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How can i get weed out my system fast with no money?

Can drinking alot of water get the thc out of my system, im a big pot head and i need to find out becouse my mom is giving me a drug test. I have cranberry juice
and can get my hands on some coffee but i dont have any money to buy pills that get thc out your system. Can some1 tell me how and people that try to tell me to
stop smoking and that bs, stfu.

Asked by Donovan Howard at Aug 12,2011 02:13

THC is stored in your fat cells, so drinking a lot of water may be great for your complexion and kidneys, but it won't make your urine clean.

Answer from mariahrose85 at Aug 12,2011 02:55


Answer from Cassandra at Aug 12,2011 05:51

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Vinegar!?!?! WTF?!?! (I actually said what the fuckkkkk when I read that) I have never heard of vinegar as a solution to your problem. First things first. I love
answering question and helping people with their delimas but you gotta give me more info. I have no idea how much you have in your system. You said your a
huge pot smoker! Joe down the street said the same thing and he smokes once a week. I don't know how much you weigh and how tall you are so I can't give
you an estimate on how long it would take to clear your system. You gotta work with me when you ask these kind of questions man! And pills to clean your
system? I wouldn't count on that! On to the answering part of this though! (My favorite part!) You said you have cranberry juice. See what you can do about
getting more. I know you said your short on money, buttttt, see what you can do about gettin more. A bottle of cranberry juice is just gonna taste good. nothing
more. You needa be drinkin cranberry juice like your life depends on it! (Well, don't over drink it. just drink it when your thirsty). That all you can do without much
money though :(. I really hope everything works out for ya. And I'd also like to throw in that when I was living with my mom, she said she was gonna drug test me
allllllll the effin time. ALL THE TIME! Of course, I just straight up told her, mom, I'm gonna piss out entire marijuana leaves, don't waste your money on a test. But
either way, I feel like your mom is using it as a scare tactic. What I would do is just come clean to your mom. Don't try to hide it. Your her son/daughter either way.
Whether you plan on continuing the use of it or not, tell her that you were being experimental and it was strictly out of curiosity but that you know your priorities
and your gonna focus on the things you need to be focusing on. My mom didn't care that I smoked because I kept my priorities straight. When I was in school I
kept my grades up and smoked when I was done with all my work. I really hope this helps man! (Or woman!)

Answer from Troy at Aug 12,2011 14:17

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