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What would give me more horsepower, a super charger or a turbo?

Okay so I know both of these increase horsepower and really make a car haul some ass. But what I was wondering is; which one would benefit a car more and
make it go faster?

Asked by Regino at Aug 14,2011 15:36

Best answer

I don't think that there is any simple answer. It will largely depend on the application. Turbochargers will give more power for the amount of fuel used, but also
have a less linear power delivery. They also tend to have lower parasitic losses (power lost to running the supercharger or turbocharger) and are generally
accepted as being more efficient.

Answer from ? at Aug 14,2011 15:52

I'd say trick question where do you want the power. Turbos are notorious for Turbo lag. Superchargers have no lag but also spin faster on top end then there are
centrifugal superchargers and I'm not sure about their powerband I've also seen a prototype that runs a supercharger of a shaft run by exhaust not sure this has
been tried on a running vehicle though its all about boost and application

Answer from Andrew at Aug 14,2011 16:27

Myself, I prefer a super charger. Keep in mind, when running a super charger, you have to run premium gas to keep the motor from premature
detonation(pinging). If you want instant bang, without turbo lag, go with a super charger.

Answer from clowdy4 at Aug 14,2011 20:45

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