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Agra, a city that welcomes one and all with utmost affection has become a favorite tourist destination in India. It’s cultural as well as historical
importance is evident by influx of several visitors who come here from distant places to know more about it. The presence of high number of travelers
has contributed to the development of hotel industry in the city which at the present offers a comfortable stay to each and every person. One can
choose from a variety of options available for accommodation based on their requirement.

Though accommodation is one of the major concerns tourists generally do not compromise with but in Agra you get high quality lodging services. A
number of luxurious (five star, four star, three star) and budget hotels exist in the city to cater its travelers. This post lists some of the popular luxurious,
budget and cheap hotels that one can look out for during their Agra tour.

Luxurious hotels
Those who want a luxurious stay to pamper themselves with high standard facilities should opt for accommodation in lavish hotels which are a part of
some of the well renowned hotel chains of country. They offer quality assured personalized services to their clients. Elegantly prepared rooms with
comfortable furniture are the standard services. Architecture of few of them is really appreciable as it is inspired from Mughal period. Leisure and
extended facilities include swimming pool, Jacuzzis, sauna, beauty treatments, fitness center, spa etc. along with unmatchable sightseeing assistance.
These hotels are ideal for those who desire to have a lavish stay. Businesspersons who do not come with much time in their hand and wish to have a
relaxed stay can always rely on these hotels. Experience a sophisticated way of life with these luxurious options whilst admiring the exquisiteness Taj

Top luxurious hotels in Agra: Taj View hotel Welcome group Mughal Sheraton The Trident Agra Howard park plaza International Hotel Clarks Shiraz
Jaypee Palace Hotel Budget hotels:
Travelers who wish to have a comfortable stay yet not too heavy on their budget can go for deluxe or budget hotels. They offer, if not luxurious, quite
contended services that will make visit to Agra even more enjoyable. Young students traveling group and backpackers often find these low fairly priced
hotels a feasible option. They are good venues for organizing business conferences as well. At economical prices these hotels offer excellent dining
services by serving some of the mouthwatering Indian, Awadhi and Mughlai delicacies.

Famous budget hotels: Hotel Savoy Hotel Sunrise Lauries Hotel Hotel Jaiwal Hotel Neel Hotel Rose Affordable Hotels and Guest Houses
Accommodation in Agra
Most of the people visit Agra just for a day to witness beauty of Taj Mahal and for such travelers cheap hotels are a nice option. Located in jam-packed
streets of city these hotels offer reasonable stay with all basic requirements. Besides these cheap hotels, guest houses of Agra offer accommodation
facility at quite cheap rate.

Few of the affordable hotels and guest houses are: Hotel Vandana Hotel Badshah Hotel Chakra view Agra Guest House Asian Guest House Tourist
Rest House Balwant Lodge  

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