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                                        Newsletter August 2010
     Thanks to our W-SC JACL members and Board of
Directors, Senior Center; Santa Cruz Japanese Cultural
Fair; Kokoro no Gakko; Watsonville Taiko; Watsonville
Bonsai;     Watsonville     Buddhist     Temple,    Westview
Presbyterian Church, and the Pacific Rim Film Festival,
we were honored with the George J. Inagaki Chapter
Citizenship Award at the 41st National JACL Convention.
     This award, which began in 1968 by the Venice-Culver
JACL Chapter, is named in honor and memory of George J.
Inagaki, Past President of the National JACL, 1952-56.                Mas and Marcia Hashimoto received the beautiful
     It is presented to “the chapter that best exemplifies       plaque and a $500 check from Kerry Kaneichi. Thank you,
the promotion of activities that includes civil rights,          Venice-Culver JACL Chapter for sponsoring this award.
educational, social, environmental, and legislative activities   Photo by Kurt Kurasaki of San Benito County JACL.
resulting in the betterment of society as a whole.”                   We’d love to have you, your spouse, children, teens,
     Our W-SC JACL Chapter was cited for its work during         relatives, and friends become members of our W-SC JACL
the biennium (April ‘08 to April ‘10):                           chapter. We need your participation and expertise. Please
     (1) The “No on Prop. 8” campaign with the GLBT;             join us by filling out the application form contained in this
     (2) Anti-hate crime legislation--Matthew Shepard and        newsletter and mail it in. You and your family will become
          James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act--           members of a great inaka (rural, country) chapter!
          passed by Congress on Oct. 22, 2009;
     (3) Against neo-Nazi and other militia groups with the      “JACLER OF THE BIENNIUM”
          Southern Poverty Law Center;                               One of the pleasant highlights of the convention was
     (4) Working with Tom Ikeda, Densho of Seattle, in           the presentation of the JACLer of the Biennium to Dr.
          recording our local Nikkei history;                    Frank Sakamoto O.D., of Mile Hi JACL (Denver) and
     (5) Assisting the Day of Remembrance observances            formerly of Chicago.    He’s been the Thousand Club
          and the regular clean-up of the Japanese               promoter and for nearly half-a-century has probably
          Memorial Garden at the Salinas Assembly Center;        brought in more members to the JACL than any JACLer!
     (6) Continuing the nearly century-old tradition of the
          annual Nikkei community picnic;
     (7) The educational speaker’s program, “Liberty
          Lost…Lessons in Loyalty,” the unjust incarceration
          of Japanese and Japanese Americans and of the
          heroics of the Nisei veterans during WW II to
          school children, university students and adults;
     (8) Celebration of our 75th Anniversary (1934-2009);
     (9) Advocacy for a US Postal Service’s commemorative
          stamp for the National Japanese American
          Memorial to Patriotism; and
     (10) Our monthly newsletter.
     This was our second Inagaki Award, having been
                                                                     President Larry Oda presented the award to Dr.
honored in 2004 at the Honolulu Convention for our work in
                                                                 Frank Sakamoto with master of ceremonies of the Awards
the reenactment, “Liberty Lost … Lessons in Loyalty” of
                                                                 Luncheon, Ross Masao Harano, approving.
April 27, 2002.
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    Dr. Frank is the inventor of the tinted (colored)           supportive of all the things I do – well, not quite “all” – but
contact lens.                                                   Deni is terrific, and I enjoy and cherish her love, advice,
    In a conversation, he spoke of the difficulties of the      counsel, and friendship. No question she is my best friend.
Nisei passing the ophthalmologist examination in Illinois.          I also want to congratulate all of the recipients of the
When asked to see where he did poorly on the exam, he was       various awards this evening.
shown his personal information. He understood. He was a             I want to especially congratulate Stuart Ishimaru from
member of the minority! Today, Dr. Frank continues his          San Jose, CA on being named, with Richard Morimoto, as
fight against discrimination and intolerance!                   the Japanese Americans of the Biennium. Stuart’s
    Congratulations, Dr. Frank, who is shown here with his      mother, Tish Ishimaru, is in the audience, and for 13 years
wife Toshiko “Toe” and with his award trophy in hand!           I worked for her because she was the office manager of
                                                                our San Jose District Office.
                                                                    And I would like to thank the Chicago Chapter for all
                                                                their hard work in putting together this 41st Biennial
                                                                Japanese American Citizens League National Convention.
                                                                    If I might, as a proud father, I would like to exercise a
                                                                point of personal privilege.
                                                                    On June 22nd, 2010, the United States Senate
                                                                confirmed our son, David K. Mineta, to be the Deputy
                                                                Director for Demand Reduction in the White House Office
                                                                of National Drug Control Policy, and he starts in the White
                                                                House on July 6th.
                                                                    He has been associated with a community based
                                                                organization, Asian American Recovery Services, for the
                                                                last 15 years or so in preventing drug abuse as well as in the
MINETA’S MESSAGE TO ALL JACLERS                                 treatment of drug abuse as well as promoting recovery.
                                                                     All of you work as advocates for our community in your
                                                                local areas is unmatched, and as I look around this room I
                                                                see more than a few faces who have scored some
                                                                significant victories for all of us over a great many years.
                                                                    The title of this convention is “Embracing Change.” The
                                                                sub-title that should also be included is “Our Seat at the
                                                                    And, I think that the most critically important thing to
                                                                understand is that there is no one defined seat at the
                                                                table, and our stake in the process is entire -- it is not
                                                                    I say that because I know that I am speaking to a group
                                                                of legal advocates, civil rights advocates, and social justice
                                                                advocates -- and the best advice I can give you is to realize
                                                                how the work of others, in different fields, creates a
    We are grateful to former Secretary Norman Y.               foundation for everybody’s success.
Mineta who kindly gave permission to print his entire                One of my former staffers once remarked that my
message for the members of our W-SC JACL Chapter:               career, when viewed from the outside, looks a little
    Good evening, everybody. Thank you Floyd (Mori) for         schizophrenic.
that wonderful introduction, but more important, thank you           I am known, in various fields, as an advocate for
very much for the tremendous job you are doing as the           environmental policy, transportation policy, land use policy,
National Director of the JACL. And, we are fortunate,           science and technology policy, communications policy, health
because we get a two-for with your wife, Irene, holding         care policy, immigration policy, fisheries management policy
down the fort at both the office and home. Thank you so         – and for civil rights.
much, Irene.                                                         And the various constituencies with whom I’ve worked
    I also want to pay tribute to our National President,       are often only peripherally aware that any of the others
Larry Oda, and our first Lady, Anne. As I read the              even exist.
“Pacific Citizen,” I am amazed at the amount of travel Larry         As civil rights advocates, and advocates for social
and Anne do, crisscrossing our great country. Thank you         change, you know that enacting your agenda for progress is,
very much, Larry and Anne.                                      more often than not, a net expenditure of political capital
    I would like to thank my wife, Deni, for being
               Check out our website: for our newsletter in living color.
on the part of the government leaders who stand up for us.      building political capital in education policy, and Bob Matsui
     I would urge you to pay very careful attention to the      spent decades accumulating political capital on tax policy,
opposite side of that coin -– the areas in which political      and Dan Inouye spent longer than any of us accumulating
capital can be earned. And banked.                              political capital on so many issues that I have long since lost
     To give you an analogy, consider that the Congress is      count.
likely this year to pass legislation finally barring                  And now we have Congressman Mike Honda and
employment discrimination on the basis of sexual                Congresswoman Mazie Hirono building their political
orientation, and has passed legislation that hopefully will     capital. And then we -- all of you and all of us -- spent it on
end discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in        civil rights. Bargain struck.
military service.                                                     All of those stories are part of the ongoing American
     The first bill to ban employment discrimination on the     story of people who once were excluded finally achieving
basis of sexual orientation was introduced into the             inclusion – and of the things that our Nation can achieve
Congress in 1973 by Congresswoman Bella Abzug of New            when all of our peoples’ talents are brought to bear.
York.                                                                 When I arrived in Washington, D.C. as a newly-minted
     I was proud to join her as a cosponsor of her bill when    Member of the House of Representatives, I was taken in
I took office in 1975, but I am still amazed that it has        hand by Congresswoman Patsy Mink and shown the ropes.
taken 37 years from the bill’s introduction to bring it to      Patsy had already been in Congress for ten years at that
the point of passage.                                           point and her advice, her counsel, and her friendship meant
     I am firmly convinced that two of the reasons these        more to me than I can ever say.
issues are finally moving to the correct resolution are:              She had a drive and a talent for opening doors, and I
     (1) The role that Congressman Barney Frank has             think that is the legacy she left for us and to which all of
          played as Chairman of the Financial Services          us have fallen heir.
          Committee, especially during our current national           Everyone in this room has spent a great deal of time
          financial crisis, and                                 walking through the doors she opened.
     (2) The role that Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin has                And sometimes pushing other people through them!
          played on telecommunications policy as part of her          Our representation in the Congress is still relatively
          service on the House Energy and Commerce              small, but it continues to grow. When I first arrived, there
          Committee.                                            were three House Members. Now there are nine, along with
     Because, you see, they are proof of the skills and         two fantastic Senators. And Mike Honda is the Chair of
contributions we – as a country – will lose if we exclude any   the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus which has
particular brand of American.                                   about 40 members.
     I suppose that enough time has passed now that I can             President Clinton named one Asian Pacific American to
talk about this.                                                his Cabinet.       President George W. Bush named two.
     In 1992, when we were working to reauthorize and           President Obama has named three.
expand the bilingual balloting provisions of the Voting               And that reflects only the tip of the iceberg, because
Rights Act in the House, we had a series of very                it does not include the hundreds of political appointees --
controversial, very difficult votes.                            both on legislative staffs in the Congress and within the
     I spent the entire day on the House floor whipping         departments and agencies of the Executive Branch –- who
those votes, and we won all of them -- but only by margins      have walked through the doors that so many fought to
of one vote or two or three.                                    open.
     But just a few months before that, as Chair of the               That pesky Supreme Court remains a problem.
Surface Transportation Subcommittee of what was then                  But beyond the numbers, I think the more important
known as the House Committee on Public Works and                point is how our presence in politics and public policy has
Transportation Committee, I had spent months sorting            broadened -- because it stands as a testament to the work
through stacks of earmark requests for transportation           of many people in this room, and particularly of the JACL.
projects to include in the 1991 reauthorization of federal            JACL is an advocate for the previously voiceless. It
highway programs.                                               has not tried to define what that voice should be –- it has
     And I’d made my decisions.                                 simply and relentlessly insisted that that voice be heard.
     And people remembered.                                     And it’s worked.
     I suppose that I could look at that as down and dirty            And now I have to put on my bipartisan hat for just a
politics, or horse-trading, but I don’t.                        moment.
     I spent several decades building up political capital in         I’m a Democrat and proud to be one, but I have to note
transportation and environmental and technology and trade       and salute the successes of the Republicans in our
policy.                                                         community, too.
     Just like Patsy Mink and Danny Akaka spent decades               Louisiana has an Indian American Governor, and a

               Check out our website: for our newsletter in living color.
Vietnamese American Member of Congress. Both of them,            THE “MEMORIAL TO PATRIOTISM” STAMP
today, are at the center of one of the worst environmental                                 By Mas Hashimoto, Editor
disasters in the history of our country – and despite our            We are grateful to those 36 JACL chapters, especially
occasional policy disagreements, they’re acquitting              to Pocatello-Blackfoot JACL’s Micki Kawakami, and the
themselves extremely well.                                       lone youth IDC representative, who supported our W-SC
     On June 22nd, of this year, an Indian American woman        JACL resolution for a National Japanese American
secured the Republican nomination for position of Governor       Memorial to Patriotism commemorative stamp by the US
of South Carolina -- and is the odds on favorite to win.         Postal Service’s Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee
     Think about that. Louisiana? South Carolina?                (CSAC). During the meeting of the JACL National Council,
     Nikki Haley and I disagree on a whole lot of public         the resolution passed on the count of the first hand held
policy issues, and I’m not endorsing her candidacy, but it       “card” ballot but failed when a “roll call” vote followed.
does stand as a testament to the progress that our APA               The opponents believed that a vote against our
community has made.                                              resolution would be supportive of the Nisei veterans of
     It also stands as a testament to the willingness of our     WW II stamp. The Nisei veterans’ stamp was never the
fellow Americans to look to us for leadership and, in a          issue here! Our W-SC JACL is on record in support of the
sense; it reaffirms our national commitment to the ideal of      Nisei Veterans of WW II commemorative stamp.
E Pluribus Unum. Out of many, one.
     No matter your partisan affiliation and no matter the
particular area of public policy on which you focus your
career, remember this:
     Don’t try to define in advance your seat at the table.
     We have no single place at the table. We are qualified
to sit in any of them.
     We just have to make sure that we never forget to
bring who we are to whatever chair we occupy, and not be
shy in talking about who we are when we’re sitting in it.
     There are people in this room who have been doing
exactly that for decades.
     And the continued progress that our community has
achieved is due in no small part to their proving that we are       Mas (above) and Marcia Hashimoto (below) explained
an indispensable part of the fabric of America.                  the merits of a “Memorial to Patriotism” stamp for the
     It’s not something we should ever have had to prove.        National JACL and for our nation. According to one
     But that doesn’t change the fact that we have.              experienced observer, “This should have been a no brainer.”
     Always bring everything you are to everything you do.
     So, thanks a million for all of you taking time from your
own busy schedules to be here in Chicago to deliberate
“Embracing Change.” Keep working at social progress as the
strong advocates that you all are.
     May God bless each and every one of you and may God
continue to bless the United States of America. Thank you.

                                                                      Our new friend, Micki Kawakami of Idaho (left) is
                                                                 wearing the red blouse. Photos by Kurt Kurasaki.
                                                                      A stamp official informed me that the Nisei Veterans
                                                                 of WW II stamp is no longer discussed by the CSAC. Once
                                                                 a stamp proposal has been rejected by the CSAC it cannot
                                                                 be brought back for at least three years.
                                                                      The CSAC, however, continues to discuss the “Memorial
     Norm and Deni Mineta enjoys a relaxed moment                to Patriotism” stamp for it wishes to help.           If the
before Norm is called upon to perform additional duties for      “Memorial to Patriotism” is approved in the fall of this year,
the National JACL during the “Sayonara Banquet.”                 this stamp will be celebrated sometime in 2013.
                Check out our website: for our newsletter in living color.
     What course of action the supporters and advocates              [Editor’s note: Many stamps featuring outstanding
for the Nisei Veterans of WW II commemorative stamp             Black Americans, Italian and Italian Americans, Hispanic
will now take has not been announced.                           Americans and Native Americans have been issued. Asians
     Many JACLers actively participated when the National       and Asian Americans have had 33 stamps, nearly half of
JACL spearheaded the redress and reparations campaign           which featured the Lunar New Year (“Year of the Tiger,”
that led to the passage of the Civil Liberties Act of           etc.). The CSAC recognizes that there is much more to the
August 10, 1988. JACLers were an integral part of that          history, heritage, and contributions of all ethnic Americans
successful campaign. It was to be the last significant role     and has expressed a desire to assist.
JACL has played in the last 25 years for the Nikkei nation.          We are grateful for Mike Honda’s leadership in this
     Our W-SC JACL offered the National JACL a “seat at         important project and in attempting to maintain cordial
the table” spearheading the campaign for a “Memorial to         relationships with the CSAC. Contact Mike Honda at his
Patriotism” stamp for the benefit of all the Nikkei in this     Washington, DC office at (202) 225-2631 or his
country. Are we disappointed that the JACL National             administrative assistant Gloria Chan’s email address:
Council declined the challenge? Yes, of course, we are., if you wish to help.]
     Our W-SC JACL chapter, however, will continue to
work for the “Memorial to Patriotism” stamp which will          GENERAL ORIKI RECEIVES BRIEFINGS ON
honor the history and contributions of all our Nikkei to this
                                                                JAPANESE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE DURING
country. We welcome the support of any JACL chapter,
member, Nikkei veteran, friend, or interested parties.
                                                                WORLD WAR II AT THE NJAMP SITE
     Write to us at Watsonville-Santa Cruz JACL, P. O. Box                                               By Terry Shima
163, Watsonville, CA 95077, or email Mas Hashimoto at

     We are grateful to Cong. Mike Honda who, on June 24,
sent a letter to the members of the U. S. Postal Service’s
Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee (CSAC) recommending
that “stamps celebrating Asian American and Pacific
Islander (AAPI) heritage and honoring AAPI contributions
be issued each year” during May, Asian Pacific American
Heritage Month:
     “…. We ask that the rich diversity and contributions of
Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders be fairly
represented and celebrated in the stamps issued by the U.
S. Postal Service.”                                             L-R: Major Akikazu Shibasaki; Maj. Gen. Shinichi Kojo;
     Honda remarked, “Stamps are like history teachers,         General Ryoichi Oriki; Terry Shima; Dr. Ray Murakami;
educating us on significant, and often omitted, social,         Grant Ichikawa; Col. James R. Loy II (US Military
cultural and political occurrences in America’s past. Many      Attaché to Japan); Maj. Gen. Mitsuru Nodomi, Capt.
minority communities, left out of the traditional history       Takayuki Sugimoto, and Christopher Field (interpreter).
schoolbook, rightly deserve recognition via the U. S. postal                                   Photo: courtesy of JAVA.
stamp.”                                                         Washington, D. C.: General Ryoichi Oriki, Chief of Staff,
     “Today, we are calling for something more socio-           Joint Staff of the Japan Ministry of Defense and the
politically substantial. Stamps that remember the Japanese      highest ranking officer of Japan’s armed forces, visited
American internment camps, the Chinese laborers who built       Washington, DC for high level meetings with US defense
the Transcontinental Railroad, or the roughly 11 million        officials.
AAPI veterans who served our country, among many other              During the course of his two-day Washington visit,
meritorious memorials, are the necessary next step in           General Oriki visited the National Japanese American
mainstreaming a minority group that remains marginalized        Memorial to Patriotism site on June 26, 2010, located near
from the postal service’s primary platform for                  the US Congress building, where he was briefed by
remembering America’s history.”                                 representatives of      the Japanese American Veterans
     For a more complete coverage of Mike Honda’s letter,       Association (JAVA) and the National Japanese American
which was received by the US Postal Service and posted on       Memorial Foundation (NJAMF). Major General Mitsuru
its postal reporter news website; please check out:             Nodomi, Defense Attaché, Embassy of Japan, accompanied            General Oriki on his visit to the Memorial.

               Check out our website: for our newsletter in living color.
    General Oriki was briefed on the situation that led up to          He was drafted by the US Army in September 1941,
the evacuation and internment, the 100th Battalion and the        and completed Field Artillery Basic Training at Camp
442nd Regimental Combat Team, the Military Intelligence           Roberts, California. However, in February 1942, after the
Service, and the National Japanese American Memorial to           attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, he was
Patriotism. Mr. Terry Shima, Executive Director of                unceremoniously discharged. He went back to live with his
JAVA, discussed the combat role of the 100th Battalion            family. There, in early 1942, his family was forced to move
and the 442nd Regiment in Europe while Mr. Grant                  to Fresno area before finally being placed into an
Ichikawa, also of JAVA, described his internment and his          internment camp in Arizona in August 1942. In February
role in the Military Intelligence Service in the Pacific. Also,   1943, he volunteered to serve in the US Army for the
Dr. Ray Murakami discussed the significance of the                second time. He took his basic training at Camp Shelby,
“Memorial to Patriotism.”                                         Mississippi and served with Battery A of the 522nd Field
    General Oriki said he appreciated the candid remarks          Artillery Battalion of the 100th/442nd Regimental Combat
about the World War II experience of persons of                   Team. He saw action in Italy, France, and Germany and his
Japanese ancestry, the loyalty and exemplary performance          unit was involved in the liberation of one of the sub-camps
of the Nisei who served in their nation’s armed forces, and       of Dachau.
the greatness of the nation in offering a public apology at           Mr. Ichiuji was discharged from the army in January
the highest level for the internment.           The General       1946 and went to the East Coast to attend school under the
congratulated JAVA and the NJAMF for their efforts                GI Bill. He earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees
towards the building of solid friendship between the              from Benjamin Franklin University in Washington, D. C.
government and people of Japan and the United States,                He started to work with the Veterans Administration,
including the Nikkei community.                                   and in January 1979, after 37 years of service, he retired
    General Oriki, a native of Kumamoto prefecture, is a          as Deputy Division Chief, Financial Management of the
graduate of the National Defense Academy in 1972. In              Agency for International Development Agency.
August 2004, he served as Vice Chief of Staff, Japan                 Following his retirement, he devoted his time to
Ground Self Defense Force. In 2005, he was Commanding             traveling the world with his wife and friends and playing
General of the Middle Army, and in March 2009, he was             golf. Although he enjoyed the leisure of retirement, he
appointed to his present position.                                dedicated countless hours to his passion of supporting the
    The National Japanese American Memorial to                    causes of organizations such as the Japanese American
Patriotism was constructed in 2000 and is managed by the          Citizens League, National Japanese American Memorial
National Park Service. It serves as a public reminder that        Foundation, Go For Broke Educational Foundation,
what happened to an ethnic minority group must never              Japanese American Veterans Association, National
happen again.                                                     Japanese American Veterans Council, and the Agency for
    The names of 814 Japanese Americans who were killed           International Development Alumni Association.
in the line of duty during World War II are etched on the             Mr. Ichiuji is remembered, too, as the featured
Wall of Heroes.                                                   narrator explaining the mission of the National Japanese
                                                                  American Memorial site in its DVD-video. [Editor’s note: If
JOSEPH “JOE” ICHIUJI, 1919-2010                                   anyone or organization wishes to view this DVD, please
     During the JACL Convention, we heard that on July 3,         email Mas Hashimoto at or contact
2010, Joseph "Joe" Ichiuji passed away peacefully at his          him at 578 Vivienne Drive, Watsonville, CA 95076-3530,
home. He was one of six children of Kikujiro and Katsu            (831) 722-6859. There is no charge.]
Ichiuji who had emigrated from Shimane Prefecture,                    He is the beloved husband of 62 years to Asako
Japan. He was 91.                                                 "Susie" Tsuda Ichiuji; loving father of Karen Ichiuji,
     Mr. Ichiuji was born on February, 14, 1919, in Salinas,      Ramone and Douglas Ichiuji; proud grandfather of Stacy
California, but grew up in Pacific Grove where he graduated       Ichiuji Pillersdorf, Julie Ichiuji, BJ Ramone, and
from high school.                                                 Alexander Ichiuji. He is also survived by sister, Kazume
                                                                  Ichiuji Oishi; brothers, Jimmy, Paul and Harry Ichiuji;
                                                                  numerous nieces and nephews.
                                                                     Former Secretary Norman Y. Mineta gave the eulogy
                                                                  and tribute at the memorial service which was held on July
                                                                  10, 2010 at the Geneva Presbyterian Church, 11931 Seven
                                                                  Locks Road, Potomac, Maryland. In lieu of flowers, memorial
                                                                  contributions can be made to the Japanese American
                                                                  Veterans Association (JAVA) Joseph Ichiuji Scholarship
                                                                  Fund and sent to Earl Takeguchi, 7201 White House Dr,
                                                                  Springfield, VA 22153.

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THOMAS TSUBOTA                                                  CONGRATULATIONS, MARY MAYEDA!
     Services were held for Thomas Kazuhiko Tsubota at
the Hillview Chapel in Gustine, CA on July 22, 2010. Mr.
Tsubota was 74. Born in Sacramento, Mr. Tsubota spent
his early years in Hiroshima, Japan. He returned only to be
interned in an incarceration camp, where he spent his war
years with his family.
     He and his family were sent to Hiroshima in 1945, a
few months after its bombing. He graduated from a high
school in Hiroshima. Mr. Tsubota returned to the USA
where he was to be drafted into the US Army. He rose to
the rank of sergeant major, and after 24 years of service
he retired (from Ft. Ord, CA). He served two tours in
Vietnam before becoming an ROTC instructor in North
Dakota. After retiring in 1977, he returned to California
and studied real estate at Monterey Peninsula College.
From 1980 to 1992, he worked at Sumitomo Bank and Trust             The Mayeda family attended the graduation ceremony
on Main Street in Watsonville.                                  for the School of Natural Resources held at UC Berkeley’s
     Mr. Tsubota enjoyed art, music, gardening and his          Greek Theater. Mary Mayeda graduated this May with
family. He was a member of the Watsonville Buddhist             Bachelor of Science degrees in Conservation and Natural
Temple and was married to Aida Whetton for 17 years.            Resources and in Forestry. She graduated with high honors
     He is survived by his second wife Irmgard Tsubota of       and was recognized for her honors research project and
Salinas; former wife Aida Whetton of Gustine; sons Tom          thesis. She also was a member of the UC Alumni Scholars
Tsubota of the Monterey Peninsula and Jonathan Tsubota          Society, and was president of the UCB Forestry Club. She
of Gustine; daughter Sona Isakson and two grandchildren.        maintained a 3.8 grade point average. Mary qualified for
   We send our condolences to the Ichiuji and Tsubota           and was initiated into the Phi Beta Kappa academic society
families, relatives, and friends.                               just prior to graduation.
                                                                    After working as the undergraduate sustainability
COME ABOARD FFNV’S NEXT MEETING                                 coordinator for two years, Mary attended the UC Berkeley
     The next meeting of the Friends and Family of Nisei        Forestry Summer Camp in the Plumas National Forest
Veterans (FFNV) is scheduled for Saturday, August 14 at         where she fell in love with forestry. She worked the next
1100 hours aboard the USS HORNET, docked at 707 W.              two summers at UC Berkeley’s Blogett Research Forest in
Hornet Ave., Alameda CA 94501, (510) 521-8448.                  the Tahoe National Forest. She became active in UCB’s
     Everyone is invited to attend but reservations are         Logging Sports team, taking first place in the ax throwing
required. The cost is only $20 which includes admission         event in Northern California and represented Berkeley in
($14), insurance, program, and a delicious bento! Please        the Western Regional collegiate competition in Colorado.
send your check to Jean Hirasaki, 7210 Princeton Place,             Mary will begin her forestry career, working for the U.
Gilroy, CA 95020 by August 1.                                   S. Forest Service. She will be stationed at the
     A special program is planned with Rick Quan, former        headquarters for the Plumas National Forest in July.
local CBS sportscaster, and Delphine Hirasuna, author of            Mary Mayeda is a 2005 Kee Kitayama Memorial
“Art of Gaman,” as presenters.                                  Scholarship winner. The family would like to express their
     If you’ve never been aboard an aircraft carrier, you are   appreciation to the Watsonville-Santa Cruz JACL and the
in for a special treat! Check out for        Kee Kitayama family for their support of Mary’s education.
great information on the USS Hornet Museum.
    It is recommended that you and your family (children        DONATIONS, GRATEFULLY RECEIVED FROM
are especially welcomed) come early and stay late in order        Watsonville Taiko for the use of the hall.
to take advantage of the wonderful, free tours of this            JoAnn and Tad Kato in appreciation for Troy’s
historic aircraft carrier. Yes, you will be climbing some           scholarship and for “all that JACL does and
stairs and going down stairs aboard ship. For the elderly           represent to the community.”
and disabled there is an elevator to the lower deck.            Kizuka Hall Repair Fund:
    On the flight decks, there are interesting US Naval and        Jennifer Ura Gavin & Family in memory of Jane Toriumi
NASA (space programs) exhibits. And, on the “second             DAY OF REMEMBRANCE DONATIONS
floor” there’s a fantastic exhibit of the MIS/100th/442nd       Newsletter:
RCT, the creation of Lawson Sakai and Brian Shiroyama.             Paul and Sumi Ichiuji of Salinas.
Don’t miss it! Wear a windbreaker and good walking shoes.

               Check out our website: for our newsletter in living color.
                                                                2010 PICNIC DONATIONS
                                                                    We are extremely grateful for the generous donations
                                                                from the following individuals, businesses, and organizations
                                                                to our picnic and raffle. We encourage everyone to support
                                                                the businesses listed:
                                                                    A. Nagamine Nursery, Akira and Glenn Nagamine
                                                                    Alan Uyematsu, CPA
                                                                    Bobbi Jo Palmer—Out and About Magazine
                                                                    Chiye Tamaki
                                                                    Chiyeko Shikuma
                                                                    East Lake Village Hardware, Rodney Misumi
     Former Secretary Norm Mineta is shown here with                First National Bank
Asako Suzuki, VP of the Japan JACL Chapter, and JACL                Flowers by Toshi, Ryoko Kozuki
President Larry Oda. Asako, a new member who teaches                Hong Kong Garden II
English in a Japanese elementary school, is a Japanese              Imura Restaurant, Jee Kajihara
citizen and our new friend.                                         Inako Johnson
                                                                    JACL Senior Center
JACL 2010 COMMUNITY PICNIC REPORT                                   Jimmy Arao
                                  by Marcia Hashimoto               JoAnn and Tad Kato
   We’re on, thanks to the creative artistry            Kato Cut Flowers,
of Phil Shima, our talented W-SC JACL board member:                 Kim and Rocky Shiraishi                          Mas and Marcia Hashimoto
    It is only a few minutes long but it encompasses every          Miyuki Restaurant, Yasuo and Janet Sakaguchi
aspect of that fun-filled day. If you know someone who              Ozeki Sake USA, Inc. Kozo Yamamoto, President
was there, be sure to look for them on                 Paul and Kim Tao
     On behalf of the Watsonville-Santa Cruz JACL, I                Shiatsu Clinic, Ben and Chiyoe Yamaguchi
would like to thank everyone who helped, donated to, and            Tosh Tanaka
attended our annual community picnic on Sat. June 26,               Victor Kimura
2010, at the Aptos Village Park. Nearly 200 members and             Watsonville-Santa Cruz JACL
friends enjoyed the beautiful day which included a variety          Watsonville Taiko
of races for children and parents; wonderful free bingo for         Willie and Joanne Yahiro
our Seniors; a terrific performance by our Watsonville              Yamashita Market, Goro Yamashita
Taiko; a fabulous BBQ chicken lunch; fresh strawberries
and blueberries; ice cream; water balloon toss contest; jan         Special thanks to the donors of our raffle grand prize,
ken po contest; and an outstanding raffle.                      a huge, LG 47” flatscreen, HD TV:
     For many years, Glenn and Judy Nagamine have
conscientiously taken care of all the details and preparation           Dr. Reed Kuratomi         David & Jeanni Kadotani
of our lunch. The tremendous amount of time and effort                  Dr. Gerald Kondo          Dr. Brooke Kondo
they put forth before, during, and after this event is                  Dr. Stuart Sakuma         Dr. Art Hayashi
remarkable, and we are most grateful to Glenn and Judy.                 Yukio & Edna Nagata       Floy Sakata
     We also extend our thanks to the following committee
members and friends whose assistance made this year’s               To anyone who helped or donated whose name was
picnic marvelous in every way: Paul, Kim, Steve, Melissa        unintentionally omitted, I apologize. Please contact me at
and Alex Tao; Sarah Nagamine; Carol and Takeshi                 (831) 722-6859 or email and the
Kaneko; Joe and Christine Bowes; Tad and JoAnn Kato;            correction will be made in September’s newsletter.
Jeanette Hager; Iwao and Jean Yamashita; Sunao                       The support of our community at this annual family
Honda; Kenji House; Bobbi Jo Palmer; Cindy and Gary             event is truly appreciated.
Mine; Kimi, Kathy and Jenny Kimura; Victor and Carter                We look forward to seeing you at our picnic next year
Kimura; David and Jeanni Kadotani; Shelly Nishioka,             on Sat. June 25, 2011, at the Aptos Village Park. Everyone
Alice Tanimoto, Chiye Tamaki; Phil Shima; Aimee                 is welcome. Don’t forget to view our YouTube video!
Mizuno; Debbe Chan; Jimmy, Yoshiko, and Bruce Arao,                  We are also grateful to the Santa Cruz County Parks
and Mas Hashimoto.                                              and Open Space Department for maintaining the beautiful
     Please enjoy the enclosed three pages of photos from       Aptos Village Park in such good condition and to the Aptos
this exciting family event!                                     Lions Club for building it.

               Check out our website: for our newsletter in living color.
WATSONVILLE TAIKO-SHINSEI DAIKO                                 Performances in August
                                  by Ikuyo Conant               Sun., Aug. 8    Peace Day Triangle Park, La Selva Beach
    We feel summer energy definitely in the traffic!            Sun., Aug. 8    Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music
Festivals, concerts, workshops, weddings, reunions and                          307 Church St. (in front of the
more… People enjoy getting together and Taiko drummers                          Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium)
get busy to expand this summer energy. We participated in       Sat. Aug. 28    Private Party
a wedding, Obon Festivals, a marathon and various other         Sun. Aug. 29    Aromas Day, Aromas
community events in July.
    We would like to thank those who came to support our        WESTVIEW HIGHLIGHTS by Joanne Yahiro
10th Annual Natsumatsuri at Harvey West Park on                       Perhaps the best way to teach gratitude and charity is
Saturday July 10th. The event was a great success. Chicken      to start with the children … and they can teach the adults a
yakitori smelled so good, and children were busy creating at    zillion things as well!
the craft tables. People walked up and down the aisles for            On Sunday, June 27, as we had gathered our goodies
the many donated items in the silent auction. The weather       together to deliver to the Watsonville Fire Department in
was just perfect to spend an afternoon in the sun.              gratitude for all they do for the community of Watsonville,
                                                                the children got involved. It was the Deacons’ idea to get a
                                                                bucket, fill it with goodies, tie them all up with a beautiful
                                                                bow, and make the delivery. The children found a
                                                                cardboard box, painted it a fire engine red, added wheels,
                                                                ladders, headlights and grills and created a wonderful fire
                                                                engine container—a much more interesting presentation--
                                                                thanks to Ian Hoffman’s creative idea. With the
                                                                containers in tow (we also filled a bucket with goodies) Rev.
                                                                Dan Hoffman, Ian Hoffman, Leslie Hoffman, Rosie
                                                                Hoffman, Emily Manabe, Hannah Manabe, Susan
                                                                Manabe, and Lynne Nagata made their trek to the fire
                                                                station. The fire fighters were surprised and delighted by
                                                                the visit from their Westview neighbors, and in turn, gave
                                                                everyone a tour of the firehouse and the fire engines, with
                                                                one fireman sliding down the pole! It was a treat all around,
                                                                and we look forward to our next outreach into the
    Denise Hasegawa and Karen         Groppi are kitchen
                                                                community to say thanks.
helpers. Photo by Ann Ramage.
                                                                      Westview has become a more visitor friendly, inviting,
                                                                and safe church by the improvements made in and around
                                                                the church building. Thanks to Randy Mano and his
                                                                Building and Grounds crew, the projects started last year
                                                                by remodeling the women’s bathroom to make it handicap
                                                                accessible, by installing Pergo laminate flooring in the
                                                                fellowship hall, by carpeting the hallway and the conference
                                                                room, by refinishing the parking lot, by replacing the single
                                                                gym door, and it’s amazing what a coat of paint can do! This
                                                                year we’ve installed smoke detectors, replaced the broken
                                                                wooden gym doors with new metal ones, remodeled a
                                                                storage room into a beautiful three-stall woman’s restroom,
                                                                and replaced thirty-two windows with new dual pane
                                                                windows which floods the rooms with so much light! Other
                        Photo by Tom Conant.                    improvements have also been made, but these are the ones
    In August, we continue to participate in various summer     which are most noticeable. Although our Westview Building
festivals. Our Senior group will have the very first public     Capital Campaign is ongoing we’d like to thank those who
appearance at the Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary             have already contributed so generously to make all these
Music! The children are working hard to play at this            improvements possible…and, we invite you to come visit us
festival, too. You will see our multi-generation Taiko          at any time!
performance at the Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary                  In our area, the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer has
Music stage on Sunday August 8th.                               got to include a beach party, so the Christian Education
                                                                Department is planning a beach outing on Thursday, August

               Check out our website: for our newsletter in living color.
19, at 4:00 P.M. at Seacliff Beach. This summer cook-out is         As for similar physical condition, Koso and Ray both
for the youth, their parents and friends, and all who are       have an advanced arthritic condition which is aggravated
young at heart, and they are extending an invitation to         sometimes by gout. Emily and I have an acid reflux
anyone who is interested in good food, family fun, and          condition which limits us to eat less acidic foods.
fellowship. It sounds perfect for a good, relaxing time             Both families are members of the Westview
after a hard day’s work. Questions? Call Susan Manabe @         Presbyterians Church. We sit on the same side of the
685-8983, Diane Mio @ 724-5834, or Joanne Hayashi @             sanctuary in adjourning pews.         We also drive Honda
728-4435. Hope to see you there!                                automobiles.
     Rev. Malcolm Toriumi will be back as our guest speaker         These are some of the similarities in our lives, I am
on Sunday, August 8, at 10:00 A.M. It’s been a while since      aware of, which has made us experience much joy in
he’s been at our pulpit, and we look forward to hearing his     knowing the Takemotos. It is our mutual love of God which
message. Come join us!                                          has manifested in our lives to experience this joy in our
                                                                twilight years. We hope for more years together in the
“OUR JOYS”              By Louise Sako                          future.
      In our retirement years, Rekiso (“Ray”) and I (photo
below to the right) have found that joy is a choice, and our    SENIOR CENTER NEWS By Kitako Izumizaki
positive attitude to life is the key to happiness.                  July found many things for Seniors to enjoy and take
                                                                part in if interested--working on selling fireworks for
                                                                charity, attending the city's 4th of July parade to eating
                                                                for 3 Sundays in a row at obon feeds.
                                                                    First of all, June birthday celebrants were Judy Hane,
                                                                Eiko Nishihara, Yoshino Matano 95, Dr. Masako Miura
                                                                96, Yoneko Mizokami 88, and Tomio Tsuda who was
                                                                unable to attend. See their birthday photo on Seniors’
                                                                Corner, page 19. Yoshino Matano and Dr. Miura both
                                                                received a package of manju. Mitsuyo Tao and Kimi Fujii
                                                                decorated the head table with a large bouquet of daisies
                                                                and hydrogenous in tall vase with individual tables holding
                                                                poor man's orchids and daisies. Cake cutting honors went
    When Koso and Emily Takemoto (above left), first            to Yoshino Matano and Yoneko Mizokami.
started attending services at Westview Presbyterian
Church some three years ago, I sense some feeling of joy.
In the intervening years, that feeling increased after
months of association and fellowship with them at various
church functions. Through tidbits of our conversations, I
was astonished to find so many phases of our lives were
quite similar. Here are some parallel facts.
   Koso and Ray are both Kibei, born to first generation
immigrant parents from Hiroshima, Japan. At a young age,
they were taken to Japan, educated in schools in Hiroshima,
returning to the United States in their late teens. Emily
and I are Nisei, also born to first generation immigrant
parents from Japan. Koso and I were born in 1917. Emily
and Ray were born in 1916.
    After World War II began in 1941, we were all
evacuated to internment camps in 1942. Koso evacuated
from Sacramento, California, and I from Auburn,
                                                                     Yoneko Mizokami having reached a milestone--her 88th
Washington, and we were interned in the Tule Lake
                                                                birthday--received a purple orchid plant. The family of
Relocation Camp in northern California. In 1943, Koso and
                                                                Yoneko Mizokami treated the Senior Center members in
Emily were married in the Tule Lake Camp, and Ray and I
                                                                celebration to a delicious Japanese dinner. Daughter Nancy
were married in the Minidoka Camp in Idaho. The
                                                                Yamada and granddaughter Nicole Yamada attended all
Takemoto’s two sons and our one son all have Caucasian
                                                                the way from Virginia. Son Paul Mizokami lives in
                                                                Watsonville. Many thanks to the Mizokami family. It is
   After retirement, Koso and I had an interesting time-
                                                                a joy to see all the young people gather to honor their
consuming hobby of bonsai for many years. We enjoyed
participating in the various clubs in our respective areas.
               Check out our website: for our newsletter in living color.
                                                                Susan AmRhein and Sherry Nakano cookies on tables,
                                                                                      jelly bean candy
                                                                Alice Tanimoto        7 surprise containers covered
                                                                                      with dry rice, 36 rolls tissue
                                                                Rubie Kawamoto        2 doz square Kleenex, 3 bags
                                                                Judy Hane                16 rolls paper towels
                                                                Mary Okamoto             lots of tape
                                                                Kinji/Motoko House       6 plates cake, 8 rolls paper
                                                                                         towels, 6 plates cookies, doz rolls
                                                                                         tissue, 7 pkg cocoa mix
                                                                Chie Sakaue              Lots and lots of flowers weekly,
                                                                                         peaches, cherries and plums
                                                                Japanese Cultural Fair   2 doz arare
                                                                John Tsukiji             8 containers strawberries
Seated: Yoneko Mizokami, daughter Nancy Yamada.
                                                                Yaeko Cross              2 bags Chito, 1 doz orange drinks
Back: granddaughter Nicole Yamada, son Paul Mizokami.
                                                                Jean Akiyama             4 jars peanut butter
                            Photos by Carol Kaneko.
                                                                Haneta Nursery           chrysanthemums for all
     July birthday honorees were Nobue Fujii, Michiko
                                                                June/Sunao Honda         4 lottery tickets, 2 bottles
Hamada, Sunao Honda, Motoko House, Kumiko Nakatani,
                                                                                         drinks, 2 pkgs nori, 4 pkgs
Ray Sako 94, and Chiyoko Yagi 90. Floy Sakata was
                                                                                         seaweed and katsuo bushi,
unable to attend. Their photo is also located on the
                                                                                         5 plates zucchini bread
Seniors’ Corner, page 19. All celebrants received a bouquet
                                                                Irene Potter             6 rolls Bounty, 3 box foil,
of gladiolus with both Chiyoko Yagi and Ray Sako receiving
                                                                                         1 puzzle, 6 boxes Kleenex
a package of manju. Head table bouquet of “glads” and
                                                                Haruko Yoshii            8 rolls paper towels,
daisies were arranged by Mitsuyo Tao and Kimi Fujii.
                                                                                         5 bottles Dawn
     For celebrating the 4th, Helen Nakano decorated
                                                                Hisako/Akira Kodama      5 rolls paper towels,
individual tables with red, white and blue paper flowers in
                                                                                         8 jars pickles
colorful star decorated canisters. The head table was
                                                                Edna/Yukio Nagata        4 lge Kleenex, doz lge rolls tissue
decorated with a sand pail and scoop, filled with white
                                                                Kumiko Nakatani          6 bags vine ripened tomatoes
daisies surrounded with red, white and blue streamers and
                                                                Yoshi Kawasaki           2 rain bonnets, 2 hair brushes,
                                                                                         1 pill box, 2 lapel pins
     Kumiko Nakatani's cousins from Japan, Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                Hisako Uemura            6 bags plums, 1 bag chagashi
Niki, came visiting. Also visiting was the sister of Mitzi
                                                                Mark Takeuchi            10 dish towels
Katsuyama, Joyce Kameyama of Anaheim.
                                                                Terry Hirahara           8 bottles hand soap
     Carol Kaneko reports that husband Paul is feeling much
                                                                Yoshino Matano           6 rolls paper towels
better now, and we can expect him back very soon. It’s
                                                                Kimi Fujii               6 rolls paper towels,
been a long time without manager Paul. We all wish him the
                                                                                         4 bottles dish soap
very best and hope he gets back real soon. Cindy Hirokawa
                                                                Betty/Fred Oda           3 bags chagashi
Mine came by to take BP. She really makes sure we are
                                                                Nancy Iwami              3 doz eggs
keeping ourselves healthy.
                                                                Yoneko Mizokami          6 containers instant noodles,
     We received a donation of Japanese dolls from
                                                                                         6 pkgs Kleenex tissues
Kathryn and Allen Shuster to the Center.
                                                                Frances Hoshiyama        1 lge container of snack mix
     We thank toban Judy Hane, Motoko House, Kumiko
                                                                Hatsuko Tsuji            8 rolls paper towels
Nakatani and Hisako Uemura, plus volunteers Susan
                                                                Miye Yamashita           3 bags chagashi
AmRhein, Yuan AmRhein and Sachi Snyder for all their
                                                                Hide/Akira Nagamine      12 bags “cukes,” cucumbers for all
work during July. We sure do appreciate getting our tea
                                                                Fujii Farms              box of lettuce and celery
pots refilled.
                                                                Inako/Roland Johnson     3 bottles glass cleaner
     Remember Tuesday, Aug. 17th is our trip to Table
                                                                Masako Miura             1 plate yogurt/oatmeal cookies
Mountain. Birthdays will be celebrated on Aug. 19th.
                                                                Ray/Louise Sako          3 doz eggs
     Monetary donations gratefully received: Judy Hane,
                                                                Cindy Mine               5 nail clippers
Yoshino Matano, Masako Miura, Paul Mizokami, Nancy
Yamada and Eiko Nishihara.
                                                                    Again, many thanks for coming faithfully every week
     Other donations gratefully received:
                                                                and also for donating so many times in so many ways.
Nancy Yamada/ Paul Mizokami birthday cake and
                                                                Thanks loads. Keep well, and keep coming.
                          Japanese dinner for all
               Check out our website: for our newsletter in living color.
WATSONVILLE BUDDHIST TEMPLE NEWS                                2010 OBON FESTIVAL
                                  By Jackie Yamashita              This year’s obon was dedicated to the memory ofthose
                                                                members of the Sangha who passed away since the last
                                                                obon: Zenichi Ota, Goro Yoshida, Hiroshi Nishita, Kunito
         FRIDAY, AUGUST 6TH from 8 am to 3 pm
                                                                Shinta, Sueko Okamura, George Hoshiyama and Dorothy
       SATURDAY, AUGUST 7TH from 8 am to noon
     To Temple members and friends: Please drop off your
                                                                    Chairman Dr. Gerald Kondo was delighted with a fair
CLEAN, USEABLE items at the Temple gym from Sat., July
                                                                weather (no fog!), great crowd, and wonderful participation
24th to Tues., August 3rd. If the back door isn’t open during
                                                                by friends and members. He thanks everyone for coming
the weekend, please ask Sensei Hanayama to open it.
                                                                and participating.
Jackie Yamashita will have the front & rear doors open
during business hours of the week days. We can’t use large
furniture, computers, printer, DVD players, stereos, or non-
rolling luggage, and we need help organizing, refolding
clothing, and men to carry heavy and bulky items.
     This rummage sale is known throughout Watsonville as
the BEST rummage, yard, or garage sale in town, and people
gather long before the opening hours for the best selection
and prices. Don’t be late should you decide to shop.
     The unsold items are given to the Boy Scouts who hold
a sale on Sunday in the Temple’s parking lot. It is amazing
how many bargains remain on Sunday!!
Thanks for Making the Temple’s 2010 Fireworks                   Troy Kato and John Nagamine received the Vicki Usuki
Fundraiser a Big Success                                        Memorial Dharma School Scholarships from Lisa Sakae.
    The success of the Temple’s fireworks booth is based
solely on the support and hard work of the members of the
temple. Thank you to the many volunteers who contributed
their time either by selling fireworks, bringing food or
waving customers in.
    *Special thanks to our members who worked double
shift and triple shifts!!! (If you didn’t come out this year,
please come out next year. It’s a great opportunity to
support the temple and have fun at the same time.)
Mr. & Mrs. Itaru Nitao           Ryoko Kozuki
Lori Yoshida & Mae Yoshida       Barbara Shingai
Alice & Ken Tanimoto             Phyllis Nagamine
Kiyo & Aileen Kawasaki           Terry & Kaoru Hirahara             Jamie Kuratomi and Norman Uyeda who accepted on
Dr. Gerald Kondo                 Iwao Yamashita                 behalf of his daughter, Alison Uyeda, received the 2010
Lisa, Dean, & Kaitlin Sakae      Bobby Tamaki                   BWA Scholarships from President Terry Hirahara.
Sherry & Dana Elliston           Norman Uyeda                       The calendar for August 2010:
Yoshi & John Maemura             Cindy Mine                     1       Sun.    10 am           Shotsuki Hoyo
Jeanette Hager                   Richard Uyematsu               5       Thurs. 6 pm             ABA Meeting
Sheryl & Ryan Wobber             Kenny Kusumoto                 6       Fri.    8 am-3pm        ABA Rummage Sale
Bruce Yamamoto                   Peter & Lily Hester            7       Sat.    8 am-noon       ABA Rummage Sale
Kitako Izumizaki                 Noboru Nakatani                                6 pm            ABA Appreciation Dinner
Kim, Steven & Alex Tao           Kurt Muldane                   9-12    Mon. - Thurs.           Minister’s Fuken
JoAnn & Tad Kato                 Judy & Glenn Nagamine          13      Fri.    11:30 am        BWA Lunch at
Reed & Nancy Kuratomi & Jaime Perry & Kim Yoshida                                               Green Valley Grill
          Shirley, Christopher, & Cory Inokuchi                                 2 pm            San Juan Howakai
           Kim, Dennis, Brian & Kevin Yamaoka                   21      Sat.    6 pm            CD ABA BBQ in
           Mabel Tamaki Broader & Jacqueline                                                    Morgan Hill
           Sensei & Keiko Hanayama & Family                     24      Tues.   7:15 pm         CD Meeting in Salinas
   Please excuse us if we missed your name.                     29      Sun.                    Dharma School Parent
            In Gassho,                                                                          Meeting
            Perry Yoshida & Judy Nagamine, Co-chairs            31      Tues.   7 pm            Teriyaki Meeting
               Check out our website: for our newsletter in living color.
    Please reserve Sat. Sept. 25 for our famous annual           MIDORI KAI’S 10th ANNIVERSARY BOUTIQUE
Chicken Teriyaki Take-Out Dinner. Tickets, $10, may be               Midori Kai, Inc., a non-profit professional business
obtained from the Sangha members or from Jackie                  women’s organization, will celebrate its 10th annual
Yamashita at the Temple office during business hours 9:30        fundraiser boutique and cultural event on Saturday,
am to 12:30 pm Monday-Friday.    Please go to our website        September 11, 2010, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at the
to check what’s going on:                      Mountain View Buddhist Temple Hall, 575 N. Shoreline
                                                                 Boulevard, in Mountain View, CA. To celebrate the 10th
                                                                 anniversary, the first 200 guests will receive a free Midori
                                                                 Kai recyclable shopping bag.
                                                                     The boutique has grown over the years and is the major
                                                                 fund raising event for Midori Kai. Over 60 vendors will
                                                                 showcase unique Asian arts and crafts, jewelry, clothes,
                                                                 vintage kimonos, pottery, and food items from throughout
                                                                 the Western United States and Hawaii. Many of the items
                                                                 are handmade and one of a kind. Several food items will be
                                                                 offered including chiraishi sushi, Spam musubi, cabbage
                                                                 salad, manju, bento boxes, etc.
                                                                     In addition to an enjoyable full day of shopping and
                                                                 socializing, entertainment will be provided in the morning
                                                                 and the afternoon. In the morning at 10:30 am, ‘Ukulele
                                                                 Jams’, a ukulele school in San Jose Japantown will
                                                                 perform. Students of Rodney Takahashi range in age from
                                                                 toddlers to seniors. Their performance will feature a wide
                                                                 range of music: from contemporary, to Japanese and
                                                                 Hawaiian music.
                                                                     At 2:00 pm, the Bay Area’s ‘Marimo Kai’ will perform.
                                                                 The group has performed throughout the Bay area and is
                                                                 best described as ‘new age’ koto. Members perform on the
                                                                 traditional koto and are accompanied by instruments such
    “Distillations: Meditations on the Japanese American         as drums and flute, truly a wonderful blend of culture and
Experience” is the latest work of four outstanding Sansei        traditions.
women artists—Reiko Fujii, Lucien Kubo, Shizue Seigal,              A main portion of the boutique’s funds is directed
and Judy Shintani—who drew from their personal, family,          towards ‘going back to the community’. Organizations
and collective narratives to explore the complex legacies of     which are in keeping with Midori Kai’s mission statement
the Japanese American experience through collage,                were selected to receive a two-year grant. We
assemblage, glass painting, photography, word, found             congratulate the recipients for 2010 and 2011: Japanese
objects, installation, video, and performance.                   American Museum of San Jose, Yu-Ai Kai (Keiro Kai
    The exhibition at the John F. Kennedy University, 2956       event), the Asian Women’s Shelter in San Francisco and
San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA is open from Tues. Aug. 17        the Ed Iwasaki Memorial Fund.
to Sat. Sept. 18, 2010. Individuals with disabilities needing       The boutique chairpersons are Phyllis Osaki and Marsha
special assistance should call 925-969-3362.                     Baird. Midori Kai directors also include: Connie Decena,
   The reception will be held on Sat. Aug. 21 from 6-9 pm.       Carol Eeejima, Roberta Hayashi, Julie Hubbard, Aggie
    Sat. Aug. 21, 4-6 pm: Seeking the Essence—Memory,            Idemoto, Joyce Iwasaki, JoAnn Kato, Linda Kato,
Meaning, and Untold Stories: Artists panel with Reiko            Janice Reiko Kawano, Naomi Matsumoto, Janice
Fujii, Shizue Seigel, and Judy Shintani.                         Miyatake, Maureen Mukai, Chris Noma, Irene Okimoto,
    Sat. Aug. 28, 2-4 pm: Intergenerational Legacies –           June Sakamoto, Cynthia Sasaki, Machiko Shiozaki, Sally
Hybridity in an Evolving California: Slide talk and discussion   Takemoto, Vicki Wynne and Pam Yoshida.
led by Shizue Seigel.                                                For more information, contact Phyllis Osaki at (925)
    Sun. Aug. 29, 1-4:30 pm: Honoring Ancestors through          596-1770 or Marsha Baird at (510) 579-1518. Boutique
Art: Workshop with Judy Shintani. Fee $25. RSVP:                 updates will be posted on the Midori Kai website:                                
   Sat. Sept. 18, 3-4:30 pm: Grandmothers from Far Away          Pacific Citizen
Lands, the Egg House Wall, Stories about Internment, The             Read the Pacific Citizen for a great coverage (July 16-
Farm, and The Glass Kimono: Multi-media performances by          Aug 5) of the National JACL convention, or check its
Reiko Fujii, Judy Shintani, and Lisa Petrides.                   website:

                Check out our website: for our newsletter in living color.
SAN FRANCISCO HIGHLIGHTS                                                     Honoring our Nikkei Roots:
    If you’re in SF during the weekends in August, check                      A Journey Into the Past
out these outstanding events sponsored by NJAHS of SF:                   Saturday, August 28th, 2010, 11 am – 1 pm
    (1) White Light/Black Rain, (Hiroshima), Fri. Aug. 6 at                         Lunch will be provided
                                                                   Watsonville Buddhist Temple, 423 Bridge Street, 95076
        7 pm and Sat. Aug. 7 at 12:15 pm, at VIZ Cinema,
                                                                    We encourage the members of our community to share
        New People, Japantown, 1746 Post St. SF 94115.
                                                                their stories and to honor the legacies of their Issei and
    (2) Book launch Party for Angel Island: Immigrant
                                                                Nisei parents and grandparents.
        Gateway to America with authors Erika Lee and
                                                                    11 am – 12 noon       Lunch will be served
        Judy Yung, Sat, Aug. 7, 2010, 1:30 – 4 pm, Fort
                                                                    12 noon to 12:30 pm The Nagamine project
        Mason Center, Landmark Building A, Golden Gate
                                                                         An overview of the Nagamine Story, featuring
        Room, San Francisco, CA
                                                                         Akira and Hideko Nagamine, will be presented.
    (3) New Documentary Film, 442 - Live with Honor,
        Die with Dignity, directed by Junichi Suzuki, the
        director of Toyo's Camera - Japanese American
        History during WWII, Fri. Aug. 13 to Thurs.
        Aug. 19, 2010 at the VIZ Cinema, New People,
        Japantown, 1746 Post St. SF.

                                                                    [Editor’s note: You won’t want to miss the Nagamines’
                                                                    story! It is so wonderful! So fantastic! It’s a
                                                                    remarkable story of survival and of “goodwill among
                                                                    peoples.” Please come. Join us.]
                                                                    12:30 to 1 pm        Oral history interview
                                                                        demonstration by UCSC History Professors Alice
                                                                        Yang and Alan Christy who will also discuss
                                                                        resources available to help families create
                                                                        their own projects. Every family needs to do this!
                                                                Please RSVP Dr. Janet Nagamine, (831) 662-9748,
                                                      , or Bobbi Jo Palmer 724-8636
                                                       before August 24, 2010.
                                                                W-SC JACL NEWSLETTER
                                                                     Ours is a monthly publication for our members and
                                                                friends of “what’s happening” and the concerns in
                                                                Santa Cruz County, the Pajaro Valley, and elsewhere.
                                                                     We do not reprint those wonderful articles that
                                                                appear in the official publication of the JACL—the
Movie Schedule:
                                                                Pacific Citizen. Instead, we write of local concerns
442 - Live with Honor, Die with Dignity--2:50 pm & 7 pm         and some national issues involving civil rights.
Toyo's Camera - Japanese American History during WWII                We are grateful to our local columnists,
12:50 pm & 5 pm, Tickets: Advance Ticket $10 is available       contributors, and photographers: Kitako Izumizaki,
at NJAHS. To purchase the ticket, please come or contact        Carol Kaneko, Joanne Yahiro, Jackie Yamashita,
NJAHS, 1684 Post St. San Francisco, CA 94115,                   Ikuyo Conant, Randy Mano, Louise Sako, our
Phone: 415-921-5007.                                            board members, and others.
                                                                     Thanks, too, to Marcia Hashimoto for editing and
                                                                proofreading. Her favorite statement is, “You can’t say
JACL KIZUKA HALL MAINTENANCE                                    that!” Her red pen has eliminated 7,251,017 words
    We are so grateful to our hard-working, dedicated           this year alone!
members who regularly clean our building and the grounds             We welcome comments and articles that will
and see to its maintenance and security: Gary Mine, Joe         enlighten our readers and this editor!
Bowes, Iwao Yamashita, Watsonville Taiko, and others.
                                                                     Mas Hashimoto, Editor,
Thank you, so much! We truly appreciate it. Arigato!

               Check out our website: for our newsletter in living color.

Top row, left: The BBQ crew started cooking at 9:30 am—Steven and Paul Tao, chef Glenn Nagamine, Bruce and Jimmy Arao.
Shelly Nishioka and Jean Yamashita wash and clean the strawberries. Jeanette Hager and Chiye Tamaki served Willie Yahiro.
Sunao Honda helps Iwao Yamashita call the bingo game. Seniors must have two bingos on their board before calling out
“Bingo!” Judy Nagamine and Jean Yamashita took a well-deserved break. Carol Kaneko and son Takeshi sold lunch and
raffle tickets to Rubie Kawamoto. Ruby held the winning ticket but for Eiko Ceremony’s son. President Jeanette Hager
welcomed everyone to our annual community tradition. We were delighted that Haruko Yoshii, Kimiyo Fujii, and Michiko
Hamada came again this year. Youngsters enjoyed the chicken teriyaki and the hot dog lunch. Tad Kato served salad to
our friends.

Taiko’s Taeko D’Andrea speaks of the fun in drumming. Bonnie Chihara, Ikuyo Conant sensei, Hiroshi Musselman,
Herlie Kataoka, and Taeko D’Andrea entertained us. We are grateful for Taiko’s performance and participation each year.
Ikuyo sensei addresses the audience. Aw, the guys and the powdered donut eating race. The games’ prize awarding crew.
Every participant received a wonderful prize at the prize table. Nicole Kimura tries to take a bit out of the powdered donut
As Cindy Mine watches. The adult “bean bag on the head” racers. Children demonstrate the fine art of picking up beans
with a pair of hashi. The 3-legged race for teens and adults.

More races, including the two-person geta race and a 3-legged race! It was a fun day with many activities. Contestants hold
their water balloons. (Center) Steven Tao and Sarah Nagamine were the winners (against 40 couples) in the water balloon
toss. They are holding their “unbreakable,” orange water balloon. After cooking all day, Judy and Glenn Nagamine,
Jean Yamashita, and Kim Tao then served ice cream and strawberries as a welcomed afternoon treat to all.
Christine Bowes (lower left) was this year’s jan keh po winner. Carol Kaneko presented the Kee Kitayama Memorial
Scholarship to Troy Kato. Joe Bowes called the raffle numbers. All of our board members enjoyed serving our JACL members
and friends, and we look forward to next year’s “annual community picnic.” Thank you all for coming and making this a fun day.

Manju and udon sales; a large, hungry crowd; children’s fun games; tea master Fred Oda; the udon crew of Jean Yamashita, Jerry and Virginia, June
Honda, and Alice Tanimoto; Jackie Yamashita and Itaru Nitao; MC Ken Tanimoto; Sensei Akemi Ito; Ida Akimoto, Akemi Ito, Lisa Honda, Rev.
Shousei Hanayama; Ida Akimoto; obon odori dancers; our beautiful young dancers; Vicki Halil and Chairman Dr. Gerald Kondo; taiko drummer
Christine Bowers; Tanko Bushi singers Sadao Matsunami (without the shades), Isamu Akiyama, Janice Tao, and Shizuko Tao; Kim and Perry Yoshida
call out the raffle numbers while “tai hen, tai hen” Itaru Nitao san, the Temple’s President, assists.
Seniors’ Corner                                                 August 2010 ck
                            One-Day Senior Trip, Table Mountain Casino, Friant
                       Tuesday, August 17th , 2010, 8:00 am to 7:30 pm, $5 e-cash!
Cost: Active Senior Members $30 and others $35
Just a few seats left - for reservations call Carol Kaneko (831)476-7040 or Rubie Kawamoto (464-6721.

The above photos are of Chicago, the site of the 41st National JACL Convention, and a great city to visit its Wrigley Building
(chewing gum company), State Street, and the view of the skyscrapers from atop the Willis Tower (formerly, the Sears Tower). If
you have suggestions for places where our Seniors will enjoy a one-day or multiple-day trip or can help in the planning of such
trips, please call Carol Kaneko at 476-7040. We are open to your suggestions.
                                      Upcoming Activities at the Senior Center:
      Regular Bingo every Thursday; Table Mountain Casino, Tues., Aug. 17; August Birthday Party, Thurs., Aug. 19

Photos. June birthday celebrants are Masako Miura (96), Yoshino Matano (95), Yoneko Mizokami (88), and Judy Hane. Missing are
Eiko Nishihara and Tomio Tsuda. July birthday celebrants are Sunao Honda, Ray Sako (94), Chiyoko Yagi (90), Michiko Hamada,
Nobue Fujii, Motoko House, and Kumiko Nakatani. Missing is Floy Sakata.
*Please join our Watsonville-Santa Cruz JACL Senior Center! If you enjoy playing bingo, celebrating special birthdays and holiday
occasions, and going on trips, and would like to regularly receive health information and have your blood pressure monitored, join us for
our Thursday get-togethers. We’d love to have you and your spouse and/or friends join us. “Active Senior Center Members,” who have
paid their membership dues and who make annual birthday and Senior Center anniversary donations, are eligible for reduced fares on our
trips. Please contact Carol Kaneko (831) 476-7040 for registration information. Since our Senior Center operates under the auspices of
both our local JACL chapter and the National JACL, we encourage all members of the Senior Center to be members of the
National JACL through our Watsonville-Santa Cruz JACL chapter.
HELP WANTED! The Senior Center is always looking for able-bodied, caring, fun-loving volunteers (any and all ages welcome) to help out
weekly (or once a month or so) with toban duties. We need your help on Thursdays from 12:30 to 3:15 pm to help our toban teams prepare
tea, set out the tea and snacks, and clean up. You are invited to play bingo with us while you wait for clean up time – who knows what
goodies you might take home! Let us know if you can help out on one or more Thursdays each month. Call Carol Kaneko at (831) 476-
7040 to volunteer and have some fun.

THANK YOU to Susan and Yuan AmRhein and Sachi Snyder who helped with toban duties in July. The Seniors appreciate your help!
                     National Japanese American Citizens League (JACL)
                               Watsonville-Santa Cruz Chapter

                                  No Increase in the 2010 Membership Dues

        Working toward our national goal of Better Americans in a Greater America is a worthy one. One does not
have to be of Japanese ancestry or a US citizen to be a JACL member, but one must believe that safeguarding the
rights of all Americans and legal residents is of utmost importance in this country.
        Please join us today. We are the most proactive and respected Asian American civil rights organization in the
nation today.
        Your membership is never taken lightly or for granted. We have worked diligently to earn your confidence
and trust. Your active participation and membership can make a significant difference in what happens today in our
community and in our nation.
        Please help us fight racial prejudice, discrimination, racial profiling, bigotry, intolerance and indifference.
        The 2008 National and local dues for our tax-deductible organization (ID #94-2659895) are as follows:

Family/Couples                  ___$150 This includes two National dues with one subscription to the Pacific Citizen,
                                local dues and our monthly JACL newsletter, and all children under age 14 to be
Individual Member               ___$80 This includes National dues with subscription to the Pacific Citizen, the
                                official paper of the National JACL, and local chapter dues and our monthly JACL
Youth/Student                   ___$25 for each of ages 14 to 24, which includes a subscription to the Pacific Citizen,
                                local youth/student membership, and our monthly JACL newsletter. Youth membership
                                is required for scholarship consideration.

For Thousand Club, Century Club, and Millennium Club and Life membership categories, please contact our membership
                            chair Bobbi Jo Palmer at (831) 724-8636.

                  (Last Name)                 (First Name)                   (Middle Name)

       Spouse’s Name:
                  (Last Name)                 (First Name)                   (Middle Name)


       Home phone: ________________________ E-mail:

       For family membership, please list names (and ages) of all children under the age of 14:

           Name:                                                Age:

           Name:                                                Age:

           Name:                                                Age:

                   Please send your check payable to Watsonville-Santa Cruz JACL and mail ASAP to:
                    c/o Bobbi Jo Palmer, Membership Chair, P. O. Box 163, Watsonville, CA 95077
                                          Thank you so much for your support.

                            Check out our websites: or

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