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Whats YOUR dream car?

Asked by ssow at Aug 10,2011 11:20

Trabant 601

Answer from Hot Lil Velma at Aug 10,2011 11:24

1971 Plymouth Roadrunner 2012 Mustang GT500 Supersnake , 800hp Motherfucker, and a V8 : Plus it's American V12 and over 500hp is pitiful.

Answer from questionair at Aug 10,2011 11:24


Answer from reza m at Aug 10,2011 11:27

The one that can fly and do my laundry. What? You said DREAM.

Answer from John at Aug 10,2011 11:28

A Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, although wouldn't do more then dream about it simply because the cost(including to keep insurance and protect it).

Answer from Goldfly252000 at Aug 10,2011 11:41

Mercedes Cl63 AMG. Over 500hp, V12. Beautiful car from the best car company in the world.

Answer from Bill at Aug 10,2011 12:04

Best answer

Superior bodied 1959 Cadillac hearse.

Answer from T. Rollins at Aug 10,2011 15:38

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