 MISONOTEI. What’s incredible about          taking her anti-cancer medication. In
                                                                             April of 2008, she passed the

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                                                                                                      Volume 2, Issue 1
“NICHIBU — Classical Japanese Dance” continues from page 2:
    NATORI exam, and they named her               always welcome here at Sakura House.
    KAZAMAI. Three months later,                                                                         “That day, we
                                                  We want to thank those of you who
    however, cancer reemerged, and she’s          worked hard to put this show together,
    been battling cancer ever since.              and all the dancers and singers of                 learned something
      After the show, one of our seniors          Nishikawaryu Nishikawakofukai, especially
    stood up and gave them an emotional           Kazamai, for a great show. That day, we
    BANZAI repeatedly. It was obvious that        learned something very important from
                                                                                                       very important
    their one hour show had a huge impact         someone. Someone who keeps chasing
    on Sakura House participants. It was          her dream despite the obstacles she faces.           from someone.”
    great. When all the performers and our        Life is short. Live life to the fullest.
    participants started to shake their hands,
    some thank them for coming all the way
    from Japan and some told them they are

      At Sakura House, volunteers serve a         beautiful melodies.
    crucial role in our program, and there          Nishihira sensei is one of those expert
    are two types of volunteers. One is a         volunteers who’s been teaching us the fine
    volunteer who assists us with our daily       art of IKEBANA (flower arrangement) for
    program, and the other is a specialized       more than six months. She comes to
    volunteer who possesses certain skills        Sakura House twice a month for her
    (i.e. a pianist, a singer, a painter, etc),   IKEBANA lesson, enriching our program
    giving us rare opportunities to               lineup. Some people just can’t wait for her
    experience and learn from the experts.        class because it’s such a rare opportunity
    In the past, we had a number of               to learn IKEBANA from a real IKENOBO
    volunteers who taught us the art of           instructor like her. (IKENOBO is the
    SHUJI, a Japanese calligraphy, volunteers
                                                  original school of IKEBANA from Japan)
    who impressed us with their
    instruments, and volunteers who sang us         She always starts off the class by giving us

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                            EXCURSION REPORT
Sakura Bulletin
                                 When we first began our excursions last     Robert’s School Bus. In the past three
                                 year, we used to take taxis to get to our   months, we’ve been to…
                                 destinations. At the time, the number of    • Ehimemaru Memorial & Kaka’ako
                                 participants were limited, and all we
                                                                                Beach Park
                                 needed was a taxi or two to complete our
                                 outings. After last summer, however, the    •   Kahala Mall
                                 number of participants started to hit       •   Mission Houses Museum
                                 double digit. That’s when we started
                                 chartering Buses. With the total number     •   Aloha Tower
                                 of load reaching twenty (including SH       •   Honolulu Zoo
                                 staff), chartering a bus made more sense
                                                                             •   Ala Moana Beach Park
                                 from a safety standpoint. Since then, we
                                 have been chartering a school bus from

                                                             Kahala Mall                       Mission House Museum
Aloha Tower
                                                                  Nov 6                                      Nov 19
Dec 4

 Ala Moana Beach Park
 Jan 14

                  Honolulu Zoo                                                       Ala Moana Beach Park
                  Dec 22                                                             Jan 14

Page 4
“IKEBANA” continues from page 3:
                                                                                                   Volume 2, Issue 1
the “thought of the day”. That’s because she       “IKEBANA works with human’s five

wants everybody who’s participating in her       senses,” she explains. It promotes
class to be aware of the surroundings (time,     thinking while you are busy working
place, etc), seasons that they are in. Some      your hands. There are many things to

seniors are not aware of the seasonal            consider before you actually place the
changes outside when they are confined to        flower in vase — color, placement,
their home. Nishihira sensei is trying to        stem length, flower type — to name a
break the monotony and let everyone be
connected to the outside world, the nature.
“We, the humans, ought to
                                                 few. And, only after you visualize what
                                                 your final product would be, you start
                                                                 cutting the stems and
be like the trees and the                                        placing it in a vase. It is a
flowers, “she says. “Like                                        great exercise for the
how trees adjust to the                                          brain.
seasonal changes, we need                                          Nishihira sensei is a
to learn how to adapt to the                                     multi-talented woman
changing environment as                                          who has expanded her
well”                                                            horizon beyond
  She is currently teaching                                      IKEBANA. She has
IKEBANA out of her Waikiki home, but she         traveled to England and study flower
goes out to places like the University of        arrangement there. She’s a certified
Hawaii, care homes, and adult day care           Table Coordinator as well. We are
programs to teach IKEBANA. Prior to              more than honored to have her as our
moving to Hawaii, she was doing the same         IKEBANA instructor, and if you are
volunteer work in Okinawa, Japan, teaching       interested in her IKEBANA class, you
IKEBANA to seniors and physically-disabled       could reach her at 221- 3523
children. “Those kids back in Okinawa             or e-mail her at
showed no sign of greed. They were as
pure as pure can be, and it showed in their
IKEBANA,” she recalls.

Q Is there any minimum attendance             Sakura House, however, would like to               WANTED
                                              respect each family’s situation and will set
policy at Sakura House?
                                              up an appropriate attendance schedule for
                                              each participant. In other words, some
                                                                                             “E-mail Address”
A       There is no minimum attendance
                                              participants come to Sakura House
requirement at Sakura House. Sakura                                                            We would like to be
                                              everyday, and some come three times a environmentally conscious, and
House just needs to know which day of
                                              week, and some once a week….it all varies.    we want to go paperless as
the week a participant wishes to attend. If
                                              Moreover, Sakura House provides a much as we can. Sent us your
you would like to come to Sakura House
                                              discount package for people who would              e-mail address to
every Monday and Wednesday, these
                                              like to come to Sakura House more than
two days would be your regular
                                              three times a week. If you would like to
attendance day of the week. Regarding
                                              know about the discount package or So that we could send you our
the number of weekly attendance, we, of                                                     next news letter, excursion
                                              should you have any question on
course, recommend our participants to                                                      notice, and other documents
                                              attendance policy, please visit our website
attend, not just once a week, but several                                                            via e-mail.
                                              ( or call us at
days a week, so that the participants
would adapt to Sakura House faster and                                                            Mahalo !
get to know each other well.

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                                                                                            Sakura Bulletin is published four
                                            Sakura House is an adult day care
                                                                                            times a year. To be placed on
                                            program, located in hearts of Makiki. Our
                                                                                            the mailing list, please send us
                                            mission is to provide high quality
                                                                                            your e-mail address or call 536-
  “Bringing Smiles to Everyone…”            compassionate services for older adults
                                            who want to remain independent and enjoy
                                            living a full life in safe surroundings.                 Sakura House
                                            Director                                            Adult Day Care Program
                                             Reiko Hayashi, MSW                                  1666 Mott-Smith Drive
                                            Program Coordinator                                    Honolulu, HI 96822
                                             Akihito Kashi                                          Phone: 536-1112
                                            Activity Staff                                           Fax: 536-1116
                Exercise & Education         Yasuto Temba       Keiko Kimura       
                                             Tomoko Shimizu Akiko Yamaguchi

                                       NEWS FRONT
                                         As I wrote the Annex Story article, I          as a staff of SH. Moko has been coming
Ako                                     remembered Pastor Mahi was telling              up with ingenious ways to conduct her
Arts & Crafts                           me about Lunalilo’s upcoming birthday.          educational sessions, broadening the
                                        I looked at the calendar next to my             scope of our classes. Ako has been a
                                        desk, and I was simply astounded. It            key to our success in afternoon A&C
                                        was January 31 – Lunalilo’s birthday.           sessions. Her creative thinking has
                                        No ways! I got goose bumps all over             resulted in projects that are never tried
                                        my body. I felt like I got the blessings        before in SH. We are very pleased to
                                        from the King. It may be just a                 see the quality of our program improve
                                        coincidence, but I dunno,                                    as these new talents bring in
                                        man… me, writing an article                                  new ideas and enthusiasm.
                                        on Lunalilo’s legacy on his                                  We were very fortunate to
                                        birthday? I want to believe                                  have heart-warming
                                        something greater is in                                      Christmas together, and
                                        works here.                                                  even Santa came to SH to
                                        It’s been an incredible                                      have picture taken. We had
                                        journey up to now. There                                     our first Christmas tree
                                        were some ups and downs,                                     decorated by hand-crafted
   Zohni 雑煮                             but we have managed to                                       ornaments made by our
                                        keep our course, and we will                                 participants. And, when
                                        reach our milestone next                                     New Year came along, we
                                        month -- one year                                            had our first KADOMATSU
                                        anniversary. So far we have been lucky          donated by the Yokotas, and we
                                        to have such a great mix of talents, and        celebrated with ZOHNI. We can’t
                                        we added two more incredible staffs to          start the new year without having some
                                        our team last year, Moko and Ako.               ZOHNI, right? We were very
                                        Originally, they both joined SH as a            fortunate to have Hirotas who
                                        volunteers, but as of November last             generously brought ZOHNI broth and
                                        year, they have been working officially         MOCHI for everyone in SH to enjoy.
                  Kadomatsu 門松
                                                                                        Thank you so much! (aki)

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