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why wont my honda trx300ex quad start?

my quad wont start, the battery is fine, the gas valve is fine but it seems like gas wont go to the engine, i put a teaspoon of gas in the cylinder and it worked fine,
but it didnt stay on for long and when i tried starting it again without putting any gas in the cylyinder, it would not start. I NEED HELP FAST
fuel comes out of the fuel line its just from the carburatur and on that im not sure about and the air filter is cleaned, i think something is wrong with the carb.

Asked by Thomas at Aug 14,2011 07:46

Best answer

First, make sure your gas valve on the left hand side is is turned to ON, not OFF or RES. Next, look for a kinked fuel line. follow-up Weird. I recently had some
problems with my TRX400 that sounded similar to yours and it turned out to be bad gas, even though it was filled pretty recently. I may be worth draining your
tank, or at least siphoning it as much as you can, and trying a full tank of fresh gas. You may as well change the spark plug at this time as well, just a couple
bucks and easy to do, obviously. Beyond that, carb rebuild kits aren't very expensive and the process is pretty easy to do if you're the least bit mechanically

Answer from Richard R at Aug 14,2011 07:51

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