Minutes of the meeting of Wellington Town Council held in the United
Reformed Church Hall, Fore Street, Wellington on Monday 7 June 2010 at

PRESENT: Councillor A Govier (Mayor),
Councillors G Copley, J Clark, P Critchard, G Goodwin, J Govier, R Henley, K C
Hindley, J Hunt, J Lloyd, D Mitton, J Reed, V Stock-Williams and Wilson

Greg Dyke (Town Clerk) and Julia Thorne (Assistant Clerk).

There were 6 members of the public present.

Councillor Bowrah
The Council asked that its best wishes be passed on to Councillor Bowrah for a
speedy recovery from his recent operation.

Councillor A Govier declared a personal interest as a member of Somerset
County Council and Taunton Deane Borough Council.
Councillors Copley, Critchard, Henley, Stock-Williams and Wilson all declared
personal interests as members of Taunton Deane Borough Council.

The minutes of the Annual meeting of the Council and the meetings of the Council
held on 10 May 2010, copies of which had been circulated, were taken as read
and signed by the Mayor as correct.

The Mayor submitted a report saying what an honour it had been to be elected as
the second Mayor of Wellington. He thanked fellow councillors for their support
and thanked Councillor Peter Critchard for his service over the previous two
years. Councillor Critchard was presented with his Past Chairman‟s badge.

A busy month had included a visit to the Operatic Society‟s production of „High
Society‟. Together with the Mayoress he hoped to help and support as many local
groups as possible during his term of office.They also intended to support
charities that were raising funds for local causes and those further afield. They
had supported a charity car wash organised by the local fire service in support of
Heartstart, met with representatives of the Afghan Heroes charity who were doing
a sponsored tractor ride to raise funds for troops in Afghanistan and attended the
League of Friends of Wellington Community Hospital fete.

During his mayoral term there would be a Civic Service at St John‟s Parish
Church when representatives of other towns and local groups would be invited to
join in the service. During his period of office the immediate past mayor had rightly
honoured Marjorie Covey for her services to the town. The Mayor and Mayoress
had someone in mind who they felt deserved to receive recognition for their
tremendous service to the town and wider community. This nomination would be
brought to the Council in the next few months and following the suggestion from
the Town Clerk it was hoped to use the new power that had been given to Town
Councils to award the „Freeman/women‟ title.

It was also hoped to introduce a certificate that the council could award to honour
people who offered excellent service to the town on a „one off‟ or special
occasion. This would be a way of formally recognising the people who made the
town such a wonderful place to live. All of these proposals would be met from
existing budgets.

In addition to this they would be organising a tour of the traders in the town to let
them know that the Council wanted to work with them and to get their ideas on
how it could help the town to recover from the recession. They hoped to work with
other groups, including the Chamber of Trade, to organise events that would
promote the town and encourage visitors and build on events that were already
planned like the Food Town event, Welly Boot day and the Tour of Britain to
organise a „Festival fortnight‟ in early September.

In order to work with local charities to raise money for good causes it was hoped
to organise an event in December that would involve the lighting of candles in
remembrance of people who had died.

This gave a flavour for what he hoped to achieve during his time as Mayor. He
hoped to work with other councillors on a range of projects over the next two
years. The town faced a number of challenges in the years to come but if
everyone worked together the town could be made an even better place to live.

Sergeant Stuart Bell reported the crime statistics for the current month which
showed a reduction on the previous month‟s figures. Test purchases had been
made at licensed premises and search warrants had been executed in connection
with the supply of illegal substances. In addition a survey of vulnerable, insecure
vehicles had been carried out in a crime prevention initiative.

(a) Mrs Cherry Hitchcock asked whether any progress had been made in
improving the flow of vehicles from ASDA car park and in removing the parking
space opposite the old Post Office in High Street.

The Mayor reported that that the Car Parks Manager at Taunton Deane was
looking again at the possibility of removing two spaces at the entrance of the car
park in an effort to ease the movement of traffic wanting to turn left into Longforth
Road. The proposal to remove the car parking space in High Street would be
contained in the next appropriate Traffic Regulation Order.

(b) Mrs Diana Land asked if any action had been taken to improve the pedestrian
crossing area by the traffic lights in Longforth Road. She also suggested that a
yellow hatched area be introduced in the road beyond the traffic lights at North
Street in an effort to ease the traffic congestion experienced in that location.

The Mayor explained that the plans for the Longforth Road traffic lights were still
with the developers. Once they were in the possession of the Highway Authority it
would be able to look at the sequencing of lights to see if traffic flow in this area

could be improved. The suggestion regarding hatching at North Street did not
meet with general approval from members as some felt it would not work.
However, it was agreed to ask the Highway Authority to investigate.

(c) Isabel Ward reported that following an approach from Somerset Skills and
Learning young people had been used in a community project to tidy up garden
areas in Lancer Court and ASDA car park. She also drew attention to the local
competitions that Wellington in Bloom would be running and encouraged entries.

(d) Pauline Sturgess reported that the music season had now started in the Park
and attendances had been very good.

Ian Stock of 3Spheres UK made a presentation to the Council based on a recent
economic survey he had undertaken. The survey provided a snapshot of the
economic well being of a cross section of businesses in the Wellington area. A
total of 30 businesses had been interviewed which included a selection of “High
Street” retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers and servicing companies.

The survey had found that the „green shoots‟ of economic recovery did not appear
to be playing a significant role in improving the level of business currently
experienced by the respondents to this survey, seasonal factors and weather
were more important. However, there was some optimism that trading conditions
would improve over the next 2-3 months, due to a combination of improving
economic conditions, and better weather and seasonal factors bringing more
people out and about in the town. There was a significant change in outlook
which, if it materialised, would be beneficial for businesses and Wellington as a

Companies based outside the town centre on industrial estates were less reliant
on Wellington trade, less affected by what took place in the town and to some
extent, therefore, less aware of or concerned about aspects which town centre
businesses would like to see improved.

Town centre businesses relied on people coming into the town. Their concerns
and desire for improvements reflected this in wanting:
   o people to have easy access to the town centre – traffic congestion was
       seen as inhibiting such access
   o the town to look inviting – empty shops and building works were
   o people, once in town, to spend time looking around – parking costs and
       restrictions were seen as militating against visitors‟ ability to do this.
Other suggestions included better signage to indicate parking areas and the
location of shops and facilities, and a railway station to help the town‟s longer term

Financial stability and cash flow were important to the survival of any business. It
was thought that the current burden on smaller businesses could be reduced by
lowering rates and taxes. Specific mention was made of business rates,
corporation tax and VAT, and the employers‟ National Insurance contributions.

Respondents also saw the Government‟s role as ensuring that banks were
sympathetic and responsive to business needs in the present economic climate.

Companies interviewed were looking to improve their own situation by developing
their businesses, through diversification or better marketing, and by redesigning or
upgrading the interior or exterior of their premises. This positive response
indicated that respondents were looking to the future, despite the present
economic conditions, both for their own business and Wellington itself.
The Company intended repeating the survey in the near future and the results
would once again be shared with the Council.

Discussion of the survey revealed that there was a perception that overall car
parking in the town had decreased. Although there had been a reduction in the
number of vehicles using South Street car park this had been matched by an
increase in vehicles using the ASDA car park. It was also felt that the free parking
system operated by both ASDA and the Coop should be highlighted. Taunton
Deane were the owners or operators of the car parks in the town and it was
suggested that they give serious thought how the car parks were operated.
Councillor Jackie Govier reported that this was discussed at a recent meeting of
the Chamber of Trade when the Regional Manager of Waitrose had given a
presentation on how his company wanted to work with and contribute to the local
community. It had been suggested that a map be placed in car parks drawing
attention to the location of shops and businesses in the town – this was something
that was now being actively pursued. In addition a group had been formed to look
at ways of improving trading in the town.

Ian Stock was thanked for undertaking the survey and for keeping the Council
informed of its results.

(Subsequent to the meeting and following discussion with the Town Clerk
Councillor Vivienne Stock-Williams declared a personal interest in this
presentation as a Director of 3SpheresUK)

The Town Clerk reported that from time to time the Council received applications
to trade on the street at various locations in the town centre. Recently two
applications had been received to trade on the area outside of the Co-op, one
from the Farmers Market and one from a trader wishing to sell “ladies designer
accessories”. These activities needed to be licensed. The Licensing Authority was
Taunton Deane Borough Council who had have asked for the Town Council‟s
comments on both requests.

RESOLVED that no objection be raised to either application.

 Submitted notes of a meeting of the Working Party which stated that Stage 4 of
the Tour of Britain 2010 would be passing through Wellington on Tuesday 14
September. Although it would take only about an hour to pass through the town,
this quick burst of activity from a significant national event was seen as an
opportunity to promote cycling generally and provide a platform for shops,
businesses and the entire community.

The Town Council were in an ideal position to facilitate and enable a number of
initiatives but did not have the resources to actually organise and carry out many
of the activities.

In addition to the Race itself the Charity Tour Ride would be taking place on 5
September. Participants are given an opportunity to follow in the tracks of the pro
riders and take on the official route of the Tour of Britain.
The following suggestions were made by the Working Party:
     Council representatives to make the Chamber of Trade aware of the events
       at its next meeting and invite traders to use the occasion to promote their
       businesses. Wellington was seen as an ideal location for visitors to base
       themselves during the two days that the Tour passed through the area. It
       was suggested that some kind of window competition take place which
       would encourage people to visit local shops (Councillor John Clark
       undertook to speak to King‟s Cycles about the possibility of donating a
     Local schools and the Community Learning Partnership would be
       contacted by Birgit Hughes, Somerset County Council Schools Programme
       Officer (possibly with the Mayor) and invited to become involved in the
       event. The South West Bike Academy would be giving presentations at the
     Schools (particularly those that were on the route – St John, Wellington
       and Wellesley Park) be encouraged to see the Race pass through the
     Further investigation take place into the possibility of arranging some kind
       of street entertainment in the lead up to the event on the day of the Race. It
       was suggested that local primary schools might be able to come together
       to provide singing and dancing in the town centre. Superact was an
       organisation based in Wellington and it was suggested that it might be able
       to participate in some way.
     Food Town organisation be invited to consider forming a link with the Tour
       Ride on 5 September
     Local cycling organisations (e.g. Wellington Wheelers) be invited to
       become involved

RESOLVED that the report be noted and every effort be made to maximise the
event to the benefit of the town.

The Council‟s representatives who had attended, reported on the meeting of the
Chamber of Trade which had taken place on 26 May 2010. The Chamber had
received a presentation from Mark Shepherd, Regional Manager, Waitrose. It was
suggested that representatives of the Chamber be invited to attend the planned
visit of the CCTV centre at Bridgwater.

RESOLVED that the report be noted and representatives of the Chamber be
invited to attend the CCTV visit.


The Clerk reported that the Council‟s receipts for the period 31 March 2010 to 30
April 2010 was £1,367 and the expenditure for the same period was £12,887. The
Finance Committee had considered the report earlier in the evening when the
Clerk had given a detailed explanation of the figures.

RESOLVED that the report regarding Payments and Receipts be noted and


RESOLVED that the payment of the following accounts and the signing of the
following cheques be authorised:-

(a) HMRC – £538.52- for May deductions
(b) Somerset County Council -£242.09 - Superannuation for Assistant Clerk
(c) BJ Howe - £698.80- Internal Audit fee
(d) Councillor Peter Critchard - £57.60 – Travelling expenses
(e) Viking Direct - £126.11- Supplies and stationery
(f) Councillors Allowances 2010/11.
Councillor R Bowrah - £200
Councillor J Clark - £200
Councillor G Copley - £200
Councillor P Critchard - £200
Councillor G Goodwin - £200
Councillor A Govier - £100 + £500 Mayoral Allowance
Councillor J Govier - £100
Councillor R Henley - £200
Councillor K C Hindley - £200
Councillor J Hunt - £200
Councillor J Lloyd - £200
Councillor D Mitton - £200
Councillor J Reed - £200
Councillor V Stock-Williams - £200
(g) United Reform Church - £120 – Use of Church Hall for meetings
(h) Taunton Deane Borough Council - £111.63 – Refit CCTV Camera
(i) WCCTV Ltd - £3.35- Calls to CCTV camera

The meeting closed at 8.14 p.m.



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