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Whats your favorite car make?

My favorite is Volvo. I just love their cars and want one as my first. Whats your favorite brand?

Asked by SB at Aug 11,2011 15:13

I am desperately in love with jeeps. I currently own a VW but when I eventually get another car it will be a Jeep.

Answer from Indelible at Aug 11,2011 15:15

bently and mini lol, biggest and smallest

Answer from Zaafar Jat at Aug 11,2011 15:16

Maybach! The most luxurious car in the world.

Answer from Aaron Bennett at Aug 11,2011 15:17

Best answer

I like Dodge because they have a mean look to them. Especially their muscle cars from the late 60's early 70's like the Charger.

Answer from gypsy_rover at Aug 11,2011 15:18

Vettes, especially 63 split window, and 68,69 stingray, and of course the new one that's hand built. Can't think of what # it's called. For luxury cars, 63 lincoln
continental suicide doors, 67 cadillac eldorado, 66 old toronado.

Answer from paul at Aug 11,2011 15:59

Audi A8 W12 6,0 just love big cars with big engines! especially german cars.

Answer from Denis bonic Rodrigues at Aug 11,2011 19:11

Hello SB! I may be biased but the best kind of car is a Ford, of course! :) Ford engineers continue to improve our vehicles by advancing technology, improving
performance, and optimizing fuel efficiency. We have made great strides in our Hybrid vehicles, allowing you to drive green. There's no telling what they will come
up with next! Natasha Ford Customer Service Division

Answer from Ford Motor Company at Aug 11,2011 23:11

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