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									Global Biosimilars Industry

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Global Biosimilars Industry ".

Biosimilar is a term used to describe officially approved subsequent versions of innovator
biopharmaceutical products made by a different sponsor following patent and exclusivity
expiry on the innovator product. In 2009 alone, the total market caliber in US and five
major European nations for biosimilars was $150.4 million and expanded to $198 million
in the next 12 months which followed. It is also greatly anticipated that by 2015 the
market worth of biosimilars is going to stretch up to $51 billion.

Even after the sanction of its pathways in US, EU and Japan and its growing
capitalization, all of which help drive the biosimilar uptake, there still remain many
detrimentals for it to achieve commercial success in developed markets. The exigency for
cost-effective treatments still remains an issue to deal with. Concerns revolving
comparability, brand loyalty, dearth of substitutes and competition from second
generation brands are the crucial matters of contention for biosimilar market. Taking into
account the emerging markets in countries such as Brazil, Russia, India and China, low
purchasing power teamed with high proportion of out-of-pocket expense and not to
mention brand loyalty, all hamper the growth of biosimilar market.

It is because of their intricacy, cost, and development risks that the manufacturing and
commercialization in developed markets remains centered amongst a bunch of pharma
companies, all of which are established generics corporations. These companies are now
looking to accelerate the market for biosimilars by going into partnerships. With a solid
foundation of reputation lodged, these corporations are hoping to take marketing of
biosimilars to all new heights. There is hardly any doubt that these companies ought to
accomplish their goals as they have been dominating the market ever since its

Meanwhile in the emerging markets, homegrown pharmaceutical companies dictate the
biologics market and have launched numerous products which also play a hindrance for
international corporations in entering the sector. Companies such as Biocon and Dr.
Reddy's are looking forward to expand themselves through partnerships and uphold their
revenues. With the accessing of biosimilar products readily growing globally, it only
looks to rise by leaps and bounds in the coming times.

In this industry scenario, Taiyou Research analyzes the Global Biosimilars Industry in its
latest research report.

The report covers the following:

• The Emergence of biosimilars - role of the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation
Act, and the issue of data exclusivity and how this has led to the emergence of
• An industry definition, including the specific nature of biosimilars, categories of
biologics, importance of biosimilars, a comparison of biosimilars with generics, and the
branded product business model in the industry.

• An overview of the biopharmaceutical industry is necessary in order to place the growth
of the biosimilars industry. The biopharmaceutical manufacturing process is also

• Moving on the actual analysis of the global biosimilars industry, we analyze the market
through market size, market overview, market value of branded biologics that are facing
upcoming patent expiries, the operating margin for biosimilar manufacturers, investor
concerns with regards to biosimilars, and the commercial impact of the biosimilars
industry in Europe.

• We analyze the key success factors for biosimilars. This section looks at the importance
of having a well thought out strategy, along with the knowledge of what competitors in
the business are up to. Development of biomanufacturing competencies and clinical
capabilities are also discussed.

• Factors having an impact, be it positive or negative, on the global biosimilars market are
analyzed. Factors analyzed include the growth of the industry in developed countries and
BRIC countries, the high cost of biologics, the use of branded biologics, approval
pathways, unfavorable tendering processes, lack of incentives, ease of market entry in the
BRIC countries, and many others.

• We analyze the factors driving the growth of biosimilars worldwide including the need
to lower healthcare costs, the lower development costs of biosimilars, lower treatment
cost with biosimilars, amongst others. Challenges barring the growth of biosimilars are
also analyzed, including the high cost of development and manufacturing of biosimilars
as compared to generic drugs, the high entry barriers to the industry, and many others.

• Regulations have a major role to play in the uptake of biosimilars around the world. In
our report, we carry out an in-depth analysis of the regulatory framework impacting the
biosimilars industry in Europe, Japan, and the US. Current position of governments on
biosimilars, approval pathways, and the various regulations are all discussed.

• For the growth of the biosimilars industry, new players need to keep entering the
market. There are many factors which determine market entry in the global biosimilar
industry and we analyze these factors in our report,. Some of the factors analyzed include
approval pathways, long drawn-out clinical development timeline for biosimilars, issues
with patents, strategic partnerships in the industry, and many others.

• The section on competitive landscape analyzes the key players and markets in the
global biosimilar industry. We analyze the key industry players, key industry suppliers,
generic drug producers and the role they have to play in the biosimilars industry, major
stakeholders in the industry, developed versus emerging markets, biosimilars launches
expected in the coming years, and a market analysis. The markets analyzed in this section
include Australia, BRIC countries, European Union, Japan, and the United States.

• We analyze the major biosimilars on the market presently. These include epoetin,
filgrastim, and somatropin.

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