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Broken ankle or just severe sprain? ?

I was wearing cleats and slipped on the floor. I felt pain in my ankle and there was immediate swelling. I still played in practice with a brace and am now on
crutches. After 24 hrs. its still humongous and all different colors. Sweeling is mostly on th oustide of ankle but also in front and a little on the inside. Help please

Asked by abby at Aug 13,2011 23:43

sounds like a bad sprain

Answer from dreamgear at Aug 13,2011 23:46

I always believed that if you can move the joint, it is not broken.

Answer from steven at Aug 13,2011 23:47

Bet it's not broken, but you probably tore a ligament. You should have stopped practice and iced it and kept it raised. Now you have to do all those things longer.

Answer from lib.rare.ian at Aug 13,2011 23:49

Definitely sounds like a grade 3 sprain or a fracture. You have to get to a doctor tomorrow! You probably tore some ligaments and may need surgery. I'm not
being mean, but it was very dumb of you to practice with an ankle injury. If you can move your ankle around it's not broken.

Answer from Torii at Aug 14,2011 00:37

Best answer

Sounds like a bad sprain. If you didn't hear a pop when it happened then nothing is torn. Swelling is completely normal especially if you played on it. Also torn ane
ligaments usually don't require surgery I tore one and played varsity soccer no problem. RICE rest stay off of it! Ice for 20 mins every 2 hours compression with
an ace bandage don't wear to bed and elevation above the heart.

Answer from Trish at Aug 14,2011 01:22

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