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					     November 2007
Vol. 84         Issue 4

                                                                                        JLH’s My Story Partners
GMM                                                                                          With PACT at
                                                                                             Kuhio Park Terrace
KITK — Kapolei H.S. Health Fair
Impact — Story Time
11/27                                                                                                    by Julianne Erickson
New Member Orientation
12/1                                       My Story has kicked off another great session at            to open up a coconut oil factory as it has many uses.
Holiday Cocktail Party                     PACT (Parents and Children Together) in Kuhio              She said it is going to be the new biofuel. I was so
12/15                                      Park Terrace. We have eleven girls joining us this         impressed with her confidence and energy—this
Impact — Story Time
1/2                                        session. They are all so full of life and eager to share   girl is going places!
Impact — Beach Clean-Up                    their thoughts and feelings as well as soak up what        Stay tuned for more highlights about the girls and
1/12                                       all our enthusiastic Junior League volunteers have
Sustainer Advisory Board Meeting                                                                      better yet, come down to PACT on a Wednesday af-
                                           to say. Driving home from these sessions, I find            ternoon and meet them for yourselves. Junior League
GMM                                        myself grinning ear to ear thanks to this new group        members are always welcome to join the fun!
Impact — Canned Food Drive at
GMM                                        of My Story girls. Feeling the energy in the room
2/2                                        with such enthusiasm, passion, and the idea of pos-
Afternoon Tea                              sibilities is what keeps bringing me back to this e-
2/23                                       cial committee each year. I truly feel that we are
Impact — Keiki Birthday Party
3/15                                       getting back just as much as what we are giving to
Sustainer Advisory Board Meeting           these girls. The girls are all ecial and unique in
Impact — Book Drive at GMM
                                           their own way, but I’d like to highlight one of the
                                           girls … Resy Kony.
                                                                                                              The JLH
Sacs in the City                           Resy is a twelve year old student at Iolani School.           Mission Statement
5/21                                       This is her first year there. She is an exceptional
GMM — Annual Meeting                       reader and her favorite color is green. She lives in              The Junior League of
Junior League of Honolulu                  Kuhio Park Terrace. Her huge smile is contagious.              Honolulu is an organization
2007-2008                                  She immediately came up to me during our first
                                           break while the other girls ran for snacks and the              of women committed to
Colleen Wong | President
Christine Lau | President-Elect            restroom. She asked, “May I hold your baby?” I                   promoting voluntarism,
Stacia Murray | Community Vice President   commented about how she held my baby with such
Mai Ly Schultz |
Membership Vice President                  ease, like an old pro, she replied, “Everyone tells me         developing the potential of
RoAnne Matsuura |
Fundraising Vice President
                                           I have magic hands.” She told me she takes care of                women and improving
                                           all of her auntie’s babies. When I asked her what
Kimberly Miyazawa Frank |
Communications Vice President
                                           she wants to do when she grows up, she replied                  communities through the
Melissa Lambert | Recording Secretary
Susanne Tobin | Treasurer                  with confidence, “I want to be an entrepreneur.” I              effective action and leader-
Charise Shigeta | Assistant Treasurer
                                           wanted to know more! She told me she would like
Tracy Jones | Parliamentarian
Teri Ogawa | Nominating Chair
                                                                                                          ship of trained volunteers.
Halawai is published monthly
between August and May by the
Junior League of Honolulu. Please                                                                                  Our Vision
address all correspondence to the
editor, Kimberly Miyazawa Frank
at kimberlyfrank@hawaiiantel.net.
                                                                                                           We are women of diverse
                                                                                                             backgrounds united to
The Junior League of Honolulu
1500 South Beretania Street                                                                               initiate significant change,
Suite 100
Honolulu, Hawaii 96826                                                                                       build partnerships and
946-6466 phone
949-4617 fax
                                                                                                         inspire shared solutions that
www.JuniorLeagueofHonolulu.org             My Story Committee members Jennifer Li (left)                  strengthen the community.
                                           and Julianne Erickson (right) with Resy Kony,
                                           carring Baby Finn Erickson.
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President’s Message
President’s Message
                     “I credit the Junio League fo
                     AJLI Connections giving me the opportunity and training to become a leade.”
                                                        — Sandra Day O’Conno, First Female Justice,
                                                                                          U.S. and thought to yourself, “AJL-what?” Most
                     AJLI, AJLI, AJLI. How many times have you heard those initials rattled off Supreme Court and Forme President, of us do
                                                                                          Junio but really, what is
                     know that AJLI stands for the Association of Junior Leagues International, League of Phoenixthat all about and what's the
                     Connection with us, the Junior League of Honolulu?
                       Not long ago, I attended an event in Honolulu at which five women were being recognized for their outstanding con-
                       tributions as community leaders. As I gazed onto the stage from the sea of a thousand attendees who came to honor
                     I must admit that until I went to my first AJLI event, an Organizational Development Institute (ODI) Training, AJLI was just
                       these women, I was struck by the fact that three of the honorees were members of the Junior League of Honolulu. A
                     an obscure 4-letter word. But that ODI experience opened my eyes to this amazing, professional entity whose sole job is to serve
the Junior League of Honolulu and our 292 sister Leagues! And in the past 18 months, I have really come to appreciate just HOW WELL they do
that job!
Then, over the course of this year, I noticed several other League members who were being recognized by various organizations for their
outstanding accomplishments and leadership. These women varied widely in their contributions to the community and their areas of ac-
The Association But the Leagues International the organization that League of Honolulu. Still coincidence?
complishments. of Juniorunmistakale commonisthread was the Junior CONNECTS all the JunioraLeagues! Formed in 1921, the Association's
purpose is to add of these members to find out what role, if any, the League might have Mission – which we ALL share! How powerful is lead-
I contaed somevalue to the 293 member Leagues in their fulfillment of the Junior League played in their accomplishments as community that!?
AJLI provides continuity and
ers. Here’s what they shared. support, guidance and leadership development opportunities to its member Leagues in four countries. Tremendous
value is added through regional, national and international meetings, comprehensive resources, customized consultations, League and member
In October, Jean Rolles, a member since 1968, was inducted into the 2007 Hall of Honor by the Shidler College of Business, UH Manoa, and
benefits and much more.
later this month will be honored as a 2007 Kama‘aina of the Year by the Historic Hawaii Foundation for her unique and lasting contributions
The NYC based Association is governed by and culture. Board of Directors, all of whom are also members owe Junior League in their
to the preservation of Hawaii’s historic places a 20-member Jean quickly dielled any notion of a coincidence. “Iof theeverything to the Junior
communities. In Memphis, Colleen League taught me how to Salo Downs, an member, how to lead, how from organized.” As she sits on 19
League of Honolulu,” she said. “The and I met our liaison, Pattybe a good board engaging and funny woman to be Duluth, MinneSNOWta. We
engaged in small group discussion and she encouraged feedback for Academy years ago, one League's suggestion that AJLI coordinate something
boards of directors (including Chaminade University, HonoluluAJLI. A fewof Arts, YWCA, Hawaii Opera Theatre, Red Cross, East-West
that all etc.) in addition to her full-time job as VP Community Affairs for Outrigger Enterprises, in the Kitchen was born!
Center,JLs could do during National Volunteer Week was warmly endorsed. Next thing we knew, Kids Inc., her League training is currently put to
good use.
Speaking of AJLI Trainings named the 2007 I hope many of you submitted applications to Nominating by the SBA Small ODI in Awards for
In April, Piia Aarma was and Conferences, Women in Business Champion of the Year for Honoluluto attend the MarchBusinessIndianapolis
or will do so in future years. These trainings are so valuable and inspirational! This year, Community Leader Connect with AJLI by Pacific Busines
her commitment to the advancement of women and women’s issues, and Woman six JLH members will of the Year Finalistin an unforgettable
News. A business owner and member of the League since 1993, Piia shared that “the League teaches leadership skills through example by
its more experienced members such as Alice Guild, Pokey Richardson and Nancy Pace, and by opening doors to countless opportunities to
Granted, we are a long way from NYC and conference sites, yet each of us can easily make a direct Connection with AJLI on a daily, weekly or monthly
basis...just log on to www.AJLI.org and go and Members Area! This is an awesome, attractive and amazingly informative website! There her lead-
Connie Black, JLH member since 1954to theformer President ’63-64, was honored this summer by the Queen’s Medical Center foris such an
abundance of the first woman to chair relevant to us all. You can browse through the AJLI also for and link to JL cookbooks volunteer at the
ership role as information and resources the male-dominated QMC Board of Trustees andBoutiqueher tireless devotion as a from everywhere;
find JL Profile Data on League programs and shares “it was a long time ago and I had a wonderful experience.” She credits the League and
hospital. Of her aiveLeagues' years, Connie practices; check out Training materials, including handouts from various Leadership meetingswith
ODIs; look up Member and League models. People I met AJLI forums; get contact information and weblinks to other Everyone always really
“providing good mentoring and role benefits; participate in and watched at the League were important and helped me.Leagues, just for starters.
wanted to help.” haven't yet enrolled for the Members Area, it's easy. See the side bar in this Halawai, page 7, for instructions.
Check it out! If you

                       Guild us the “JL” with President added to our Board Service Award in recognition and appreciation of her member
In September, Alicebetweenwasishonoredlogo, which we'veBush’s 2007 Call toletterhead this year as well as the membership language, “Acommit-
Another Connection
                                                       a difference through volunteer service. A League member since of the AJLI Brand Identity
ment to strengthening our nation and for making Inc.” This logo has been adopted by a majority of Leagues as part 1957 and former President
of the Association of Junior Leagues International
                     the second person in Hawaii
’69-’70, she is onlybottom of this page for the logo.)to receive this award. “My experience in the League totally contributed to my accomplish-
Initiative. (See the
ments, particularly with the Friends of Iolani Palace” where Alice has served on the Board for over 35 years. She first got involved with
Iolani Palace through the League’s restoration and historic preservation project. “Membership in the League provides you with recognized
AJLI always has the access and of each League at heart. Following the tragic devastation of last year's hurricanes, AJLI was we have to take by
credentials and withbest interest entrée to other community leaders. So often we think of the Junior League as more workquick to respond on
establishing the Junior it as a Disaster Fund to prepare ourselves to give and to the them to continue will definitely get to their communities
rather than thinking ofLeague gift we can useto support our sister Leaguesback enable community. You to provide services back everything that
when natural disasters occur. The fund has grown tremendously through generous donations from Leagues and League members. All funding
you give.”
requests last year were awarded in full, and Leagues are encouraged to reapply as needed. As a personal example of how “connected” AJLI is with its
Leagues, the day after our big earthquake our members who a call from AJLI asking highly coveted leadership positions, awards, honors, and
These amazing women are a sample of in October, I receivedhave recently received if our members and office were okay and to see if AJLI could
be of any assistance. are countless others. Jean made time to call from Memphis where she and the AJLI staff were busy for them. Whether you
recognition. There I was really touched, asBut the common theme is the role that the League played in opening doors getting ready for the start
of Fall to lead in the
aspire Conference. board room, to own a successful business, or to become a lifetime volunteer, the League can help by providing training,
opportunities, role models, credentials, access and entrée into the community.
Honestly, I could go on and on. I hope you can sense how proud I am to be part of the Junior League Movement, and most especially of the Junior

League of Honolulu! The Association of Junior Leagues International has, and continues to play a big part in that pride!


Simple Pleasures for New Year's Entertaining                                                          �
                                                                                                      BY CAROLE BERG
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                             Take full advantage of seasonal and local ingredients at their peak flavor. Currently, persimmons,
                             pomegranates, pumpkins, pears, apples and citrus are available at the markets and green grocers.

                             Treat your family and friends to Cranberry Bites, Persimmon Pie, Autumn Fruit Salad, Asparagus with

 Blankets of Aloha                                                      National Young Readers Day is Tuesday,
                             Pomegranates, Pomegranate Royale, Pumpkin Black Bean Soup, Squash Quesadillas, Pears with Raspberry
                             Vinaigrette, Pear Crostata and Oranges in White Wine Syrup. November 13th

 Due Wednesday, November 14, 2007 Days, Hula Nights recipes is overly complicated and many of the recipes, or steps within
                        None of these Aloha
 Please bring finished blankets to GMM                                  International Blanket Day with the
                        the recipes can be prepared in advance because today's hostesses have too many responsibilities to spend all
                             of their time cooking.                     objective of Providing Warmth to People
                                                                                    is December 9th
                             Focus on the "little treasures" maximizing the impact

                Saturday Story Time
                             of life's simple pleasures.

                            Kuhio Park Terrace
                            9:15 to 11:30 am
Two Kids in the Kitchen       November 17
                              December 15                                                 Beach Cleanup
Events Successful call Gaye at SUENAKA
            To sign up BY DIEDRE 395-8821,                                                Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008
                     email at gayejohnston@hotmail.com,                                         2:00 to 5:00 pm
                            or via the JLH website.
The Junior League of Honolulu has adapted a national initiative to the needs and
intricacies of the Hawaiian lifestyle. The Association of Junior Leagues International        The beach and ocean are an
                                                                                              integral part of the lives of

  Food Drive
Inc. developed the initial Kids in the Kitchen program. In the Spring of 2006, Kids
events began taking place in 160 Junior Leagues across the country.           Kama‘aina and visitors to Oahu. The Junior
                                                                           League of Honolulu, in partnership with
   JLH General Membership Meeting                                          B-E-A-C-H (Beach Environmental Awareness
This League-wide initiative not only addresses a growing problem facingCampaign Hawaii), will pickup trash and remove
     Wednesday, January 16, 2008
children, but also honors the Junior League's 105 year heritage of impacting family debris from an Oahu area beach.
               6:00 to 8:30 pm
nutrition. Also, the art of cooking and sharing recipes has long been a part of the Junior
League's heritage.holiday season, many displaced to building upon Kids
   During the The Junior League of Honolulu looks forward                         This project addresses the ongoing need in our
   individuals impressive firstseekand continuing to address the important issues
                   & families year comfort from the                               community to keep our beaches litter free and
in the Kitchen's
   resources available nutrition community. JLH has
                                in our and exercise habits.                       the care necessary to maintain healthy Hawaiian
related to childhood obesity,
   the opportunity to restore the depleted food                            beaches, coastlines, and marine life.
   supplies on which many rely by making a direct
The Junior League edible goods to the the Kitchen event was held April A minimum of ten (10) volunteers is required
   donation of of Honolulu's first Kids in Hawaii                          25, 2006,
   the Susannah the Windward Center with My Story participants and to make a significant impact. A B-E-A-C-H
at Foodbank, Wesley Community Spouse Abuse                                  some of
                                                                           representative will join JLH to lead and
   Shelter, and the Kaka‘ako Shelter.
the after school drop-in program children in attendance, about 25 people total. The
                                                                           educate participants about the sea life
children who attended learned about nutrition and smart food choices from an
                                                                           environment, provide volunteers with gloves
   Bring Heart Association-appointed registered dietician and received fitness tips
American non-perishable food items to the                                  and trash bags, take before and after photos
   January 16th GMM.
from a licensed personal trainer.                                          of the designated beach, and weigh how
   The most needed items include:                                          much debris is collected.
The Junior League of Honolulu's second Kids in the Kitchen event was on October 13,
  Canned meat/tuna, canned meals such as                                   This project welcomes your family and
2006. The format was a “Live Healthy Fair” also held at the Susannah Wesley
  spaghetti and chili, canned soup, canned                                 encourages the participation of your children,
  beans, Center. Approximately 75
Communityvegetables, and fruit. children attended. The Junior League of    spouses, and/or friends to introduce
Honolulu organized participation from several health, nutrition and exercise related
                                                                           voluntarism, promote the spending of time
  Members unable Cancer Society, meeting can
organizations: American to attend the Hawaii Dietetics Association, American
                                                                           together as a family while helping the
  take their donations to Care Nutrition Program
Diabetes Association, Hawaii Childthe League office and Meadow Goldcommunity, and to allow guests the
  Monday, January 14 and Wednesday,                                   opportunity to observe the JLH member
  January 16 during regular office hours                               in her role as community service volunteer.
  (8 am-2 pm). Please label bags with your name.
                                                                          To sign up, call Sue at 377-5565, email at
                    Questions?                                           suec@speakeasy.net, or via the JLH website.
       Contact Michelle at mmg2b@msn.com.
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                                  Debut Book For Girls
                Membership HerStory 2007 JLH sister Marcie Uehara Herring,
                                  Hawaii Convention Center
 Date: Wednesday, November 14th, 2007
                                         or Aunty Marcie as she is known to
                                         the teen girls she works with, penned
                                                                                                                her first book Swim With You Cu-
                                        March 2, 2007                                                           rent: A Girl’s Guide To Riding The
 Time: 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.      Keynote Speaker: Alison Levine                                                  Waves Of Life. Here’s an excerpt from
                                                                                                                her interview with Marvin Buencon-
 Location: Waioli Tea Room                                                                                      sejo on KHNL’s morning news:
  We are pleased 2950 Manoa RoadSpeaker and some of the breakout sessions that are confirmed to date!
                  to announce our Opening
                                                                                                         Marvin: What is the primary mes-
      Dinner & social Derosierbegin at 6 p.m.
  Opening Speaker: Cynthia                                                                               sage of be fun and fashion inspired!
                                                                              Our final breakout session willSwim With Your Current?
             Meeting begins at 6:30 p.m.                                      Shoppers will love to learn the fashion trends of the season – more to
  Creator, Publisher, Surfer, Catching the wave of her dreams. She is a      Marcie: Swim With You Current is a book for teen girls
                                                                              come in the next Halawai!
            Please RSVP dreams, turning her passion
  surfer riding the wave of her your attendance by for the sport             that encourages them to dream big, to set goals and to think
     November 12th to the office at discovered that self- about how they want to make a difference in our communi-
  into a book and publishing it. She has
        or info@JuniorLeagueofHonolulu.org.                                  ties by sharing their gifts and talents. sale now!
                                                                              HerStory is just 2 months away. Tickets are on
  publishing, like surfing, has its share of risks and rewards. "It's a Zen-
             If you will be purchasing dinner,
           please indicate very simple but choice.
  piece -- beautiful photos withyour entrée profound statements,”
                                                                                  Swim With You Current has personalized illustrations, color
                                                                                   o         $98.00 for the full conference
  states Derosier, a freelance art director who was born and raised on                                          journaling. The book contains
                                                                                  photos and space for only with keynote speaker, Alison Levine.real-
  Oahu. The first step toward $18 includes
 Cost for dinner option: self-publishing was creation of a                         o         $68.00 for lunch
                                                                                  life skills and “be-you” quizzes to help females get from “who
  company called Free beverage, and Guava
 choice of entree,Time Productions LLC. Her books are
                                                                                  they are” to “who they want to be.”
                         for dessert
 Bread PuddingBooks Music & Cafe, Bestsellers Books & Music,
  available at Borders                                                            HerStory thanks the following Corporate Sponsors* for their support
                                                                                   of the 2007 a eaker,
                                                                                  Marcie is Conference: author and facilitator that has worked
 Entree choices: Hawaii and several surf stores on Oahu and
  Native Books Na Mea
                                                                                  with more than 1,000 girls. As a Columnist for Sasy Maga-
  Kauai. Chicken venture
 Asian She sees her Salad as an opportunity to test her belief in
                                                                                  zine, aLevel ($10,000):
                                                                                   Aloha local teen pulication, she writes articles that inspire
  what Chowder/Salad
 Cornshe calls the “Three Ps” - if you combine your profession with
                                                                                  girls to discover the beauty within themselves and each oth-
 Curry Chicken Salad Pita Sandwich
  your passion you'll profit.                                                      La Pietra School for Girls
                        Save The Date!                                            Honolulu Magazine
   Career Breakout: Linda Giles                                                   Pick up a book at the November GMM. Swim is $20 and
                                                                                  part of the proceeds will be donated to the Junior League of
                                                                                   Na'auao Level ($5,000):
             JLH Holiday Party
   This life coach will discuss how important it is to not only excel in
   your career, but in all aspects of your life. Linda states, “I love my life!
                                                                                  Honolulu. For more info, contact Marcie at marcieherring
                                                                                   Hawaii Business Magazine
                 Saturday, December 1
   My journey from being depressed, unfulfilled and 75 pounds
                      5:30 - 8:30 p.m.
   overweight has taught me that self-care, self-trust and self-respect are       Kako'o Level ($2,500):
                At Carole Berg’s House speak on “Take
   where all the positive changes begin.” Hear her                                Central Pacific Bank
                   4680 Aukai Avenue
   Action: Reach Your Goals!” with practical steps and tools to follow
                                                                                  Kapi'olani Medical Center for Women and Children
   your passion, use your gifts, be resilient and live the life you love!
Calling all Sisters, Daughters, Nieces,                                           Hawaii Home and Remodeling Magazine

 Aunties, Grandmas and Girlfriends
 Relationship and Parenting Breakout:
                                                                                  Ho'ihi Level ($1,000):
   Bobbie Sandoz-Merrill, MSW
               New Member Orientation                                             Remedy Intelligent Staffing
   Bobbie is a nationally recognized author, columnist, speaker and
                   for our Spring Class
   relationship consultant. She is the author of Settle for More: You
                                                                                  There is still time to enter our Corporate Sponsorship Contest where
             Tuesday, November Wanted, Guaranteed! She
   Can Have the Relationship You Always 27, 2007
                                                                                  one lucky Junior League member will win 2 free tickets to HerStory!
               1350 Ala Moana Boulevard
   is an award winning columnist, has been published in The New York
                             (at Piikoi)
   Times and has received the Hawaii Chapter of Women in
   Communications Award. Bobbie 3rd Floor in two breakout                         If you have a Corporate Sponsor contact, email Kerry Lum at
                   Party Room, will be featured
   sessions, one on6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
                    relationships and the other on parenting. Come and            lumk@hawaii.rr.com
   learn how to settle for more in all your relationships – with your
   partner, family,Recommended parking
                   work and life!                                                 * Sponsors confirmed at time of article submission
                  is on the Sears side of
               Ala Moana Shopping Center
A Win - Win Situation
  The Halawai Gets Personal . . .
Your Communications Committee has
been hard at work researching and
recommending the optimal way to . . .
                                            BY KIMBERLY MIYAZAWA FRANK

                                          With the need to have accurate contact
                                          information for our members as well as to
                                          have policies and by-laws reflect any
                                                                                        Phase 2: Next year, we will add the
                                                                                                         List   and
                                                                                        Photographs sections to the JLH
                                                                                                                       PAGE 5 OF 12


what else? Communicate.                   changes the League may adopt                  Website, as well. Your name, contact
                                          throughout the The next two
       . . . personal ads, that is. That’s right! year, our Bluebook will be            information and photograph will only be
                                          going electronic! & February)
Our aim is to keep you CONNECTED (December/January (See, “Not All Websites
       issues of the Halawai with                                                       included in these sections if you provide
the League and with each other. To that ads. Created Equal,” October Halawai, by
       will feature your personal
                                               Want to tell someone
                                                                                        us with written authorization to do so.
end, we are implementing improvements     Jennifer Li.)                                 Further, posted information will be
      you love them, appreciate them, or just want them to
to the way our Bluebook information is                                                 Kids in the Kitchen
                                                                                        accessible only by JLH members using an
shared. have enhancements are designed take out a Halawai personal we do
        These a good day? Then,            What does that mean? How will                individual password.
to keep the vital information that is      that? When will this happen? We're glad     Goes to Kapolei
traditionally shared via our printed Blue- you asked.                                   Besides providing you with the most
book more accurate and easily accessible
                                                                                                     in the Kitchen Project League
                                                                                       JLH’s Kids information about thewill sup-
        Ads are $5.00 each for up to 50 words and may in-                                         upcoming Kapolei High School
                                                                                       port the members at any given time, the
to members throughout the year.            This plan will be implemented in two         and its
        clude a photo. Just in time for Christmas, Hanukkah,                                    and Wellness Fair information
                                                                                       Health saved by posting on Saturday,
                                       phases.                                                            2007. Organized by and
                                                                                       November 17, will allow us to redirect
        New Year’s and Valentine’s Day, let your creativity and
Traditionally, the Communications Com-                                                  electronically
                                                                                                 to their projects and programs
                                                                                       targetedfunds to students, JLH will host a
mittee sense of humor come through in your ad.
        annually updates the Bluebook,     Phase 1: The Bluebook is being updated
                                                                                       booth. Aimed at educating through inter-
has it printed and mails it out to each                                                 that fulfill our mission. That’s definitely a
                                           again this year. Once complete, the first          games and rewarding students with
                                                                                       aive win situation!
                                                                                        win -
        Tell your JLH sisters, best
member. Despite the Committee's friendseight family that you love
                                            and sections (Quick Reference,             healthy snacks, the Fair is a perfect venue
efforts, some of the data contained within
                                            optional photo to kimberl
        them! Send your ad text andCommittees, Leadership, Governance,                 for the JLH’s Kids in the Kitchen mission.
the Bluebook, namely members' contact      Strategic Plan, Annual Reports, JLH           In the coming weeks, please expect to
information, becomes obsolete before                                                    JLH volunteers are needed for flexile shift
                                                                                         receive a request for authorization to post
                                           History and AJLI) will be posted on the
the ink has a chance to dry. Movers and    JLH Website. All JLH members will have      times between 9:00 - 2:00. This is a family-
                                                                                         your name and contact information on
shakers that our members are, their        access to it. The remaining two sections    friendly event, so take your children along.
                                                                                         the secure JLH members-only website. It
phone numbers, email and home or work      (Membership List and Member Photo-            is our hope please contact Laurie Naka-
                                                                                       To volunteer, that you will partner with us
addresses often change before the books    graphs) will again be printed and mailed      and at laurie.nakamoto@gmail.com.
                                                                                       moto support this effort to keep all of us
reach members' mailboxes.                  out to each member in hard copy format.       better CONNECTED. For questions or
                                                                                         comments, please contact Kimberly Miyazawa
                                                                                         To all Friends of Sacs
                                                                                         Frank at kimberlyfrank@hawaiiantel.net.

                                                                               It’s time to start collecting
                                “When you practice generosity it relaxes the spirit,
                                                                                   silent auction items!
                                   provides a sense of well being and facilitatesYou are encouraged to be
                                                                                creative in gathering items
                               the flow of money in and through life.” – Deepak Chopra
                                                                                             for this year’s auction.
      If’, after the swirling rush of the holidays, your spirit needs a little relaxation, perhaps making a gift to The Junior
                                                                                                Please get your friends and
      League of Honolulu’s Annual Fund is just the right prescription. Could be just what the doctor ordered!
                                                                                                 committees together and
                                                                                                assemble your Sac.
      Our goal is record member participation in this year's Campaign. High participation rates help us solidify our non-
      profit status and increase our opportunity to be awarded grant funding.          Or, if you have retail contacts,
                                                                                                please let us know.
      Donations can be made by returning the remittance envelope you received with your Annual Fund letter. You can also
                                                                                         Most personal donations will
      make your donation over the phone by calling the JLH office at 946-6466 if that is more convenient. Thank you for
                                                                                          qualify for Ways & Means
      considering the League as part of your practice of generosity.
      Mahalo and their Families Race for a Cure
JLH Membersfor those donations already received! in the Susan B. Komen Breast             For donation drop-off or for
Cancer Race. Front row: Hezelyn Lopez, Janis Rodden, Teri Ogawa, Avis and
Nicholas Takamatsu, Drew Balkin. Back row: Carrie Allport, RoAnne Matsuura,                questions, please contact
Michelle Gray, Carin Agor, Melissa Trew, Martha Balkin, Melissa and Art Lam-               Lisa Spahn at 488-6913.
bert, Naomi Reale and Bob Takamatsu.
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Vicki Clark on Mission Statements          �
                                  The JLH October
Before I attended Vicki Clark's presentation, I secretly thought of
mission statements as useless and esoteric, the classic manifestation
of form over substance. They were invariably crafted and recrafted
                                                                                          BY MONICA JENNINGS

                                                                               What she said was not revolutionary, but it resonated. Vicki has a
                                                                               considerable gift to be able to reach out and make her points very
                                                                               clearly and beautifully. That uniqueness makes it impossible for me
so painstakingly that they became completely stripped of any                   to convey the magic of how she literally changed my mind. But I

       October 7 —
emotional hook. I've never voiced that opinion because I knew it
was heretical and that I'd be labeled as someone who lacked vision.
                                                                               have to try. That's how important I think her message is. She broke
                                                                               down the mission statement piece by piece. For those of you who

   Sustainers Art Show
And, intellectually, I could understand how an organization would
want to have a unifying theme upon which to build strategies and
                                                                               have ever heard it, it was similar in many ways to the inspiring way
                                                                               Red Skelton once distilled the meaning of each word of the Pledge
    at Cherye Pierce’s
tactics. Still, these statements always seemed dry to me, needing to           of Allegiance.
be put on plaques or pasted all over the place because they were
too stilted and boring to remember.                                            She spoke of the value we derive from being part of an association
                                                                               of Leagues, the value each of us has at our disposal. She
Now, thanks to Vicki Clark, I see mission statements in a whole new            underscored the importance of developing an understanding of the
light. The JLH mission statement, in particular, has become a lens             Honolulu community in which we live and affirming our belief that
through which my involvement in the League can become more                     improvement is indeed possible. She talked about commitment
clearly focused. During her recent visit, Vicki asked us to discuss            and provided a constructive alternative to leaving the League if we
what the mission statement meant to us personally. At the time, I              ever find ourselves disillusioned about it. Citing specific examples of
couldn't figure out how to answer that question even though I knew             lives affected by League projects, she strung together some of the
that a significant shift had occurred in how I thought about it. Later,        gems of which we can be proud. She challenged us to take
I began realizing that the way Vicki positioned it had given me an             responsibility for the state of the League and reminded us that
expanded view of the League and what it means to be a member. In               effective action can take the form of small steps, perhaps by simply
essence, Vicki's words were a wake-up call that gave me permission             speaking up.
and the ability to think outside of artificial boundaries.

                                                                        October 10 —
                                                                KITK Toddler Time at Kahala Mall

       Charitable Bequests . . . Planned Giving . . . Charitable Trusts. Have you seen terms like these in requests you've received from non-profit
       organizations and wondered what they mean?

       Join us at the January 17 GMM and gain a better understanding of the types of charitable gifts we can leave behind us to help make our
       desire for a better world a reality.

                                                                 Creating a Legacy
                                                           Presented by Joy Miyasaki, Esq.
                                                              January 17 at the GMM

       Joy Miyasaki is an attorney with the Law Offices of Shuichi Miyasaki. She was previously a trial attorney for the Internal Revenue Service
       in New Jersey and a partner with a tax law firm in New York City. She received her B.A. and J.D. from Georgetown University.

       Joy is an adjunct professor at the University of Hawaii School of Law and a past chair of the Probate and Estate Planning Section of the
       Hawaii State Bar Association.                      For more photos of these and other JLH events,
                                                           visit the Junior League website.
       Joy is currently the president of the Hawaii Women's Legal Foundation and is a past president of Hawaii Women Lawyers.
  � Album
r Photo
She explained her belief in functional or situational leadership and
how individuals should feel safe about stepping up in a situation
                                                                                                JLH Mission
                                                                                                                �                    PAGE 7 OF 12

where the formal League leadership would benefit from their         October 12 —
                                                                             The Junior League of Honolulu is an organization
individual expertise.
                                                                             of women committed to promoting voluntarism,
                                                          Impact Honolulu’s HUGS Respite Nite
                                                                             developing the potential of women and improving
With that as a background, she stressed the importance of                    communities through the effective action and
positioning everything we do in the League as something that moves           leadership of trained volunteers.
us forward in our mission and why it is vitally important for each of us
to feel that purpose no matter what task we are working on. Finally,
and most interesting for me, she helped us see ourselves as so much
more than the labels by which we tend to identify ourselves and each           A personal transformation occurs when we adopt an
other. We are first and foremost members, regardless of whether we             expanded view of our ability to change the world.
are Provisionals or Actives or Sustainers. We are members united by            Inspired philanthropy can be the natural result. However,
an overall mission, and it is that, and not our individual placements,
                                                                               this transformation is difficult to achieve unless one feels
that define our place in the League.
                                                                               confident and in control of her financial life.

This was very quietly explosive stuff. For me, in the twinkling of an          The Junior League of Honolulu offers you a great chance
eye, the JLH mission statement went from being a dry and awkward
                                                                               to improve your financial savvy as part of its mission to
set of words to becoming a powerful way to focus on what it means
                                                                               develop the potential of women. Plan on attending:
to be part of the Junior League of Honolulu and how I can be a better
member. If you didn't have the opportunity to hear Vicki yourself, my
hope is that this gives you a glimpse into an amazing way of thinking
                                                                                              Bird-Brain Investing:
                                                                                           A good thing or a bad thing?
         October 23 — Training’s “Excel for Everyone” by Malia Denis
about the power of our mission statement.

                                                                                        Thursday, February 8, 2007
                                                                                              6:30 - 8:30 pm
                                                                                     YWCA on Richards Street, Room 307

                                                                               Take a glimpse into the field of behavioral finance and
                                                                               learn the answer to the bird-brain investing question as
                                                                               JLH's own Fund Development Committee member and
                                                                               financial planner, Monica Jennings, discusses some of the
                                                                               behaviors that might be detrimental to your financial
                                                                               health and best of all, how to guard against them.

     You Won't Want to Miss This One!                                          RSVP to The Junior League of Honolulu office at
                     The January GMM
                  Wednesday, January 17th
                  Hale Ikena • Fort Shafter                                           3 East Steps for Registration on
                   6:00 Dinner • 6:30 Meeting
                                                                                       AJLI's Members-Only Section
                                                                           1) Locate your AJLI Member ID number.
             RSVP for dinner ($20) and/or meeting                            (It was on the Member ID card that was sent with your dues statement
                                                                             last March. If you do not know it, call the AJLI Help Desk:
                      to Carol by Jan 16                                     1-800-955-3248 between 8:30-6 Eastern time.)
              info@JuniorLeagueofHonolulu.org                              2) Visit www.ajli.org and click on Member login. There you'll find
                                                                              a link for the enrollment page.
                           See You There!                                  3) If you need assistance, email info@ajli.org or call the help desk.
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                        Fund Development Corner
    You are invited to afternoon tea
                        By Monica Jennings

                        In mid-September, The Honolulu Advertise ran a four-part series titled, “Unguarded Giving” related to issues surrounding
                    the fact J ANUARY 20 TH , FROM 1:30 P. not require charities
                SATURDAY,that Hawaii is one of only 11 states that doM. TO 3:30 P.M. to register.
 We thought we would take the opportunity to talk about some of the concerns raised in the series and let you know what JLH does to help ensure
 good stewardship of the funds it is entrusted with by members and other donors.
      Take time to renew your “Rainbow Connections” with other Junior League of Honolulu members. This is a wonderful
      opportunity to celebrate your League connections. Wear a hat! Bring your favorite teacup and be prepared to share the story
  Potential Concern                                                     JLH Position
      behind why it's your favorite cup.
  Excessive executive pay                                               JLH officers are members/volunteers and are not paid.
  Embezzlement or mishandling of organization funds                       Internal controls are in place, including separation of duties related to
      Enjoy tea, sandwiches and sweets at the 1350 Ala Moana Building's gracious party room and rooftop garden. Conveniently park
                                                                          cash handling, which minimize this risk.
      across the street on the lower level of the Ewa side of Ala Moana Center (nearest Sears) and walk across the street to the Ewa Mauka
  Loans to officers                                                         JLH does not lend money to anyone.
      corner of Ala Moana and Piikoi. Come for a lovely afternoon to refresh your JLH friendships with talk and tea. It's an afternoon
      of relaxing, catching up with raise money for making new            JLH does not opportunity to talk with
  Use forPaid Solicitors/Fundraisers toold friends and the Charity ones. It's also anuse professional fundraisers.others about different
      committees as you think
  Lack of fiscal responsibility about your placement for next year.        JLH engages a local CPA firm to perform an annual audit. The most
                                                                          recent audit report was presented to the Board in October and the
                                                                          League received a clean audit opinion.
      All Active members and Provisional members will receive an invitation by email, so please add “Hats On” to the League to your
      calendars now. Please direct questions and RSVPs to Mai Ly Schultz at maistamps@gmail.com. See you there!
                                                                          Financial statements provide a detailed breakdown of expense catego-
                                                                          ries and are prepared and carefully reviewed by the Board monthly.
                                                                           JLH has policies and procedures in place to address issues such as pru-
                                                                           dent business and travel expenses, potential conflicts of interest for deci-
                                                                           sion makers, whistle lower protection, and records management.
                             Sustenance the support it receives from its members and rest of the community.
Sumptuousand demonstrateappreciation forfor Sustainers! BY BETTY MASTRANTONIO One of its ongo-
 The Junior League of Honolulu has a deep
 ing priorities is to ensure              that it continues to deserve that support.
About 40 JLH Sustainers and several Board members gathered for a lovely luncheon at Jackie Jones' home on November 4th. The weather was

The Chocolate Indulgence
warm and sunny, the view was breathtaking, and the food was scrumptious! Just to tease your taste buds, consider the following menu:

 Appetizers Lunch      Beverages                                                                                Dessert
            By Candace Flores
                                         Gingered Nights. Chocolate is an indulgenceInfusionand not be the Cappuccino Bites around, it does
   Layered Cheese Torta months upon us we Carrot Soup
              With the Fall                                                  Hibiscus of mine Tea               most healthy snack
                                          upcom- with Snow myself a Summer Mint Spritzer                        Lime Ginger Cookies
   Curried Chickpea Spread with the Asparagus I would callPeas and connoisseur willing to go contain a number of nutrients. High in potas-
              start thinking about
   Pita                                  Cherry
              ing Holidays. It seems HalloweenTomatoes lengths for a taste of truly exquisite sium and magnesium, chocolate also provides
                                                     to great                                                   Mauna Kea Sunrise Bars
   Papaya beginning of the Holiday Asian Pear with Green recall
signals theSpring Rolls w/Peanut festivities. chocolate. I Bean a time in Las Vegas when I us with several vitamins — including B1, B2,
                                                                                                                Chocolate Truffles
Invitations to gather with family andSalad friends trekked through every hotel on the strip look- D, and E. I am a chocolate advocate and maybe
   Puffed Cranberry party                Grilled ing for a ecifi
begin arriving — oneBites after another. WeChicken on Sconesc chocolatier selling ecialty all these reasons provide more of a rationale to
visit with people we may not have seen much velvety, rich mouth-melting truffles.                      enjoy more chocolate and feel less guilty. How-
                                                                                                     ever we use the information, chocolate a di-
throughout thedishesso it may be nice by bring own chefs extraordinaire – Carole Berg, Helen MacNeil, Jackie Jones, Tracy Jones andisCarol
These yummy         year, were prepared to JLH’s
               to these gatherings. Th new JLH Chocolate’s allure for me Nights; and from the vine, sweet, indulgent pleasure.
a little treat All recipes were from theese treats Cookbook, Aloha Days, Hula lies in the different comments around the tables and the cookbook
can be prepared from the Junior League of Ho- tastes and textures of each piece. Although in-
                                                              are winners!
sales (17 cases of books were purchased!) – these recipesin chocolate comes with added caloric Even if you aren’t a chocolate lover, besides
nolulu’s Aloha Days Hula Nights cookbook. Our dulging
cookbook has many different delicious dessert intake, there are supposed benefits to eating the chocolate volcano and truffles, there are
recipes to tempt guests that was the wonderful chocolate. While scientist are still not positive a number of other dessert recipes to news
Just as exciting as the food can be extravagant conviviality and laughter throughout the house as friends visited and caught up on the latest share
as a shared stories and remembrances of with how the 300 chemicals was a wonderful make with we thank Jackie family. Please consult
and warm chocolate volcano cake dusted events and committees past. It in chocolate can afternoon andyour friends and(and her husband, Don)
powered such to a simply tempting dish of us feel good; chocolate contains a neurotrans- Aloha Days Hula Nights. Use the delicious
for being sugar gracious hosts.
butter mochi. Presenting friends and family mitter, serotonin, that acts as an anti-depres- treats as an introduction to the JLH for your
with a dish from the JLH cookbook will give sant. Other substances, such as Theo bromine close friends and family. From there, tell
them a taste of the organization you have been and phenyl ethylamine, also have a stimulating them how much you
participating in during the year.                    effect. Also, researchers at the Eastman Den- have been involved
                                                     tal Center in Rochester, New York, have con- in the organiza-
At a recent Junior League of Honolulu cook- cluded that milk chocolate is one of the snack tion and the sig-
book committee meeting I tried the most foods that are least likely to contribute to tooth nificant              things
wonderful truffles prepared by Sarah Knox decay, since it contains phosphate and other the JLH has ac-
created from the pages of the Aloha Days Hula minerals. Furthermore, while chocolate may complished.
�           
                            JUNIOR LEAGUE OF HONOLULU
                            Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA
                            February 22-24, 2008
                                                                                  �              PAGE 9 OF 12

Thank you for your interest in attending ODI and enhancing your Junior League of Honolulu career. Your
interest shows your commitment to the League, and more importantly, in wanting to develop and use
your leadership skills within the League. Selections will be made in November/December 2007. If you
have any questions, please contact one of the following Nominating Committee members: Teri Ogawa
(tko5@att.net); Lee Ann Del Carpio (leeann@innerpowerintl.com); Wendie McAllaster (kailuasurf@hawaii.
rr.com); Marcie Purdy (jlmarcie@gmail.com) and Janis Rodden (janisrodden@gmail.com).

Name:__________________________________________________        Year Active: ________________________

Committee Experience / Year:

Chair Experience / Year:

Leadership Experience you have gained outside the League:

What are your personal goals / objectives for the League?

Why are you interested in attending the ODI?

Please indicate your preference of the workshop tracks offered. If more than one, please rank in ascend-
ing order (i.e., #1 being your 1st preference, #2 being your 2nd preference, etc.):
       ___ Achieving Community Impact: Identifying & Building Powerful Community Projects;
       ___ Building Internal Capacity: Strengthening Your League’s Operating Infrastructure;
       ___ Diversified Fund Development: From Fund Raising to Comprehensive Funding;
       ___ Membership Development: Creating Tomorrow’s Community Leaders;
       ___ Electing Leaders for Tomorrow’s League: New Strategies and Tools for Nominating

                 Please complete this form and submit to the Nominating Committee
                             via the JLH Office fax (949-4617) ASAP.
PAGE 10 OF 12

                     PERSONAL PREFERENCE SHEET
                     (Please check ALL positions YOU are interested in for 2008-2009)

   BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                       COMMITTEE CHAIRS
       President-Elect                                        Arrangements
       Community Vice President                               Commercial Products
       Membership Vice President                              Community Assistance Fund*
       Fundraising Vice President                             Fund Development
       Communications Vice President                          HerStory
       Recording Secretary                                    Impact
       Parliamentarian (non-voting)                           Kids In The Kitchen
                                                               My Story
                                                               Nominating (also non-voting member of
                                                                     Board of Directors)
                                                               Placement
                                                               Project Research and Development*
                                                               Provisional
                                                               Sacs in the City
                                                               Training
                                                               85th Gala*

   *I understand this committee may or may not be active in 2008-2009, but am interested in chairing if it is.
       Nominating Committee (Active members for at least 3 years and Committee Chair experience)
       Placement Committee (Active member for 1 year)
       Provisional Committee
       Assistant Treasurer

   What specific goals or skills do you want to acquire in or can share with the League?

   The Personal Preference Sheet will be used as a selection tool by the Nominating Committee.
   Please feel free to express any further comments/concerns.

   Name_____________________________           Phone*_____________________
                                               (best time to reach me at this number______________)

   Signature__________________________         Date_____________________________________________

   *Please remember to include a phone number so that the Nominating Committee may contact you for
   slating purposes.

        DEADLINE: November 16, 2007 to League office. Fax: 949-4617, Attn: Nominating Committee
Rainbow Connections: Applause! Applause!
Members connecting with members
                                                                                                        Celebrating A Birthday?

                                                        Each month we “put our hands together” for individual members deserving
                                                                                                                                  PAGE 11 OF 12

                                                                                         Lighting Specialist to spotlight column through
                                                        of special recognition. “Applause! Applause!” is a standing the fashion runway
                                                        which you can recognize a JLH member for a job well done, express your
                                                                                         show by Anne Namba Designs at Sacs you think
                                                        gratitude to someone for her contributions or just let her know why in the City,
                                                        she’s a great asset to the JLH. Submit your Applause! Applause! information
                                                       STORK SIGHTINGS                    on Saturday, April 7, 2007, at the Hilton Hawaiian
DECEMBER BIRTHDAYS          JANUARY BIRTHDAYS                                               Village, Tapa Ballroom. Know someone 6th
                                                        to Kimberly Miyazawa Frank at kimberlyfrank@hawaiiantel.net by the in theof
TRANSFERS IN                                            each month for the following month’s issue of the Halawai.
Sharon Shanley (12/01) from Nola Miyasaki (01/01) CA
Virginia Bull (S)           Santa Barbara,                                                lighting business or have a contact? Contact Co-
Jean Yokoyama-McDonald      Dana Newberry (01/02)
                                                        This month we put our hands together for:
Jan Herring (S) from Charlottesville, VA                                                   Chairs Janis Rodden at RoddenJ001@hawaii.rr.com
(12/01)                     Suzanne Boatman (01/03)      Cherye Pierce for sharing her art collection with JLH Sustainers.
                                                                                                         or Naomi Reale 520-1176. Thanks!
Violet Masumi Anderson      Gini Enos (01/03)
                                                         Larisa Majors for going above and beyond in enthusiasm and support of the
(12/03)      BIRTHDAY! Mei Neff (01/03)
                                                         My Story committee.
Marsha Bohnett (12/05) Elizabeth
Deborah Fitzgerald
Pamela McCoy (12/05)        (11/07) (01/04)
                             Janis Rodden                Carin Agor for organizing a
                                                       Jennifer Li's baby brother, Kawika Li, fun KITK Toddler Time at Kahala Mall.
Martha Balkin (12/06)                                    Ashley Ching for 2006. Healthy
                                                       was born on October 30,selling a silver table for Sacs in the City 2008.
Rhoda Hackler (11/07) Shire (01/04)                    and happy, he weighed in at 9 lbs 4 oz
Julianne Erickson (12/06)
Elspeth Kerr (11/02)Nancy Varner (01/04)                 Naomi inches for
                                                       and was 21Reale long. organizing the JLH team for the Komen Race.
Mary Hines King (12/06)      Gerry Ching (01/05)
Patricia Faus (11/23)                                    Dana Espinoza for buying a silver table for Sacs in the City 2008.
Jessica Perez-Mesa (12/06)   Candice McMullan-Vogel
Janet Joseph (11/20)
Luanna Farden McKenney       (01/06)                     Malia Denis for the practical and fun Excel training.
Bonnie Prior (11/10) Piia Aarma (01/07)
(12/08)                                                  Lisa Spahn for handling the bulk mailing of all Sacs solicitation letters.
Jane Stevenson (11/22)Ann Bell (01/08)
Jeffrie Jones (12/09)        Mary
Susan (12/10)
LaurenLee Friedl (11/18)Tracy Jones (01/08)
Chris O’Brien (11/03)
                                                                       Dreams don’t retire.SM
Eleanor Richardson (12/10)   Carolyn Arnold (01/09)
Suzy Churchill (11/13) Takamatsu (01/10)
Patsy Brown (12/13)          Avis
Elaine Evans
Malia Denis (12/14) (11/23)  Suzanne Kim (01/11)       Carter Watabe, son of Teri Watabe,
Anna Chun (11/02)
Liz Penoff George (12/14)    Jan Barosh (01/14)        was born on November 9, 2006. A
Ruthann Yamanaka (12/14)
Jenny Anderson (11/15)       Jane Tatibouet (01/14)    blessing to Mom and Dad John,
Jodie Ching (12/15)          Margery Ziffrin (01/14)     A unique and collaborative approach to financial planning that starts with
                                                       Carter weighed 6 lbs, 7 oz.
Randy Grobe (11/23)
Elizabeth Stack (12/16)
Monica Jennings (11/24)
                             JoAnne Dixon (01/16)       your dreams, not just numbers.
Joanne Loomis (12/17)        Mai Ly Schultz (01/17)
Teri Watabe (11/10)Jennifer Pang (01/19)                Valerie Schmidt, ChFC®, CFS
Miriam Loui (12/17)                                     Financial Advisor
Caron Broederdorf (11/16) (01/22)
Denise Nakano (12/17)        Jennifer Li                1585 Kapiolani Blvd. Ste 1736
Diedre Chase
Carole Berg (12/22) (11/05)  Stacia Murray (01/25)      Honolulu, HI 96814
Catherine Kerch (11/12) Hartman (01/30)                 (808)942-7797 x 1160
Lynette Chung Char (12/22)   Sharolyn
                                                        Direct Phone: (808)952-1160
Adrianna Deise (11/30) Allen (01/31)
Ann KooverLawson (12/22)     Cindy                      valerie.x.schmidt@ampf.com
Vanessa Applbaum (11/24)
Lyn Wray (12/24)
Amy Crawford (11/09)
Jeanie Evans-Borror (12/27)                    Kaia Isabela Del Carpio was born
Sue Cermak (11/09)
Cara Marshall Chapman                          on November 30, 2006, at 2:33 a.m.,
                                                 Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., Member NASD and SIPC.
(12/31)                                        weighing in at 7 lbs. 9.9 oz. to Lee
                                               Ann Del Carpio and husband,
   HUGS — 25 Years of Embracing the Community
Val Covington (12/31)
Sarah Richards (12/31)
                                               Javier. Angelena, her 20 month old
                                               big sister, support, compassion,
   This year, HUGS is celebrating 25 years of providing loves to give baby Kaia and aloha to keep families with seriously ill children to-
   gether.                                     kisses.
   Celebratory events in May featured a fundraising dinner with a program honoring founding HUGS board member and Honorary
                                              Australia. After a JLH Sustainer.
   Trustee, Hawai’i Representative Barbara Marumoto,taking in the SydneyOther events that will be held throughout the year in honor
Wedding Bells were ringing on November
   of this Junior League member Nikki         Bridge and Opera House and the Celebration of Life, where past and current HUGS families
4, 2006, forsilver anniversary include the HUGS Family Dinners and enjoying the
                                              sights and in honor of the Harbor,
   gather for a picnic, aivities, and a remembrance sounds of Darlingchildren who have passed on.
Kowalski and her groom Michael De Witt.
They were married in aHUGS was formed by a small group of volunteers from the Unity Church who recognized the stress and many
   Founded in 1982,                                         Nikki and Michael hopped
Catholic ceremony in their families with seriously ill children.Holland America
   challenges that arise for                                abroad a Volunteers dedicated themselves to estalishing an agency that would
hometown of Poway (a compassion to help keep these Cruise Ship and toured
   provide support and                                      families together during these trying times.
suburb of San Diego),                                       South East Australia and
   Over the past and                                        New Zealand 1,400 family
California. Friends 25 years, HUGS has helped to support more thanfor two weeks. members for an average of three years each, providing
   a variety of services. Additionally, hundreds of non-HUGS families have been served through the agency’s two hospital outreach
family joined the new Mr.                                   One of Nikki's favorite stops
                                                            was in Melbourne where year
   programs. On average, the organization provides services to 175 families a she statewide. HUGS is a community-supported agency
and Mrs. De Witt at the
                                                          fundraisers, grants, and
   that receives funding through Aloha United Way,feed the Kangaroos! From donations.
Rancho Bernardo Inn after the ceremony        was able to
   HUGS the beginning of their new life       South Island to everything from emergency airfare assistance to providing toy chests in local
to celebratehas developed 12 ecific programs that coverNorth Island the couple
   hospitals day after the interaive
together. Theto arrangingwedding the play for hospitalized children. For more information, visit www.hugslove.org
                                              enjoyed stops in Dunedin, Picton,
newlyweds enjoyedaDisneyland and with the Queen’s Medical Cente from 1984-1987 that provided a series of educational sesions fo new parents.
   Note: JLH ran H.U.G. project               Wellington and Auckland to name a few.
California Adventure in Southern              Best Wishes, Nikki
   While simila in name, the projects ere different in content. and Michael!
California before jetting to Sydney,
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            Tracy’s Trivia
Each month we will share JLH factoids that
are sure to spark any cocktail party conver-
sation. It’s stuff you never needed to know,
but your life would be incomplete without
                                                        “The Kama‘aina.”

                                                   In 1934, JLH members worked in Lib-
                                                                                                  In 1978, JLH held a Disco Party fund-

                                                    erty House and sold dollar items on           Fashion shows have been popular
it. Factoids are compiled by Tracy Jones,           “Dollar Day.”                                  sources of funds. The last one JLH
an Active member who holds the longest                                                             held, “Time with Victor Costa,” was in
tenure as such (that’s a factoid, too!).           During the 1950’s League members               June 1992.
                                                    modeled clothes in weekly fashion
Did You Know That . . . .                           shows at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.            JLH held a Christmas Tree sale from
In order to support League projects and                                                            1991 through 1998.
member development, JLH has relied on              Holiday Balls ran primarily from 1953
many different types of fundraisers over             – 1965, and included dinner, danc-            In 1998, members sold Zippy’s Chili
the years:                                          ing, and elaborate shows performed             certificates.
                                                    by League members. It returned in
 In 1928 the Junior League Shop                    1969, and in 1973 a Golden Anniver-          What do the following members have in
  opened, selling children’s clothes and            sary Ball was held, celebrating the fifty     common?
  novelty items. During the Depression,             years of JLH.
  the shop sold Hawaiian handicrafts.                                                            —Chenoa Morris
                                                   The first auction, held in 1977, was
 In 1929, JLH produced a movie called              televised.                                   —Teri Ogawa

              2007 – 2008 Halawai Advertising Rates                                              —Elizabeth Pump
 Ad type      Dimensions*           Per Issue Price**     Annual Subscription Price***           —Nancy Tudor
    A            2.5" x 5"                $75                      $300
    B            3" x 7.5"                $125                     $400
                                                                                                 (Send an email with your answer to the
 *Ads may be horizontal or vertical
 **Prices do not include Hawaii State General Excise Tax
                                                                                                 League office with the subject: November
 ***Annual subscription is 5 issues: September through May (combined December/January issue)     In-Common Contest. Correct answers
 Please contact Kimberly Miyazawa Frank at kimberlyfrank@hawaiiantel.net for more information.   will be entered into a drawing for brownies
                                                                                                 or lemon bars home-made by Tracy.)

                                                                                                                        Non Profit Org.
                                                                                                                         U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                         Honolulu, HI
                                                                                                                        Permit No. 228

      Junior League of Honolulu
 1500 South Beretania Street, Suite 100
       Honolulu, Hawaii 96826

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