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How do you go to sleep fast ?

I'm really not that tired . I tried everything ! From Using Up My Energy To Hot Relaxing Teas To Fall Asleep . But No , Annd Please Help me . I Hatee Being The
Last One To Go To Sleep . I Need Tips Or What Things To Help Me Get To Sleep Right Away . Annd No I won't take pills . Just Pleasee Help Annd Comment

Asked by Allyzza x3 at Aug 12,2011 02:56


Answer from ViineGar V2 at Aug 12,2011 02:56

Best answer

Just relax listen to ur ipod and fall asleep to the music that always works for me. Or just get soo tired that you close your eyes. It's not bad to be the last one to fall
asleep it's awesome to be the last one to fall asleep. It proves that you have mad skills at staying awake no joke. :D

Answer from punkprincess at Aug 12,2011 02:57

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