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How many times should a person poop a day in order to be healthy?

I was wondering this because I have a lot of stomach problems. I constantly get stomach aches and feel like I have to use the bathroom all the time. This might
be because a year ago I was constipated for 3 months so that might of damaged some things but I don't know. Please help.

Asked by Ashley Murphy at Aug 14,2011 00:11


Answer from o at Aug 14,2011 00:12

Once? If your pooping 3 times a day like the guy above me, he doesn't have enough fiber to hold it in. He most likely has diarrhea. Try getting a lot of fiber into
your meals and drink a lot of water. If it doesn't help, you should go to a doctor. You could have internal poisoning at the highest risk because of all that waste, if
not, then you should be fine.

Answer from Chris™ at Aug 14,2011 04:31

Best answer

I would go to the doctor if you're worried it sounds a lot like IBS (google symptoms) Everyone is different when it comes to bowel movements so it's hard to say
how often you should go.

Answer from Nitro at Aug 14,2011 13:54

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