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Would Opel Vectra headlights fit a Vauxhall Vectra manufactured the same year?

Asked by angelique at Aug 14,2011 21:44

It's exactly the same except for the badges

Answer from obiwinn at Aug 14,2011 21:45

Best answer

Probably yes but make sure they dip the correct way for your car, i.e. right or left hand drive

Answer from UK Dad at Aug 14,2011 21:57

the cars are identical in a lot of ways most components will fit both cars the only difference is they are built in different countrys but are basically the same car !

Answer from LEON COLLINS at Aug 14,2011 21:58

Should do, but be aware that the Opel versions are often left hand drive cars so make sure they point the right way on dipped beam.

Answer from EvelynThe ModifiedDog. at Aug 15,2011 00:39

As long as they are both UK & Eire sourced cars all parts are interchangeable. Where the problem arises is if the headlights were sourced from Europe

Answer from george d at Aug 15,2011 08:21

You might have a problem come MOT time.field of vision will be distorted on main and dipped beam, as they are set for left hand drive.

Answer from Richard at Aug 16,2011 21:41

Yes. However as one of the other answerers has already said, make sure they are for a right-hand-drive car (e.g. an Ireland-market Opel Vectra), not a left-hand
drive car (e.g. a German-market Opel Vectra), so that they dip to the left. (All Vauxhall Vectras are right-hand-drive).

Answer from Neil at Aug 17,2011 03:45

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