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Ear bleeding after stretching?

Three days ago I went from a 10g to a 8g. It didn't hurt much, just a few hours after. I took my taper out to clean it two night ago and there was no blood. Today I
tried cleaning it again and a bit of blood came out. Is this normal? Or do I have to downsize to a 10g for a bit longer?

Asked by Allison :] at Aug 10,2011 09:21

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Answer from Aly Jim at Aug 14,2011 02:07

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I would definitely go back to a 10g for a little bit longer. :\ Bleeding isn't a good sign. Plus, you don't want to traumatize your ear too much, because bad shit can
happen. You don't want to stretch it too early and get a keloid. I don't know if you know what those are, but if you get one, your life is going to suck. :\ Look it up
on Google Images, and you'll know exactly what I mean.

Answer from Quoth the Raven at Aug 14,2011 03:00

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