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mercury cougar 4 cyl to v6 conversion? is it possible?

i have a 2000 mercury cougar with an inline 4 cyl. the engine is blown but i have a friend with a v6 from the same model car, is it possible to swap the two out? im
aware id have to change out the wiring/computer etc as well as exhaust, what else would i need if its even possible to begin with

Asked by Danny at Aug 11,2011 03:08

probably, ask Ford (Ford owns Mercury and Lincoln) give them a call and they will tell you if it can be done

Answer from Sterling The Car Guy at Aug 11,2011 09:26

Best answer

It is possible, but no one to my knowlege has done it. Since you have a donor car it could be done. You will need to swap everything from the donor car to your
car. That means the front subframe, the coolant bottle, the wiring harnesses, the computer, the transmission, the brake booster, master cylinder, slave cylinder,
the entire AC system, the power steering system, the steering rack, the fuel lines, the fuel pump, etc. This is all assuming that both engines use the same fuel
system. You don't say what year the donor car is, but 99's built before May of 99 used a return fuel line which doesn't exist on models built after this date. Also,
better hope the V6 is a manual, because the I4 transmissions use a different bell housing bolt pattern than the and your car is already setup for a manual trans.
All in all, it [i]is[/i] possible, but hardly worth the extra trouble. Do yourself a favor, get an engine out of a wrecked I4 Contour/Mystique/Cougar or a 98+ ZX2, toss
a torsen differential in the transmission, then add a Jackson Racing supercharger from a Ford Focus, it will be far less work than the swap and far more power.
Stock V6's put about 150-160HP onto the ground, a Supercharged I4 cougar I know of puts down 210HP. A Turbo Charged monster I4 Cougar I saw puts down
295HP on a hot humid day.

Answer from Stuart at Aug 11,2011 13:10

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