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How bad are spacers and are the annoying or painful?

I need spacers for 1 week.
before i get braces
im getting them next week! very very nervous

Asked by Kripa George at Aug 10,2011 18:20

You should use Tramadol, it is the best about it you can get information from here

Answer from Lacresha Barberi at Aug 10,2011 18:24

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Answer from Carmelia Pinales at Aug 10,2011 18:26

Best answer

i haved them in right now. the first day theyre really easy. and then the next day they hurt like a b**ch. and then the third and fourth day they dont hurt as much.
and the fifth day theyre okay! you can eat anything chewy, liek candy. and no gum! or anything sticky, but by sticky they dont mean syrup just things are are sticky
in your mouth that can pull out the spacers. I get mine out in 4 days :D

Answer from firewolf at Aug 10,2011 18:36

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