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									  October 2008
 Volume 1, Issue 2

                                THE COLLECTOR
                                 CURATORS IN THE ART OF BEAUTIFUL

                                ANNOUNCING A NEW BREAKTHROUGH
          2                     SECOND GENERATION TREATMENT FOR HAIR-LOSS
    lush lashes fast      Did you know that nearly two-thirds of wom-                           For more info visit to
    shop for a cure       en experience hair loss at some point in their                        hear an interview with Daniel Khesin, VIP
                          lives? Sure, men have it much worse than most                         of Marketing with DS Laboratories. Be
                                                                                                sure drop by our stores when he’s in town
                          women, but it’s still a problem many of us struggle
          3               with. While the exact causes of hair loss aren’t
                          clear, there appear to be a number of factors that
                                                                                                to have all your questions answered. See
                                                                                                page 5 for further event details.

  featured collections
                          influence it including: a genetic predisposition,
   DS Laboratories        high stress, medication, or even a lack of certain    That’s all changing now. In the last decade,
                          vitamins and salts.                                   there have been a number of breakthroughs that
                                                                                are bringing us closer and closer to a solution.
          4               While hair loss occurs differently in everyone -
                          some thin, others bald - its millions of sufferers
                                                                                Products now beginning to appear in the market-
                                                                                place have new and improved skin-penetrating
  newest collections      have one thing in common. In this day and age,        formulas that sink deep inside the hair follicles and
  letters to the editor                                                         bring your hair back to its prime. And they’re fi-
                          they have hope. Past hair loss products were ef-
                          fective in some ways, failures in others. Some for-   nally coming through on what past products have
                          mulas worked well on the crown of the head and        promised yet never delivered: a full head of hair.
          5               not anywhere else. Others stimulated hair growth
                          but instead of the full head of hair they promised,   Beauty Collection is proud to now feature the
    event calendar        left users with peach fuzz and…disappointment.        Lamborghini of hair growth products from DS
     bonus news                                                                 Laboratories. There’s nothing else like it currently
                                                                                on the market. You can check out a few of their
                                                                                products on our Featured Collections list on page
                            DS Labs                                             3 of this publication.
“Don’t spend               Spectral RS                                          While all hair loss treatments are different, they
  time beat-                                                                    have one thing in common: they work by revers-
ing on a wall,              Clinically Proven                                   ing damaged follicles and stimulating them back
   hoping to               Breakthrough Treatment                               to their normal, healthy function. The key to mak-
                              for Thinning Hair                                 ing your regimen work for you, as with effectively
 transform it                        $35                                        treating many conditions, is to start early. Begin
 into a door”                                                                   using a follicle stimulate at the first signs of hair
    Coco Chanel                                                                 loss. For those of you who are yet to see any signs
                                                                                – keep it that way. Use advanced re-growth sham-
                                                                                poos that will fight off problems before they start.

Beauty Collection is proud to present two days with DS Laboratories. DS Laboratories is a cutting edge
personal care solutions company. Their products combine the latest scientific breakthroughs with top
notch ingredients for maximum results. Come learn about some of the most innovative hi-tech hair and
skin care products available today from the DS Team directly. They’ll be in our Tarzana and Los Angeles
stores to talk about their solutions and answer your questions.
See page 5 of this newsletter for details.
                                    FIVE EXPERT TIPS FOR LUSH LASHES
                               Every woman dreams of a pair of long, lush lashes that would put Hollywood glamour girls to
                               shame. Unfortunately, to achieve this look it requires us to stand in front of a mirror for hours, pok-
                               ing and prodding our poor lashes with the torture device otherwise known as the metal eyelash
                               curler. So is there really a way to achieve to-die-for-lashes without, well, feeling like you want to
                               die? The answer is yes.
                               Under One Condition Conditioners aren’t just for after shampooing. Get and maintain pretty,
                               strong lashes with an eyelash conditioner that simply brushes on like mascara and conditions your
                               lovely lashes throughout the day. We recommend Talika’s Oil-Free Lash Conditioning Cleanser
                               which acts as a gentle mascara remover and a conditioner all-in-one.
B is for Biotin Biotin is a vitamin B supplement that is often found in health and cosmetic products. It is used to strengthen
hair and nails, keeping them long and lush. The good news is – it can also do this for your lashes and it usually runs for only $4
per bottle!
Heated Eyelash Curlers Nix the old metal curler (as if we had to pull your leg) and trade it in for a more
comfortable, better working alternative. Heated eyelash curlers work wonders for tiny lashes and they
only use a slight hint of heat, leaving no worries about burns or singes. These new wonders take the              “The best
“ouch” out of curling, using just a thin comb that brushes to the top of the lash to give the maximum            color in the
lengthening effect. Try Heated Lash Curler by Blinc which delivers the precise amount of heat for ex-            world, is the
travagant, long-lasting curls that last all day.
                                                                                                                one that looks
Revitalash Originally designed to aid cancer patients after chemotherapy had left their lashes short and
brittle, Revitalash is a formula that glides on to the lids like liquid eyeliner. Simply brush on once a day       good, on
for better lashes in a flash.                                                                                       you!”
Go Faux Once you go never go back! A long-lived secret of Hollywood divas everywhere,                       Coco Chanel
faux lashes make your eyes pop and give you the glamorously fabulous look of length every day.

                       blinc                                    TALIKA                                         Xtended
                     heated                                   conditioning                                     glitter faux
                   lash curler                                  cleanser                                          lashes
                         $24                                          $24                                            $9

During the month of October, help support Breast Cancer Awareness month with the purchase of
Revitalash. A portion of the proceeds generated from the sales of Revitalash will be donated to
Breast Cancer Research funds.
BONUS: your purchase comes with a mirrored compact and pink drawstring carrying case.

                                                         Together We Will
Cosmo reports that Gabrielle Reece and Becki Newton are fans of this beauty essential.

                                                          Find a Cure
Pink FHI flatiron (includes a bonus carrying case)
Pink BioIonic flatirons (includes a bonus iron holder)
Pink Japonesque manicure kits and eyelash curlers

  “How many cares one loses when one decides not to be something but to be someone”
                                                                                                                   Coco Chanel
                  FEATURED COLLECTIONS
                                          Revita® hair growth stimulating shampoo.
                                          Revita is the most efficient hair growth stimulating shampoo avail-
                                          able in the market and is the final result of DS Laboratories efforts on
                                          cutting edge research. Revita is a powerful combination of precious
                                          materials specially designed to maintain scalp vitality and act on fol-
In a sea of sameness, DS Laborato-        licle dysfunctions in order to achieve best results in short periods of
ries is one of the only companies that    time. Revita includes top level ingredients chosen exclusively for
is passionately committed to deliver-
                                          their properties and obtained using a “chemical free” extraction pro-
ing breakthrough technologies and
innovation. Customers anxiously an-       cess to preserve maximum efficacy of the final components. By
ticipate every new product release        combining an antioxidant effect, anti-DHT properties, powerful hy-
because they simply deliver results       drating molecules, hair growth stimulants, and structural amino ac-
when nothing else does.                   ids, Revita brings you an effective hair growth stimulating shampoo
                                          with absolutely no equivalent in the market. $31
Today DS Laboratories is the undis-
puted leader in hair re-growth and
has pioneered several other tech-
nologies for many other skin              Spectral.DNC® is the world’s most effective
disorders. For example, DS Labo-
ratories has created a nanosome           topical hair loss treatment.
encapsulation technique that allows       Spectral DNC® is an advanced formulation that addresses all of
significantly improved absorption of      the known variables involved in hair loss. In addition to Minoxidil,
active ingredients and therefore ef-      Spectral.DNC includes other powerful hair re-growth agents such
fectiveness. For applications like        as Aminexil®, Adenosine, Procyanidin (B2 & C-1), T-Flavanone, as
cellulite where the vast majority of
topical creams fail to deliver any re-    well as auxiliary agents Retinol, Copper Peptides, and a Vitamin and
sults because the active ingredients      Mineral Complex. The active ingredients are delivered in a techno-
cannot reach deep enough inside           logically advanced vehicle, in tiny micro-spheres called nanosomes.
the skin to have any effect, nano-        $36
some technology in Oligo.DX allows
active ingredients to actually reach
the target site of treatment.
                                          Oligo DX® is a breakthrough medication intended for the
Other breakthrough products in-           treatment of cellulite
clude Nirena intimate cleanser, the       An array of over-the-counter products, including skin creams and
only cutting-edge solution to female
intimate care which contains a natu-      herbal remedies, claim to make cellulite disappear from women’s
ral broad spectrum anti-bacterial as      thighs, hips and buttocks. But most of those concoctions fall short
well as powerful hydrating molecules      of delivering on their promise of erasing the unsightly dimpled skin.
for encouraging the growth of friend-     Oligo.DX® is a medication that truly delivers on the promise of cel-
ly bacteria, and precise pH control       lulite treatment creams – after just 1 week of use all doubts simply
for maximum comfort and health.
Keramene body hair minimizer is           get replaced with amazement at the scope of the results. Backed
another example of innovation that        up by serious pharmaceutical research and clinical studies, Oilgo
is only available from DS Laborato-       DX is a true break through and is absolutely guaranteed to improve
ries. It is the only topical cream that   the appearance of cellulite. Dramatic results after just one week of
sends chemical messengers to skin         use and continued improvement week after week. $38.50
and keratin cells to slow down cell
proliferation which effectively blocks
and slows down the rate of body
hair growth. Unlike shaving which
only cuts the hair or waxing which is     Nirena® is a cutting-edge innovation in feminine hy-
a temporary solution, Keramene tells      giene that is changing women’s lives.
the hair follicle to stop growing hair    Nirena® intimate cleanser is a breakthrough that provides efficacy
all together.                             and results that are inadequately addressed by other commercially
                                          available products, which use cheap detergents, harsh chemicals,
We invite you to experience these
performance driven products from a        and low pH tolerances. Nirena® has a precisely set pH carefully
company that is changing people’s         tested and tracked on every batch to protect the vaginal flora integ-
lives.                                    rity. In addition, Nirena contains exclusive and totally natural com-
                                          pounds (with extensive clinical and scientific evidence) which have
                                          proven antibacterial, anticandidal, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory
                                          properties. These ingredients have never been used in any com-
                                          mercially available product. $25

                     NEWEST COLLECTIONS
TOM FORD for men
The first men’s fragrance from designer TOM FORD is a blend of traditional
elements and modern influences. Like a second skin, this innovative Clas-
sic Woods fragrance is sensual, refined and luxurious. Although its list of
                                                                                                             (adult supervision recommended)
ingredients looms long and complex, the scent on skin is much simpler                                       One of our customers notified us
                                                                                                            about Tom Ford’s controversial
and has staying power while not overpowering the man wearing it.                                            ad campaign. See what the talk
Available at Beauty Collection in a 3.4 oz for $85.                                                         is about at
                                                                                                            Search for Tom Ford Fragrance.

Love In Black by House of Creed
An homage to onyx-eyed Jackie Kennedy, Love In Black celebrates the
mystery and style of this legendary woman. The top note is night-blooming
wildflowers of the Greek isles, where she wed Aristotle Onassis and violet
from Italy where she later visited. It includes Virginia cedar from the coun-
tryside she loved and brings in Bourgogne from her beloved France. The
fragrance is a truly cosmopolitan and worldy envelope of scents.
Enjoy for yourself at Beauty Collection, 30ml bottle is $130.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs                                                                                                    VIRTUAL
Specially designed for the young or the young at heart, Marc Jacob’s new                                                SCENTS
Daisy fragrance is meant to be light and fresh. Easy to wear, the fragrance                                             Check out
starts with not overly sweet fruit, incorporates a bit of greenery and adds a                                           for a virtual whiff of
touch of floral notes. The bottle itself is way too cute to pass up.                                                    their new fragrance
                                                                                                            and to play a few daisy games.
Smell the real deal at Beauty Collection, the largest 3.4 oz bottle is $72.                                 We thought it was cute. What will
                                                                                                            they think of next?

                  LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
Our focus on parabens and paraben-free certainly got the attention of some you last month! Here
is one of your letters we decided to share.
Letter to BC: I read your newsletter last month and thought         BC: Here at Beauty Collection, we believe it’s our job to edu-
it was interesting you decided to focus on paraben-free prod-       cate our clients about products and solutions and offer them
ucts. While I’m not a dermatologist, I’ve spent a lot of time       choices.
learning about skin products and have to say, the so-called         What Laura said is true - so far there’s no conclusive statistical
“controversy” about parabens appears to be much ado about           evidence that products containing parabens pose any kind of
nothing.                                                            health risk. Additional research is currently being done. At the
Your cover article cited a possible connection between para-        same time, some or our clients prefer to use only all-natural
bens and breast cancer, but despite the claims of die-hard          products for their own reasons.
paraben-free brands, there’s NO credible evidence that sug-         We work hard as a Curator of Beauty to offer solutions that
gests there’s any correlation.                                      meet the needs and preferences of all our clients. As a final
While it may make “common sense” that 100% natural would            note, while we believe there may be reasons going all-natural
be healthier, the benefits I’ve received from using both Der-       is better for you, no one can deny the efficacy of many prod-
malogica and Murad products have far exceeded the ones I            ucts that still contain parabens.
experienced when I tried other “all natural” brands.
Please set the record straight. Scientific evidence to-date                     We’d love to hear from you too!
points to the safety of paraben products. Laura                                 Email
                                                                                with any comments, questions or concerns.

                            NEWS & EVENTS
 Breakthrough, Science-Based                             “Why Should You Care About
   Beauty Solutions For You!                                    Parabens?”
DS Laboratories delivers breakthrough technolo-        Come and find out! Gina Austin of Stript Cosmet-
gies and innovation to its customers. Come learn       ics will host a seminar dispelling the myths about
about DS Laboratories’ solutions for skincare,         parabens and introducing new cutting-edge nat-
hair re-growth, cellulite treatment, acne treat-       ural alternatives to synthetically preserved formu-
ment, and more from Daniel Khesin. He will be          lations. Attendees receive a FREE Dual Mirror
showcasing his company’s products as follows:          Compact: $10 value. RSVP to stores.

Calabasas: Tuesday Oct 28th 11am-8pm                   Calabasas: Friday Oct 10th 6pm-8pm
Los Angeles: Wednesday Oct 29th 11am-8pm               Tarzana-Friday Oct 17th 6pm-8pm
Tarzana: Thursday Oct 30th 11am-8pm

   I.C.O.N Hair Care for a Cure                           Request a FREE DVD of
              Event                                          Dr. Murad’s Recent
                                                        Beauty Collection Appearance
           Feel good and make a difference.
           Education on healthy hair PLUS 10%          Learn the latest and greatest on how to keep
           of sales benefit “Stop Cancer”              you and your skin healthy and beautiful. No BS,
                                                       scientifically-based advice from The Leader of
Calabasas-Saturday Oct 18th 12pm-3pm                   Skincare Science himself. E-mail customercare@
Tarzana-Sunday Oct 19th from 12pm-3pm         to request your free DVD
Los Angeles-Friday Oct 24th from 4pm-7pm               of Dr. Murad’s Beauty Collection appearance.
                                                       Special offer included with each DVD. Limited
                                                       Supply. Please wait 7-10 days for delivery.

Need a Little Halloween Flavor?                        Ever Thought About Working In
                       We’ve got Hallow-                        Our Stores?
                       een product, including          We have ongoing hiring needs. If you’re interest-
                       colored and glittered           ed in working in one of our stores, we’re currently
                       sprays, B&W polish, a           hiring for the following positions:
                       festive color set from
                       OPI, glitter makeup,            Stock clerk (Tarzana)
                       lashes, and accesso-            Stylist (Los Angeles)
                       ries. Going for a night         Please email your resume to
out on the town and need something a little fes-
tive? Then drop on by!

                      Calabasas              Tarzana             Los Angeles
                     (818) 225-9424        (818) 881-8393        (323) 930-0300


                          SAVE $15
             Turn in this page for $15 off on any purchase of $75 or more.

                           Offer Expires: October 31, 2008

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        4732 Commons Way         18517 Ventura Blvd         110 S Fairfax Ave
        Calabasas, CA 91302      Tarzana, CA 91356       Los Angeles, CA 90036
           (818) 225-9424          (818) 881-8393            (323) 930-0300


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