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20 year old low pulse and blood pressure male?

they wont even let me donate blood.some people tell me it means your extremely healthy some people say its bad. just wondering what was up

Asked by Dereck Bonner at Aug 15,2011 01:51

its good to be really low to a certain point. if pulse gets lower than 50 or if bp gets below 60/40 then id be concerned

Answer from Mike Michael at Aug 15,2011 01:56

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Average range of an adults pulse is 60-100bmp. Average blood pressure is around 120/80. Now if your physically fit it is normal for your pulse to be in the low
60's or high 50's. Your BP shouldn't be effected by your fitness though. you BP measures the amount of pressure generated with each heart beat if its low it
means u need more fluids. aka drink more water and Gatorade. (2 waters per 1 gatorade, so that u can balance out the electrolytes.) Now when you donate blood
you have to be screened before giving blood. The reason why they check ur BP and pulse is because they have to make certain that you wont be effected
harmfully by the loss of blood. By law they can only take blood from patients who fall under certain perimeters, in order to protect both donor and receiver. hope
this helps.

Answer from helpinghands<3 at Aug 15,2011 02:06

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