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What is your dream car?

Asked by Wombat at Aug 13,2011 17:47

lotus elise exige but i prefer motorbikes specifiacly harleys an any lowriders

Answer from Andrew Crapbag at Aug 13,2011 17:49

My Ferrari 485 Italia. Lush :)

Answer from Richi at Aug 13,2011 17:49

Audi A8:p

Answer from Wishing Star at Aug 13,2011 17:51

a ferrarri and a bright yellow hummer with blacked out windows,never gonna happen i'm afraid?

Answer from RIGGS® at Aug 13,2011 17:51

The Batmobile

Answer from Bazooka Joe at Aug 13,2011 17:52

The one that Sandra Bullock comes round to pick me up in when she is over here -can't remember what it is though!

Answer from Timbo is here at Aug 13,2011 17:52

aston martin

Answer from A at Aug 13,2011 17:52

A one that does 200 MPG.

Answer from Turbo T at Aug 13,2011 17:53

Nissan Gtr with Hennessey HP800 kit.

Answer from vXxDrizzTxXv at Aug 13,2011 17:54

Porsche 911 Turbo.

Answer from Bazza at Aug 13,2011 18:03

Best answer

Camaro SS convertible with a manual transmission

Answer from Mark G at Aug 13,2011 18:04

Bentley Twin turbo 4 X 4, color racing green. beautiful Motor.

Answer from iron-side at Aug 13,2011 18:20

upcoming BMW 4-Series sedan is my Dream car which it is with four and six-cylinder petrol and diesel units found in the BMW lineup, including the new 245bhp
2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine.

Answer from Manimuthurajan R at Aug 13,2011 18:30

I am lucky enough to have mine, BMW E92 335i MSport Coupé.

Answer from who_is_jack_shit at Aug 13,2011 18:34

1960 AC Aceca Bristol. 1970 AEC Militant Recovery. 1940s Ex-US Army Diamond T Wrecker. 1930s Packard. The bigger the better.

Answer from Hairy Jim at Aug 13,2011 18:56

one with you sat in it ! :)
Answer from Pete at Aug 13,2011 18:58

Oh, I like the Saleen S7, or I suppose I could settle for a '72 Pantera or Ford GT.

Answer from Paul at Aug 13,2011 19:11

This one: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/fa/1965_Peel_P50%2C_The_World%27s_Smallest_Car_%28Lane_Motor_Museum%29.jpg It's called
the P50 & it's the smallest car in the world. No more parking problems, when you get to your destination, you simply pop the car in your handbag ! [it's not really
that small, but it is really small]

Answer from Elephant's Child at Aug 13,2011 21:19

A flying car that can take me around the world. (true)

Answer from Flowerpower at Aug 13,2011 22:34

I have already driven this car but i want to own 1, 1 day Audi R8 V10 (in white)

Answer from Matt Rowland at Aug 14,2011 04:45

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