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A bug flew up my nose! What do I do?

While I was walking, I inhaled and a small, black bug flew straight up my nose. I tried to blow it out, but I'm pretty sure it didn't work. I am terrified because now it
feels like there is something on the bottom of my eye! Is it possible for the bug to lay eggs inside of me, or cause other trouble?! Please, only serious answers! I
am very scared!

Asked by -Holly- at Aug 12,2011 01:41

the bug will probably go down to ur stomach. The stomach acid is strong enough to kill the bug and any eggs it might lay in there(if any)

Answer from Glenn davis at Aug 12,2011 01:43


Answer from Sierria Mist at Aug 12,2011 01:43

Try blowing you nose hard a few times usually the bug will come out.

Answer from Hot Lil Velma at Aug 12,2011 01:51

u should really get a doctor to check that out. have someone check in ur eye for signs of irritation. i dnt know about the whole laying eggs thing but the doctor can
help u somehow

Answer from Ms_Creative at Aug 12,2011 02:06

Best answer

I hate to tell you this, but pretty much everyone has inhaled a small insect multiple times in their life without consequence. Most people who do lawn work or work
in wooded areas inhale them on occasion without consequence.

Answer from Dan S at Aug 12,2011 02:49

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